Chapter 4: Sports Festival Mayhem PT 1

"Hey Ochaco." Naruto said as he just finished using the shower in the guys locker room and saw the brunette there.

Ochaco became very bright with blush as her face would allow her to be and soon fainted.

"She's like Hinata." Kurama thought sweatdropping.

Minutes Later

"Deja vu." Naruto said as he was lying against the wall fully clothed with Ochaco resting on his shoulder "Reminds me of Hinata." He thought as Ochaco was just like Hinata it honestly made his heart melt remembering one of his best friends. "I wonder if I'll ever be able to go back?" Naruto wondered, don't get him wrong he's like being in this world, but he does miss the friends he's made back home.

Ochaco grunted as she woke up and saw how close his face was to hers, causing her to go bright red again.

"If you're gonna faint again, please don't hurt yourself this time." Naruto said with a chuckle as Hinata did that a lot.

"N-N-Naruto I-I have something I-I want to a-ask you." Ochaco said stuttering a lot as she was very nervous.

"Shoot." Naruto said to her.

"Ok just do it, just say it, be blunt and straightforward." Ochaco thought to herself trying to increase her confidence "W-W-Will you g-g-go on a-" Ochaco was saying before Naruto interrupted her.

"Sure I'm free, there's a coffee shop I like to go to." Naruto said as he wasn't that dense to know she was asking him out, mainly because he took some sound advice from Jiraiya about women, at least when he wasn't being a super pervert.

Multiple women soon felt the territorial urge to fight and make a claim and had one thought. "What bitch had the balls." They thought as it felt like another female was trying to take what that woman felt like they already had a claim to.

"He knew what I was going to ask before I said it." Ochaco thought in surprise.

"Hey Ochaco as much as I'm enjoying being used as a pillow, do you think you could move your hand?" Naruto asked her.

Ochaco looked down and saw her hand was between his legs and blushed and it soon became even redder from what she felt before she then fainted again.

"Definitely like Hinata." Naruto thought amusingly as it was almost like looking in at a picture not in the physical but the spiritual sense.

30 Minutes Later at the Coffee Shop

Kurama sweatdropped watching Ochaco practically devouring Mochi cakes like how Naruto devoured ramen.

"I'm in love." Naruto thought as he didn't think he'd ever meet a girl that eats like he eats ramen.

"Oh my god imagine if she was pregnant." Kurama thought to himself as he remembered Kushina and how she ate weird combinations of ramen when she was having Naruto.

Ochaco paused seeing how Naruto was looking at her among others in the coffee shop. "S-sorry, Mochi is my favorite food, and I never really got to eat it a lot back home." She said to him quickly.

"I'm the same way with ramen, but why?" Naruto asked her wondering about the last part of her sentence.

"Financial issues, it's partially why I chose to become a hero, so I could help my parents with their construction work and help them get some money." Ochaco said.

"I'll look into that." Naruto thought. "You may say that, but it doesn't feel that true to me, because I've seen you in action, you have the heart of a hero." He said as he saw a lot of goodness in her.

"R-Really?" Ochaco asked him her cheeks flushing.

"Yes, as scared as you get sometimes, you have a lot of courage within you, when I look at you, I see courage as tall as a mountain." Naruto said as Ochaco reminded him of Hinata as she was the same way.

Ochaco smiled and blushed hearing him give her praise.

"Alright, I think it's time to get some training in." Naruto said to her as she squealed in excitement.

1 Hour Later

"You've got good potential, but you need to work on that stamina and learn not to get sick." Naruto said as he spent the first half hour working on her quirk than in the final 30 minutes he trained her in a combat training. "Though maybe going out to eat before this wasn't such a good idea." He said as Ochaco was on the ground huffing and puffing.

"You think?" Ochaco said giving him a glare, but it only made her look adorable.

"Hey, don't get mad at me, it was your idea as you asked me out on a date." Naruto said as he chuckled a little thinking it was a nice day.

"Anything else?" Ochaco asked him a little hope in her voice wanting something from him.

"I think we should call it a day, you're about to drop." Naruto said as he helped her up.

Ochaco looked at his bright blue eyes and blushed and in that moment she had a rush of courage and decided to kiss him.

