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Cornelius Fudge looked up in horror and alarm as a terrified teenager's voice filled his office, coming from a Floo Gate that was supposed to be used for emergencies.

Well, given the identity of the screamer, Fudge called it an emergency, "Lord Potter? Is that you? Come through, dear boy; please."


Chapter 5: The Fall of the Marauders



Not even Rubeus Hagrid could have stopped Sirius Black from racing out of the door of his home, beating Dumbledore, as well as a couple of the Order members who'd already decided to just make themselves at home in Sirius' family townhouse.

Fortunately, the old coot was yet to put the house under the Fidelius, but that didn't stop Sirius from taking the lead, even as he felt Albus and co following close behind him.

On one hand, he was rushing to get to his boy, if only to see that he was safe.

But, on the other hand, he wanted to see the chaos caused by his Young Master first-hand and nobody, not even Albus, was going to stop him.


"All right, son…just…just take a few deep breaths…"

"I…I did…I tried…I couldn't…Trace…my family…I was…they wanted…"


"SIRIUS!" Cried Harry, practically Apparating out of the comforting embrace of the Auror who was tending to him, on the Minister's orders, while the others, including Fudge, Bones and, curiously, even Malfoy Senior were all on the scene.

But when Sirius arrived, Harry found himself racing for his godfather's comfort, earning and receiving it in spades as Sirius wrapped his arms around his boy, before he held him close, while, to the Auror on duty, it looked like Sirius was consoling Harry as he rubbed the boy's back, whilst whispering sweet platitudes in Harry's ear, "Sssshhh-ssshhh; it's okay, pup. Don't look; it's over…you're safe now…that's it, just…just let it out. Let it go…it's going to be okay; everything's going to be all right."


Looking up, Sirius saw Lucius standing there, Fudge with him, the latter both relieved and surprised to see Sirius in attendance, while Lucius, after looking from Harry to Sirius, cleared his throat as he asked, "What brings you here, may I ask?"

"Duties as Harry's surrogate Father figure and his oath-sworn godfather, Lucius," said Sirius, gently patting Harry on the back as the boy huddled against his godfather. "Not that some people thought that meant much: I spent all the time between my vindication and today trying to convince Albus that Harry was safer with me, behind my family's wards. But no: he made up some BS about blood wards and protections based on love."

"No such wards have been detected on the premises," explained Lucius, earning a shiver from Harry, even as Lucius continued, "But there is evidence of the presence of werewolves; regrettably, we have just had to sedate and imprison a young Muggle whom was infected by Greyback. Apparently, from what Mr Potter tells us, his magic reacted out of fear and, as a result, he knocked out the wolf and sent the perpetrator fleeing with his tail between his legs."

"Sounds like Greyback," agreed Sirius, looking down at Harry, who looked like a boy many years his younger as he seemed to try and curl up in his godfather's embrace, while Sirius frowned, sighing darkly as he asked, "The Muggle…was it…is it…"

"According to Lord Potter, it's his cousin," explained Fudge, his surprisingly-calm attitude more of a surprise to Sirius than anything else. "A sad and unfortunate turn of events, for sure. Fortunately, I have already taken the liberty of arranging a press blackout, so people don't get any further ammo to use against Lord Potter after this."


Looking down again, Sirius saw Harry wipe his eyes, clearing away his tears before, unseen by Fudge, he winked at Sirius and jerked his head towards Lucius, earning a raised eyebrow from Sirius.

"Harry?" asked Sirius, looking from Harry to Lucius and back again; after only a moment, he nodded subtly, showing he got the hint, before he seemed to cover his tracks as he added, "What…what do you mean no, pup? After all the shit you went through last year…"

"I want people to know!" insisted Harry, turning to face Fudge and an apparently-shocked Lucius, who also smirked behind the Minister's back as he saw Harry draw himself to his full height, wiping away the last of his tears as he continued, "This was Albus Dumbledore's fault: he made up the shit about some blood sacrifice tied to my Mum, which means he made it happen when she died. He's also forced me back here, year-in and year-out, but, according to Mr…sorry, I mean, Lord Malfoy, no such wards exist. So…while I'd like to blame Voldemort for this, I…I know who is really to blame for…for my Uncle's death, my Aunt going missing and my cousin being turned into…into a monster!"


"Here he comes to wreck the DAY!" Crowed Sirius in a singsong voice, earning a snort of amusement from Harry, who then turned to see Albus Dumbledore, as well as – to Harry's immediate disgust – Severus Snape, Alastor Moody and, curiously, Remus Lupin, the latter of whom looked to the Auror presence, as well as the house behind them, with surprise, sorrow and disbelief.

"Moony? Is that you?" asked Harry, earning a small smile from Remus, before he nodded.

"What took you?" asked Sirius suddenly, looking more to his old friend than his old Headmaster as he added, "Our cub was in danger from werewolves, Remus! Nothing stopped me getting here, but you? What kept you?"

"Given what day it is, Black…"

"Oh, go drown yourself in shampoo, Snivellus!" sneered Sirius, earning a scowl from Severus.

