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-Rias Gremory's Home-

"Is that a challenge?" She whispered, placing a hand on his chest. "Because I am not backing down from this."

'I should have kept my mouth shut.'

The heiress stared at him intensely, trying to look calm but was blushing up a storm as she continued to lay on top of her Servant, her generous breasts resting on his chest, their faces inches apart, with no sign of her backing up any time soon.

"Nothing of the sort," he assured her, not seeming at all bothered by his scantily clad Master pinning him to the couch. And Rias knew that her precious Servant could easily push her off if he wanted, "Merely that by virtue of having experience, many of the novelties of youth aren't the milestones for me the way I'd imagine they are for young adults like yourself. Rest assured, what we are doing here is special to me, and I fully appreciate what it must mean for you as well."

Most of the challenge that had been in her eyes faded at that. "…Good." She mumbled with a small blush. "But, I remember Akeno saying that I need to do more for you too. So, I've decided I'd like to do this for you… Emiya." she whispered in his ear, the words sounding sweet as the name escaped her lips. She slid her hand across his chiseled chest, silently wishing that the shirt covering it was gone. She ran her fingers over his defined muscles that must've taken a lot of time and effort to achieve, and gently ran one over his nipple, before getting stopped by Archer.

"Master… You've obviously put a decent amount of thought into this, but is this really what you want?"

"Do you… not like me?" She asked, having gained the courage to go this far, knowing that such a chance would rarely come to happen in the future.

The man went quiet, each passing second doubling the anxiety within her heart.

"…It's not a question of whether I like you or not. But such matters hold more weight than a simple kiss. It's not something you can do without being certain of it. So why don't you rest for today? Gather your thoughts and think about it carefully and with time, well… we'll see."

Hearing him tell her that… it somehow felt troubling to Rias and made her heart ache. Slowly, she reached up and wrapped her fingers around his hand, soft smooth hands interlocking with strong, rough ones and took a deep breath. "I want to do something more than just kiss you. I want to… feel more of you."

It wasn't just the fear of losing her Servant one day that pushed the girl to confront this matter without backing down. But the realization that she wasn't alone in this quest, if she were too slow then Akeno would tread past her and get to him before she could. And for some reason Rider, despite technically being the enemy, set up plenty of alarms in her head whenever she was near the white-haired man. The way he acted during any discussion linked to the other Servant, where he suddenly became dismissive and vague in his replies… It told Rias that Archer was most likely hiding something about himself and the other Servant. Something personal.

She… she didn't want that, Archer was hers and hers alone. She could handle the idea of sharing him, but she won't let anyone else have him before her.

"Is that an order, Master?" he asked, nearly making the heiress bang her head against the wall, but instead just pressed her forehead against his. She looked him in the eyes, looking into those steel gray orbs that held a story she could barely begin to guess at, and gave her answer.

"No, it's a request, Emiya. There are very few people I trust as much as I do you. I very much enjoy every minute we spend together, and want you to be around me for as long as possible." She smiled and had to snap herself out from staring too much into those steel gray eyes of his, or else she would lose herself. "I don't want to get cold feet and I don't want to have regrets… and my valiant Servant also deserves a reward for saving me from Riser's clutches."

"Humph, a predicament you could have handled yourself. I'd wager Yuuto alone was more than enough to handle Riser. I honestly have to wonder why you never looked his way."

Rias rolled her eyes, "Idiot, he's more like a brother to me. Are you alluding to something else, Archer? As your Master, I'm not above delivering you some punishments for slander, such as giving you a spanking." She teased, running her hand down his waist and grabbing a handful of his butt and secretly delighted at the toned muscle of his glutes. Archer chuckled, not minding his Master groping him like a pervert.

"I'd rather face Rider without any weapons while having my hands tied behind my back than have to deal with that ridiculous form of corporal punishment."

