My eyes wander around the room as I sip leisurely on my drink. I'm not a big drinker, in fact it's actually quite disgusting, but I'm trying to fit in, not stick out too much, even though I seem to be the only person not dancing.

The dance floor is pulsating with glistening bodies who all move as one to the pounding beat of the music. The DJ knows what he's doing, just which song to play to get everyone off their seat and moving. Everyone but me, apparently.

I continue to scan the room, my eyes moving, but my head staying still. The colored lights slide around the room, but I am situated in the corner, shadows hiding me for the most part, a sense of voyeurism settling over me. The disco lights move across the bodies, the sweat shining, the faces all blurred with the movements.

I know that if I don't move, the shadows keep me hidden, nothing drawing attention to me. Each Friday I come here with the girls from work and as they drink, they loosen up, eventually going to dance, leaving me to my favourite thing: watching. I watch everyone, but as soon as He appears, my eyes are just for him.

One more sip, one more scan of the room, and as the music changes to an even faster tempo, I feel the atmosphere change.

He's here. I can't see him yet, but I can feel his presence. I know he will walk past me any moment now, and head to the VIP area at the back of the dance floor.

My eyes are drawn once more to the door and watch the scene unfold as if in slow motion. One of the men he always arrives with opens the doors and steps inside, eyes scanning for danger, hands lingering near the front of his jacket. He follows, in all his glory, fastening the button on his vest, pulling the cuffs of his shirt straight under his jacket, and scanning the room as he steps into the darkness.

He walks towards the bar and leans over to speak with the barman. He turns to face the club and leans his back on the wooden bar, his elbows resting on the edge, and he looks around with seemingly disinterest. Under his charcoal suit is a silky emerald shirt that sets off his eyes. A tumbler of whiskey is placed near his elbow and as he turns his body to pick it up, his eyes turn towards my corner and he stares at me. I know he can't see me, but his intense gaze is coupled with a slight frown. Something is puzzling him. I don't move a muscle.

Slowly, still staring in my direction, he brings the glass to his mouth and tilts it so that the amber liquid touches his top lip and he takes a drink. His tongue comes out and licks his lips, just as he swallows and his Adam's apple bobs up and down.

I have never seen anything so sensual in my life.

My thighs rub together of their own accord and I am so grateful for the shadows because I am sure my blush would light the nightclub if anybody could see me.

He turns away when his friend says something in his ear and I watch as he pushes himself off the bar, downing the remainder of his drink, following in the wake of his companion.

As expected, they disappear into the VIP area, out of view, and I release a breath I didn't realise I had been holding.

I put my glass down and head towards the dance floor, finally managing to catch the attention of Jane and Maria, the two girls I'm here with from work.

"I'm going to the toilet," I mime to them and point towards the ladies.

They give me a thumbs up with drunken smiles and I make my way around the edge of the dance floor and finally join the queue.

Afterwards, I wash my hands and check my make up in the grimy mirror. I wipe under my eyes to tidy up the eye liner and mascara and add a little lipstick. No need for blusher, the bodies in the club give off enough heat to give me rosy cheeks, naturally. I wiggle a little and try to pull my ridiculously short dress down a bit to try to cover more than it was designed to, but to no avail. I simply have to remember not to bend over or cross my legs.

I pull my high ponytail tight against my scalp and decide I look ok, and start heading back towards the table. My hair swings to and fro as I walk in the high heels I'm wearing and it makes me feel elegant, making me smile to myself, imagining a certain someone seeing me in this 'outside of work persona' that I have. It's not me, it's a 'fake it till you make it' character that I assume, because the real me is too shy to ever talk to men, let alone someone as hot as he is.

I see Mike is sitting down at our table and decide I really don't want him coming on to me like he does every week. I think he thinks that I dress like this for him, but the man I dress for doesn't even know I exist. He's never looked at me for longer than a second, the amount of time it takes his eyes to do a full scan of the club. He notices me as much as he notices anyone.

I decide to take a detour, have a look around, at least until the girls go back to the table, to reduce Mike's advances.