"Sirius, I'm sure Remus…"

Suffice to say, what happened next was not something Sirius would have expected to see, even under the circumstances.

And yet, as soon as he felt Harry push past him, only to give Albus Dumbledore the kind of thump that would make Draco Malfoy flinch as bad memories crossed his mind, breaking the old man's nose in the process, Sirius couldn't resist barking in laughter as he drawled, "Ouch! I felt that!"

"Potter…what do you…"

Suddenly, every male in a five-mile radius may as well have crossed their legs and whimpered like scalded dogs when Harry's next strike came courtesy of his left leg and Snape's billowing robes, making the man's eyes water from the impact as he fell down onto the ground, his voice now a clenched-teeth groan of pain and agony, while Harry spat on him.

"If I want your advice, Professor, I'll ask for it! But since we're not at school, here's a suggestion: for once in your useless life, keep your eyes open and your mouth, like your jaws seem to love being: fused shut!"

"Damn, boy," laughed Alastor, earning a smirk from Sirius as the ex-Auror exclaimed, "If only you knew how many people out there are going to be so jealous of you after they hear about this!"

"Is that really everyone, or just the kids in Hogwarts, Mad-Eye?" asked Sirius amusingly, earning a shrug from Moody, before Sirius looked back to Remus as he asked, "Now, before Harry goes three-for-three on your hide, Moony, how about you answer my question?"

"Well, I…you see…it…"

"Oh, don't worry, Remus," said Harry, earning a surprised look from Sirius, before his eyes darkened just slightly, while it took every ounce of restraint he had not to laugh when he saw Harry hug Remus, like an old friend reuniting with his cub, before the boy added, "I understand what tonight meant for you; don't worry. I forgive you, Professor; it's also nice to see you again…just like you promised."

He then held out his hand…

And Remus shook it, though not before he tensed up, like he'd just received an electric shock.

After only a moment, however, Remus shook the boy's hand before he embraced Harry again, tousling his hair fondly as he explained, "I know I haven't been a good friend before now, Harry, but you are my pack and I will never abandon you again…"

His green eyes met Sirius' grey ones…

And Sirius saw them turn amber, as Remus nodded once.

"Never again…"


"Well, pup? Welcome to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place."

"Hmm," said Harry, accompanying Sirius and Remus into the seemingly-ordinary London townhouse, where Sirius had led him to, before he clicked his tongue as he looked around with a curious air. "Charming place, Padfoot; I must get the name of your decorator."

"Well, considering I've spent twelve years in Azkaban, one year on the run and only got to come home two days ago, pup, I daresay that I can both agree with and understand you when you hint that it could definitely use a little TLC; at the same time, I want you to know that everything in here, in every room, in every nook and cranny, is yours now."

"And this isn't the only thing," argued Remus, closing the door to the house before he smiled at Harry as he inclined his head to the teenage demon before him. "Thank you for setting the true me free, my little Alpha. Rest assured, nothing will keep me from giving you my throat and my loyalties from now on."

"I appreciate that, Moony," said Harry in a matter-of-fact voice, before he looked to his former professor as he added, "Because I'm going to need your help to send a message, both to our enemies and to a certain someone who, while he's given me his throat now, he still has a lot to answer for…and who better to play the role of my messenger than his greatest accomplishment? My very own Big Bad Wolf friend, professor and honorary family member: sound good?"

"Just tell me where to point my fangs, Alpha," growled Remus, his eyes flashing amber as he said it, earning a small smile from Harry.

"For now, keep up appearances: you can start by finding a locked room and giving them the idea that you're changing, since it is a full moon tonight. But, as you know, in reality, thanks to me, you now control the on-off switch and you have all the advantages, skills and perks of being the Big, Bad Wolf," explained Harry, earning a firm nod from Remus.

"I can go to the Shack if you want; that'll really keep up appearances, especially since you're going to have houseguests soon enough, and I can't imagine one of them wanting someone like me around such delicacies as those coming to spend the summer at Camp Black."

"Good idea."

"In the meantime," said Sirius, looking to his pup with fondness as he laughed, "I think we should do as you told Fudge and spread the word: let's make damn sure Albus knows what it really means to tickle a sleeping dragon. After that, we can talk about our guests for the summer and what's going to happen…"

"As long as either you, me or Moony takes charge of the situation, I don't care what's going to happen, Sirius," argued Harry, turning on his heel as he added, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and find a bathroom, have a wash and grab some shuteye; it's been a very long and tiring day and I could use some sleep."

"Goodnight pup/cub," chorused the Marauders, watching as Harry left them standing in the passageway.


Once he was gone, Remus looked to Sirius before he drew in a slow breath as he whispered, "I smelled it, you know?"

"What?" asked Sirius.

"The Encantivore," said Remus, earning a dark look from Sirius, while Remus held up his hands as he explained, "Don't look so panicked, old friend: when I said I am his, I meant it. I mean, for what I failed to do for him over the last year, he could have taken all of my magic and the rest of me, leaving only a brainless monster with a desire to hunt and feed. But he didn't: he made me his faithful dog, his attack beast, and I won't soon forget the freedom he's unlocked in me because of that."