Just as she pulled away, he put his arm around her and pulled her into another kiss, a more proper one.

When he pulled back, she turned bright red before smoke came out of her ears as she fainted with a smile on her face.

"For such a shy girl she can really kiss." Naruto thought as he was sure that was a french kiss.


"I swear I need to get aspirin." Naruto thought as he had a headache from training with the others, as he had been training Tsuyu with sage chakra and the martial art that goes with it, frog kumite.

Momo he was helping with chakra manipulation as he had been helping her develop using her powers with just chakra and not the fat in her body, he also helped her train to react and think under pressure.

Mina he was helping with her acid helping her develop it to change as he knew she could make it acid or just goo while also teaching her capoeira, a brazilian martial art.

With Kyoka they discovered her ear jacks could admit sounds but decided to get her an instrument which ironically would be the amplifier at least until she could use the sounds without giving herself a splitting headache.

And with Toru he had learned that she had photokinetic powers and learned she could bend the light making it into solid objects as well as blind others while also teaching her the pressure points on the body so she can take people out stealthily.

3 Weeks Later

"Alright, it's here!" Eijiro said as they all stood in the male's locker room, everyone wearing their gym clothes as they weren't allowed to wear their super suits so it could be fair for everyone.

"If you got something to say, say it man. I don't think it's a good idea to give looks the way you're giving them while we wait." Naruto said as being in the locker room seeing the look Shoto was giving him was weird.

"Naruto you're the one here I wanna fight the most." Shoto said making Naruto freeze up as that was word for word what Sasuke told him in the 2nd part of the chunin exams.

"Bring it!" Naruto said being more ready than Shoto realized.

"Hey dude, who the heck made your gym outfit as that outfit is looking a bit tight." Denki said as Naruto's shirt and pants seeing more of Naruto's body and how defined it was.

"I know, it's freakin tight." Naruto said as it was only slightly tight and prayed it didn't rip.

"When we fight Naruto, I will see what All Might sees in you so much. See what makes you so special." Shoto said as he walked away.

"This feels like this is way more personal than some possible beef he might have with me." Naruto thought to himself as after knowing Sasuke he could spot the slightest hint at a grudge in a person's eyes.

"Everyone, they are ready for us." Tenya said.

Minutes Later

"Hello, now many of you have come to see us get pushed to our limits, to see us in action, to see the greatness that is Hero Academia. But this is more, where we fight with all of our hearts and spirits, to show everyone we are here!" Naruto said making many nod. "But I'm doing this for something more, I want everyone watching here and at home to watch this, I want to inspire all of you to dream of being heroes, watching us and say 'I want to become just like that' I am going to become a symbol for you all, a symbol to inspire you all! Because I am going to become a hero, and so can you!" He said as he pointed to the crowd just as colorful explosions went off.

Everyone in the crowd and the students all cheered loudly.

"Eh, I would've told everyone to fuck off." Katsuki said simply.

"Shut up, don't ruin this manly feeling Naruto has filled me with." Eijiro said as he was inspired by the speech Naruto gave.

"I'm fired up!" Mina shouted as she had fire in her eyes.

"Let's do this!" The entire 1-A class said all fired up.

"Whoa, hey, hey don't burn us!" A grey haired student, named Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu said as 1-A class was literally on fire.

Naruto was standing with his class seeing the hundreds of other students lining up together and as he did his mind drifted to what Toshinori said to him.

"Naruto, I want you to take this festival seriously, use it to show the world what you can do. Use these events to show them all, that you are here on your journey to become the next symbol of peace."

"I'll show them All Might, I'm going to take this festival by storm." Naruto thought as he had a serious look in his eyes as he was going to win.

"Don't forget Naruto you have two women promising themselves to you if you win, don't fuck up." Kurama said to him wanting to see Naruto smash Midnight and Mirko.

"Here we go." Naruto said seeing Midnight about to send them off with a race.

Naruto looked at his classmates and sees the fire in their eyes as the other students from the other classes backed up not wanting to get burned as they were literally fired up.