—(Lemon start!)—

At that, both of them chuckled and she felt herself becoming more relaxed. She reached out and gently pressed herself against his chest, leaning in to give him another kiss, Archer meeting her halfway. The action sent a wave of pleasure coursing all over her body, a sensation much different compared to the night before with her first kiss. It felt like a bonfire had been set alight in her very core, heating up her body more than anything her life ever had.

It lasted for a minute, all too brief, and yet eternal, and by the time their lips came apart, she was blushing for an entirely different reason, her heart now beating erratically. A disappointed moan seeped through her lips, and not wanting it to end anytime soon she instinctively tried to go for more.

"Did something happen to your dress?" Archer just couldn't help himself from teasing her a bit more, having rested his hands on her waist. The redhead had completely forgotten about her surroundings, including the revealing lingerie that was the only thing covering her.

"Mmph," she went back in, completely focused on smashing her lips against his, her tongue sneaking in as the heat within the girl's chest grew stronger, as she coiled her tongue around his. With her arms snaking behind his back, Rias tried to get a better hold of him, but she wanted to feel his bare skin!

"Mh-shir—mmph-off. Now!"

She managed to speak in between gasps, a trail of saliva connecting their lips. Foggy sapphire blue eyes stared back at steel gray, Rias' heartbeat rising as the Servant's shirt broke down into motes of light.

"You… need to… calm down, I won't be disappearing anytime soon." He commented in between breaths, gently supporting the redhead's back as he got up from the couch while holding her, with Rias taking the chance to wrap her legs around his waist as he walked over to the bedroom. "I might be… devoured by a Devil at… this rate. But not… in the way most would expect."

"Kya!" The girl squealed in delight when Archer dropped her onto the bed, chuckling before finding herself back in his arms, the man leaning in to peck at her lips once. Then he started to kiss his way down her chin and then her neck, noticing with interest the way she shivered and warmed up as soon as he began to do so. He moved back to her neck, planting more kisses and licks, causing Rias to squirm in his hold.

'Note to self, her neck is highly sensitive.'

As soon as he lifted her to more easily kiss at the nape of her neck, she let out a hot, wet moan. When he nipped her neck, Rias let out a delighted cry that would've gotten the redhead blushing up a storm if she was in the right state of mind.

'Very sensitive indeed.'

He continued his attack on her neck while his hand had moved down her body and down to her nether regions. The garment was completely soaked in her juices as he ran his fingers over it. Rias squeezed her thighs together, trying to get him to rub harder, but he continued at the same pace as when he started. It didn't take long for him to have Rias at his mercy.

"W-wait, Archer, I want to take off my linge… argh! Fuck it! I don't care anymore!" She moaned before having her hands get coated with a thin layer of her crimson Demonic Energy which instantly removed any piece of annoying clothing resting upon her skin, allowing the woman to finally get a feel of both of their bodies pressing against one another — the heat of his chest only making it harder to control her desires. She shuddered in delight when she felt those strong fingers rubbing the bare surface of her labia, shuddering with each stroke from the nimble digits. She had almost bit through her lip when Archer, the absolute bastard, pulled his hand away right when she was so close.

He pulled away from the red headed Devil and smirked at her, "How dangerous, I could have easily been gravely wounded by my Master's terrifying magical powers. And here I thought it was one of your favorite pieces. Plus, I have to admit to liking how that lingerie looked on you."

Rias, despite having been absolutely livid for a brief instant, decided to play along. "Humph, as if something like this will hurt you after everything I tried back in the mountains. Also, you can always make me a new set, so I'm not worried." She playfully admonished her Servant, even as she swayed her chest back and forth for his viewing pleasure. Hoping that he would grab them, while shoving his hand between her legs again.

"You seriously want to risk being naked in front of everyone from a single cut on the fabric? What a degenerate Master I have. I don't know if I should wallow in despair at how I've become a clothes factory for you and Koneko."

At that, her eyes lit up in both delight and mischief. "You talk too much… Though I have to admit, I like the idea of you being able to undress me with just a thought."

