Chapter 1 Kill out of Love

"Come now Rias, you know you can't win against me. I'm an immortal and all you have is a pathetic low-class devil backing you up. So why don't you just give up and marry me before I kill your precious little servant."

The one who said that was a slightly tan skinned young man having blonde hair that reached his shoulders with blue eyes wearing a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with a white dress shirt under it that wasn't fully buttoned, matching pants, and black dress shoes. This young man is Riser Phenex.

Riser sneered arrogantly at the person he was talking to who was a white skinned young woman having crimson red hair that reached her thighs with blue-green eyes and a buxom figure with DD-cup breasts wearing the Kuoh Academy girl uniform. This young woman was Rias Gremory.

Rias grit her teeth in anger holding back the tears threatening to fall down as she saw the truth in the man's words.

She was not having a good day at all.

Today she had come into this Rating Game to decide her future fully prepared to crush Riser Phenex, her so called fiance. But everything had quickly went sideways for her. She had lost most of her peerage to Riser's, mostly due to his Queen and now she couldn't beat Riser due to his ridiculous healing ability that his clan possessed. Her only servant left now was her lone Pawn but even he was on his last legs.

The Pawn was a battered light skinned young man having brown hair that had a short ponytail with brown eyes wearing the Kuoh Academy boy uniform with a red shirt under it and a red gauntlet with gold spikes on the sides along with having a green orb on the back of the back and dark red claws on his left arm. This young man was Issei Hyoudou.

She had no chance of winning now with her power depleting and Issei barely holding on as is. If she didn't give up, then Riser would make good on his threat and kill her servant which is something she could not and would not allow to pass. So it was with a heavy heart that Rias opened her mouth to announce her surrender but before she could say anything a sharp tearing sound was heard right before a tear in the very fabric of reality occurred in front of the now surprised devils.

"What the hell is that!?" Issei shouted just before a gold red flash appeared and a figure landed on the ground as the tear vanished.

Rias couldn't help but blush as she got a good look at the figure.

It was a lightly tan skinned young man having red orange hair that had bangs framing his face and the back of his head wavy(Allen Walker's hairstyle from D Gray-Man when he uses Crown Clown) with blue eyes and a lean well defined muscular build showing he trained a lot wearing a tight blood red shirt with a purple vest that had a black hood, grey pants that has extra pockets and two black belts crossed over his waist and thighs like a x, and black boots.

The young man stood up and looked around before his eyes landed on Rias, who was shocked as he smiled softly at her.

"I see I made it just in time." The young man spoke in a manly alluring voice that sent pleasant shivers down Rias' spine.

"Who the hell are you? Do you know you're interrupting an important match." Riser said in a superior tone.

The young man turned to look at Riser and everyone was surprised to see him look at the Phenex devil with pure unfathomable hatred and disgust.

"I couldn't personally care what you think, you Phenex scumbag." The young man growled shocking Riser, Rias, and Issei on what he said.

"How dare you! Do you have any-!" That was all Riser could say before the young appeared before him in a shocking display of unrivaled speed and punched Riser in the face knocking him down to the field below in a large puff of smoke.

"W-Whoa..." Issei breathed in awe.

"I-I didn't even see him move." Rias said in the same boat as Issei.

The young man turned to Rias and smiled at her.

"Don't worry Rias. I'll make sure you never have to experience the hell of being with Riser." The young man said before jumping down to the ground and advanced to Riser who was getting up.

"Buchou, do you know who that guy is?" Issei asked.

"I never meet him before in my life. But he talks as if he knows me." Rias said.

"Yeah, that is weird. Even weirder with the absolute hatred he has for Riser. It's WAY more than your hatred for him." Issei said.

"You're right, that is strange." Rias agreed.

Down with Riser and the young man the former growled at the latter in rage.

"You filth. You dare lay your hands on me?! I'll burn you!" Riser shouted.

"Oh I'm just getting started." The young man said before appearing in front of Riser and sunk in fist into his gut making him bend over and vomiting up blood. But it didn't stop there as the young man twirled around and kicked his right leg causing it to snap making Riser shout in extreme pain, and then screamed even louder when the young man did the same to his left arm and then bitch-slapped Riser sending him flying through the air and into the ground.

Riser groaned pitifully getting up as he felt himself heal.

"That's the appropriate look for you Riser. On the ground in pain like a little bitch." The young man sneered.

"Don't underestimate the power of a Phenex!" Riser shouted throwing a large fireball at the young man to incinerate him.

Only for the young man to swat it away destroying it shocking Riser.

"Your power is false based on your family's power with no real strength whatsoever. Let me show you the difference between us." The young man said charging at Riser and began to wail on him.

