"Huff Huff Pant Pant" Kaido, in his hybrid state, looked down at the lifeless body of his opponent, Fifth Emperor Mugiwara Monkey D Luffy. He then turned his gaze to the CP0 member that had interrupted his battle.

"Do you know what you have done?" Kaido said as he glared at the CP0 Member who tipped his hat knowing what was coming for him. The next second he was smashed by Kaido. Kaido then transformed and flew towards the Rebels.

"Where is your Leader? Make that brat Momonosuke declare his surrender. Mugiwara Luffy is dead. If any of you still wish to fight, step forward now." Kaido looked down at the Rebels as everyone started to lose hope.

Eustass "Captain" Kidd put his hand to his skull and sighed. He was bloody and tired after his battle with Charlotte Lin Lin. "Looks like we were kidding ourselves."

Kidd then turned to his Rival-turned-Ally "Surgeon of Dead" Trafalgar D. Law. Law was also bloody. "This is a bitter pill to swallow. I have got nothing left."

Somewhere else Tony Tony Chopper was bawling his eyes out over the news of Luffy's Death. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Luffy has been killed. WAAAAAAAAH!"

Marco was holding back Nami and OTama from going in front of Kaido. "Don't go out there yoi!"

Nami was enraged while OTama was crying at losing another Big Brother. "We can't let that oversized snake get away with it like that. Luffy cannot have lost. He is not dead. It is impossible."

Kaido heard Nami and looked towards her. "So some still won't let their spirits break." He charges a Boro Breath and blasts it towards Nami and OTama but Marco went into his Zoan form and spinned his wing creating a Shield and protecting them.


At another place, Momonosuke and Yamato were having their own argument. "DON'T BE ABSURD! WHAT CAN I DO AGAINST SOMEONE LUFFY LOST TO? "




Yamato and Momo glared at each other. Kaido was blasting through Rebels. And on the Roof of Onigashima, a beat was heard. A beat a large elephant had heard after a long time and was now excited.

"Momonosuke" Zou called out as Momo put all his concentration on Zou.

" I can hear it, it really takes me back. I can hear the Drums of Liberation. This is the first time in 800 years. He is there without a doubt. Joyboy, He has returned!" Momo went from Confused to shocked. He had thought he was Joyboy.

"Luffy is Joyboy?!" Momo uttered out loud as Yamato heard that and was surprised.

On the Roof, the beat of "Doom Dut Da Da" intensified as Luffy's Hair melted into white flame and his clothes lost its colour too. He stood up and looked around. "What's happening? How can I still stand? I just lost."

Luffy then jumped before the moon. "I feel like anything's possible now. I can keep fighting a bit longer. My heartbeat sounds funny. This is my peak, this is my GEAR FIFTH!"

There was a pause as Luffy looked straight at the screen. "What? Were you waiting for me to name it Nika Man? That's cringe lol."

Sanji woke up panting and looked up to the sky. He was covered with bandages and he ignored what the Woman beside him told him. The only thing that mattered was the Hao of Luffy. Kidd and Law were also shocked and looking up at the sky. Hyogoro also recognised the haki as a hole tore through the roof. Many went unconscious as there was a large blast of Hao. Even the Strongest Creature was shocked as a huge hand came through the hole and pulled him out of the hole and tossed him to the sky.

Kaido then blasts a Boro Breath at Luffy who has not stopped laughing. Luffy then looked at the blast heading towards him as his eyes popped out. Luffy then pulled a chunk out of the ground and redirected towards Kaido. Kaido took the blast head on and looked at Luffy, noticing many things were different.

"Sorry about that idiot from before. I don't want to win like that."

Luffy looked at Kaido and laughed. "Shishishis Don't sweat it. Now let's finish this Ahahahahah. I feel completely free. This is Gear Five. "

"Pant Pant I was sure you were a goner after that. Since you are able to make your surrounding rubbery it should be safe to say you awakened your Paramecia Fruit, but something about this feels off. A Transformation like this is more typical of a Zoan Fruit. "

Kaido then bit Luffy. But Luffy lifted the top of Kaido's Mouth. But Kaido swallowed him. Luffy then turned himself into a bouncing ball and bounced around Kaido's Stomach. "Gomu Gomu no Balloon" Luffy then bloated up into a giant balloon with Kaido's Stomach also doing the same. Yamato and Momo could only look at Kaido vs Luffy in surprise.

"What's that? What the heck is going on?" Momo asked Yamato, who was surprised at Kaido's Form.

"No idea, it looks like Kaido put on Weight! Is this some form of his?"