"Nice try!" Naruto yelled at Shoto as he froze the other competitor's feet and the moment, he landed he started running using wind chakra to boost his speed.

"Whoa, and I thought you were fast Tenya." Denki said.

"Fuck this." Mina said as she secreted acid from her pours allowing her to slide across the ground.

"Ribbit." Tsuyu said as she hopped off of Katsuki as the girls used the skills they learned from Naruto to pass everyone.

"You froggy bitch!" Katsuki said yelling as he had a mark from Tsuyu's shoe on his face.

"Whoa there people, these girls are in overdrive!" Present Mic said as he was a spectator with Aizawa.

"Screw you!" Naruto said throwing a couple rasenshuriken at the point zero robots.

"I love you, chakra!" Momo said as she made some rocket launchers and fired at the robots in her way. "Thanks to chakra when I imbue it with my creations, they're much more stronger!" She thought happily as she had an even bigger arsenal and no longer had to eat like she was dying to use her powers.

Tsuyu had a determined look on her face as she jumped up one of the robot's arms glowing before she jumped at its head before she kicked it, the force was so much she went right through the robot's head making it fall to the ground.

The crowd cheered for her as that was awesome, though the crowd wasn't cheering as loud as Tsuyu's family.

Rumi was in the crowd as she watched Tsuyu's kick on the jumbo screen and whistled very impressed.

Ochaco was smiling as she looked at a zero point robot and raised her hand before she slammed it to the ground and the metal in the robot began to creak loudly before it crashed to the ground and soon the robot was squished so badly it became as thin as paper "Making things heavier is pretty cool." She said to herself.

Mina leapt at her zero point robot before rolling covering herself in her slimy acid until she became a slimy ball and when she hit it, she melted right through it. "Yeah, take that sucker!" She said with a grin.

Toru saw 3 zero point robots before she raised her hand and made what looked like a saw blade made of light and cut right through robot after robot. "Yes!" She shouted jumping in glee.

Kyoka used her jacks like whips and whenever they struck the zero points she'd unleash a short burst of sound through them making the robot crumble.

"Should've asked Naruto for training when I had the chance." Were all the males in 1-A could think of as the display of skills from the girls was amazing.

"Just what are you teaching those kids, Eraserhead?" Present Mic asked as that was what the entire crowd was thinking.

"Don't ask me, ask Naruto." Aizawa said as he was wondering if he should recommend Naruto for teaching as a profession.

Soon everyone began to reach the second part of the course, a canyon like course.

"Later ice boy, and Bakugo your shoelaces!" Naruto said with a smirk running past them easily making giant leaps.

"Hey, asshole!" Katsuki said as he tripped seeing his shoelaces were tied together.

The two were taken to the ground as Tsuyu hopped onto them. "Excuse me." She said as she began hoping on the canyon course followed by the other girls.

"AGAIN?!" Katsuki shouted as he got another foot to the face from Tsuyu.

Shoto used his ice making a bridge as he began sliding over the course trying to catch up. As Katsuki tried to fix his shoelaces Mei passed him using her boots to hover over the course.

Katsuki screamed loudly in rage at being passed by someone from the support class.

It didn't take Naruto and the girls long enough to reach the third part of the race, the minefield.

"Well, good luck girls!" Naruto said moving so fast in another burst of speed and made it to the other side. "I'll make this fair, see if you can beat me!" He said as he began running faster than a normal person.

"Oh, it is SO on!" Mina said with a grin accepting the challenge.

Ochaco cleared a path as she used her powers to lift the mines out of her way.

"Thanks, Ochaco!" Toru said as Ochaco was clearing them a path.

Naruto looked back seeing Tsuyu on his tail but saw her freeze up in the literal sense as Shoto was catching up. Shoto looked back seeing Naruto turn around to catch the frozen Tsuyu before he smirked.

"Oh... no you don't!" Naruto said as he used Kurama's chakra to heat Tsuyu up and dash past Shoto running to the finish line but not before tripping him as a way to repay him for what he did to Tsuyu.

Tsuyu had hearts in her eyes looking up at Naruto as Kurama's chakra bathed him in a firey light aura with many other girls in the stadium doing the same.