"All right, then."

"Just…tell me one thing, Padfoot," said Remus, craning his neck, which clicked audibly, before he asked, "Where on earth did you find that demon? I thought they'd all been wiped out during the rise of the last Dark Lord before Grindelwald?"

"Well, what can I say, Moony, old friend?" asked Sirius, winking at his lupine companion as he chuckled knowingly.

"For such a nightmare domain, Azkaban sure has one Merlin of an Aladdin's Cave of Secrets!"


A whisper of magic.

That was what Voldemort felt when he sensed a new arrival entering the wards of his home, but when that feeling came with a familiar flicker of fear and self-preserving desire, the Dark Lord smiled to himself as he realised who it was that had come to greet him.

Sure enough, even as Voldemort rose from his high-backed chair, the doors opened, admitting the real Harry James Potter, his eyes now on full-gold colour, while the air around him sang with dark, decaying magical presence, which only seemed to amuse the once-Dark Lord further as he stepped aside and bowed low.

"Master…welcome back; I hope you don't mind that I was keeping your throne warm for you?"

"Not at all, Tom," drawled Harry, taking a seat upon the throne; as soon as he did so, however, Voldemort's eyes widened when the black chair that Harry sat in suddenly transformed; instead of a simple-looking, high-backed chair, the throne of the true Dark Lord became more-regal, as well as intimidating to behold.

For one thing, it seemed to sprout wings, like those of a dragon, while its wooden frame turned into pure, black metal, with several crystalline add-ons, each of which suddenly glowed with AK-green energy, which Voldemort realised, after a moment's observation, acted as some sort of storage cache for the excess magic inside of Harry.

The arms of the throne became tipped with two dragons' skulls, their jaws parted with two blood-red crystals in their maws, both of which pulsed and thrummed like the heart of the beasts themselves while, as Voldemort watched, Harry waved his hand outwards, vanishing the rows of seats that were usually set up for a meeting between the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters.

The message, suffice to say, was clear.

Harry was the Master, everyone else was the Servant.

And, as far as The Master was concerned, Servants didn't deserve the luxury of seats to join their Lord and Master in his comfort, just because they happened to share the same room and space as him.

The room itself then darkened ominously, before two rows of blood-red fire ignited on either wall on either side of Harry, bathing the room in a hellacious glow; finally, as though emphasising what it truly meant to be brought before the new and improved Dark Lord, Harry conjured what looked like a black pentagram on the floor directly in front of his throne, complete with runes and symbols drawn in a similar reddish-coloured ink to that of his armrests' crystalline mounts.

"There…much better…at least it now looks like a place fit for real Dark Magic and not some pathetic remake of the Wizengamot Chambers where the freaks and sheep play a game of who can bleat the loudest," said Harry, leaning back in his chair before he drummed his fingers on the arms of his throne as he mused, "Now, first and foremost, Tom: thank you for making sure Crouch fulfilled his duties. I hope the feast and fun I offered Greyback's pack was proof enough of why he should give me his throat?"

"I believe his exact words to Crouch were to tell you that, and, again, I'm quoting directly: I, along with the rest of my pack, are his forever," said Voldemort, earning a smirk from Harry, before the former Dark Lord added, "Also, I have made sure your plaything has been secured in a cell that only two people in this estate can open: you or I, my Lord."

"A Parseltongue lock? Interesting," said Harry, resting the fingers of his left hand under his chin as he went on, "And appropriate too, I suppose: if only you or I can get in, it makes coming for anyone responsible for It escaping that much easier. Now, concerning the gift I offered Fenrir: you should know It has been sent to Azkaban with the rest of my potential servants, and I want It to rot there for some time. The wolf within will mean It suffers, but does not die and, until such a time as I say otherwise, Azkaban stays where it is, as do the Dementors, understand?"

"Perfectly, Master."

"Good," said Harry, smiling warmly as he explained, "From tomorrow, I'm going to have to play my roles, so, for now, Tom, I want you to give the old fool a reason to look anywhere, but at me. Thanks to my generous benefactor, I now have pieces on the board in key places, including, but not limited to in the Lions' Den itself, as well as the Ministry."

"Yes, Lucius thought Cornelius was being overly-generous to your whims and desires, Master."

"Ah," said Harry suddenly, looking up at Tom before he continued, "That reminds me, Tom: you can inform Lucius that I will be having words with him and his lovely family, especially that sour-sweet dragon-boy of his, about their futures under my command, but don't tell him the when or the where; I want the blond prat to sweat while he worries about what I'll do."

"And what will you do, my Lord?" asked Voldemort, earning a chuckle from Harry.

"Oh, nothing much, Tom…well, nothing much for me…"

Chapter 5 and it looks like the new Dark Lord is only out to please one person at a time: today seems to be his day, but what about tomorrow? It certainly doesn't look good for his enemies, does it?

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