"So, he does this thing with his fingers…"

"Oh my God, Alice, TMI, T-M-I!" Bella held the pink pillow up to her face and started giggling like a school girl.

"Shush, Bella, you need to know these things." Alice was a little tipsy and almost slurring from all the wine the two had drunk while pampering themselves in her bedroom. After all, what's a girl supposed to do in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, when the two most eligible men had gone for a boys' Friday night out?

Alice crawled up towards the top of the bed and leaned over Bella, whispering in her ear, "And the things he can do with his tongue!"

They both burst into laughter and pushed each other, Alice almost falling off the bed.

"To Jasper and his amazing skills…!" cried Bella, raising her wine glass.

They clinked glasses and downed the rest of the clear liquid, then lay back against the pillows again.

After a few moments of quiet, with the odd giggle as one of them remembered something from earlier, Bella rolled over to face Alice, her head resting on her hand.

"Show me."

Alice turned her head to look at her friend, "Show you what?!"

Bella's pale cheeks started to take on a rosy hue.

"You know, that thing he does with his fingers." The blush took root and was deepening by the second.

Alice's eyes widened almost comically. "Show you? You mean…?"

"No, God no, Alice! I mean, show me, in the air, like wiggle your fingers and stuff. EXPLAIN it to me!"

"Jesus, Bella, you had me at 'Hello'!" They burst out laughing again, but Alice sat up and turned towards her best friend. "OK, so imagine you're me, and I'm him." Bella rolled her eyes but nodded. "So, when I'm like all worked up and stuff, you know, when we're kissing, after he does that thing with his tongue..."

Bella put her hand up to stop her small friend from talking.

"What thing? Alice, I'm after pointers here, you have to explain it fully - you know I'm new to all this sex stuff. Edward's my first and he thinks I'm all pure and innocent. I want to show HIM something for a change, I want him to think I've been watching porn or something - which I haven't, by the way - it all seems a bit fake to me."

"Yeah, I agree, even all the boobs are fake." Alice crossed her legs and turned her whole body to face Bella. "So when we kiss, and he wants to go a bit further, he does this thing which makes me go all gooey, and HE knows, that I know, that HE knows, there is no way I'll tell him 'No" when I turn to mush." Her eyes glazed over and a serene smile took over her mouth. Bella clicked her fingers in front of her face.

"Earth to Alice, come in, Alice!"

"Sorry," Alice shook her head as if to clear it. "I got pulled in to a lovely memory! So, anyway, we start kissing, right, and he's cupping my face in both his hands," she cups her own face with her hands, "And then he somehow wraps his tongue around mine and sucks, making a kind of phallic reference and I just get so turned on, I want to suck him off so badly..."

"ALICE!" Bella shouted, grabbing a pillow and hitting her friend around the head.

"What?" Alice shrieked as she ducked away from the return swipe. "You asked! I'm just trying to give you a few ideas. Can't help it if I'm a sex-crazed pixie!"

They both giggled, but Bella soon wiggled her fingers, encouraging Alice to continue.

"OK, so after he's turned you to mush…? Actually, back up a bit, I don't really get the 'sucking the tongue' thing. Is it like he rolls his tongue?" Bella stuck her tongue out and rolled it, raising her eyebrows in question.

"Not really, kind of more like this." Alice stuck out and rolled her tongue but undulated it too.

"So," clarified Bella, "It's like a Mexican wave?!"

They both cracked up, and Alice grabbed the bottle of wine from by the bed, filling their glasses and emptying the bottle of the last drop. She dropped it back on the floor and it knocked over the empty bottle from earlier. They clinked glasses again and Alice took a sip from her glass, then looked at Bella with a seldom-seen determination in her eyes.

"I'm going to have to show you, girlfriend." Bella was about to argue but Alice put up her hand to stop her. "It's the only way," she pointed at the glass in her hand. "But I'm going to need to finish this first, I think," and she downed the rest of the alcohol, signaling Bella to do the same.

Two empty glasses later, and the girls sat cross legged on the bed, facing each other, knees almost touching.

"OK," started Alice, Bella waiting patiently for her guidance. "Just close your eyes," she ordered, and muttered to herself, "It's not that bad, I'm sure, kissing your best friend. I mean, it's just like watching a training video on YouTube!"

Bella giggled nervously, but closed her eyes and leaned forward slightly. She felt the bed dip as Alice moved closer, leaning on her hands that were planted either side of Bella's knees. She could feel her friend's breath on her face a split second before her lips were caressed by the softest lips she'd ever felt.

She gasped, the sensation so foreign to her, and Alice took that opportunity to slowly swipe her tongue over Bella's lips. Bella opened slightly, the tip of her tongue following the same path, the faint taste of wine from Alice now on her lower lip.

Their tongues touched and they both moaned quietly, the whole thing seeming so wrong yet so right, right now.

Alice pushed up onto her knees and leaned forward, walking her hands either side of Bella's body as she lay back, her head finding the pillow. Their lips never lost contact.