"I had a feeling you would say that. Just look at the way you've been hoarding all the clothes you had me create for you. Such a naughty Master I have."

With that, he leaned in and, letting go of her wrists, kissed at the top of her left breast before working his way toward her nipple.


Archer swirled the hard nub with his tongue, gently sucking the sensitive nipple. His hand had moved to roll the bountiful boob, letting his fingers sink into the soft, smooth, and tender flesh, while his other hand continued where it left off between her legs.

"Nngh! Emiya!" Rias moaned out his name, enjoying the attention far more than she had expected.

Archer continued to run his digits over her folds, fingers massaging those moist pink petals that sent shocks of pleasure through her body. Rias could feel his fingers gently caress her smooth mound.

She had to hold back the desire to beg Archer to just put it in her aching quim, but her pride would not allow it. But thankfully, blissfully, Archer finally inserted his fingers inside her while his thumb began to stimulate her clit.

Rias mewled in delight at the sensation of finally having his fingers delve into her wet tunnel. Meanwhile, Archer moved his head to the other breast that had been neglected thus far, engulfing the nipple and rolling his tongue over it.

His actions continued to send shocks of pleasure across her body while the silver-haired Servant played her like a fiddle. She had nearly come undone when Archer's fingers brushed against a specific spot inside her. But he held back, wanting for her pleasure to last a little longer before reaching its climax, letting Rias bask in the euphoric agony that he inflicted on her.

Rias was both grateful that he didn't let it end just yet, and frustrated at the way he teased and played with her.

The moans that she was letting out would have been heard throughout the house, and most likely outside as well, but she didn't care anymore. She arched her flared hips, humping onto Archer's fingers with fervor, doing her best to grind herself on him to get the most out of it.

His hand continued to plunge inside of her soaking, sensitive folds… and then it suddenly stopped completely.

Rias had almost wept at that, and was about to throw her pride away and beg Archer to continue, to push her over the edge, and let her reach her climax. But the man didn't seem to stop there. He pulled his head away from her saliva-soaked nipple and kissed his way down her body, making his way down between her legs.

She shuddered in anticipation, realizing what was about to come next.

She could feel his hot breath caressing her sensitive pussy, before she felt his tongue start to lap at her folds. He started with her outer folds, dragging his tongue over the edges, lapping up her nectar.

Rias wrapped her thighs around his neck, moaning and shivering as he continued his cunnilingus, not the slightest bit bothered or slowed down by her thighs almost smothering him. He ran his tongue in circles around her clit before the wet appendage dove inside her fully.

At that, both of Rias' hands latched onto Archer's white locks, holding onto him for dear life as he used his tongue to explore her innermost depths, swirling, plunging, and reaching as much as he could while drinking her juices.

She felt him pull out and placed a kiss on her clit, sending another shock through her body, before engulfing the clit with his lips and sucking the pink little nub as his fingers delved back inside her.

But that was Rias's breaking point.

"Oh fuck! Emiya! I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cumming!"

Rias' moans echoed throughout the house. Her back formed a perfect arc, her breasts bouncing from the sudden action harshly enough that her own bountiful globes of flesh nearly smacked herself in the face while her vision was filled with stars. It was a miracle that she didn't pull out some of Archer's hair with how hard she was pulling the man into her squirting and quivering pussy, but she was too busy riding the absolute massive wave of her orgasm that was hitting her with full force. Her body trembled, wracked with pleasure, as she rode out the greatest orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Rias, still enthralled by the pleasure, faintly wondered how much better it would feel to actually have sex with Emiya. And there was still so much of herself for him to explore in so many ways…

But those thoughts, delightful though they may be, had to be put off for now when she came back down from her nirvana. Her lungs were more empty than she'd realized, and she promptly started to gasp for breath. She had slumped back onto the bed in a boneless heap, but she still held onto Archer's head, as if he was an anchor to hold her in place and keep her in reality.

