So... where to begin? I think I'm gonna be real blunt here and cut to the chase.

I have a vague idea of how I wanna write this story, but no actual plans. In all honesty, I've been busy working on other stuff, as well as just trying to get by in life. It's been a bit of a struggle for me, but yeah. Slowly, I've been drifting away from this project, because I wasn't sure how I wanted to write it, going forward...

But I think I've found my resolve in that regard.

I have a few friends who are writers, been looking to them for tips. I'm planning to start really branching out with this story, because that's what I've been scared of, which is changing things too much from the original story... I'm done with that. Going forward, I think I'll try to do things at my own pace, I'll add my own original spin to this, because I'm sick and tired of sitting about, not writing for this story. I don't wanna leave y'all hangin, now do I?

I'm going forward with what I have written as of current. I want to live up to that vision that I had, a long, long time ago.

So yeah. This story ain't dead. It's coming, and the next chapter will arrive in due time.

Some other stuff I was considering was something like a plot bunny fic, where I could write down some interesting ideas, and if they really intrigued you, I would go forward with writing them. I also have a Quest now, on Sufficient Velocity, so I'm pretty sure I'll be juggling this fic with the Quest for a bit... (It's called Annihilation Approaches, for any who are interested). Finally, on the list for today is that other Soulsborne fanfic... I'm shelving that for a bit to focus on this fic, but I will probably post the first chapter in the possible plot bunny fic.

Things have been very hectic as of late for me, but hopefully I can get through it, and continue to write. I apologize for all those who thought this was an update, but do know that an update is coming soon... as long as I can weather what I got ahead of me.

Goodbye everyone, see y'all soon.