Now laying alongside her, Alice pushed her tongue between Bella's lips and started to take control. She caressed Bella's tongue, stroking along the length, applying pressure, and encouraging Bella to reciprocate. Her hand made its own way to cup the side of Bella's face, and her thumb gently stroked the skin of her cheek.

After a few moments, Alice pulled away to take a breath, astounded by the pleasure she was feeling by being in control. Usually it was Jasper taking the lead but she was feeling quite a high, being the one to take command.

She opened her eyes and saw the look of want on Bella's face. She could tell it was working, and smiled as she leaned over Bella once more, connecting and immediately pushing her tongue into Bella's mouth. Bella gasped at the dominance being exuded by her friend. Alice went in for the kill, her tongue grabbing Bella's; she sucked it into her own mouth, wrapping around it and rippling until Bella whimpered, her own hands coming up to grab Alice's face.

When Bella eventually opened her eyes, they were shiny and filled with lust. She broke off the kiss and grabbed Alice's hand, pushing it down her body.

"The fingers, show me the fingers," she mumbled as she closed her eyes again and pulled Alice back in for another kiss. She could sense Alice's smile as her friend's fingers worked their way slowly down her body, brushing between her breasts. Alice's hands slid under the t-shirt Bella was wearing and her hands felt so soft compared to Edward's. His job as a carpenter always left his skin feeling a bit like sandpaper, and Bella focused on how her own skin was reacting to the softness and gentle caressing that Alice was making across her stomach.

The kissing was slowing down, tongues still entwined but the focus had definitely shifted to her most sensual place and Bella was breathless to find out just what it was that Jasper did with his fingers!

Part of their girls' night in had been a full hair removal treatment, and the girls had taken turns to sit in the bathroom, squealing with the pain of ripping their own hair out! Bella had never gone completely bare before and was shocked at just how sensitive her clit was at this very moment, with only the brushing of the thin cotton of her pyjamas having a huge effect.

The anticipation and excitement grew as Alice's fingers moved down to the waistband of her pyjama shorts. She noted how her hips rose of their own accord to help remove the flimsy article of clothing.

Alice had worked the shorts down to her knees and even the air on her privates was quite agreeable, the cooler air making her gasp and wriggle her hips, trying to get some friction from this amazing feeling.

Still kissing, Alice ran her fingertips back up the inside of Bella's thigh, knowing how she herself was driven to the edge when Jasper was scarcely touching her.

As she neared the apex of Bella's thighs, it fell silent in the room, both girls holding their breath to this new experience. Their lips broke apart but they shared the same tingling sensation, as Alice, painstakingly slowly, moved her hand towards Bella's throbbing mound. They opened their eyes and stared at each other, when

"Fuck me, don't stop!"

The girls froze, eyes widening, as they realised the boys were standing in the doorway. Hardly breathing, they slowly turned their heads in the boys' direction, and as Alice dropped her hand to the outside of Bella's thigh, Jasper stepped closer, followed by Edward.

"Dear God, please don't stop now." Jasper all but begged. "I have never seen anything so erotic in my life."

"And I have never seen you so turned on, Bella," added Edward. "I want to know how to please you." He moved up the side of the bed towards Bella's head, his head snapping around as he noticed the lack of hair. "For the love of all that is holy," he sucked in a breath as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Are you bare? Did you wax?" His bulge was quite visible and he adjusted himself in his jeans, his wide eyes stuck to Bella's newly exposed area.

"You, you're not mad?" She asked him, still too shocked to move. "Alice told me how Jasper does this thing with his fingers and I wanted to know, but she couldn't even explain the thing he does with his tongue, so I made her show me, and I think we got a bit carried away, and now I know what he does with his tongue but not his fingers. Oh my God, I'm rambling!" She flung her arm over her face.

Edward smirked at her.

"Seriously babe, this is so hot, and if you learn something new you can show me, that's all for the better isn't it? Better for both of us?"

He leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth. "Please don't stop, but please let me watch," he whispered as he nibbled on her ear. "Please."

Meanwhile, Jasper and Alice appeared to have a silent conversation, and he stepped around the bed towards her, leaning down for a small kiss.

"Shall I?" He asked, nodding to where her fingers hovered near Bella's now-bare area. "Or do you want to keep going, darlin'?"

She smiled up at him and batted her lashes. "Why good sir, I do believe I am having me a good time right now, if you don't mind?"

Ever the southern gentleman, Jasper took a bow and stepped back, but not so far that he lost his vantage point. Things were starting to get interesting and he did not want to miss any of the proceedings.

With Edward at her head, Jasper near her knees and Alice right at the centre, Bella took a big breath in and held it. When she blew it out, she looked at Alice.

"Where were we?" She smiled, and Alice knew she had the go-ahead to continue.

"Well, we had perfected that thing he does with his tongue, right?" She leaned down and kissed Bella's lips once more. "I think you should show Edward that one?"

She moved to the side and Edward knelt next to the bed, leaning his head down. Bella turned towards him and grabbed him by the hair.

"Come here, baby, I got something to show you!" She pulled his lips to hers and as they started kissing, Alice looked to Jasper. He raised his eyebrow and she motioned him forward with her finger, then pointed to her own mouth.

