First Mate's First Cut

Shimotsuki Village…


The matron opened the door and saw a Basket, and in the basket was a Baby. There was a nameplate with the name Roronoa Zoro. The Matron who raised the baby in her hands and shook him awake. She expected to hear a cry from the baby but was glared at by the Baby.

2 years later…

"You will not be the Greatest Swords User. I mean you are a girl and cannot use Sword." A Boy about 3 years old said as he beat the girl at his foot with a Wooden Sword. But he was kicked and stumbled back. He looked up to see the 2 year Green Haired Boy. He stood up.

"Oh you are siding with her. Then you are going to get a beating too." The boy attacked Zoro but it was Zoro and he didn't need a sword. Any Sword Zoro used would only be used 1 time as it would just be destroyed. 'TATSUMAKI/ DRAGON TWISTER' Zoro spinned and tossed the boy back. The boy spinned and was tossed back.

"You. Who are you?" Zoro looked at the girl and realised that it was his Best Friend. In his Life before that is.

Then a white haired boy with freckles came towards Zoro. "Your Captain has been born."

Zoro had a smile on his face. The White haired boy was none other than the first and only Seraphim, S-Roger. This time Vegapunk would not need to make Seraphim as he would not need to do it for the World Government. This Seraphim was made from the DNA of Gol D Roger so he looked like Ace.

"I just asked you a question."

"Roronoa Zoro."

"You can use your arm as a Sword so you must be very good with a sword."

"I can not use a sword as every sword I use is very fragile and breaks after use."

"I can get you a sword. But please teach me."

"Is not your father a master swordsman."

"He is but he has to teach many people. And as such he can't focus only on me."

"Fine. I need a good sword and you need a sword if you want to learn."

"Thank you. I will come back here tomorrow with the swords."

Kuina ran off to her home. S-Roger looked at Zoro with confusion. Zoro would never give a fuck to anyone. But he had agreed to help her. "Who was that? You agreed to teach her."

"She is my Childhood friend. She was the one who inspired me to be who I was. And I was only trying to be the best because she could not be. Now I will make her the best."

Next Day…

Zoro was sitting on a tree with SRoger sitting at the bottom of the tree. Zoro looked at Kuina running towards him. But she had only one sword and the sword was the one Zoro had used since Kuina's Death. But why was that the only sword she was Carrying? Wasn't she supposed to bring a second sword?

"I am sorry but can you take this sword and teach me? My Grandfather says that you could take this and he will build me a new one." Kuina said as she tried handing the sword to Zoro. But Zoro didn't take it.

"I believe the Wado is the Shimotsuki's Heirloom. How about I ask him to make a Sword for me instead?" Zoro suggested. Kuina smiled as he dragged Zoro to her Grandfather, Shimotsuki Kozaburo. Zoro smiled. S-Roger had told him about him. The person who made Enma and Ame-no-Habakiri.

They arrived at a Cliff to see Kozaburo. Kozaburo was an old man with a large, thick unibrow that jutted to the sides of his face, a ponytail over a tuft of light hair and a beard framing his jawline. He had a scar on his left temple as well. He wore a kimono decorated with flower patterns and sandals. He also carried a katana with him and frequently smoked from a Kiseru.

And beside him was his son, Shimotsuki Koushirou. Koushirou had black hair tied back in a long ponytail, his face was wrinkled and wears glasses with circular frames. He always wore a grey yukata and sometimes he had a beige haori over it with two crossed swords on the left breast.

Kozaburo looked at Zoro and took a puff. "So I was right in assuming that he would not want the Wado. So what do you want, boy?"

"Enma. A sword like Enma." Kozaburo dropped his Kiseru. Koushiro looked at his father in confusion. Why did the name Enma cause a shock in him?

Then Kozaburo pulled out the sword he had in his hip, Aiglos. Aiglos was a about 6 feet Katana , composed of 5 feet blade, with a striped pole of a dark green and thin red stripes, a tsuba in a leaf pattern and a slender blade. He pointed it at Zoro. Aiglos was coated with Buso. "Are you from Wano?"