Archer for his part, calmly lapped up the juices that were still dripping onto his face, making a mental note to wipe himself off once his Master released him from his current position.

He was a bit surprised at how much Rias had let off. He privately wondered if his Master had been backed up for a good while, or was just a natural squirter.

Either way, it wasn't a problem for him, and the taste was sweeter than he had expected. Maybe that had to do with her Devil physiology?

"I hope that was to your satisfaction, Master. But would you mind letting me go now?" said Archer, still between Rias' legs, having not moved until she let go of his hair and legs still holding him in place. The panting woman didn't say anything, didn't even seem to register his words at first. But soon enough, she managed to let go of his hair, untangled her legs, and just rested on the bed sheets that were now quite damp from her bodily fluids.

Archer stood up, stretching his neck a bit after being stuck in that position, wiped his face, and looked over to his Master.

Sweat was coating her body, her breathing was harsh from all of the screaming, her body spasmed every now and then, and her blues clouded with pleasure as she peeked through her arm.

Overall, his Master looked even more sinful than before, and Archer would be lying if he claimed that he didn't feel a bit of pride at seeing his Master in this state because of his actions.

…Or that this entire experience hadn't made him quite hard.

"If that is all, Master, I'll start cleaning up and help get you ready for bed."

Those words seemed to pierce through the haze of pleasure and bring Rias back to the land of the living.

"W-wait." Rias' voice was a bit hoarse, but was still loud enough to get his attention. He watched her slowly push herself off the bed. The Devil girl wobbled a bit on her legs, but was able to steady herself and walk up to the man in the nude.

"Master, please lay back down. I'll get things read—"

"I-I want to return the favor!"

"Master, you don't have to—"

Archer went silent when he felt Rias cup his groin while she earnestly stared at him with her bright blue eyes.

He could've just stopped Rias right now, and put her to bed. But the way that she was looking at him, how much she wanted this to continue… Archer had a hard time trying to say no to her.

"…If this is what you wish, then I will oblige."

Rias moved up to kiss him, using the tip of her toes to connect her lips with his. Her hand continued to massage the bulge in his pants while she rested her other hand on his sturdy chest, in order to keep her balance.

But Rias didn't want to waste any more time than she had to and was too eager for the next part.

Giving one last lingering kiss, Rias moved down to her knees so that her face was level with her desired prize.

She fiddled with the buttons of his black pants until it was undone. But just as she was about to pull them down, she looked up to Archer, silently asking if he was fine with it, and hoping that he would say yes. Thankfully for her, Archer nodded, and the red-haired Devil wasted no time in pulling his pants down, and releasing his erection.

She swallowed the lump in her throat as she eyed the hard thing in front of her. She was no stranger to seeing a man's private parts, seeing as her father and brother were nudists like herself when circumstances allowed. And as a healthy young woman, she'd naturally on many occasions taken a few moments to relieve herself of some tension while using a variety of pictures and videos as visual aids. However, her experience when it came to touching a phallus was nonexistent, as she had never been able muster up the nerve to buy herself a toy, fearing someone, specifically Akeno, would find out and never let her live it down.

Now though, she had a real flesh and blood cock in front of her, hard as a rock and raring to go, because the man it belonged to desired her, just like she desired him. She had to wonder if all guys' dicks were as big as this. Or was her precious Servant simply so amazing in every conceivable way just as she had always believed, even in this area?

Her hand slightly trembling, Rias softly took hold of Archer's hardened length, feeling it twitch at her touch. "Archer, can I… make you feel good?"

His own heart was pounding, now really taking in the situation of having his beautiful Master in this position, but the Servant took a calming breath and slowly exhaled. "Only if you're comfortable with it, Rias."

Her cheeks flush, Rias leaned in a bit to get a closer look at Archer's cock as she slowly began to stroke her hand back and forth, getting a feel for it. For all the times she'd slept in the same bed with her Servant while naked, this was her first time seeing Archer so exposed.