"Oi, what kind of trick is that supposed to be?!" Katsuki said before he fell to the ground as he came after Shoto, Momo, Ochaco and Mina came in.

"I call it my Fire Drive mode. And I don't hear any ladies complaining." Naruto said with a grin causing many women to cheer as he caught a rose and winked at the girl who tossed it to him.

Toshinori stood up with the other teachers giving Naruto a round of applause.

"Amazing, Naruto chose to go back and save Tsuyu and still got in first place!" Present Mic said sounding like he was crying proud tears of joy and inspiration.

Aizawa smiled as he also applauded Naruto proud of his student's character.

"Hey, what the fuck is your problem?" Mina said glaring at Shoto.

"I tried to win." Shoto said simply.

"Tsuyu's quirk causes her to hibernate if she gets too cold, she could've fallen asleep and not wake up until she thawed!" Mina said wanting to blast acid and burn the other half of his face.

"And I should care, why?" Shoto asked her simply.

"Why you!" Mina said pulling back her fist, but Naruto stopped her.

"Don't worry pinky, he'll get what's coming to him." Naruto said to Mina before looking at Shoto. "If you ever do that to a friend again then I guarantee no one will treat you like a friend because they'll treat you like the enemy, no worse than that they'll treat you like a villain." He said as everyone minus Katsuki treated each other like friends but what Shoto did crossed a line Katsuki may not have been dumb enough to cross.

Shoto's eyes widened as did the others and the crowd as they heard what Naruto said.

"A wise man once told me, those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandoned their friends are worse than scum and believe me, I do not want to see anyone in this school become worse than scum." Naruto said strongly before he walked away.

"Nice one, kit. Spoken like a real hero." Kurama said pleased.

Toshinori broke the silence as he applauded Naruto followed by everyone.

"Now this kid's a true hero, I hope everyone takes his words to heart!" Present Mic said as he still cried.

"I know I have." Aizawa said as those were truly worthy words.

Minutes Later

"I feel like an idiot, why can't I be in on the action?" Naruto said as he was being lifted up.

"Because we said so and you're our literal strongest player so if anyone tries to take it you can defend yourself and the 10 million points." Momo said to him.

"I won't allow it, I will guard you Naruto." Fumikage said as he was the 'head' of their diamond formation.

"This will be the perfect opportunity to show off my babies!" Mei said in excitement.

"I swear am I the only normal person here, if I am someone broke the damn mold because I am a psychotic bastard." Naruto said as this was crazy idea.

"Just leave it to us, we'll snatch any headband we can, and you can do the same." Ochaco said as they began to float.

"I'm not too sure about this." Fumikage said as with Ochaco's zero gravity and Mei's boots they were going to be flying with no laws of physics and it'll make it hard to maneuver and aim properly.

"Well, there's an old saying, time to throw caution out the window." Naruto said as he followed that saying a lot. "I wonder..." He thought as he had been thinking about sending his chakra through them to up their game as his chakra was more potent and thus more powerful.

"You're mine!" Katsuki shouted as he shot at them only to meet a barrier made by Ochaco's gravity.

Katsuki slowly slid off of it like something off someone's windshield.

"Does that idiot have any brains?" Fumikage asked his team members.

"Probably not." Naruto said with a chuckle as Katsuki glared at them.

"Say hello to my little friend." Momo said as she created a gatler. "I've always wanted to say that!" She squealed as she fired bbs at Katsuki making him scream as she fired 20.

"Is that illegal?" Present Mic asked covering his mic.

"Not in my rulebook." Aizawa said as he knew Momo always aimed for non lethal force and unless Katsuki was bleeding heavily, she was in the rules.

"We are killing her!" Katsuki said as he was sure one of them hit his private area and he was sure she did it on purpose.

As Naruto's group was landing Momo saw the ground was stained with purple balls.

"Mineta's grapes." Momo said in disdain.

"If we land in them our feet will get stuck." Mei said as she had run ins with the midget pervert and wanted to see him get what was coming.

"No, we won't." Naruto said as he covered them in wind chakra to move them out of the way of Mineta's grapes.

"Amazing, is there anything this kid can't do?" Present Mic said as no one had gotten past those impossibly sticky purple balls.

