Prologue: Kamuied into the Hero World

In a dark endless void was someone floating around in it. The person was a lightly tan skinned 18 year old young man having spiky blonde hair with blue eyes, a lean and muscular build, wearing a orange and black sweater that had a black shirt under it, orange pants, and blue sandals with a black headband around his head that had metal plating with a symbol of a leaf engraved on it. This young man was Naruto Uzumaki.

And right now he was displeased.

"Okay... so let's recap." Naruto muttered with his arms crossed and a tick mark on his head. "We saved Gaara from the Akatsuki before they could extract his Biju and fought two of there members. Me and Kakashi-sensei was able to beat the guy who could make explosive clay from mouths on his hands, still weird and freaky by the way, but as we were going to take him in he pulled a fast one on us making Kakashi use his space-time ability with his sharingan called Kamui destroying the guy and me getting sucked into a portal in the process. And from what Kakashi-sensei said he had a way to open portal through dimensions, but had no control over it. Meaning with my luck there's no way back to my world."

Naruto sighed in exhaustion.

"Seems like life just loves to throw shit in my face." He said.

"Got that right." A deep voice said from Naruto's conscious that was a massive red-orange fox with red eyes that has slits and nine tails.

"Kurama? I thought you were sleep?" Naruto said.

"I was til your idiot of a sensei accidentally sent us through dimensions." Kurama huffed. "Right now I'm trying to use my chakra to hopefully open up a door for us out of this void."

"Thanks, Kurama. Your the best partner ever." Naruto smiled.

"I know. Praise me more." Kurama smirked.

Now you might be wondering why does Naruto and Kurama aka the Kyuubi sounds all buddy buddy. Well the answer is simple sometime during Naruto training trip with Jiraiya the two sat down and began talking to each other and before you know it they were best friends. Even to the point of brothers. A WAY better improvement on how their relationship use to be.

"Okay, I got something. Hold on." Kurama said.

Naruto heard a crackling sound making him look behind him to see a giant crack appear before him. "I guess that's my ticket out of here."

As Naruto neared the crack everything was bathed in a bright light, and when it was over Naruto saw he was in a forest.

"Wonder where I am?" Naruto mutters.

"Hey, kit. Look over on the left, there's a city I think." Kurama said making Naruto look in that direction to see the city Kurama was talking about.

"May as well go check it out." Naruto said heading in that direction.

3 Weeks Later

Naruto woke up to the sound of his alarm clock blaring and turned over taping the clock making it go silent.

"Ugh, another day." Naruto sighed getting up to get himself ready for the day.

It's been three weeks since he came into this world called Earth and landed in Japan. Being in an unknown world Naruto decided to learn all he could of his new home. And all of it amazed him. For instances he knew this world was more technologically advance than his, there were more countries and culture too, heck he even found out about space travel! How's that for freaky!

Logically since he came from another dimension Naruto found a way to earn him some money so he could get an ID and a stable home.

Basically through gambling in red district of a city.

And managed to get kicked out for winning too much money.

Luckly he was transformed as Sasuke when he did it. So his real self was safe.

Once he was done getting himself ready Naruto, who was wearing a burnt orange shirt, black pants, and white shoes, made his way through his apartment to his fridge to see he was running low on food.

"Guess I should stock up." Naruto muttered. He went to go get his keys before walking out of his apartment, just in time to see his neighbor.

He was a lightly tan skinned man having wavy blonde hair going backwards that had two long tuffs going down on his forehead with blue eyes, a WAY skinny build, wearing a white shirt, green pants, and brown boots. This was Toshinori Yagi.

"Hey Toshinori, I'm going to the store want anything?" Naruto asked.

"No thanks, Naruto." Toshinori smiled before he coughed up blood and kneeled down to the ground.

"How the fuck is that guy still alive?" Kurama asked Naruto, as from seeing Toshinori losing that much blood and being that skinny would've spelt immediate death. "He feels stronger than he looks." He thought as he felt power from the man.

"You okay?" Naruto asked him as he helped the man.

"I'm fine, thank you." Toshinori said in gratitude.

"No problem. Take it easy, man." Naruto said as he walking off into the streets. As he was walking he suddenly felt bloodlust, anger, and insanity. "What the?"

"Naruto be careful with that guy in the trench coat..." Kurama said as he and Naruto saw a man walking up dressed in a trench coat and a fedora. "Just incase he's a flasher." Kurama said not wanting to deal with a naked psychopath.

"Thanks for putting that image in my head." Naruto deadpanned as he and the man neared each other. "What's he muttering about?" He questioned as he heard the man muttered to lowly you couldn't hear it.

"Flesh I want their flesh..." The man said.

"I am not liking this..." Naruto said quietly as this neighborhood was near a park for kids and if the man wanted flesh he was very worried to what he'd do for it.

"Try not to get eaten." Kurama said.

Naruto was brought out of his thought when he heard a roar from the man.

"I WANT FLESH!" He said loudly and looked at Naruto.

