It didn't take long for me to realize that I was no longer among the living. What gave that away? The fact that I was nothing but a floating ball of light in the middle of an empty void.

'Lovely', I thought.

[You Died]

'Really?' I thought, 'The From Software death message?'

[I thought that it would be funny]

'Normally, I would again' I replied, 'Were it not for the fact that my life isn't yet a game.'


'I've read enough Gamer fanfiction in my spare time to realize what is going on here.'

[Well, you would be correct]

[Welcome to the Game]

'Neat, I always wanted to experience this myself, even though I thought it would never happen.'

[Normally, we would go through the character creation now]

'Normally?' I thought back, 'What do you mean, normally?'

[Well, someone else noticed what was going on and wanted to 'help' you]

'WHO?' I thought, only to immediately have my answer, as in a flash of multi-color light, an old man appeared.

The old man was well dressed in a black suit and ankle length cloak and he held a cane in white glove covered hands. He had white hair with a short white beard. But his most discerning features were the red eyes and amused smirk.

Oh Shit! Why in the ever-loving hell was Zelretch doing here?

"This is quite fortuitous!" Zelretch said. "Ever since I met one of your kind, I have always wanted to see how a Gamer comes about."

'How do you know about Gamers?' I asked.

"I'm the master of the Kaleidoscope," he answered. "I've met quite a few of your kind."

That would make sense. If you had the ability to travel the multiverse, you were bound to eventually meet a Gamer. We were surprisingly common, weirdly enough.

'So, how are we going to go about this?' I asked.

[As I said, we were originally just going to do a normal character creation, but Zelretch wants to 'help']

'And how are you going to help me, Zel?' I asked, looking(?) at the Old Man of the Jewels.

"Quite simple," he smiled, and I wasn't sure if I liked that. "I am going to go get you a new body."


"Oh, I'll simply just grab the body of someone who recently bit the dust." He replied. "Back in a bit", where he then proceeded to vanish.

[Well, this should certainly be interesting]

[It will mean that you aren't going to start at level one like other Gamers]

'I guess that will be okay', I think back. Having a head start on levels will certainly be nice. This will hopefully include any skills that the original owner of the body had?

[Depends on how long the person has been dead]

'Okay, that makes sense.' This was going surprisingly well for something that Zelretch was messing with, so far. 'Will I get to pick where I am going?'

[That has already been randomly assigned]

'Is there anything that I can make a decision on?'

[Yes, on top of what your new, recycled, body will already has, you'll get to pick one skill and one school of magic to have]

'Oh, cool', now I couldn't wait for Zelretch to get back with this new body.

"I'm back!"

Speak of the devil, or vampire in this case, and he shall appear. I turned to Zelretch to reply, and promptly froze when I saw the body.

[Oh my, this is certainly an interesting body]

'How?' I thought in shock and bemusement. 'How did you even get a body like that? The combination of races of it means you shouldn't even have had access to that multiverse!'

"Ah!" He smirked. "But you would know of crossovers, having read many, yes?"


"Well, there are many worlds that live in a zone that is made of two or more overlapping multiverses, much like how a crossover story is in a zone that is two overlapping categories. I just simply went there and looked around till I found an interesting body." Zelretch was smiling.

'Okay, being able to access that multiverse is understandable when you explain it like that, but that body should still be impossible!'

"Improbable, not impossible. You would be surprised at what can happen in the endlessly expanding multiverses." Amusement was dancing in Zelretch's eye at my reaction.

Why am I reacting like this? It is because I can instantly tell what multiverse this body came from and what race, or combination of races, it is. The body itself came from the Highschool DxD multiverse, which seems to be a Gamer hotspot, unsurprisingly.

The race, on the other hand…well. Emerging from the back were two pairs of leather wings, each roughly 3 feet in length. From the base of the spine were three fox tails and a pair of fox ears were emerging from the top of the skull. This was a devil kitsune hybrid. Not a kitsune reincarnated as a devil, but a genuine hybrid. Again, how is that even possible?!

"Well, are you going to hop on in?" Zelretch asked.

I sigh, before taking another look at the, thankfully male, body. I had to estimate that it was a little north of six feet tall and that it was maybe in its early twenties. The eyes were wide open, revealing that they were the color of emerald and the mid-back length hair, alongside the fox ears and tails, were a midnight black. The arms and upper body were surprisingly corded with muscle, making me wonder what they did before they kicked it. I finally moved over to the body and just slid on into it. It took me a moment to adjust to the feeling of not only having a body again, but one with several additional appendages.