"Yo pervy midget, catch!" Naruto said as he used his wind chakra to launch Mineta's grapes back at his own team causing their feet to stick and causing the tiny purple midget to go face first into the dirt.

"Thank you very much." Momo said as she greatly disliked the perv.

The team then turned and came face to face with Shoto's team which was just Tenya and Denki.

"No surprise you didn't get a full team. I'm honestly shocked to see you two are with him." Naruto said as he was surprised Tenya and Denki even wanted to be on Shoto's team after what he pulled on Tsuyu.

"We were running out of time, and he was the only one available." Denki said.

"Otherwise, we would've been with someone else." Tenya said.

"That headband is mine, Naruto." Shoto said firmly.

"Just try and take it Two Face." Naruto said challengingly as he readied 2 rasengans ready to knock him down.

"Not gonna happen!" Ochaco said as she made the gravity heavier.

"Damn it." Naruto and Shoto thought as everyone in the ring were frozen solid unable to move because of the pressure and they were like that till the time was up.

Minutes Later

"Wow two for two." Naruto said as he made it in 1st, Shoto in 2nd, and Katsuki in 3rd.

Tsuyu croaked in sadness as Katsuki took her team down to get her headband to get in third.

"Don't look so down, look." Naruto said to her pointing to the jumbo screen.

Tsuyu looked as she still had enough points to qualify for the third round making her jump for joy.

"Sorry Mei." Ochaco said as Mei was holding her demolished inventions that got broken by Ochaco's gravity.

"It's fine at least I got to display them in the first 2 parts, plus Melissa booked me an ad here at the tournament so fingers crossed. And besides now I can work on improving my babies to handle gravity!" Mei said in excitement.

"Alright listen up, if any of you are wanting to quit do so now, no one will hold it against you. If you choose to stay, we will start the tournament round in exactly 5 hours, so take the moment to rest and get something to eat." Midnight said.

3 Hours Later

Naruto was coming down the stairs until a large muscular man with a flaming mustache and beard passed him bumping his shoulder. "Jerk." He thought as he rubbed his shoulder.

As Naruto kept walking, he saw Shoto just standing in the hallway. "Hey, if you're looking for the cafeteria it's on the upper floor." He said to him.

"Naruto, do you know who that man was that passed you?" Shoto asked him as he turned to face Naruto.

"I think. All Might had me read up on some pro heroes, I think that was Endeavor right?" Naruto said to him as Endeavor sounded like an ass.

"Uzumaki are you... All Mights secret love child or something?" Shoto asked straight out of the blue.

Naruto paused for a brief moment as he took in his classmates' words. "HUH?!" Naruto shouted. "What the hell made you think that?!" He asked.

"Well, when you look close enough you do resemble All Might quite a bit." Shoto replied.

"Well, I'm not man! Hell, the old man's never even been on a date before! And just what brought this on anyways?" Naruto asked.

"My father is the current Number 2 Hero Endeavor." Shoto said, Naruto's eyes narrowed at the mention of that name, he had heard of the Number 2 hero from his mentor, and he wasn't exactly somebody he would ever want to meet. His ambitious side reminded him a lot of Sasuke in his quest for power.

"So, If you're connected to Number 1 Hero, All Might, Then I have even more reason to beat you" Shoto declared.

"What are you trying to tell me Shoto?" Naruto asked.

"Have you ever heard of Quirk Marriages?" Shoto asked, Naruto didn't like the sound of this and shook his head.

"They became a problem in the first few generations after superpowers became widespread, there were those who sought out potential mates, who souly had the potential to create powerful children, many people were forced into relationships, they were simply viewed as old fashioned arranged marriages, but clearly it was unethical, my father not only has a rich history of accomplishments, but plenty of money to throw at his problems, he bought my mother's relatives to get her hands on her quirk, and now he's raising me to surpass All Might. My mother... she was the one who gave me this mark because I reminded her of my father, I don't hold it against her but ever since then, I've grown to hate him." Shoto explained as put a hand over the burn on his left side.