Kaido looked at his stomach and asked, knowing Luffy could hear. "Damn it. How are you doing this? Your body is meant to be rubbery, not mine!"

Then a hand suddenly appeared out of Kaido's hand. "Gomu Gomu no Escape Rocket" Luffy escaped out of Kaido and gave a loud laugh. He then let out air and he was blown up to the sky, above the clouds. Momo and Yamato looked up to the sky and were shocked at what they were seeing.

"Gomu Gomu no Giant" A Large Luffy appeared above Kaido. Kaido bit him but Luffy grabbed him and "Gomu Gomu no Jump Rope" and turned him into a jump rope. He then began to freefall while skipping Kaido. Kaido faced Luffy and "Boro Breath" Luffy to the face. There was a huge blast of fire and a shout of "It Burrrrrns!" from Luffy.

Luffy was burned black as he had an angry expression on his face. He turned into normal once again as he started to run fast in the air and within a second he was before Kaido. "Gomu Gomu no…" Kaido looked at Luffy and prepared his own attack and interrupted Luffy's attack. "Three World Conquest Rangaraku." Kaido slammed his Hassaikai onto Luffy's head like he had done many times before.

But this time instead of being knocked out. Luffy's Head went through the Roof and his neck stretched. But since he was Rubber his head elasticated back to its original position.

"It's something out of a picture book. I will admit, you put on quite the show. But still you are at the end of your rope. You can't beat me." Kaido hoisted Hassaikai as he looked at Luffy powering out of Gear 5, just to turn back into it.

"What the hell are you?" Kaido stumbled and took support with the help of Hassaikai. "Pant Pant You can rest easy and die, Tales will be told about how you all fought this war."

Right now both Luffy and Kaido were on their knees looking at each other. "Pant Pant When you are dead, only your bones stick around. Shishishishi. But we are not done yet. Isn't that right Momo, Tama Pant Pant ,Kinemon, Pedro."

Luffy started standing up again as he started entering Gear 5 again. Kaido looked at Luffy and laughed. "Worororor! Hey, you are really gonna kill yourself."

Luffy let out his Hao. "After all of this, do you really think something like death can scare me? Get loud again, heartbeat."

Luffy and Kaido ran at each other. Kaido smacked Luffy as hard as he could but Luffy's Head just wrapped around the Hassaikai. Then Luffy dodged Kaido and started rotating his arms and Kaido could only look and take on the attack head on, literally. Luffy's fist went straight through Kaido's face and Kaido was launched back.

"What should I call that Last Move? Gomu Gomu no Something." Luffy started to bounce around.

"Ugh. Just tell me one thing. Pant Pant. Who the hell are you? " Kaido started getting up.

"Who, me? I am Monkey D Luffy. The Man who's gonna surpass you and become King of the Pirates!" Then Luffy and Kaido attacked each other with a volley of attacks. Then after some attacking and dodging, Luffy jumps high into the sky and catches Lightning and "Gomu Gomu no ThunderBolt "throws it at Kaido.

"You grabbed Lightning? Worororo how ridiculous." Kaido jumped out of the way of the thunderbolt and went to strike Luffy.

"Huff You can play around if you want. Huff But in the end a Strong Devil Fruit Power isn't enough to conquer these seas. Look at Roger, he had no fruit power and still brought the world to heel!" Luffy was smacked by Kaido before Luffy could even name his attack.

"Such hurdles can only be overcome with Haki. Death Destroyer Thunder Bagua." The attack sent Luffy flying into the sky. Luffy grabbed Kaido as he flew up. He was blasted by Boro Breath but Luffy still didn't let go of Kaido.

Luffy enlarged his hand to the size of Onigashima. It was coated with both types of haki. He brought it out of the sky. "I am finishing this for good. Onigashima is in the way. Move it. Momo I know you have got this."

"Very well.I will take this one head on. Have you heard, Straw Hat? This Country's Hero burned to death 20 years ago. Flaming Drum Dragon. This has been a Lawless land since then. They have wanted all this time for you "saviours' to show up. Don't worry. It's okay to let go. I assure you I won't run! After all, your right hand won't come crashing down BECAUSE I'M GOING TO VAPORISE IT."




Luffy's Fist and Kaido meet each other. "BAJRANG GUN!" "BLAZING BAGUA!"

There was a battle for upper hand between the two Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit Users.

"STRAW HAT. WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO YOU WISH TO MAKE?" Kaido asked as he bit Luffy's hand.

