"Wake up, Cousin! Why are you still in bed? It's your big day!"

Alliena Tabris groaned as she sat up in her bed. She turned to look at the person that had dared to disturb her rest. The short, braided, red hair clued her in that the one to do so was her cousin, Shianni.

"What… why are you in my room, Shianni?" Alliena growled.

"Well, me and your father had decided to let you sleep in because of what day it is. You do remember what today is, don't you?" Shianni asked.

"I am still a bit sleepy, cousin, so excuse me. I believe that someone is getting married today?" Alliena answered somewhat testly.

"A double wedding! You're getting married, and so is Soris! That's what I came to tell you! Your groom, Nelaros… he's here early!" Shianni answered with joy.

"Meaning that we're doing the wedding now? I'm not ready, and I don't even want to get married." Alliena growled again. She had been against this whole thing but had not been given a choice.

"Well, it's going to happen anyway, so you might ask when suck it up." Shianni answered with minor exasperation, before changing to joy. "Besides, there's going to be music, decorations, feasting… weddings are so much fun! You're so lucky!"

"Maybe you should be the one getting married." Alliena snarked back in annoyance.

"All in good time, cousin. This is your day, not mine!" Shianni said in amusement, before sighing. "Alright, I'll stop tormenting you. I should go talk to the other bridesmaids and find my dress." She turned to leave before seeming to remember something important. "Oh! Soris said that he'll be waiting for you outside. So move it!" With that, Shianni turned and left her alone.

Sighing, Alliena turned towards the chest in her room where she stored her stuff. Opening it, she pulled out the wedding dress. She sighed again, before laying the dress down on her bed and began to strip herself. She then turned towards the mirror that resided in her room. She didn't remember where her father found it, only that it had been thrown out for some reason and the glass had somehow remained intact.

Alliena didn't consider herself to be vain, but she acknowledged that she was very beautiful. Her hair was the color of blood and her eyes the color of the ocean, or so she was told. She had full C-cup breasts and wide hips. She was also much taller than the average elf, standing at 5'8, over two inches above the average male and 5 inches above the average female. She had somewhat tanned skin from working in the sun on the regular, and was, surprising and unknown to most, corded in muscle.

That was a given, considering she worked out and practiced fighting at night after everyone went to sleep. Her mother had taught her how to fight with daggers from a young age up until she had passed away from illness. She continued to practice in secret to honor her mother. She had changed her practice time to night a couple years ago from morning after her father caught her doing her morning exercise.

Alliena shook her head to clear her thoughts and began to put on the dress. She was at least happy that it was somewhat loose below her waist, making it easier to move. But she was annoyed that the top half hugged her form and seemed to even emphasize her chest. She was also confused, the dress had such vibrant colors, as the dress was a blue that complemented her eyes, that she wondered how her father got the money for it. Shrugging, she got dressed and then turned to leave her room. Cyrion, her father, was there to greet her.

"Ah, my little girl. It's… the last day I'll be able to call you that. Oh, I wish your mother could have been here!" Cyrion said with a sad smile.

"Me too, Father." Alliena sighed. Then maybe I wouldn't have been put in this position, she thought. "Well, what should I be doing?" She asked, instead of voicing her thoughts.

"All right, time for you to go find Soris. The sooner this wedding starts, the less chance you two have to escape." Cyrion said with a more serious expression.

Father knows me so well, Alliena thought, before smirking. "A small chance is still a chance, father."

Cyrion let out a small chuckle, "Still have your mother's smart mouth, I see." The amusement was clear in his tone. As Alliena turned to leave the house, he turned and said, "Oh, one last thing before you go, my dear."

"Yes, father?" Alliena asked as she looked over her shoulder to see what he had to say.

"Your martial training… the swordplay, knives, and whatever else your mother trained you in. Best not to mention it to your betrothed." Cyrion said with a worried look on his face.

"I take it that you didn't say anything about that?" Alliena asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cyrion sighed. "Well, it's not exactly something that would have made it easy to find a match for you. We don't want to seem like troublemakers, after all."

