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Harry was feeling offended at Hermione's assumption that he would be stupid enough that he would ride a broom from an unknown sender. All he did all day was admire it, he hadn't taken it outside to ride it, it should have been obvious he wasn't going to ride it! Not only did she just not try to just talk to him, she went directly to Professor Mcgonagal and then Mcgonagal had the gall to assume he would have just ridden it!

So Harry was sitting under his favourite tree by the lake, wrapped in a picnic blanket he had bought in Diagon Alley during his summer holidays and sitting on top of a log he had transfigured into another blanket. The log turned blanket was a little rough but he was fairly warm so he didn't care. He had the Marauder's Map in front of him and was amusing himself by asking questions to see the responses.

He had already cleared the map and started from the beginning, he had wondered how the twins had found the password for the map. It turns out that if you didn't have the password but asked it nicely, it would give you hints until you got the password correct. Now that the Map was open and showing the castle, he was trying to see if it had other features. Could it pinpoint a specific person? Could it create a list of students and faculty?

Harry was having so much fun asking questions and looking at other areas of the Map that it took him a bit to notice that there was a set of footprints on the map that were not only not far away but that were pointed toward him. Whoever this Jack Frost was they were watching him and that was killing what happy buzz he had managed to scrounge together after Hermione's assumptions.


Jack was out by an old castle that seemed to have been converted into a school. It usually had a long winter and there were lots of kids to play with or windows to frost over. A couple of years ago, he had helped a pair of red headed twins start a snowball fight. It was amazing what the students at this school could do, but they never saw him.

Today he had arrived to see a lone kid who was bundled up in a couple of blankets and under a tree. The kid was surprisingly happy, though a bit lonely. He was looking at an old piece of paper, muttering to himself and occasionally laughing at it. When the kid froze and his head snapped up, he could see the scruffy black hair and bright green eyes that were rapidly darkening in anger. They were looking right at him.

"I can't see you but I know you're there! Jack Frost, who are you and why are you spying on me?"

Jack froze. If the boy couldn't see him then why was he looking at him? How did he know his name? He stepped a couple of steps to the side and a couple forward. The boy looked at the parchment again and stood up, turning to face him again.

"Show yourself!" the boy commanded. Small and scrawny he may be, but the boy had the element of command. He moved again and the boy alternated between looking at the parchment and Jack, he held a wand in his right hand. Jack wasn't worried, spells had gone straight through him before. He was only a couple of metres away when the boy looked at the Parchment again then down to Jack's feet. This time it was the boy who moved, staring at the ground all around Jack.

"No footprints? Are you flying? Why won't you speak?"

"Because I'm not sure if you can hear me," Jack replied with a sigh.

"Why wouldn't I be able to hear you?" was the boy's confused reply. Jack froze. The boy could hear him!

"You can hear me?" Jack asked hopeful for the first time in centuries.

"Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I be able to?" he asked again.

"Noone has, but others like me, in about three hundred years. Noone can see me either. Or touch me."

"So you're like a ghost but one that can't be seen and heard, except for some reason, me?"

"Yeah, and I'm not going to hurt you. I was here a couple of years ago and helped a couple of redheaded twins start a -"

"Snowball fight!"

"Yeah, it was fun. You were there I think, but you didn't hear me then. Not sure why you can now."

"Do you know why no one can see or hear you?"

"The Man in the Moon said; only those who believe, can."

"But if no one knows you exist, how can they believe in you?"

"That's what I've been asking but nothing has changed. Until now anyway. How did you know I was here? Maybe that's why you can hear me!"

"This map shows everyone on the castle grounds and in the school in realtime. It had you standing near and facing me."

"Because you knew I was there you can hear me but why can't you see me?"

"Probably because I believe in ways of making people invisible," Harry turned and walked back to his blankets, wrapped himself in one and sat on the other. "Are you cold? I can make you a blanket if you want," Harry offered the still invisible person.

"No, I can manipulate ice, I don't get cold."

"Lucky you, I get cold easily… so, if you haven't been heard, except by others of your kind in centuries, do you want to talk?" Jack stared at him, not that he noticed.

"You want to talk?"

"Well, that's what i've been doing all morning actually. Talking to the map, it has some pretty interesting responses. But an actual person would be better."

"Ok… why are you out here if you don't like the snow?"

"I never said I don't like snow. I just get cold very easily. I'm out here because I got a christmas gift from someone without a name and I supposedly have a mass murdering terrorist out for my blood. Instead of telling me it might be cursed and that I should have a teacher check it out, one of my friends just went straight to the deputy headmistress and got it confiscated. I knew it could be from him, so, other than admiring it, I didn't touch it. If she had come to me with her worries, instead of going over my head, then I wouldn't be so angry but… I admit she has been under a lot of stress lately but that doesn't excuse her for treating me like an idiot child who would jump off a cliff, if there was something shiny at the bottom!"

"Would you? Jump after something shiny?" Jack asked curiously.

"Only if I had a broom in hand so I could fly." Harry asked mock indignantly before breaking out in laughter, Jack joining in. "Sorry. I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Harry Potter, it's nice to meet you, even if I can't see you," Harry said and held out his hand out of habit.

Jack reached out his hand in response, terrified it would pass through Harrys and sighed in relief when he managed to clasp the boy's hand. "I'm Jack Frost, you wouldn't believe how nice it is to meet you, even if you can't see me."

That evening after dinner, Harry had gone to the library. He wanted to do some research into beings that could only be seen if certain conditions were met. If he could find Jack's condition, then maybe he could see his new friend.

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I will eventually come back and make this a proper story. But I think this is ok for a one shot.

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