Staying close to the walls, I find myself in the shadows again and start watching the people move. Those on the dance floor either move into someone's personal space and start gyrating against them, or move through their own space, avoiding all contact with other people, a skill I have yet to master due to my ability to trip over air!

As I watch the floor show, I continue to move slowly around, and I find myself bumping into something hard, making me stumble backwards, the high heels finally getting their way, my arms flailing to try to stop the inevitable. But just as I should hit the floor, I am overcome with the most alluring scent: cedar wood, and a muskiness that I can't describe.

I gasp as my front is suddenly pulled up against a solid wall of muscle, strong arms holding me in place while I attempt to find my balance. My breathing is slightly erratic as I try to understand what just happened. Eventually, I feel two fingers under my chin, pushing my face upwards and as I look up towards my savior, I stop breathing altogether, enthralled by the beautiful man in front of me. It's Him. The silky shirt catches the light and his eyes glint. He has deep concern etched on his face and it's all I can do not to reach out and touch the frown between his brows.

After what seems like minutes have passed, my brain finally kicks in and I'm able to utter one word.

"Hi," I manage, my voice embarrassingly husky.

"Hi," he echoes, almost breathlessly.

My brain can do nothing but focus on his eyes, green as emeralds, deep as the ocean. I figure I could get lost in those if given the chance, but again, my brain kicks in and attempts to right my body. I step back away from him, but his hands remain on my sides until he is sure that I can stand on my own.

"Sorry," I mumble. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

"I know," he replies with a small smile, "But I was."

I quickly glance up to see a hint of something in his eyes.

"I've been trying to speak to you for a few weeks now. I've seen you here but I don't see you dance, can't find where you hide yourself away. I know you come with friends, but you don't seem to sit with them. So where do you go?"

I look at him, shocked that he's noticed me before, and a little freaked out that he purposely bumped into me tonight.

"I don't understand," I say, "You've seen me before? Do I know you?"

"Most weeks I notice you leave with those two girls over there," and he tilts his chin towards the dance floor where Jane and Maria are gyrating against two big guys who have their hands running up and down the girls' sides. "What intrigues me though, is how I don't see you around the club beforehand? I mean you obviously come with them, and I assume you sit with them, but I don't see you. How?"

"Shadows," I blurt out. He looks confused. "There are dark shadows in the corner where we sit and I hide in them so that I can watch the crowd."

He nods slowly. "So tell me, little miss Voyeur, what are you watching for?"

I look down and try to think of something to say other than 'You, I come to watch for you.' But my brain has given up on me.

He dips his head so that I have to meet his gaze and he looks into my eyes like he's looking into my soul. He raises one eyebrow in question and I can't control myself as I blurt out "You."

He takes a sharp intake of breath and a smile appears once again - his face becomes impossibly more breathtaking.

"Me? You look for me?" I nod slowly and his hand reaches towards me. "What's your name, Little One?" His eyes follow his hand heading towards my face.

"Isabella. Bella," I whisper. The music fades into the background as he reaches towards me, my body on high alert, waiting for his touch.

"Edward," he utters as his fingertips ghost their way up the side of my face, over my hair to my high ponytail.

"I really like this," he murmurs into my ear as he gently pulls on it. "It shows off your long, tantalizing neck, giving me access to do this."

I watch him lean forward as his tongue comes out and I can feel him lick me from my throat to just below my ear, where my pulse is ready to burst out of my neck. I gasp again as he does things to me with the slightest of touches, things my body has been yearning to feel for so long.

"You are truly stunning Bella."

His tongue circles my earlobe, his teeth nibble and tug, my breathing turns into panting, and I can feel his touches everywhere. There seems to be an electricity between us that shoots its way straight to my core.

His words reverberate around my brain as I start to believe he might even feel the same way, and that thought pushes me to grab his hair and pull his mouth around to mine.

"Kiss me," I demand, and instantly his mouth is on mine, lips crashing, tongues dancing, moans coming from both of us.

I feel his fingers wrap my hair around them and he tugs, exposing my neck once again. This time, he plants soft kisses from my mouth, over my chin and down to my breast where he sucks my nipple into his mouth. I feel rather than hear his groan when he realizes there is no bra under this tiny dress.