Alliena shook her head in minor annoyance. "He's going to find out sooner or later, father."

Cyrion just let out another sigh at that before grabbing something off the nearby counter. "Take this. Your mother would have wanted you to have it. It's the very least I can give you, as you start your new life." Cyrion then gave her a small smile. "Go on, then. I still have some things to do, and Soris is no doubt waiting for you."

As Cyrion turned away, Alliena took the time to look at what he gave her. They were her mother's combat leather boots that she used to wear. Alliena smiled at the gift, before sitting down on a chair and putting them on. She was thankful for the length of her dress, as while it didn't cover the boots completely, it was hard to tell that they were anything else but leather boots. With that, Alliena left her home, for what she assumed was her last time.

Taking a left after exiting the house, Alliena began walking to the Alienage's square. Looking around, she spotted many people moving about the place, either carrying or placing decorations. She just shook her head, as she didn't think the decorations did much for the Alienage. The place looked so rundown, that she wanted nothing more than to leave but knew she couldn't.

—Scene Break—

Passing through the square and by the large tree in the center, she finally found Soris on the other side of the Alienage. He was dressed up rather well, his wedding clothes fitting his form just like her's, but in red and green instead of blue, complementing both his red hair and green eyes.

"Well, if it isn't my lucky cousin." Soris said as Alliena approached him.

"Still jealous of my height?" Alliena asked with a smirk.

"Not at alllllllllll," Soris answered, his sarcasm obvious. "Now, care to celebrate the end of our independence together?"

"Is running away still an option?" Alliena joked, a smirk on her face.

"Are you insane? Where would we go?" Soris replied with a raised eyebrow. "Into the woods to live with the Dalish elves?"

"What?" Alliena said with a smile. "It could happen."

"Live in the forest with savages, far from humans? Sounds like a dream." Soris snorted. "Hmm. Not that we'd know where to find them. Besides, why would you run?" He asked Alliena. "Apparently, your groom's a dream come true. My bride sounds like a dying mouse."

Alliena rolled her eyes at him. "I am sure she's quite nice."

"Great. I'll spend the next fifty years with a "nice" girl who hides grain away for the winter." He replied to her. "Anyway, let's go introduce you to your dreamy betrothed before you say "I do"."

"Fine," Alliena said, her annoyance clear for all to hear. She and Soris then began to walk back to the Alienage square. A small group of people who Alliena assumed where the bridesmaids had gathered just past the large tree. As they approached, Shianni waved at them. Then trouble made itself known, in the form of three human males.

"Let go of me! Stop, please!" Yelled one of the bridesmaids upon being grabbed. The man that had grabbed her smirked and let go, where she proceeded to run behind Soris.

"It's a party, isn't it? Grab a whore and have a good time," the man laughed. "Savor the hunt, boys. Take this little elven wench, here," the man said, turning toward Shianni. "… so young and vulnerable."

"Touch me and I'll gut you, you pig!" Shianni snarled.

"Please, my lord! We're celebrating weddings here!" Another elf said, trying to calm the noble down.

"Silence, worm!" Was the noble's reply, back handing the young man across the face, sending him to the group.

"I know what you're thinking, but maybe we shouldn't get involved…" Soris whispered.

"I am not going to let these humans abuse us," Alliena snarled in return.

"Fine, But let's try to be diplomatic, can we?" Soris pleaded.

"What's this? Another lovely one come to keep me company?" The noble said when he saw Alliena.

"You need to leave now, at once." Alliena was just barely keeping a hold on her anger.

"Ha! You hear that, Vaughan?" One of the other two nobles laughed.

Vaughan scoffed, asking "Do you have any idea who I am?" While Vaughan was focused on her, Alliena, out of the corner of her eye, saw Shianni had taken the opportunity to run and grab a mug. After she had grabbed her improvised weapon, Shianni began to quietly approach Vaughan. Soris was shaking his head, trying to convey that this was a bad idea.