Status Updated

Name: _ Malthus (1)

Race: Devil/Kitsune Hybrid
Class: —
Level: 48 (Exp need: 0/13,100)

HP: 3,000/1,500
Armor Rating: —
MP: 3,000/3,000 (9% / minute)

Str: 6
Dex: 4
Con: 5
Int: 5
Wis: 3
Cha: 3

Stat Points: 94


Gamer's Mind: You have the mind of a Gamer. You are immune to mental effects from other beings.

Gamer's Body: You have the body of a Gamer. Your body will not be damaged, you will only die if your hp reaches zero, and you regain your health and mana when you sleep.

Three-Tailed Kitsune: You have three tails, putting you in mid-tier strength for kitsunes. You gain 200 mp per tail per Int. Your MPR is 9% per minute. You will gain your fourth tail at level 60.

Kitsune Trickery: As a kitsune, deception is in your blood. You automatically have access to the Illusion school of magic and learn from it quicker. Spells from this school do 30% more damage and are 15% cheaper.

Four-Winged Devil: You have three tails, putting you in mid-tier strength for devils. You gain 300 hp per wing per Con. You will gain your third set at level 75.

Devil's Darkness: As a devil, the darkness is a part of you. You automatically have access to the Black school of magic and learn from it quicker. Spells from this school do 30% more damage and are 15% cheaper.


Magical Blacksmithing: You know how to make magical items, from simple items, to awesome armor, to legendary weapons. Your Dex and Int stats affect how well made what you are creating is.

Observe: This skill allows you to see a target's level and stats.


Evil Pieces (Human/Devil/Kitsune): A set of evil pieces that Zelretch nicked and modified to work for you. Anyone reincarnated by these will also become human/devil/kitsune hybrids.

Schools of Magic–

Illusion: You are knowledgeable when it comes to the art of deceiving your foes with magic. Be it by sight, sound, smell or all of the senses.

Black: You are knowledgeable when it comes to the art of forbidden magic. Anything that is classified as evil, black, or dark falls here.

"Level 48!" I shout in surprise. "Zelretch, what the hell!" The man just laughed wholeheartedly in reply to my shout.

"Ever since I met my first Gamer, I have wanted to do that." He chuckled. "Ah. Your reaction was totally worth that." I let out a sigh at this and just shook my head in exasperation. On a whim, I decided to Observe Zelretch.

Name: Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
Race: Vampire
Level: ?

Yeah, I'm not surprised by the fact that I couldn't see his level. This was the Zelretch we're talking about. I have no idea how high his level could be. Okay, Game, before I pick my third skill and school of magic and my skills, what world am I going to?

[You are heading to the world of the first Overlord video game]

I know what game you are speaking of. I greatly enjoyed it and its sequel when I played them. However, I want to check something first. I greatly enjoyed Kuro's adventure through that world as a Necromancer, so much that I wanted to copy him. So, can I pick the Necromancy school, or is that park of the Black magic school?

[Necromancy is a part of the Black school of magic, so you are just fine]

Okay, awesome. Then, in that case, from what I recall, most of the Overlord's combat magic was fire based. With that, Game, I pick the Pyromancy school of magic. Also, I want to pick Alchemy for my third skill.

-School of Magic Gained-

Pyromancy: You are knowledgeable when it comes to the art of setting your foes ablaze. Ranging from your classic fireball to massive hell storms, you control the most dangerous of the four primary elements.

-Skill Gained-

Alchemy: You know how to craft magical potions and the like. Your Int and Wis will determine how powerful these potions are.

Awesome. I'll admit, it's fun to occasionally play the villain and not only am I an evil, dark overlord, I'm an evil, dark, devil overlord. That's even better!

Class gained: Overlord

Trait Gained–

Overlord's Might: An overlord needs to be strong and you are strong. Your melee attacks are treated as if your strength stat is 15% higher.

Skill Gained–

Overlord's Armaments: You are proficient when any form of melee weapon ranging from the simple knife to the massive greatsword.

Equipment Gained–

Overlord's Armor: The armor of the Overlord. Gives the wearer an Armor rating of 15.

Overlord's Weapon: A starting weapon for the Overlord. Choose from an Axe, Mace, or Sword.

The Player's Grimoire: A large Grimoire that contains all of the spells of all the schools of magic the player knows.

Armor Rating? What was Armor Rating? Oh, and I pick the Sword, as I prefer swords over most other weapons. Can I have a greatsword?