"Fuck, Bella, I need to see this." He grabs my hand and in a daze, I am dragged, stumbling, down a hidden corridor to an office door.

As the door is swung open, Edward commands one word, "Out" and the man who was in there scurries past us and shuts the door which I am instantly thrown against and I hear the lock being turned.

We stare at each other for an eternity, my chest heaving in anticipation as the music from the club pounds through my veins. Edward slowly lifts his hand to cup my face.

"You are beautiful Bella," he breathes, "But I don't think you know, do you?"

I lower my eyes and lean into his hand, turning slightly to kiss his palm. Gently he lifts my face once more so that I am looking into his eyes.

"You are, Bella. You don't need this make up. You are stunning," he lowers his face to my neck again and plants a soft kiss there. "You are beautiful," he kisses up my neck towards my pulse point. "You are sexy as hell."

I can take no more of his words.

"Kiss me," I almost beg, and again I feel his lips on mine.

His hands trail down my arms and grab my wrists, he brings both above my head, holding both hands in one of his, then grasps my face with the other. Edward pulls back slightly from the kiss and his tongue traces a line to my ear. I feel a nip as he bites just below, on my neck. He quickly covers the area in small kisses before truly biting and I just know it's going to leave a mark.

I can't move, I can't pull away as he is holding me still, and soon the pain becomes pleasurable, and as he releases my face to trace his hand down to my breast, I still don't move.

I gasp as he roughly pinches and then twists my nipple through my dress and I realise his mouth has left my neck to descend towards the other side and he has loosened his hold on my hands.

I keep my arms above my head, giving surrendering my freedom to him to make the decisions and am glad because three seconds later, my dress is yanked up my body and over my head. It lands a few feet away from us as I hear a growl rumble low in Edward's chest, and I find myself panting as he steps away to look me over.

The G-string I am wearing is the same plum colour of the dress and I am very happy I visited the spa earlier today during my lunch hour. His eyes darken as he drinks in the sight of me and as my hands come down slowly, he quickly grabs them and puts them back against the door above my head, and he shakes his head slowly. His eyes are like pools of emerald that I could drown in, but I'm pulled back to the present when he smirks at me.

I stand a little taller, embrace my fake persona and move my right foot to the side so that my feet are now just over shoulder width apart and I watch his eyes as they are pulled to my core. I know I'm wet already: I was wet when I saw him talking to his friend at the bar, but I can feel the dampness of the material against my core, so I know he can see it too.

"Ahem," I cough slightly to get his attention, and as he lifts his eyes to looks at my face, I lick my lips and raise my eyebrow, motioning with my head for him to remove his clothing.

Again he smiles at me, and quicker than I thought possible, he is naked before me.

My eyes roam over his muscular torso, his arms and stomach showing the results of what I can only imagine are years of gym sessions.

As my eyes drop lower, my hands come down and settle on my own nipples, slowly circling them as I take in the sight of his magnificent cock. As my peaks harden, he takes a hold of himself and starts to stroke up and down, slowly, never taking his eyes from me.

When he rubs his thumb over the end, I rub my own thumbs across my nubs and hiss at the sensation. I've never been this brazen before, never felt the power of having someone watch me touch myself.

When I think for sure he's going to explode right in front of me, he loosens his grip on himself and steps towards me, like a predator after his prey. His eyes are so dark now, hooded, so full of desire, I feel drunk knowing it's all for me.

He lowers his face towards mine and just as his lips are about to kiss me, I suddenly drop to my knees right in front of him, determined to get up close and personal with his manhood. He stops in his tracks and looks down at me. I run my tongue over my lips as I look into his eyes and lean forward. As he is watching, I run the tip of my tongue up the length of him, feeling the vein pulsing beneath my touch and am so in awe of this thing of beauty that I can't help myself and I gently kiss the tip. He twitches and I moan against him and like a starved waif, I open wide and take in as much as I can handle.

I hear his hands slam against the door above me and I smile, knowing I am affecting him like he affects me.