"I am not sure actually." Kozaburo looked intently at Zoro, trying to get him to slip. But when he got only glare in reply.

"I can make you a Sword like Enma. But are you sure you can handle a sword like Enma?"

"You can see it yourself."

"Very well. Follow me. You two stay." Kozaburo stood up and walked. Zoro followed Kozaburo. Koushiro and Kuina looked at each other.

"So how did you meet him?"

Back with Zoro and Kozaburo…

Zoro and Kozaburo appeared in front of a Hut. He brought out his necklace. It looked like a Key and inserted it into the Keyhole. The door opened and Zoro looked at all the Swords in the room. He needed only one sword, so it was too bad for him.

Kozaburo walked in and took out the key from the Keyhole and inserted it into a hidden trapdoor. He took out a Metal box. It also had a Keyhole. Kozaburo pulled out the key and inserted it into the Keyhole and opened the Box. Inside was a Katana Stand with a Katana on top of it.

Kozaburo brought it out and handed it to Zoro. "I have never been able to use any one of three swords. Because I don't have Hao. So, I hope you know what happens if someone with no Hao tries to even unsheathe it. But first I want you to give a name to it."

"Yes. Kitetsu. That's what I am gonna name you. Let's try it outside. Would not want to destroy all these Swords,would we? Especially that one." Kozaburo looked at where Zoro was pointed and saw the Golden Seathe.

"That is the sword from the Keikinzoku found in Wano. The Sword is a Special Sword. I made that for my GrandDaughter. Koushiro does not want her to be a Swordsman as that would be dangerous for her. He was once a Bounty Hunter, he was close to death." Kozaburo laughed.

"Oh you don't have to worry about her. I will train her. And I will also be there till she becomes the World's Greatest Swordsmen. Let's Go." Zoro and Kozaburo walked back to the Cliff with Kuina and Koushiro.

Back on the Cliff…

Zoro and Kozaburi reached the Cliff.

"Grandpa, you said you didn't have a sword with you. But you lied to me?" Kozaburo patted his Granddaughter.

"How could I give that sword to a stranger, dear. I thought nobody in this Pathetic East Blue could handle it." Kozaburo ruffled his Granddaughter's hair. Kuina was pouting.

"You would be surprised at how many Hao users have been from East Blue. Luffy, Roger, Rayleigh, Dragon and Garp as far as I know. Oh yeah I am also there." Saying this Zoro unsheathed his Katana. He had trained 2 years with Buso and Hao. He had mastered Buso while he could use Hao well like he could in Future.

So his Arm didn't Dry up. It was however completely black. And he slashed and chipped away about 1 metre of the cliff. Zoro smiled before falling, face first. Koushiro went to pick and Kuina went to pick the sword. But Kozaburo stopped her.

"No. You can't pick that sword unless it is sheathed. The sword has picked its master and if anyone else unsheathes it, they will die." Kuina looked at the sword in awe and then at Zoro. Oh she was so gonna be the Strongest Swordswoman. Zoro would be the Strongest Swordsman of course. She had a smile on her face as Koushiro took Zoro away. Kozaburo saw the smile and smiled too. Things Would get interesting. Maybe he could return back to Wano soon. Meet his old friend, Kozuki Sukiyaki.

5 years later (Just a day before Luffy meets Pochita)…

Zoro dodged as Kuina tried to stab him. She was getting better and had decided to use two swords like her father. Zoro brought his Kitetsu, still sheathed up and changed the direction of the strike causing Kuina to fall.

He had introduced Kuina to Haki and she could imbue her weapon for a small amount of time.

"The Blonde Cook has left his Kingdom and your Captain has mastered every type of Haki." Zoro turned to S-Roger with shock in his face. Luffy had mastered every type of Haki and here he was with mastery over only Buso and partial mastery over Hao. He could use Ken too but the fact the Ero-Cook could use it much better pissed him off. Now he had to go and get trained. And he knew the perfect person for training him. Someone who lost the title of the Strongest Swordsman by breadth of hair. Mihawk was good but this guy was fighting equally to Mihawk in his old age.