When Vaughan saw that Soris was focused on something behind him, he proceeded to turn around. What proceeded to happen was Shianni hitting Vaughan upside the head with the mug in her hand. Vaughan cried out at the hit and collapsed to the ground, out cold.

"Are you insane?!" One of the other nobles asked, shocked. "This is Vaughan Urien, the arl of Denerim's son!"

Shianni's eyes widened in horror. "W-what? Oh, Maker…"

"Then take him home." Alliena replied. "If you don't mention anything, then neither will we."

"You've a lot of nerve, knife-ears." Snarled the second noble. "This'll go badly for you." Both nobles then proceeded to pick the arl's son up off the group and carry him away.

"Oh, I really messed up this time." Shianni said, horror in her voice.

"Please, I was close to doing that myself," Alliena said, finally releasing her hold on her anger.

"It'll be alright." Soris said, trying to stay calm. "He won't tell anyone an elven woman took him down."

"I hope so," Shianni said, worried. "I should go get cleaned up."

"Is everybody else alright?" Soris asked after Shianni left.

"I think we're just shaken. What was that about?" A young woman asked.

Soris let out a nervous laugh, "Looks like the arl's son started drinking too early." He then turned to Alliena. "Um, well, let's not let this ruin the day. Alliena, this is Valora, my betrothed."

Alliena looked at Valora, then turned towards the young man next to her. "Then I assume that this man is Nelaros, my betrothed?"

"A pleasure." Nelaros replied. "Soris said much about you - some of it was even positive."

Soris laughed a little. "Hey, I just wanted to give you a sporting chance to run."

"Oh, it's not him who needs to run." Alliena said, amusement in her eyes. "Apologies, Valora. It looks like you won't be married to Soris for very long."

A somewhat scared look appeared in Soris' eyes. "I'm… sure the two of you have a lot to discuss." He then grabbed Valora and made his retreat.

"Well, here we are… Are you nervous?" Nelaros asked.

"I guess," Alliena answered, "More a bit angry, really."

"I thought I'd stay calm, but now that we've met…" Nelaros chuckled, "Let's just say that I'm not calm."

Alliena decided that she might as well get to know the man she was going to marry. "How do you feel about moving to Denerim?"

Nelaros gave a small smile before answering. "It was hard to leave Highever, but your father's matchmaker spoke highly of you, and rightfully so." He then looked around the place. "Denerim itself seems friendlier than Highever… perhaps it's because it's so large that humans take less notice of us."

"Come on, Cousin. We should let them get ready." Soris had come back with Valora.

"We'll see you two in a bit. Don't disappear on us." Valora said with a small smile, walking away.

"Or we'll come find you." Nelaros finished with a chuckle, going his own way.

"Don't look now, but we have another problem." Soris whispered after the two had left.

"What do you mean?" Alliena growled, her anger coming back.

"I think another human just walked in." Pointing towards a figure. "Could be one of Vaughan's or just a random troublemaker. Either way, we need to move them along before someone does something stupid."

"Right. Let's go talk to them." Alliena replied.

"Let's do this quickly." Soris said. The two of them went to confront the figure.

The individual in question was dressed for a fight. Black metal, form-fitting armor covered their chest and legs. A midnight blue leather overcoat was worn over said armor. Coving the arms of the coat was more metal armor of the same color, going from their hands to their elbows. Their head and face was shadowed by a hood attached to the coat. Several knives hung from their waist, alongside what looked like a very large arrowhead on an end of rope.

The figure turned towards them as they approached. Once Alliena and Soris came to a stop, the figure gave a small bow. "Hello to you two. I understand that you two are getting married?" The voice of the figure made it clear that they were male.

"Yes, we are." Soris answered, hesitantly.

"Then I share my congratulations for the two of you." The man replied, his tone sincere.

"Thanks," Alliena hesitantly replied in turn, her anger disappearing. "But I'll ask you to please go. Everyone here would rather avoid any unpleasantness."

This only got a chuckle out of the man. "And what manner of unpleasantness might you be referring to?"

"The Alienage just isn't a good place for humans to be," Alliena answered.