"A WORLD WHERE MY FRIENDS CAN EAT AS MUCH AS THEY LIKE. THAT'S MY KIND OF WORLD." And the battle was won by Luffy as punched Kaido straight into the Ancient Wano, where his Previous Nakama, Charlotte Lin Lin was.

But Luffy lost his consciousness and plummeted to the ground. Yamato caught him before he could hit the ground.

Sometimes Later…


Luffy and Zoro woke up at the same time and shouted the food they loved. All of a sudden Momo and Yamato entered the room the Straw Hats were in while Luffy and Zoro were busy eating and drinking.

"Luffy, Zoro. Save some room for later. I have been waiting for you two to wake up, so I could summon the Whole Country for a huge banquet! Let's do it."

Luffy and Zoro stopped eating and looked at Momo with confusion in their faces. Momo recognized the confusion.

"Wait, don't you recognize me? I am Momonosuke."



Luffy then learned that Yamato had not eaten or bathed since he went unconscious so he decided that they should all take a bath. Sanji and Zoro started fighting again. They got ready and came out for the party.

Sometimes later…

"Yakisoba. Takoyaki." Luffy, Yamato and Chopper were running around with their hands full of food. Luffy had felt Robin meet the Tengu guy.

, Eustass Kidd came into his view. " Straw Hat! I am here to crush you."

"Jaggy" Luffy said as he wrapped his arms around Kidd's Neck and pulled him close to him as a firework was lit and everyone started cheering.

"I want nothing to do with this crap. See here. I came to kill you. I don't really know what's going on on the outside but they have announced the names of the new Four Emperors." Kidd pointed at the picture of Four Emperors as Luffy's Eyes bugged out. He looked at the picture of Buggy and was even more surprised. Luffy took the paper from Kidd.

Sometimes later….

Luffy and his 3 Monster Trio were feeling the fight between Aramaki and the Scabbards. They felt a strong Hao and Aramaki escaped.

"He is gone. Shishishi." Luffy said as he ate a Skewer.

"Guess we don't need to lend a hand after all." Sanji said as he puffed a smoke.

"Check Momo out." Zoro said as he scratched his chin.

"Indeed. And that Haki just now really somethin too." Jinbei being the mature of the group said.

"Yeah! Who was that?" Sanji said as Luffy laughed.

"A Familiar face popped into my head."

Sometimes later…

"What? Pluton is in this country ?" Franky asked, shocked at what Robin said.

"Yes, I didn't get the chance to see it myself, but there is no mistaking it."

"Oh I know that." Luffy said, shocking everyone.

"Do you want it, Luffy?"

"Nah! I am good." Luffy replied by stretching his arms.

"I thought you would say that. Still, I can't help but wonder why Oden would want to unleash it?"

Then OTama and Shinobu came in and OTama announced cheerfully to Luffy that she would be a Ninja as Shinobu's Apprentice. Then Yamato came in and explained that he/she (I don't know I will just call her she.) was staying.

They then decided to go to their next Island.

Sometimes later…

The three Supernova Captains with 3 Billion were looking at the Log Pose and had decided to go separate ways. But Kidd and Luffy wanted to both go towards the East. Law being the smart one chose the North East, which was the most direct route. Luffy and Kidd drew Straws and Luffy lost. Then Luffy was confused by Kidd. Even Nika didn't know what Kidd was talking about.

Then Momo, Yamato and Kinemon came. Momo had cried and asked Luffy not to leave but Luffy asked him to be brave and gave him a Jolly Roger in a Flag.

"Wait." Luffy stopped walking towards his Ship when another ship flew out of the air and landed in front of them. Kid had already left along with Law, neither of them stopping for their third rival. Although Law was worried about Luffy. He did not want to show it though.

"I had hoped you had not left. And it is good that you have not left, Mugiwara no Luffy. It is our destiny to meet. But I think we should fuck with the destiny. Come with me Monkey D Luffy. I shall take you and your crew on an adventure that you will not be able to find ever again." A relatively tall elderly man, standing just under Jinbe in height , with slender limbs and red cheeks spoke. He had a noticeably elongated but neatly sliced head and had a shaft driven in to support a structure resembling the top of an apple and its leaf. His forehead was remarkably wide, his tongue was very long, while his eyes were close to his potato nose. He had a bald head on top, but had spiky hair on the sides, as well as a thick moustache. He wore a smock with SSG on the back, a polka dot shirt, dark pants, and DOM shoes.

Nobody from the Mugiwara's Crew recognised this person, nobody except Jinbei.