"Can you find Yamamoto Genryusai? And also get the Raft ready. It's time to head out. I will go and say my farewell, till next time." S-Roger nodded as he went to do his task. Zoro helped Kuina up.

"You heard it right?" Kuina nodded.

"Why are you going? Can I come with you?"

"No. You may be strong but the person I am going to is too strong and a lot Stronger people will be after him. But I will return. And when I do I will test you. You should be able to cut paper without Haki. Just a normal sword. You have around 6 years for that. Then you can join my Crew." Kuina nodded and hugged Zoro as tears flowed from her eyes.

At the Shore…

Zoro was about to enter the raft when he saw someone. It was Kuina and her family. Koushiro had the Wado with him along with the sword made from Keikinzoku. "Roronoa Zoro. I want to fight you."

"I thought that the Wado had been passed onto your daughter."

"Yes. But I borrowed it as I need to be serious for my battle against you."

"Why do you want to fight me? Aren't you a Pacifist?"

"You asked my daughter to join your Crew. How would I know she will be safe with you? Let's seize the talk and battle." Koushirou unsheathed both of his swords and imbued them with Haki. He disappeared and appeared near Zoro. To Kuina it looked like her father had disappeared but for the remaining it was not that fast. Zoro raised his Kitetsu and blocked the attack. He kicked at Koushiro causing him to be pushed he didn't fly back. Instead he buried Wado into the ground and spinned with the help of it. He returned towards Zoro. He had pulled out Wado as he returned towards Zoro. Zoro smirked as he decided to meet this attack with his blade. Zoro unsheathed Kitetsu and clashed with Wado.

There was a shockwave as Zoro and Koushiro. Zoro was the victor of the battle. Koushiro fell to his knees. "It seems I should not have doubted you. Very well. My daughter can join your crew."

"Why don't you and your father join too? That way you will all be together. And don't worry about your father's age. We have a dead person in our crew, so he won't be much of a problem. But you should train for the next 14 years. My crew can't have someone weak in it." Then Zoro left Koushiro to think about it.

"Let's get going." Zoro said to S-Roger as the ship set sail.

Sometimes later,

Somewhere in West Blue…

An elderly man with a bald head, visible wrinkles, hooked nose, and pronounced cheekbones was walking with the support of his cane. He had red eyes, long eyebrows, long moustache, and a hip-length white beard secured by a purple band crossing down it. He had many scars on his body, with the two most prominent being a pair of long scars crossing above his right eye. He had a haori draped over his back instead of actually wearing it, with its size being greatly exaggerated. Due to his old and frail demeanour, he was standing in a hunch.

Besides him stood a very tall man with a lean muscular build and long and spiky hair with red tips that he kept in a ponytail. He had short bangs and wavy hair. He wore a red haori over a very pale orange-coloured nangi kimono with a black umanori-styled hakama, a pair of zōri with red straps and white tabi socks, with a Sword carried at the left side of his waist. He sported hanafuda earrings. He looked up as he felt someone about to attack.

He raised his sword as he was met with another Katana. The Katana had dried blood in it. He looked at the person that was holding the sword to see a young green haired boy.

"What are you doing boy? How could you attack without even thinking?"

"I just wanted to check Yamamoto, the person I am about to learn from." Zoro coated Kitetsu with Buso and striked. The man coated his Sword with Buso and parried Zoro's Attack. Zoro had a smile as the man parried every of his attacks. Seems this person was the one that would teach him. But the man should have been better than him. Zoro jumped back as he imbued Kitetsu with Hao.

The man got a serious look as his Sword started to turn red and soon the Sword had started flaring and the man held his Sword with both of his hands. Zoro held his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performed a circular swing that launched the air compressed projectile spiralling towards the target. 'SANJUROKU POUND HO/ 36 POUND PHOENIX'

The man performs high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages and evading attack. 'GEN'NICHI KO / FAKE RAINBOW'

"You are strong." The man said as he got ready for a final attack.