[Armor Rating is basically damage reduction. Your foe would need to do 16 points of damage to scratch you.]

Greatsword Picked–

Greatsword: A basic black blade that can only be properly used in two hands.
Damage: (Str*2) + 15%

Nice, and speaking of stats, I have 94 to spend. Also, Game, what is the average number for any race.

[The average for all stats for all races is 3. However, your race affects how that actually is. A devil with 3 str is really 4 times stronger than a human with 3 str.]

Got it. Game, add 18 to Str, 14 to Dex, 23 to Con, 15 to Int, 7 to Wis, and 9 to Cha. That will leave me with zero stat points remaining.


Str: 6 + 18 = 24
Dex: 4 + 14 = 18
Con: 5 + 21 = 28
Int: 5 + 15 = 20
Wis: 3 + 7 = 10
Cha: 3 + 9 = 12

Stat Points: 0

Recalculating Hp, Mp, and MPR

HP: 16,800/16,80
MP: 12,000/12,000 (9% / minute)

That is looking pretty good right now. I was about to tell the game to send me on when an idea entered my head. "Hey, Game. I have the magical blacksmithing skill. Could I create my own Overlord armor and weapon?"

[You know what, sure. I'll allow it as you aren't starting at first level]

"Hold it," Zelretch said, bringing my attention back to the vampire. "Before you begin forging your own equipment, I need to head out soon. So, before I go, here." He held out his hand, where he held two gold-colored and one silver cards. Grabbing them, I turned to look at their faces. The first gold card had the image of a fully armored knight with a red torse and a sword pointed upwards. The second gold card had the image of a half-dressed man with the head of a beast and a massive cleaver in one hand. The silver card the image of a robed, bearded old man with a staff in one hand and a book in the other.

Equipment Gained–

Gold Saber Servant Summoning Card: A card that allows the owner to summon a 4 or 5 star saber servant.

Gold Berserker Servant Summoning Card: A card that allows the owner to summon a 4 or 5 star Berserker servant.

Silver Caster Servant Summoning Card: A card that allows the owner to summon a 3 star Caster servant.

"A Saber, Berserker and Caster card?" I asked.

"Use them to summon a servant of its respective class, then use the evil piece to reincarnate them as your peerage." He said with a smile.

"Haven't you not already helped me enough?" I asked, wondering why he gave me these on top of my new body.

"You have to admit that it is fun to occasionally have a super strong character at the start." He replied, and he wasn't wrong. "Alright, I'm done here and I'm heading off. May we see each other again someday." And with that, he left. And with nothing else distracting me, I began to work on my own equipment.

— — LATER — —

I don't know how long it took me to make my stuff, as there really isn't any way to tell the passage of time, but I finally completed it.

Draconic Overlord Armor: Stylized to look like a dragon, this set of armor is menacing to see. The runes carved into the armor give various effects. The leg enhances movement speed by 15%, arms increase striking damage by 10%, the chest enhances the already high protectiveness of the armor by 25%, and each bladed tail deals damage equal to dex*1.3.

Armor Rating: 30 + 25% = 37.5

Black Dragon Greatblade: A Greatsword stylized after a dragon's head, this enchanted blade is deadly in the right hands.
Damage: (Str*2.4) + 15% Physical + Int*0.5 Dark + Int*0.5 Fire

"Okay, I am ready to begin my next life." I said, after looking over my work. The sense of satisfaction I feel for completing them is amazing. I'll have to do this again.

[You still need to pick a new name]

A new name, huh. I was never good with names, I'll admit. So, it took me, seemingly, a while to think of one. "Balor" I finally decided on. "Balor Malthus."

[You sure?]

"I am. Let us start this game!" I shouted, and with that declaration, I vanished.

[Should I have told him that the difficulty was increased to compensate for his power boost?]

— — — Author's Notes — — —

(1) Malthus is one of the devil clans that, to my knowledge, flameclawsxx created for his own Highschool DxD Gamer story: Dungeons and Devils. You should check it out.

I was inspired to write this story after rereading the stories Dungeons and Devils & Dungeons and Devils Campaign 2: Kitsune Boogaloo by flameclawsxx and A Gamer's Guide to Necromancy & A Gamer's Guide to Conquest by The Dark Wolf Shiro. If you are a huge fan of the Gamer fanfiction trope and haven't read their stories, you should go check them out.

If you have any constructive criticism, and I mean constructive, please leave a comment.