Naruto stiffened up at the young boy's explanation. "His father bought his mom and had him just so that he could surpass the old man?! What kind of fucked up bastard would do that?!" Naruto thought, feeling his rage build up towards the Todoroki patriarch.

"So that's why you got upset hearing about the whole harem thing isn't it?" Naruto asked as he saw Shoto had a negative reaction to it, but it wasn't directed at him.

"Well, you don't have to worry about me pulling any shit like that." Naruto waved it off. "If I pick someone to be with it's their choice nobody else's." He said to him.

"Naruto, if All Might isn't related to you then where are you parents? Are they in the crowd?" Shoto asked him.

"My parents are dead, I've been an orphan my entire life." Naruto said making Shoto silent. "Hey man, if you ask me, I say don't listen to a fucking word your damn father says, from the sounds of it he hasn't ever really been a father. You are who you are, not what others say, you choose your own path, and you use your powers the way you want to use them. This power, you may have inherited it from him but it's yours not his. So don't let your past mess up your future, move forward and keep moving forward on the path you forge for yourself." He said.

Shoto was stunned as he felt inspired from what Naruto said as he looked at his left hand.

"Besides dude, you're gonna need both halves if you want to last against me." Naruto said as he chuckled patting Shoto on the shoulder as he walked past him.

As he walked down the hall, he saw Katsuki who had a frown on his face he looked at Naruto growled in frustration and walked away.

"Hopefully him hearing that makes him realize what he could become." Naruto thought.

With Momo

"Momo, right?" Midnight said as when she was checking on the competitors, she saw Momo making cheerleader outfits.

"Yes, what is it, Miss Midnight?" Momo asked wondering what the ref wanted.

"My, what are you doing making these cheerleader outfits?" Midnight asked having many thoughts come to mind, all of them naughty.

"U-Uh, me and the other girls thought it would be nice if we could cheer Naruto on." Momo said.

"Trying to get his attention before the fangirls try to get their claws in him, huh?" Midnight asked teasingly as that was something she could respect.

Momo had a dark blush on her face as she glanced away.

"Hey, I think I have a few suggestions." Midnight said as she whispered in Momo's ear making the girls blush turn atomic red.

2 Hours Later

The contestants returned to the field to hear who they were going to go up against in the first rounds of the tournament but before that happened the girls from 1-A and Mei came out in cheerleader outfits that seemed a bit daring having the UA logo on their chests one letter on each breast and began cheering for Naruto.

"I'm so proud!" Midnight said as she felt a tear coming to her eye as she felt proud her legacy of all that is skimpy and naughty. "Now win this Naruto, so you can have me!" She thought as Naruto was acing this whole thing.

"Amazing!" Mineta said as he was behind the girls giving them a thumbs up.

"Excuse me." Tsuyu said as she croaked as she pulled back her leg and kicked as high as she could sending Mineta flying and then got praised by the other girls.

With Naruto

"Dude, you alive?" Eijiro said seeing a nosebleed pour out Naruto's nose.

"HAHAHAHA! I freaking love these girls!" Kurama laughed so hard he fell on the ground rolling over.

In the Stands

Everyone jumped as they saw Tsuyu's father, Ganma, had just pass out.

Momo's Parents

The parents were very surprised that their daughter came out of her shell as despite all her many great qualities she lacked friendships and a risky attitude.

Mina's Parents

Mina's parents jaws were dropped as their daughter always seemed to find new ways to surprise/shock them.

Kyoka's Parents

Kyoka's father, Kyotoku, held his wife, Mika, who just fainted from seeing what her daughter was wearing.

Toru's Parents

People were baffled as water shot out from two seats that had floating clothes in them.

Mei's Parents

Power Loader sweatdropped seeing the look on his wife's face as they looked at Mei their adoptive daughter.

Ochaco's Parents

The parents looked at their daughter with blushes on their face the only solace they had was their daughter having fun.

With Nezu

"Hmmm, never knew women these days could be so bold. Unless you're Nemuri of course." Nezu said sipping his tea.

"That's not the word I would use." Recovery Girl sweatdropped trying to reboot her brain. "Speaking of Nemuri, I just know she had a hand in this." She sighed in exhaustion.

"Probably." Nezu said still sipping his tea.