"Oh shut up you BDSM zombie freak!" Naruto said as he looked at the man's outfit under the trench coat, which was a black straitjacket with black restraints with red spikes.

"DON'T GET IN MY WAY!" The man roared louder as the man's teeth shot out into sharp blades making Naruto dodged the blades but they moved in such unpredictable angles.

"Water Style: Water Mirror!" Naruto said as he made a circle of water like a mirror and when he adjusted it a copy of the guy came and shot the same attack canceling the blade attacks.

"What the?!" The guy said in surprise.

Naruto turned and saw civilians looking in awe and snapping pictures. "You guys need to get out of here or call some people to take care of this guy as I can be doing a dozen other things more important than dealing with this freak!" He said to them as he destroyed his tooth blades.

"That's Moonfish" A civilian said loudly making Naruto burst into laughter.

"Moonfish?! What kind of retarded name is Moonfish?! What, was Tooth Fairy from Hell taken?!" Naruto said laughing at the guy.

"Grrr, SHUT UP!" Moonfish said as he unleashed his blades at everyone.

"Speed, don't let me down!" Naruto said as he activated his speed as he zipped around grabbing all of the civilians and put them a good distance away from the Moonfish. "So your teeth are your blades, huh? Then I guess I'll just have to break every tooth in your mouth!" He said as he looked at the mad man and cracked his knuckles.

"BRING IT!" Moonfish shouted sending another wave of blades.

Naruto ran right at the man dodging each and every blade and punched him with a chakra enhanced fist so hard Tsunade would be proud as he destroyed the man's teeth and sent him through multiple buildings.

Naruto slightly flinched as the crowd roared in cheers as he almost forgot about them.

"Fear not for I am-" Shouted a very large muscular man lightly skinned man having slicked back blonde hair that had two big tuffs standing up with shadowed eyes. This was the number 1 hero in Japan, All Might.

"Late!" Naruto said interrupting him. "Do you realize how many people could've died if I didn't show up?" Naruto asked as he gave All Might a slight push getting many 'ohs' from the crowd.

20 Minutes Later

"You know I can escape this bullshit cell?" Naruto said as he was arrested for stopping Moonfish, which he found bullshit.

With All Might

"Something is different about this one." All Might said as every cell in his body was reacting to Naruto. "Why hasn't the dampeners activated?" He asked as Naruto was boredly running around his cell.

"We don't know, they're on." The detective, Naomasa Tsukauchi said to him as he did 3 system checks.

"Hey you're out of coffee." Naruto said as he walked in taking a seat.

"How did you?" All Might asked as they looked back at the cell footage and saw the Naruto inside go poof showing it was a shadow clone, not that they would know.

"Your cells are terrible man." Naruto said finishing the coffee.

"Who are you?" Naomasa asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, at your service." Naruto said as he took a bow.

"Still can't tell which parent annoyed me more." Kurama thought as when Jiraiya told Naruto about his parents he took in his father's name.

"Think you can let him off?" All Might asked Naomasa as this was a self defense case and the man he attacked was a known killer.

"I guess." Naomasa said simply.

"FYI, I only pushed him because I was pissed he never showed up when he was needed." Naruto said jabbing his thumb at All Might.

"I probably deserved that too." All Might said as he had been seen less in the public eye lately due to his condition.

"Alright can I just go home now, please?" Naruto said.

"I'll take him." All Might said as they left.

"Kid if you wanna be a hero go to hero college first." Naomasa said as Naruto left waving his hand in disinterest.

10 Minutes Later

"You're All Might, aren't you Toshinori?" Naruto said as the man became stiff mid air as they both were jumping from building to building.

"N-No, what would make you say that?" All Might said struggling to keep his form.

"Your hair, it's like the reverse of Toshi's with his being down, plus the energy I feel is similar to his, and your reaction just now." Naruto said with a chuckle as they landed on a secluded building.

All Might sighed before he began to shrink down and get less muscular before he became Toshinori Yagi.

"You got me kid." Toshinori said in admittance.

"You're sick, aren't you?" Naruto asked him as he could tell with the excessive bleeding and his regular state knew that his body was in a very tragic state possibly dying or had much internal damage.

"It's complicated. I gotta ask, why'd you step up to that psychopath? He could've killed you." Toshinori asked and was surprised by the powerful and fearless look in Naruto's eyes as he saw a powerful force of will and determination.

"I had the power to stop him so I should try to help. I thought about going to UA but figured I couldn't get in." Naruto said

"Why?" Toshinori asked wondering what was wrong with UA not to let him in.

"My background probably would've stopped me from joining any hero school." Naruto said as he began telling him where he's from and how he got here.

Toshinori made a phone call to the human lie detector and gave the phone to Naruto and his friend told him Naruto was telling the absolute truth.

"Guess I found that apprentice I've been looking for." Toshinori thought to himself.

If you needed help trying to figure this out, Naruto was accidentally transferred to the My Hero Academia world by Kakashi's Kamui when he and Naruto were fighting Deidara after saving Gaara. Also Naruto has more and better training from Jiraiya than in canon. Just wanted to clear this up.