"I can say the same. I would love to learn from you but if you can not survive this attack then you are not worthy of teaching me." Zoro got ready for a final attack. Zoro ran toward the man with Kitetsu outstretched and held with both of his hands. Then he raised his hand and swung it down. 'DAISHINKAN/ GREAT DRAGON SHOCK'

The man spiralled into the air while performing a swirling slash upwards to strike Zoro. 'KIKI ONKO/ BENEFICENT RADIANCE'

Both of the attacks were about to meet but all of sudden a cane stopped both of their attacks. "Now now boys. You don't have to fight." The elderly man said.

He pushed both of them to the ground. Zoro looked at the Elderly man with surprise.

"Yes, Yamamoto-sama." Now Zoro was officially shocked. This man was not Yamamoto but the elder man was Yamamoto. Zoro stared at Yamamoto. Yamamoto noticed the stare and turned to him.

"So young man, you want me to teach you. But you can't even make your Sword burn. How would you learn from me?"

"I will learn it. No matter what. I need to be strong for my Captain." Yamamoto stared at Zoro before realising his Hao. The man also felt weak. But Zoro had not changed. He just looked at Yamamoto. Then the Hao stopped. He walked towards the house.

"Teach him, Yoriichi." The man nodded at his master's Voice. Yoriichi and Zoro looked at each other.

"So I have to teach you. I hope you have not eaten a Devil Fruit." Zoro nodded. Yoriichi walked toward the Beach as Zoro followed him. S-Roger had just stayed back.

With Zoro and Yoriichi,

On the beach…

"You can not make your Haki burn right. I bet you have not even seen someone make their Haki burn into fire. It takes years to master it after mastering Haki." Yoriichi said with pride in his face. Zoro didn't speak and just thought.

"Oh yeah I have. My Captain did that after 2 years of learning Haki. I thought it was nothing but you are telling me that idiot was that far ahead of us." Yoriichi's pride fell. It took him more than 5 years to master Haki. But this guy's Captain had mastered and burned his Haki in just two years. And Yoriichi was called the Prodigy.

"Very well. For you to burn your Buso, you need to force it out of the blade first." Yoriichi took out his Sword and concentrated for a minute. The blade turned black before a Red and Black Aura started leaking out.

"Then you need to force Buso to strike against the Blade of the Sword. Then the Buso should catch on fire." There were sparks from the blade. The Red Aura started flaring.

"You need to maintain the output then. You should make sure that the Sword is still coated with Buso as the Sword will melt because of the fire. So you need to make sure it doesn't melt. And with enough training you should be able to expel it away from the Sword." Yoriichi then performs a singular downward vertical slash in an arcing motion. An arc of fire was expelled towards the ocean.

Zoro smiled. If he could do this then he would be worthy of being the Wing of the next Pirate King. If he could not master this thing before setting out to sai, he would commit Senpuku. Zoro brought out Kitetsu but Yoriichi stopped his hands from pulling out Kitetsu.

"Your sword is a Saijo O Wazamono. So it will naturally be resistant to the flame and force output of Buso." Yoriichi then moved towards a bamboo shoot. He chops the Bamboo into many Sword sized pieces. Zoro took a Sword and coated it with Buso. He concentrated more and forced Buso out. But the Bamboo breaks.

"Bamboo is a lot weaker than our bones and muscles. So it can not withstand too much Buso. As such you will have to learn to maintain the Buso to the point where you can bring it out without forcing too much Buso onto the Bamboo. That's the first step. If you can not do that then. You should forget about that." Zoro smiled as he took on the challenge.

Somewhere near the beach…

Yamamoto was looking at the Green Haired Boy, analysing him. Yamamoto had to find a person worthy of teaching Zanka no Tachi / Longsword of the Remnant Flame and pass on the Ryujin Jakka. Unfortunately, Zanka no Tachi needed Haoshoku Haki and Yoriichi didn't have it. But this boy had it and he could even imbue his Sword with it.

"That way of training is quite different from other swordsmen." Yamamoto looked at the S-Roger.

"You know you remind me of Gol D Roger. Are you his son or something?" S-Roger looked at Yamamoto and nodded.