I pull off painstakingly slowly and again, kiss the tip. I use my flattened tongue to apply pressure to his most sensitive part and then again swallow him almost all the way. While he's in my mouth I flatten and elongate my tongue and start licking the underside of his length and again I hear his intake of breath. I've never given head before but have read many stories that I can draw upon for technique, and if his breathing is anything to go by, he is appreciating my efforts.

When I come up for air a third time and apply another kiss to his tip, he suddenly grabs my ponytail and holds me in place.

I look up to see his eyes staring at me and I don't move while he starts slowly, but with increasing pace, to fuck my mouth. My eyes do not leave his and I see him strain to control his thrusts. He starts to pull out, but I reach around and grab his butt, pulling him closer, doubling my efforts. Mere seconds later he is coming in my throat, and I experience my first taste of cum. Not the greatest flavor but as most of it went straight down my throat, I don't mind.

Like a whirlwind I am yanked up and again slammed against the door.

"Where the fuck did you learn to do that?" he pants at me. "I've never come so fast in my life. Fuck!"

I look down at my hands where my fingers are currently twisting together.

"Isabella," he growls, "I asked where did you learn to do that?"

I refuse to look at his face, embarrassed that I had gone so far, so out of my comfort zone, and now I've made him angry with me.

His hand grabs my chin and forces my face to look at him, his eyes only inches from mine.

"Isabella, who taught you that? I want to know. Now. I won't ask again."

Scared at his tone, I swallow and whisper, "Nobody. I've never done that before. I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I just thought you would like it." A single tear leaves my eye from embarrassment.

"You've never done that before?"

I give a minute shake of my head in response, glad he's allowing me to stare at the floor, not making me look at him. I think I would die if he made me stare into his green depths and tell him I was a virgin, that I had never done anything at all before.

His grip loosens and he takes a small step back away from me. I immediately feel the loss of his body heat and start to shiver. He turns around and grabs my dress and holding it over my head, he slides it down so that I am covered again.

"Please come here, you're freezing." His voice is soft, caring.

He tugs on my hand and I step towards him to keep my balance, still not looking at him.

He wraps me in his arms and as he is still naked, I can feel his warmth seeping through my almost non-existent dress. He starts to rock slowly to the beat of the music that seeps through the wooden door, and I ponder my current situation. Here I am in a nightclub, being held in an embrace by a naked man who I have just given oral favors to. This strikes me as funny because the most I've done before is kiss a guy.

As I begin to warm up and relax, my body sways along with him and I rest my head against his chest, feeling his heart beat, strong and steady.

The more aware I become of my position, the funnier it seems to me and I start to giggle quietly, my shoulders shake and Edward pulls back to look down at me.

"Bella? Are you ok?"

He smiles as he realizes I'm not crying but laughing. "What's so funny? I mean I'm naked here, feeling a little exposed!"

I laugh a little harder and wrap my arms around him.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh but this is such a bizarre situation. What am I even doing here? I don't belong here in this room, in this club even, and definitely not with you. You are so out of my league." I start to giggle again and notice his face becomes a bit more serious.

"Why not, Isabella? Why not me? Why not here?"

I wrap my arms tighter around him, breathing his musky scent in as I feel his lips lightly brush against my hair.

I feel him bend so that his lips travel down my ear and feel his breath against my neck as he whispers, almost to himself, "Why not me?"

The feather light kisses he plants against my pulse point, along with the vibrations from his barely audible groan, start to have an effect on my body and I feel my arms loosen their grip on him and begin to travel down his back to the top of his buttocks.

The feeling of confidence from earlier returns and I grab a handful of his tight butt, pulling him closer to me.

I can feel his growing interest as his cock once more starts to harden. The effect I'm having on him makes it all the more enticing, so I bring my hand between us and grab him, slowly starting to pump from base to tip. His hips move in tandem with me, slowly and gently, as if they are working of their own freewill, and I gasp when his teeth once more bite into my neck.

With my other hand I wind my fingers into his messy hair and tug his face towards mine. In the light in the office, the coppery highlights stand out in his dark hair. He walks me backwards until my back is against the door again and when I can go no further, our lips clash and I am so engrossed in his tongue and what it can make me feel, that I don't notice his hands have abandoned the hug I was getting, and have moved to caress my own behind.