"Sure, let's go." Luffy said as he started moving towards the old man, sensing no badwill or anything similar to that from the man. Zoro was ready to follow his Captain but Luffy was stopped by a hand on his shoulders.

"Wait. We should not be following that guy. He is not just anyone. He is the head of the Science Department of the World Government, Dr. Vegapunk." Everyone looked at the man in shock.

"You don't have to worry about me working with the World Government. They want me dead as much as they want all of you dead. And it is all because I researched Devil Fruit and Ancient Power." Vegapunk informed the crew.

"By Ancient Power, You mean.." "Yes. That is what I mean. But this place is not the right pace to talk about this. Come with me." Vegapunk interrupted Nico Robin as he boarded his Ship. Luffy followed him without any caution. This man had offered him an adventure and he would not want to miss out on an Adventure. Zoro and Sanji activated their Ken and saw 6 more people with the same presence as Vegapunk. They turned to the Oldest and most experienced Person in their team and the third member of the new monster trio, as Luffy was above them and could not be compared as a Member of Monster Trio. Jinbei nodded as he saw their gaze and activated his own Ken.

Even though he was shocked at that, He made a wait motion as Zoro and Sanji nodded at him. Jinbei wet his hand with a little water. Zoro put his hand on Enma as Sanji put his hands in his pockets. Robin also saw the trio getting ready for a possible fight. She also got ready as everyone entered the ship.

As they entered the ship, a young woman with wild light hair attacked Luffy as soon as he entered. She wore a light full-body jumpsuit that bore her designation of Punk-02 on the left breast; she also wore a dark coat, boots, gloves, and aviator helmet. But she never touched Luffy as Zoro pushed her away from Luffy. He unsheathed Enma and pointed it at the girl.

An extremely large girl, appearing to be as tall as Kaidou, also went to free Punk-02 Girl. She had a Punk-06 written on her clothes. She was about to punch Zoro but Jinbei appeared before her and took the punch without even flinching. Sanji got ready to kick Vegapunk but stopped when Luffy stopped him.

"I am sorry about that. I just wanted to test you, quasar. What I am about to do and say is harmful and could get you killed by the World Government." Vegapunk says as the door behind them closes. The Ship began floating as it gained an immense speed and entered some weird hole in the sky.

"Shaka, get the holograms ready. I want this presentation to be Cinematic." Vegapunk shouted at Shaka. Shaka was an average-sized man, standing at about the same height as Sanji. His head was covered by a futuristic metal helmet bearing the number 01 over the face. He wore a very long dark coat with light-coloured patterns; the jacket had the words "Vegapunk 01" written at the bottom and "Caution" written on the left sleeve. He also wore a pair of very large boots that ran all the way up to where his jacket ends, leaving little to no skin exposed.

Shaka nodded as a hologram played. It was a Fruit. "This is a Devil Fruit I researched on. I took a little of its DNA before giving it to someone to eat it. After it was eaten, I noticed that the DNA didn't even though the new DNA I took from the Fruit didn't have anything it should have. Then I proceeded to mix with another DNA, a Lunarian DNA and the Shichibukai, I made a Stronger Pacifista, a Seraphim. I went on to research more. I researched Ancient History and mmhmm."

A hand appeared and blocked his mouth. All looked at Robin who had her hand in a cross. Luffy laughed as he knew what was going on. "Let's not talk about Ancient history and anything related to my Crews Dream. Release him and let him continue."

Robin nodded at her Captain's Order. "Very Well. But after my Research on Ancient History, I found that the One Piece is needed for the defeat of The Heinous Organisation called World Government. The Previous Pirate King, Gol D Roger understood that the One Piece is not for him as he only possessed some of the needed aspects. But I missed the most important thing. He understood that he needed both Quantity and quality. But his time was already over. And soon even you will feel the same thing."

"What? What are you saying? Our Grand Fleet has around 5,700 people." Nami replied.

"There were 100,000 Foot soldiers in the War of the Best. That is not counting ranks above Captain. The Cipher Pol has a total of 5,000 Members without counting the 10 CP0. And people like Akainu, the Admirals and Vice Warden of Impel Down can defeat almost all of the 5,650 people of your Grand Fleet. And that was before I gave them the Command of the Seraphims. A Seraphim is enough to handle the crew of a Yonkou like Kurohige, and it has been proven. And even they are not the real threat."

A hologram was projected showing every member in the World Government. And the chart was large. Vegapunk then pointed at the top of the Chart as it zoomed in on the place he had pointed. There was a black figure. "That is Im. I don't know anything except they can destroy an island with minor difficulty. This is why your father created the Revolutionary Army. He knew they were needed for taking down the World Government."