"You could say I am somewhat like his son."

"Oh. Do you want to go drink some tea? They are going to be at this for a while." Yamamoto started moving towards his house he had spent his life in. S-Roger followed him.

3 years later…

"ENBU/ DANCE" Yoriichi then performs a singular downward vertical slash in an arcing motion. An arc of fire was expelled towards Zoro.

Zoro spiralled into the air while performing a swirling slash upwards to strike the arc of fire approaching him. 'KIKI ONKO/ BENEFICENT RADIANCE'

The Dragon made of Fire expelled from the Kitetsu and bit the arc of fire before moving towards Yoriichi. Yoriichi performs high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages and evading attack. 'GEN'NICHI KO / FAKE RAINBOW'

'SHAYO TENSHIN/ SETTING SUN TRANSFORMATION' Zoro appeared before Yoriichi and was about to behead him but stopped before the blade reached Yoriichi. Yoriichi dropped his blades.

"You have bested me. You are now worthy of learning from Master Yamamoto. And I hope you can learn more than I can." Yoriichi then started moving towards a boat. Wait when did that boat come there.

"When did you bring that Boat here?" Zoro asked, surprised.

"Oh this. I have had this here for three years. I thought you would quit. So I have kept this here since then."

"So are you just gonna leave? In that boat? It is not gonna last for long as it has been here for 3 years."

"Are you mad? Why would I leave? I live here with my father. You do know that the Master is my father."

"Then why do you call him Master?"

"He asks me the same thing. But I prefer to not call him dad in public. If people knew he had a son they would come for me to get to him."

"Oh I have never heard him call you son."

"You have not even seen us interact." Yoriichi picked up the boat and turned to look at Zoro only to see he was not there. Where has he gone?

With Zoro…

Zoro looked at the Boat he was in front of, the boat he had come here. But he was not his destination. He was supposed to go to Yamamoto's House. He looked at the Fisherman that had just come.

"Oye. Where is Yamamoto's House?" Fisherman looked at Zoro.

"Huh. His house is in Middle of the Town. I can take you there." Zoro nodded as the fisherman walked to Yamamoto's Home.

Sometimes later,

At Yamamoto's Home…

Zoro walked in to see S-Roger and Yamamoto playing Shogi and drinking Tea.

"Teach me." Zoro shouted as he pointed his Sword at Yamamoto. Yamamoto and Zoro stared at each other.

"Very well." Yamamoto brought out his cane as he came out of the house and moved to an empty ground. S-Roger and Zoro had followed him. Zoro looked at Yamamoto with a confused look.

"Where is your Sword? Are you also going to teach me with that Cane?"

"This cane is hiding my Sword." Just as he told that, the Cane broke into two pieces. There was a Sword in the middle. The two pieces fell and joined into the old Cane. Yamamoto caught the Sword before it hit the ground just like the Cane.

"This is my Sword. This is Saijo O Wazamono. This is Ryujin Jaka. Reduce All Creation to Ash, Ryujin Jaka." Yamamoto unsheathed the sword. Zoro looked at the Sword then at his own Kitetsu. Both of them had the same Haki. That meant that Yamamoto had Hao.

Zoro unsheathed his blade and went for the attack. 'JOKAKU ENJO / FORTRESS BLAZE'

Yamamoto swung his Sword as a Large Wall of fire formed in front of him. Zoro smirked. Yamamoto was a lot better than Yoriichi. Yoriichi never taught him this. This meant that he did not know it.

'HOMURA SAKI : ROKUDO NO TSUJI / FLAME SPLIT : CROSSING OF THE SIX PATH' Zoro continuously cut flames into several small pieces within seconds. Then he performed a large array of consecutive slashes in a continuous motion to strike Yamamoto.

'DRAGON SUN HALO HEAD DANCE / NICHIUN NO RYU KABURIMA' Zoro looked like a fire dragon. He was moving towards Yamamoto in a flash. But Yamamoto just raised Ryujin Jaka and stopped the Kitetsu. This caused the fire dragon to stop and fell on the ground.

