You're right Headmaster. I shouldn't have to fight Voldemort. I shouldn't have to worry about murder or conflict in the halls of Hogwarts. I shouldn't have to worry about the prophecy. But I've quickly realized that if I define myself by what I shouldn't have to do I wouldn't be alive right now.

If I wait for Voldemort to see the light, do what is right, and consequently leave me alone, I'll just end up dead. If I wait for you to make Hogwarts a safe place and then try and focus on learning magic like all my peers, I'd have died to the Defence Professor you hired my first year. If I wait for anyone else other than myself to do something they ought to, I'll continue to have problems and no solutions.

I did not come to this deduction on my own either. My mother was not content in trusting the Fidelius; if she was I suspect neither of us would be here today and Voldemort would rule. She shouldn't have had to worry about Peter betraying her and James. But she was proactive. Her research and distrust of others led her to prepare a ritual and sacrifice herself for me. It is in this that she found her own solution to Voldemort hunting her family, even if it cost her life, she solved the problem and that is why I live.

Lily Potter believed that the only way to solve a problem is to approach it head-on and do whatever you can to solve it. I see the wisdom in this far more than what you suggest I do. And if you scoff at this, look at the results that she achieved, and look at yours. A school where students are just collateral damage to Voldemort.

Maybe you just think I'm an edgy teenager, who is so egocentric and arrogant that he believes that he can do something to stop Voldemort when that is clearly beyond my capabilities. And maybe you are right. So I encourage you Headmaster to prove me wrong. Show me that I can trust you to do what you ought to do so that I don't have to grow up faster than I should have to. Do your part and maybe I won't have to do mine. And if you do so then maybe I'll be lucky enough to live my life without doing things that I shouldn't have to do. But until that moment do not ask me to put aside my best chance for survival because it makes you feel guilty or uncomfortable.