Jasper gave her a lopsided smile and took her face in his hands. He knelt on the bed next to her.

"Anytime you want a kiss, darlin', you just have to ask," and he brought his mouth down to hers.

As the kiss deepened and he started doing that thing he does with his tongue, Alice moaned and her fingers slid once more over Bella's thigh towards the top of her legs where moisture was still glistening.

Bella gasped at the contact and Edward moaned as Bella showed HIM the thing that Jasper did with his tongue. Her legs parted as Alice barely touched her sensitive skin, but Bella wanted more, moaning at the feelings of pleasure already starting to pass through her. It felt so wanton, lying here naked from the waist down, kissing her boyfriend while her best friend laid her hands upon her, and her best friend's boyfriend watched on. She would feel slutty if it wasn't so hot!

Alice passed her fingers down Bella's slit a couple of times, gathering the moisture that was pooling, and brought it up to rub across the bundle of nerves that was crying out to be touched.

She knew how good it felt and increased the pressure on this little nub as she drew small circles over it, and she could feel herself getting wet as Jasper pushed himself against her, still doing that thing he does with his tongue. She could feel herself getting turned on and imagined how Bella must have been going out of her mind with all the teasing she had put her through.

Bella moved her hips, lifting them towards Alice's hand, and she broke her kiss with Edward as Alice slammed three fingers inside with no warning.

"Fuuuckk yes!" She called out, Edward's eyes now drawn to watch his best friend's girlfriend's fingers disappearing inside his own girlfriend's vagina. Nothing could be more pornographic than this, he thought. Jasper was tongue fucking Alice's mouth, who was finger fucking Bella, who was screaming out in ecstasy and Edward's hard on was threatening to burst out of its confines.

He watched as Bella's face screwed up in concentration, her pleasure building. Alice had stopped moving her fingers in and out but Bella was becoming more and more aroused.

"What are you doing, Alice? What's happening?" He aimed at Alice, but she was too aroused herself by the thorough mouth invasion she was undergoing and in the knowledge that she was doing that thing that Jasper did with his fingers and that it appeared to be working.

He stood up and watched as Bella climbed higher; he could tell by the look on her face that she was about 30 seconds to orgasm, and he had no idea what was making her cum so fast. He palmed himself through his trousers, surrounded by moans and groans and thought he would blow his load if he didn't do something. So he did what any self-respecting, early twenties male would do, when found in the middle of a porno setting - he took out his cock and stroked and stroked and when he called out Bella's name, she looked at him and reached towards him, opening her mouth to invite him inside.

Jasper opened his eyes as Edward started thrusting into Bella's mouth and pulled away from Alice's kiss.

"Knees, darlin', I want some of that," he ordered, and Alice immediately removed her fingers from her friend, offering them to Edward, who grabbed her wrist and licked off his girlfriend's juices.

He growled in his chest and started pumping faster, and Alice dropped to her knees, tackling Jasper's zipper on the way down.

As she took him into her mouth, doing that thing to his throbbing cock that he did with his tongue, Alice opened her eyes and smiled as Jasper took over showing Bella just what he could, in fact, do with his fingers.

Bella moaned loudly at the renewed sensations and started to suck on Edward as hard as she could, knowing she wouldn't be long and wanting him to tip over the edge with her.

Alice had Jasper's balls in her left hand and looked up at him as she put her right finger into her mouth.

"Fuck, yeah, give me some," Jasper groaned, and Alice reached around him, sucking him deep into her throat, and just as Bella's moans started to stutter, announcing her impending orgasm, Edward let out a roar as he came down his lover's throat, and Alice hollowed her cheeks, sucking as hard as she could on Jasper's length while inserting her right finger into his butt.

The growl that left his throat had Alice swallowing all that he gave her, and as soon as he finished cumming, he picked up Alice, threw her on to the bed, and dropped to his knees, ripping her pyjama shorts off. With no preamble, his face was at her opening and he dove straight in, sucking her clit into his mouth, using his oh-so-talented tongue to bring her to the brink of orgasm in less than a minute. Then he shoved two fingers inside her and and she screamed like a banshee as he did what he did with his fingers and wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. Her muscles contracted around Jasper's fingers and he lapped up all of her juices, prolonging her pleasure until she begged him to stop.

The room was filled with the sound of panting as everyone tried to catch their breath and the smell of sex permeated the air. Items of clothing were pulled back on, zippers closed and a sense of normality returned.

There was no awkwardness, no sidelong glances: each only had eyes for their partner.

Edward gently kissed Bella's face as she leaned back against him on the bed, his back against the wall, muttering words of love, telling her how sexy she was and promising he would learn to do that thing with his fingers that Jasper did so well.

Jasper had picked Alice up and was sat on the window seat with her in his lap, nuzzling her neck and nibbling on her ear. He told her how he loved watching her take control over Bella and let her know that he was willing to submit to her if she wanted to play in the future. She had a look on her face of pure love as she stroked up and down his forearm with her fingertips.

After a few minutes, the girls caught each other's eye and they smiled, sharing a moment.

"See, I told you he does this thing with his fingers!"