When he squeezes one cheek, I jump on to my tip toes and that's when I see that was his plan all along - because now I'm at a better height for his fingers to crawl under my tiny dress and find my skin.

We both groan when he pulls me towards him, my hand leaving him to grab onto his bicep for balance. With my hand out of his way, he can now push himself against my stomach, creating friction for himself, and as I open my legs a little to stop from falling over, his fingers immediately sneak under the material.

"Edward," I mumble, lost in the sensations.

"Hmmmm, Bella," he murmurs, sliding one finger under the lace of my underwear.

I know, somewhere in my foggy brain, that I have to stop him before we go too far, but I cannot seem to find any coherent words. The sensations I am experiencing from his fingers rubbing between the lace and my skin are overwhelming and I don't want it to stop. It's so much better than anything I've ever made myself feel, and as nobody else has ever touched me there before, I want to know how good it can actually get.

His touches are almost non-existent, he is so gentle, but knowing what he is doing is driving me closer to my orgasm.

As his mouth drops towards my breast, I look down and he pushes the material out of the way with his chin, sucking a nipple into his mouth. He pushes a finger inside me and the dual sensation brings me right to the brink. I thrust my pelvis towards him, gasping and closing my eyes. He slowly withdraws and uses that now wet finger to rub my sensitive nub of nerves.

"Fuuuck, so good," I manage to hiss.

He pushes his finger in again, then withdraws it to rub my sensitive spot, over and over, until I am literally panting, my head hanging forward, needing to find my release.

"Please, Edward, please." I beg, but he doesn't change a thing, except release my nipple and bring his head up so that our noses are almost touching.

"Please what, Isabella? Please stop?"

"Fuck, no. Please don't stop."

"Please, what then? Please make me cum?" With each word he draws circles on my clit. "Please make me cum so hard I can't see straight?" I whimper as his words soak through my fogginess and hit my brain. "Please make me cum," he inserts two fingers inside me, "And cum," he pumps his fingers in again, "And cum?"

"Yes, please, Edward, please."

He instantly hooks his fingers inside me and pushes the heel of his hand against my clit, grinding it with just the right amount of pressure, and he growls in my ear, "Cum now, Isabella, cum for me right now."

On the last word he bites down on my earlobe and that's all it takes.

My release hits me like a truck and I scream out in ecstasy. It feels like my orgasm will never end as he continues to grind his hand against me, his tongue licking my ear, drawing out the sensations that wash over me in waves. My vision goes black and all I can feel is the pressure on my core which is linked directly to my brain, and every muscle is pulled taut as pleasure envelops me completely.

When I can finally breathe again, I gasp in air, my knees giving way and he catches me as I crumple towards the floor. He scoops me up and sits me across his lap as he sits on the office chair. I lean against him, feeling every muscle in my body go limp, exhausted from the most intense orgasm of my life.

My eyes are closed and I feel him stroke my face with the backs of his fingers.

"That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," he utters in awe. I can just feel his lips as they graze my cheek. "Watching you come apart under my touch is the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed. Something I want to see again and again."

I move slightly and remember he is still naked. I slowly open my eyes and tilt my head so that I can look at his face.

"Hi," I smile, and he sniggers, gently brushing my lips with his.

"Hi, yourself."

"Thanks," I say with a shy smile and he laughs out loud.

"Oh no, thank you," he cups my face and applies more pressure with his mouth. "That was amazing."

As I rest my head back on his shoulder, I run my hands lightly over his smattering of chest hair.

"You're still naked," I point out, and my hand drops lower. Just as I am about to reach his magnificent - and still hard - cock, his hand flashes out and grabs mine, bringing it to his lips and planting featherlight kisses on my knuckles.

"Oh no, I don't think you're up to any more tonight, Isabella. Next time."

"But I can help with that," I cajole, trying to release my hand from his, to no avail.

"No," he looks me in the eyes. "I want to see you again, I want to take you on a date and I want to romance the shit out of you."

I giggle as his arms come around me again and hug me close to him.

"Romance the shit out of me, you say? I can deal with that!"