He'd gotten this aroused from bringing her pleasure the likes of which was unparalleled for her before this night. She owed it to him to at least try and do the same.

Rias pooled some saliva onto her tongue before letting it fall onto his phallus, and soon enough her hand's movements became more slick and faster. But when she glanced at Archer's face, she feared that, while progress was being made, this wasn't as effective as she'd hoped.

So she decided to whip out the big guns. Letting go of him with her hand, she grabbed ahold of her large breasts and wrapped them around Archer's cock. This action gave her the results that she wanted, hearing the hitch in her Servant's breath, and how he shut his eyes in clear pleasure as she smothered his cock with her enormous bosom.

Taking this as encouragement to keep going, Rias started to stroke her breasts up and down along the length of his cock, the prior slickness provided by her saliva helping make the process much easier and smoother than if she'd done this dry. She had to marvel at how there was still so much of him sticking out that even her luscious melons couldn't fully envelop his length, but she found this to be another amazing thing about him.

She continued to squeeze her breasts around his cock, massaging it as much as she could. The man was stubborn in not expressing much of his desires, but she was going to give it her all and get him to relax and enjoy himself.


"Do you like this, Archer?" She smiled at him with a combination of lewdness, mischief, and affection while she hefted her breasts up and down. "Do you like having your big hard cock between my big soft tits?"

"Of course I'm enjoying this." He breathed. "Don't ask questions when the answer couldn't be more obvious. Especially when talking in your current position comes with… certain risks."

With a downward glance, Rias had to admit he had a point. Despite how massive her breasts were, Archer's cock could very easily have poked her in the chin or cheek, or even gone into her mouth just now. Although… That didn't really sound like such a bad thing now that she thought of it.

"Maybe that's the kind of risk I like." Rias grinned at Archer before she stopped hefting her breasts up and down his shaft, and just squeezed them around it while she ran her tongue over the bulbous tip, getting a thorough taste of the spongy flesh and the clear fluid leaking from it. She felt Archer's body twitch at that, and Rias felt even more excited as she dragged her tongue over every inch of the head of his cock. She gently resumed stroking her breasts along the shaft, massaging the appendage. She then decided to place her lips over the head, and started to gently suck on the tip, getting a small huff from the man.

She felt him buck his hips lightly, making her swallow more of his appendage, but she welcomed it, and even stopped stroking her breasts along Archer's shaft so she could focus more on sucking him. He was too big and she was too inexperienced for her to take very much of him into her mouth, and she didn't want to risk ruining the mood from a sudden bout of choking and coughing, but she did her best to make up for it with enthusiasm, and stroking what she couldn't suck.

She was feeling a strange sense of joy out of this, both from giving her first blowjob, and for finally getting this oh-so serious man who'd captivated her heart to unwind a bit.

She stared up at Archer while she bobbed her head back and forth over his girthy meat, her soft lips dragging across the upper portion over and over while her tongue continuously licked and lathered the head that never left her mouth and her hand feverishly stroked what remained. She then began to hum, feeling it send vibrations along the cock in her mouth. The humming may not have done much on its own, but it contributed to the overall experience, as proven when she saw how Archer's jaw grew more tense.

From there, it was only a matter of time before Archer reached his boiling point.

"Rias… I'm getting close." huffed out Archer.

With some reluctance, Rias released his cock from her mouth, though she never stopped jerking her hand back and forth as she smiled up at him. "Oh? Is my dear Servant close? Are you about to cum? I don't mind, you know. It can be on my tits or my face if you want, though personally I'm looking to take this one in my mouth. I knew what was going to happen when I decided to do this. Go ahead and cum, Archer. Make me swallow it. Your Master commands it!" Rias said before she resumed sucking him off, her hand and tongue moving faster and faster.