In the viewing room watching the match between Riser and Rias everything was silent as the observers were in shock at this new turn of events. Somehow someone they assume was a powerful human, had broken into the Rating Game and was now throwing, beating, and just straight up destroying Riser around like a rag doll.

For the next five minutes since the young man began his attack on the self proclaimed immortal devil and things had not been going in Riser's favor from the get-go. Every blow had more than enough power to kill a high class devil but it was thanks to Riser's regeneration that he was able to survive the brutal assault, if barely.

"Man this guy is being brutal with Riser." Said a white skinned man having shoulder length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes wearing a black suit with a green tie. This man was Sirzech Gremory, Rias' older brother.

"That's an understatement, Sirzech-sama." Said a fair skinned woman having back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends with silver eyes and a amazing figure wearing a blue maid outfit. This woman was Grayfia Lucifuge, the Queen of Sirzech's peerage, and his wife.

"ACK!" Riser exclaimed being punched on the ground again.

"Yeah, crawl punk. Crawl like a little... BITCH!" The young man said drop-kicking Riser in the face knocking out some teeth.

"Whoever this guy is, he's really making Riser suffer." Said a fair skinned young woman having black bob-cut hair with violet eyes that had glasses over them and a slim figure with B-cup breasts wearing the Kuoh Academy girl uniform. This young woman was Sona Sitri.

"You can say that again." Grimaced a fair skinned young woman having long black hair with light brown eyes that had glasses over them wearing the Kuoh Academy girl uniform as she saw the young man kick Riser in the eyes making him howl in pain. This young woman was Tsubaki Shinra.

Riser was on the ground twitching and groaning in pain as he tried to get up as the young man was walking towards him.

"D-Do you have a-any idea what you're doing?" Riser said with his voice filled with pain. "I-I need to establish this u-u-union, so that our species can survive."

"I know all about that. And it's a disgusting way just for you to have a new pussy and the devil can have a new fucking power for them to use. It's sick." The young man said with hatred.

"Y-You don't know anything about our cause." Riser growled.

"Oh I know plenty enough... Father." The young man said.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

"What?" Issei gawked.

"D-Did he just call Riser...?" Rias tried to say but couldn't.

"Father?" Riser chocked out.

"That's right. My name is Naruto. And I am the result of your and Rias' so called 'union' 19 years from the future." The now named Naruto said shocking everyone even more.

"Y-You don't think he's telling the truth, right?" Asked a fair skinned woman having brown hair that reached her upper back with violet eyes and an amazing figure with I-cup breasts wearing a white dress and white flats. This woman was Venelana Gremory, Rias and Sirzech's mother.

"I-I'm sure it's false information." Said a fair skinned woman having long blonde hair in a big ponytail with blue eyes and a gorgeous figure with H-cup breasts wearing a red dress and red pumps. This was Layla Phenex, Riser's mother.

"T-T-There's no way you're my son from the f-future." Riser said standing up trying to fight off the pain.

"I figured you would say that." Naruto grinned as he raised his hand up. "So here's the proof."

A black fire appeared in his hand laced with crimson energy and specs of yellow. Making it look like a fusion of the Power of Destruction from the Bael clan and phoenix fire from the Phenex clan.

Naturally this stupefied everyone.

"U-Unreal... it looks like a fusion of the Bael and Phenex powers." Said a fair skinned man having blonde that reaches his shoulders with blue eyes wearing a gray suit and a yellow tie. This man was Luke Phenex, Riser's father.

"So that young man is telling the truth." Muttered a fair skinned man having long crimson red hair in a low ponytail that has bangs framing his face with blue-green eyes and a red goatee wearing a white suit. This man was Zeoticus Gremory, Rias and Sirzech's father.

"You really are my son from the future." Riser breathed in shock.

"I don't believe it." Rias said stunned.

"Yes I am. And I'm here for one purpose and one purpose only; And that is to kill you." Naruto said in a very cold tone sending shivers down people's spin who heard it.

"W-What?! Why?! If I am your father you shouldn't want to kill me!" Riser shouted.

"I want to kill you for what you've done to my mother in the future." Naruto growled.

"W-What do you m-mean?" Riser stuttered.

"I'm talking about how your forced Rias to be your little sex toy for your own enjoyment! You made her suffer everyday in sick pleasure knowing she couldn't fight back! But that wasn't enough! Even when she birthed me you still took time breaking her physically, mentally, and emotionally! You made her give up the will for life! A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!" Naruto roared in absolute rage shocking everyone of what they heard. "I'm nothing more than a disgusting product made of devil's greed. A thing that should've never existed! So I trained for all my life so I could be strong enough to kill you in my time! Which I did, WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE! But it wasn't enough. To really save Rias I had to go to the heart of the problem. You, Riser more specifically your younger self." Naruto grinned. "So I looked for every known way possible until I found it. The ability to travel through time. It's a one-way ticket, but any means if I could kill you and prevent Rias' hell."