"So why are you showing this to us? There are far stronger crews than us in the New World. You could have gone to Akagami Shanks or even Kurohige."

Vegapunk looked at Jinbei seriously. "They may be strong but you are the fated one. Especially him."

Vegapunk pointed at Luffy. Shaka then projected the Fruit Luffy had eaten. "Do you know what this fruit is?"

"It's the Gomu Gomu no mi. I ate this fruit when I was young."

"That's a lie. The New Devil Fruit Catalogue does have this as Gomu Gomu no mi but the Older one does not even have it. The World Government had to change its name. But one Poneglyph had its name. The Poneglyph was destroyed but Clover had already noted it and I found it among all the books in his collection."

Robin had a wide eye. "Wait you mean the one he didn't let anyone read. I thought everything in Ohara was destroyed."

"No, just after the destruction of Ohara, I went to Ohara. There I saw Giants fishing out Books from a lake. I learned that the Giants were Pirates and their Captain was.." "Jaguar D Saul." Robin interrupted with tears in her eyes.

"Yes. But let's go back to our topic. This fruit is not Gomu Gomu no mi but a Strong Mythical Zoan. TheWorld Government had to change its name. The fruit you ate is Hito Hito no mi, Model: Nika. The fruit that bears the name and will of the god." The Hologram changed to show Luffy's Latest Bounty Picture.

"This form is your Zoan form or maybe hybrid form. I am not sure. But this has led me to the conclusion that you will be the Next Pirate Crew."

Luffy looked at the OldMan. "Hey. You are pretty cool. Join my crew."

"That's what I am here for. You remember that I said you will be going on an Adventure. This Adventure is that you will be starting your story from the beginning. This time your Goal will not just be a Crew that will help you become the Pirate king but also to destroy the World Government."

"And how do you say we do that?" Zoro asked, sheathing his blade.

"This ship is imbued with the power of Toki toki no mi. And I have eaten Nomi Nomi no mi. And right now this ship is out of our time-space. And can enter any point in time. But if you interact with your past self then the world will be distributed. But with my Awakened Nomi Nomi no mi, I can transfer your knowledge to your past self in 25 to 20 years. But you will have to train to get better as you will not have your Devil Fruit if you had one previously and since it is your memory and not anything else you will have to train your Haki I suggest getting a larger crew."

All of the crew looked at Luffy, who surprisingly was not sleeping due to the Cool Hologram and Adventure. "Sure. But only 10 people. That's how many people I wanted in our Crew. But everyone has a cool group name for their crew. Cool-Moustache-Oyaji had Division and Kaido had Call-Far and Obito popo."

"You mean All-Star and Tobiropo."

"Yeah something like that."

Robin thought for a while. "How about League?"

"That's cool. So there will be Ten Leagues."

" No. We need to have a secret League." All turned to Jinbei.

"We need to have an Ace up our sleeves. Everyone will know our members and be ready for us if we don't have any Ace up our sleeve."

"Very Well. Let's Focus on League Zero. This Group should have some of the strongest people in it. The other league will be under the Members and me." Shaka pressed some buttons as 10 Pictures appeared on the Screen.

The First was Dark King Silvers Rayleigh and second was the second Generation Empress of the Kuja Pirates. "I will get them to join us as I will be near to where they will be." Jinbei took on the task of recruiting them.

Ryuma was third and Brook took the task of getting the body of Ryuma as Vegapunk said he had a plan for Ryuma.

Luffy said he would somehow recruit Hancock and recruit Sabo too. Robin took the task of recruiting Kuzan and took the task of recruiting Mihawk. Sanji took the job of recruiting Magallen. Kuma would be taken care of by Vegapunk.

"I will also be sending you my satellites to help you keep track of things and help you until the crew gets together. The Satellites will also act as a medium of communication between us. Now all of you hold my hand. And don't forget that we need to get stronger and correct all our mistakes. "

All of them held Vegapunks hands as they lost their consciousness and fainted. Only the Satellite was left. They all nodded to each other as Shaka pressed a button and the Ship exploded.

I deleted all my other Fics. This is what I planned for a fic I had deleted previously. That fic had an Ass Pull in it but here Vegapunk came in for the clutch. Dude could probably already know about time travel as he has already been shown to have Created Beings by Mixing 2 DNAs (Maybe more). And if my Grammar is not correct then sorry as English is not my Primary or even Secondary Language. And made it so that the Crew will not be too OP from the beginning.