Archer's breaths were becoming more labored, and she could feel him twitching. She then felt a hand come to rest upon her head, but it made no effort to hold or move her. Rias looked back up at Archer, and amongst the strain of his impending orgasm, she could see his affection for her and appreciation for doing this, and seeing that sent her heart fluttering. Finally, with a soft moan and a small lurch of his hips, he released his seed inside her awaiting mouth, and Rias savored the taste of her Servant before drinking it down, along with the feeling that came from a job well done of satisfying the man she'd chosen to love.

A large part of Rias was honestly tempted to continue, possibly even through the whole night and end up having to sleep in and skip school tomorrow. Especially since a single glance made it evident that Archer could keep going…

But there was no need to rush things.

Her and Archer… Her and Emiya, they had all the time in the world for each other now.




—-(Lemon end!)-

The following morning came much too soon for the redheaded Princess of Destruction, though that wasn't inherently bad as her dear Servant gently pulled her hair off her face to wake her up with a gentle nudge to her shoulder — though she'd been hoping for a morning kiss instead.

"Muu~" She eagerly reached out, trying to wrap her arms around her Servant and pull him in for said kiss herself to start her day off on a good note, only for Archer to pull back and force her to look at him with something resembling sleepy annoyance. "Arche~er."

"Good morning, Master."

It was then that the smell hit her, and she finally blinked sleep out of her bright blue eyes to look at him. The smug Servant was already up, cleaned and dressed as he held a wooden tray table — the kind meant for serving people breakfast in bed — with a portion of last night's dinner on it for breakfast.

"That smells… fresh. Not at all like last night's meal after a night in the fridge." She commented, surprised by the scent and how it drew a hungry roar out of her stomach.

"I have my ways, and your cooking was rather decent to begin with, so I only needed to heat it and add some light orange sauce to help restore the flavor. Knowing your taste, I'm sure you'll love it."

"What do you mean, my taste?"

"Well, you like sweets, but you actually enjoy the tang of citric fruits more. I'd say you even prefer lemonade to orange juice, and don't like fats since you barely ever add any oil to your salads, so…"

"…Are you really an Archer, and not a chef or detective?"

"No, no. I know of a few Heroic Spirits that might be even better than me at cooking, and The Great Detective and I have few things in common, not to mention I don't think he would be very keen on acting as a glorified butler to a needy Master."

"What?" Rias blinked at him, completely glossing over that jab of his. "I thought Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character from a book series…"

"Human beliefs and legends are a powerful aspect in my world, and spirits or concepts are known to draw power from such things, turning even a fictional story into something truly larger than life. Sherlock Holmes isn't even the only case of this happening either; other characters from short but famous stories, poems and so on, have had their existence enhanced by humanity's beliefs. In short, if they had a big enough cultural impact, then even beings of pure fiction can become Heroic Spirits."

"But… Sherlock Holmes wasn't a fighter, so I'm not sure any of the Servant classes suit him in any way." Rias may not be all that familiar with that series of novels, but she'd be surprised if there was a single passage that showcased the legendary detective using a bow, spear, or sword, let alone magic.

Archer just shrugged, "Believe it or not, he's qualified to be summoned as a Saber, Caster and Archer, to name a few."

"Don't tell me he's an Archer because he throws around books or something like that… and a Saber, really? I can understand Caster to a certain extent, but even if he has something like one of those cane-swords, I wouldn't have thought that was enough for a Heroic Spirit to qualify as a Saber."

There was also the Ruler class, but Archer had no desire to delve into the subject of the various 'extra' classes, since he doubted it would be at all relevant. "It wouldn't be the strangest thing I've seen. But, really Master, it's not important and we can talk about it later if you insist. For now though, how are you feeling, and do you need help sitting up for breakfast?"

"Eh? Why would I ne-aah!" She winced a little as he opened the curtains wide open in a single move, the harsh sun assaulting her eyes. "I hate when you do that!"

"You may be awake, but you're far from alert and ready to face the day. Here, let me help you sit up."