"W-Wait a minute! If you kill me now you'll be erasing your future! You'll cease to exist!" Riser said trying to save himself and talk his 'son' out of it.

"I don't care if I wipe myself from existence." Naruto retorted stunning Riser and everyone. "As long as I kill you and save Rias from her ugly fate that's all that matters to me."

"Whoa Buchou... your future son would risk his own existence just to save you... that's amazing..." Issei said in awe.

"Yeah..." Rias agreed feeling very well loved by her son from the future.

"Time to end you, father." Naruto said pointing his hand out that still had the fusion power of clan and poured more energy into it making it shine more with power as Riser felt the energy coming from it as did Issei and Rias along with those in the viewing room.

"I can change I promise I will! I'll treat Rias like a queen with love and everything!" Riser begged.

"I don't care if you beg for your pathetic life. You'll get no pity or mercy from me." Naruto said.

Riser, in desperation gathered all of his remaining magic as his body was engulfed in flames.

"DIE!" Roared Riser as he unleashed a concentrated wave of hot flames upon Naruto who only smirked in response to the attack. He found it truly pathetic, the last desperate attempt at survival by a weakling of a father.

"You first! FIRE DESTRUCTION CANNON!" Responded Naruto as he thrust his hand forward and unleashed a black flaming crimson laced beam of energy with yellow specs.

The two attacks sailed towards each-other quickly and when they met in the middle it was easy to see who the victor was as Naruto's beam didn't even slow down as it plowed through Riser's flames before finally consuming the Phenex. Said bird screamed in agony as he was torn apart atom by atom.

"What kind of end to life is this? Killed by your own legacy." Was Riser's last thought as he was finally erased leaving nothing but a small bit of smoke where he once stood and a thoroughly pleased Naruto.

"Goodbye Riser. It wasn't a pleasure knowing you." Naruto said feeling a sense of peace flowing through him.

Rias and Issei could only look in awe at what Naruto had just accomplished. Well Rias was in awe while Issei was jealous of the power he wielded.

Naruto reached into his vest and pulled out a blue crystal before pressing his thumb on it and a beam of light shot off it before showing a screen.

And on the screen was a older Rias Gremory that looked like a woman, but she was pale, had bags under her eyes, and looked like she didn't have the will to live.

Everyone who saw this was stunned at what Rias looked like in the future.

"Kaa-chan, I've done it. I killed Riser." Naruto said.

"I know sweetie. I'm looking outside and I see our world disappearing." Future Rias said.

"Soon that future will no longer exist and you can have peace." Naruto smiled.

"Thank you, Naruto. I feel truly blessed to have had a son like you." Future Rias smiled tiredly.

"No problem, Kaa-chan."

"Which makes me sad on what I had to do."


Suddenly Naruto's body glowed with purple energy before it shattered like glass.

"What was that?" Naruto asked.

"Before you left for the past I slipped a spell on you that would center you there severing the connection from the future." Future Rias said.

"W-Wait! What does that mean, Kaa-chan?!" Naruto shouted feeling a sense of dread.

"It means that when this future is gone you'll continue to exist in the past." Future Rais revealed.


"Oh Naruto, my sweet little Maelstrom. It's true I experienced a fate worse than death. But what made it all worth it was spending time with you. Out of the hellish marriage you were the only good thing to come from it. And it made me so happy." Future Rias smiled beautifully as tears streamed down her face as did Naruto's.

"Kaa-chan..." Naruto croaked seeing that his mother was starting to fade as did the crystal in his hand.

"Even though you were alright with making yourself cease to exist, a mother never wants their children to die." Future Rias then looked at her past self. "Rias..."

"Y-Yes?" Rias responded.

"Please take care of my Naruto for me. I know you'll be able to do it." Future Rias said.

"I'll... I'll try." Rias said.

"Do or do not. There is no try." Future Rias said before laughing making Rias laugh a little getting the reference. She then looked at her son. "Live a happy life for me Naruto. And remember I'll always love you."

And with that Future Rias faded completely as did the crystal.

Naruto stood there feeling numb.

He was able to save his mother,

Only at the cost of him living as his mother thought he should live.

But how could he live knowing he was the result of her pain.

Naruto could only fall on his knees in despair as tears kept falling down his face.

He tried to keep it in, but he couldn't.

Naruto lifted his head and roared in pain and anguish at what he felt.

There ya go! New Naruto x High School DxD story with something original! At least I think so. Anyway, hope you liked it. Here's to a new year in 2023! Peace!