"I apologize," the man said, "but I have no intention of leaving."

Alliena's eyes began to narrow. "How about a compromise?"

"She keeps her composure, even when facing down an unknown and armed person," The humor in the man's voice was obvious. "A true gift, wouldn't you say, Valendrian?"

Alliena's and Soris' eyes widened when the voice of Valendrian answered. "I would say the world has far more use for those who know how to stay their blades."

"You know this human, Elder?" Alliena asked, surprised.

"Not personally, no." Valendrian answered. "However, his commanding officer is an old friend of mine and spoke highly of this one, last time we spoke a couple months ago." He then smiled, humor on his face. "May I present Banal Ferguson, second in command of the Grey Wardens of Ferelden, and a Seer."

"A Seer?" Alliena asked in shock. "He was born with the ability of Clairvoyance?"

"I was lucky," Banal replied. "I have both Far Sight and Future Sight."

"Indeed, a rare ability, even among an already rare gift." Valendrian then turned to Banal. "But I haven't gotten an answer to my question. Why are you here, Banal? I thought Duncan would be the one to come"

"A Blight has found its beginning in the Korcari Wilds." Banal answered. "His Majesty, King Cailan, has summoned all of the Grey Wardens in Fereldan to Ostagar to find the darkspawn horde that has risen up there with his armies. As for Duncan, he's at the Circle of Magi. He's hoping to find a new recruit there."

Valendrian sighed. "I see. I had heard the news. Still, this is an awkward time. There is to be a wedding- two, in fact."

"I understand that. Please, attend to your ceremonies." Banal answered, his voiced understanding. "My concerns can wait, for now."

"Very well. Children, treat Banal as my quest. And for the Maker's sake, take your places."

Banal then turned towards Alliena. "Before you leave, take this." The Vice-Command of the Grey grabbed one of his sheathed knives and held it out to her. "You will need it." Alliena hesitantly grabbed the weapon from his hands and looked at it. "We shall speak more later."

Alliena looked back up to him, only to find that Banal had somehow vanished. She then turned to look at Soris, who now sported a concerned look. When a Seer gives you a weapon and tells you that you were going to need it, then you were going to need it. Quite possibly very soon, though why, she couldn't guess.

Nodding to Soris, Alliena moved to the side of a house and bent down with her knees and her back to the crowd. She then moved her dress up and strapped the knife to her right thigh. Lowering the dress back down, she and Soris then went to find their betrothed.

—Scene Break—

Ugg, what hit me? Was the first thought in Alliena's head as she returned to the world of the conscious. Opening her eyes, she noticed that she was no longer in the alienage, but instead was in a room of stone. Oh, I remember now. That bloody noble came back, in the middle of the wedding no less! Asshole.

"You're awake!" She heard Shianni speak, finally noticing that she wasn't the only one in the room. Shaking her head, Alliena took notice that her cousin, Valora, and two of the bridesmaids were here as well.

"All right, that human is going to die." Alliena spoke with a scowl, "I will personally send him to go meet his Maker."

"How? The door is solid and locked, and we're unarmed!" One of the bridesmaids said.

You maybe, thought Alliena, who recognized the feeling of the dagger Banal gave her against her thigh. Idiots didn't think we would be armed, so didn't bother checking. They will regret that.

The sound of footsteps approaching drew their attention towards the door. "People are coming!" The other bridesmaid spoke, fear in her voice. While everyone was facing the door, Alliena quickly and quietly drew the dagger from its sheath and hid it, and both hands, behind her back.

The door then opened up to reveal five guards, with one of them, the leader, having his sword drawn. "Hello, wenches–we're your escorts to Lord Vaughan's little party." The leader said with a nasty smirk on his face. The bridesmaid in the front went to speak before closing it when Alliena walked up. Shianni was the only one of the four others to notice the knife behind her back.

"And what says that we are going?" Alliena asked. "I have no desire to sleep with the asshole who crashed my wedding." She then developed a look on her face that suggested a thought has crossed her mind. "In fact, I'm more likely to try and kill him."