He placed the little wooden tray near the foot of the bed, and helped Rias into a more upright position before placing her breakfast onto her lap.

"Have a bit of bread first, to cleanse your palate." He recommended.

"Why would I need to—?" She began, then she cut herself off, wearing an expression that was halfway between embarrassment and shame.

Quietly, she broke off a bit of bread and chewed on it before having a sip of lemonade under his silent but obvious smirk.

"Mm, you're right. I think I do prefer lemonade for breakfast."

With that, she began digging into the turkey she had intended to woo Archer with, only to find that it went surprisingly well with the sauce he added onto it to counteract the dryness of the meat after resting for a night and being reheated in the morning.

"Hm. May I also say Archer, you are looking a lot better." She pointed out. "I can't see any signs of your scuffle with Sona's Servant anymore."

"I've told you plenty of times, so long as you keep supplying me with Magical Energy and my core isn't too badly damaged, I can heal from just about anything. I've even survived being impaled by multiple swords before, so I can say with certainty that I'm quite resilient… or just stubborn if you'd prefer to look at it that way. Hn, honestly I think it has more to do with the latter than anything else." he chuckled at his own words, which caused Rias' ahoge to stand up like an antenna at the disturbing image.

"You have a very disturbing sense of humor, Archer…"

"It wasn't a joke, sometimes you just have to laugh at your own misfortune when you're able to look back on it."

"Are you… are you serious? Wait… you know what? I'd rather not go into details, it won't happen on my watch anyways." She said resolutely, not noticing the Servant roll his eyes in the background. Good thing he didn't mention that in most of these scenarios he didn't even have a Master. "Anyways, I still can't believe the night we had… it feels like a dream."

"Hm? Are you referring to how you dozed off onto the couch after that kiss? Honestly Master, if even that much is enough to make you fall asleep, you should've had me carry you straight to your bed instead."

Rias froze, panic settling in as she whipped her head around to look at the man who was calmly reading a book, flipping through the pages with his head supported by his hand waiting for her to finish eating. Her reaction got him to look at her with a strange look. "What?"

"L-Last night… y-you don't remember that we… we had… No, I-I'm certain it wasn't a dream…"

His confused reaction felt like a strike of thunder upon her conscience. "Are you feeling alright, Master? Did you experience another Dream Cycle? They can be quite vivid, and it's not unheard of for a Master to have some trouble discerning the dream from actual experiences. But don't worry, your mind will clear up in an hour or two, I'm sure."

He snapped the book close, leaving her completely speechless and unsure about anything. Her mind continuing to struggle with reality, Archer appeared next to her and expertly had the woman get dressed, given he'd done this plenty of times. All the while, Rias was moving on autopilot as nothing but static rang in her head.

"Would you look at the time, we should be heading to school soon, Master. You should get showered and dressed, otherwise you'll be late for class, and I had a surprise test to prepare for my second-year class. And I also want to check in on Rider early, make sure doesn't accidentally turn anyone to stone." He said jokingly, pushing the girl towards the door while struggling to hide his smirk.

"Wa…wa…ah…" continued to mumble the redhead, feeling the world around her twist and turn.

His adorable Master… she was so very easy to tease. It was her own fault that messing with her like this was such a reliable source of entertainment.

And if she became upset later once she found out about this little prank, well… he was certain he could convince her to forgive him.

"Oh dear, your hair is still a mess. Stay still for a moment." Projecting a hairbrush, the man quickly combed the hair of the redhead who looked to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. The brush glided across her red mane and its bristles gently rubbed the back of her neck, causing goosebumps to quickly spread all over her body.

"Ah~!" She jumped away and looked back at the man with suspicion, only seeing him dismiss the construct in his hand and grab her school bag, holding it out for her.

"Don't forget this. Or are you perhaps still half asleep?"


Just what the hell happened!? Was last night real or not?! She needed to know!

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