Zoro activated his Ken. He looked at Yamamoto and saw that Yamamoto had not even used all of his power.

"You are not even trying huh. Can you show me a glance of your power?"

Yamamoto smiled and 'ZANKA NO TACHI, HIGASHI: KYOKUJITSUJIN / LONGSWORD OF THE REMNANT FLAME, EAST: RISING SUN EDGE' something came out of the blade. It was like fire but it did not burn or erupt. The Arc came out and moved towards the sky.

It started Raining. The attack had changed the Weather.

"Your training has already begun." Zoro smiled.

Some months later…

"It's time that you learnt Zanka no Tachi. You mastered Hinokagami Kagura. But Zanka no Tachi is the opposite of Hinokagami Kagura. Instead of expelling your Buso, for Zanka no Tachi you need to force Hao into a point. Just like Hinokagami Kagura, you need to force the Hao to collide with the Blade. But the molecule of the Blade instead, causing a Nuclear Reaction. A Sword below Saijo O Wazamono can never withstand it. Therefore, you are lucky that your Sword is one. Now begin."

Some month later,

1 year after training with Yamamoto,

Kuraigana Island…

A ship was coming. This ship was Erebus. Erebus was a Hecla-class bomb vessel constructed by Franky and his League. The vessel was the Ship of the First League in the Straw Hat Grand League named after Erebus, the personification of darkness in Greek mythology. The 372-ton ship was armed with two mortars – one 13 in (330 mm) and one 10 in (254 mm) – and 10 guns. The Sail had the Jolly Roger of the Mugiwara Kaizokudan. It also had 1 written in it.

The Ship had 4 people on it. 2 of the people were S-Roger and Zoro. The other two were the two Bounty Hunters that Zoro had picked and decided to teach them and made them join the First League.

The First one wore a black shirt with a green coat and red headgear. He was Yoshaku. He had plaid yellow boxer shorts over unshaven legs and dark shoes and carried a sword. He had a black scabbard and matching hilt with a Stainless Silvery White Blade, and was a slightly larger size than a normal Chokutō. This was Izanagi.

Izanagi was an O Wazamono Grade Sword, Nicknamed "The Light Sword" and "The Blade of Light" due to it Reflecting the light of the Sun or the moon when drawn at an Great Speed making it appear as if it was made out of light.

The second was an average-sized man with somewhat tanned skin. He was Johnny. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and had a black tattoo on his left cheek that reads "sea".He had short, black hair and was also carrying his sword. He wore a blue hooded jacket with a purple undershirt, tan pants, boots, and a watch on his left wrist. He had a Sword that appeared to be made of metal. The hilt was covered with a white wrap. The sharp edge of the blade was serrated.

This was Kiba. Kiba was an O Wazamono grade sword. It was a modified katana with a serrated edge. It was once owned by the captain of the Redd Pirates before their defeat at the hands of Zoro and S-Roger.

"Zoro-Taicho. Why are we here?" Johnny asked. The forest island was relatively deserted except for some ruins. Amongst its landscape, the island possessed unique hills. There was a large Castle in the Island. There were many Humandrills and they held Swords.

"This is where The World Greatest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk. And I am gonna get him to join my Crew."

Johnny and Yoshaku were shocked. "You mean to tell me you are going to make him join our League."

"No. He will be joining the League Zero. The League is made from Senior Officers both are just Officers. Now come along. You are going to be fighting Humandrills while I fight Mihawk. If you both can defeat all of them then I will proceed to teach you Haki." Zoro jumped from the Ship onto Kuraigana Island. Johnny and Yoshaku followed Zoro as they unsheathed their sword and got ready for a fight. Zoro knocked out a Humandrills and took one of its Swords.

He then jumped towards the Castle. 'KASHA / FIRE WHEEL' Zoro flipped into the air before unleashing a singular vertical slash in a circular motion to swiftly cut the door horizontally. The fire emitted from Zoro cut through the Door.

Inside the Castle, Mihawk was drinking tea when he felt the attack coming towards him. He lifted Yoru and blocked the attack. He struggled for some time before he expelled the attack. Mihawk looked towards the door. Had Yamamoto come back for his title?