The smirk on the leader's face dropped to a scowl at her words. "Then you will need to be taught a lesson," he said, raising his sword. Bringing it down was the last thing he ever did.

Alliena's left hand shot out from behind her back to grab his arm, completely halting it, much to everyone's, bar Alliena, surprise. Her right hand, holding the dagger, then whipped around and drew the sharp edge across his throat. A look of surprised horror appeared on the human's face as he realized what had happened.

Alliena then threw the knife at the first guard on the right, the dagger sinking up to the hilt in his chest. She then grabbed the sword from the nerveless fingers of the leader, turned and ran though the first guard on the left up to the hilt, with a foot and a half of the blade sticking out of his back. She then pushed forward so that part of the blade sank into the chest of the second left guard, much to his horror.

Letting go of the sword, she dropped to the ground and kicked her leg out, tripping the final guard. Before he could do anything, Alliena's hands wrapped around his head and 'Snap!' broke his neck. In the span of four seconds, she had killed five fully armed guards. She then stood back up and retrieved the Grey Warden dagger from the chest of the guard, figuring that it would be a bad idea to just leave it there.

Turning back towards the other women, she took note of their faces. The bridesmaids had looks of horror, Shianni had one of shock, while Valora had a look of awe. Alliena just smirked, before whipping off the dagger on her dress.

"I knew you knew how to fight, cousin," Shianni said, looking at the bodies, "but I didn't realize how dangerous you can be."

"I feel sorry for Nelaros," Valora spoke. "Because every husband pisses off his wife at least once, and you are incredibly dangerous." Alliena preened under that compliment.

"Oh my." Alliena spun around to see who had spoken, dagger at the ready, when she saw that it was Soris. "I snuck in here to help you get out," he paused, looking at the five bodies on the ground. "But it appears that I wasn't needed."

Alliena snorted in amusement at that. "No, you can still sneak these girls out of here."

"What about you?" Shianni asked.

"I have a noble to go kill." Alliena answered, before walking out the door and down the hall.

—Scene Break—

People would remember this day as the day when the home of Arl Urien ran red with rivers of blood. Just about every guard in the house that day was killed, some dying quickly, some not so. The arl's son was said to have died a slow and very painful death, along with his friends. Banal was very impressed. Even though he knew how this would play out, both because of his otherworld knowledge and his Clairvoyance skill, he was still really impressed by the carnage Alliena left in her wake.

From what he could tell about her after their first meeting, Banal was positive that Morrigan would absolutely get along with Alliena. He let out a snort of amusement at the idea, and then had to keep himself from laughing at the idea of the two teaming up on poor Alistair.

"This elf will wait in the dungeons until the arl returns. The rest of you, back to your houses!"

"Sorry, but that isn't going to happen." Banal said as he stepped forward. All eyes had turned to him when he had said that.

"Grey Warden, what do y…" The captain didn't get the chance to finish.

"I hereby invoke the Grey Warden's Right of Conscription." Banal saw out of the corner of his eye, the look of shock on Alliena's face. "I am removing this woman from your custody and into mine." Banal smirked, even though he knew no one could see it. "We can use people with skill like her in our order."

"You can do that?!" Alliena asked, shock evident in her voice.

"Son of a tied down–" The captain began to cuss, before letting out a frustrated sigh. "Very well, Grey Warden; I cannot challenge your rights, but I'll ask one thing," He then turned and pointed at Alliena. "Get this elf out of the city. Today."

"Just give her enough time to pack her bags and say goodbye and we are in an agreement."

The captain nodded. "Now, I need to get my men on the streets before this news hits. Move out!"

Banal turned towards Alliena as the guard captain left. "Well, good to have you join us. I should warn you, that while we get to go on lots of adventures and get to kill lots of monsters, our health plan is absolutely terrible."

Alliena snorted in amusement at that statement. "Wish I knew before I signed up. Oh wait, I didn't."

Banal let out a chuckle at her sass. "Well, back your bags and say your goodbyes. Come and see me when you are ready to head off."