But the person that came out was not Yamamoto but a Kid. A Green haired Kid. Huh. And Mihawk thought he would need to get serious. "Boy what are you doing here?"

"I am here to challenge you. If I win then you will have to join my crew."

"And what if I win?"

Zoro laughed. "Like I will ever lose to you."

Mihawk pulled out Yoru. His instinct told him that this battle was not going to be easy. Even though he wanted to think it would be easy. "Very well."

Zoro already had drawn Kitetsu. And now he drew his other Sword, the Ryujin Jaka. His master had given him the Sword after he had mastered it. But Zoro had not used any other sword than Kitetsu as he did not need to. But this time he needs to use it. He keeped the Sword that he got from the Humandrills in his mouth. This Sword would break if it used Zenkai no Tachi. But he would not need to use it right now. Hinokami Kagura would be sufficient. That's what Zoro thought.

Zoro's Sword flared up and Zoro dashed at Mihawk. Mihawk also dashed towards Zoro. They met with a Huge Clang. They disappeared only to reappear in another place. This happened for some time before Mihawk kicked Zoro out of the Castle.

Zoro tore through the wall as he landed outside. Zoro quickly stood up and blocked a slash from Mihawk. 'HEKI-RA NO TEN / CLEAR BLUE SKY' Zoro held two of his Swords parallel to the Sword in his mouth. Zoro spun and twisted his upper body in a circular motion, releasing a 360° slash from each of his Swords.

Mihawk swung Yoru down in front of him, thereby launching a massive, far-travelling slash wave forward. Zoro stopped and dropped the Sword in his mouth.

"So you are going to give up."

"No, I am gonna take it up a notch. Reduce all creation to Ash, Kitetsu, Ryujin Jaka." The previously flaming sword stopped flaming and the blades of the Sword turned red. Mihawk looked shocked. This boy had mastered Zankai no Tachi, it seemed. To the point he could double wield it. Mihawk smirked. Even if he won, he would join the boy's Crew now. So that they could fight again.

Mihawk and Zoro ran at each other, both of their Swords ready for a final attack. Their swords met each other and instead of a clang, there was lightning between them. This was the Clash of Conquerors. This would declare the victor of the battle. But both of them were evenly matched and soon they were flung back.

"I concede my defeat. And I agree to join your crew under you, Captain." Mihawk said as he stood up.

"Huh. I am not the Captain. I am the First Mate. The Captain is on Dawn Island right now." Mihawk's eyes widened. This man was not even theCaptain of the Ship, then how Strong was the Captain. Then S-Roger landed near them. He had brought the Watch Vegapunk had made.

"Here. We will use this to contact you when you are required, but for now you can go wherever you want." Mihawk took the Watch and looked at it as S-Roger told him how it worked. Zoro started walking towards Johnny and Yoshaku, he wanted to see their process. He knew that they had won but he still needed to see them.

"You. You have not even told me who you are?"

"Me. I am Roronoa Zoro." Zoro walked and saw Johnny and Yoshaku lying on the Ground, their swords were just beside them. Zoro smirked, it was time for them to learn Haki.

Few months later…

Kozaburo and Koushirou fought against each other. Kuina was meditating. Then a boy rushed in. "Sis, some Pirates are coming. You need to protect the village from those pirates."

Kuina got up and took Wado with her. She came to shore to see a Ship. She coats her Sword with Buso and launches a Slash at the Ship. But the Slash was somehow redirected. Kuina knew what this meant. She may lose this match. But this was what she had to do.

Kuina waited for the Ship to dock as She rushed at the figure that came from the Ship. Her blade met a Sheathed Katana. She looked at the person and saw the person she had Crushed on.

"Captain, you have returned."

"Yes, I am back."

Took sometimes. I made Yoriichi Yamamoto's son. Sorry about the Bad Grammar. And now League 1 is half completed. Zoro will get another Sword. And next will be Sanji. And also the Red Hawk is not how I made Zoro think it is. Luffy didn't know Ryou then. Review.