Choose a perk

[Draconic Presence]

Regain your mighty presence, a passive aura that emboldens your allies and terrifies your enemies.

[Draconic Wings]

Regain your ability to regrow majestic wings whenever you want to soar through the clouds like you were meant to do.

Ah, there it is. I was beginning to lose hope, thinking I'd never see it until level 300 or so. Good to see I'm wrong.

I drop the bandit's headless corpse, wiping the blood off my hands before choosing the perk. The alternative won't be very helpful considering how low-level this world is, but wings give me a massive mobility advantage. I think with them at my current power, I can circle around the entire planet in a few minutes. Assuming it's a medium-sized planet.

Once I add the perk to my collection, I spread my black scale wings at last, groaning in satisfaction and bliss. Finally! I can't believe I spent so much time without stretching them once. Well, a week isn't much, but it certainly felt that way. But mere stretches aren't going to be enough. I think I'll test this theory of mine and see just how fast I can fly.

I jump and flap my wings, going above the clouds in less than a second. I decide to head north, and with the giant mountain behind my back, I begin flying, accidentally splitting the clouds apart. My face breaks into a smile, already satisfied with my speed.

I notice that there were a lot of empty spots big enough for entire countries on my lap around the world, which should've been obvious. It's very doubtful that primitive worlds like this one conquered every inch of their planet, seeing the many types of monsters around. That would slow down their progress considerably.

As I make my way to Mondstadt, I pause and slow down as I go through a divine-empowered thunderstorm, dark clouds covering the whole sky above the islands below me. I blink in curiosity, descending slowly to see a full-scale battle between two armies going on.

I don't interfere, content with watching this whole thing unfold. It takes me a few seconds to deduce where this storm is coming from, seeing a woman in a purple kimono, dark violet hair, and a blade in hand leading one of the armies.

I narrow my eyes in thought. She feels rather strange, somewhat similar to Katheryne, but unlike Katheryne, this woman is powerful. I feel immense divine power surrounding her, far more than even Venti. Intriguing.

Another Archon? And with lightning abilities, so I believe I'm in Inazuma. I didn't know there was a war taking place, though. This is interesting. Hopefully, it'll last until I visit at least. Wars can be fun.

In an impressive display of power, the woman decimates half of the enemy troops with a single swing of her sword, casting hundreds of lightning strikes across the battlefield. Then simply, she walks away, her sword disintegrating into particles as she enters her tent.

"Hmm…" I rub my chin in thought, becoming many times more interested in this conflict. She's quite strong. "There must be a way where I can involve myself in this."

My grin widens as a devious idea pops into my head. I don't want to stick around for too long because I'm not done with Mondstadt yet, but I can't let an opportunity like this go. This is going to be very fun.

I know I shouldn't do this, but it will be hilarious.

I give the other, weaker army a glance, seeing them get overwhelmed. They won't know it yet, but they're going to be very grateful to me.

I begin my plan by gaining momentum, flying around the globe as fast as I possibly can so that I feel myself being set on fire. The loud sonic boom of the sound barrier being broken hundreds of times over must've alerted them, but then I dive into the battlefield once I'm fully covered in scales, ramming through hundreds of that woman's soldiers and turning them into fine red mist.

Just as she wiped out most of the enemy's armies, I destroy hers even more, leaving less than a quarter of what she started with. Before anyone notices, I get away and fly back to Mondstadt, giggling to myself as I imagine the look on her face. I'd stay around for a bit to see how she reacts, but I don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to mess with her more if I did that.

"One step at a time, Crimson," I mutter to myself before chuckling childishly, glancing back in the general direction of the battlefield.

The consequences of doing that are going to be very funny. I can't wait until I visit them and see what I changed by interfering.

As I make my way back to Mondstadt, I see something else interesting below. I quickly recognize Barbara holding a basket and crouching behind a bush, seemingly hiding from a group of bandits harassing some lady with short dark hair on a wagon with a cargo of supplies. I notice the pins on some of the bandits belonging to those Treasure Hoarder folks. A robbery?

I descend slowly and quietly, retracting my wings and landing next to Barbara, who doesn't notice me. She isn't planning to fight them on her own, is she? I know she has a Vision, but anyone can tell that she's no warrior.

"What are you doing?" I ask suddenly with the intention to startle her.

Barbara jumps and gasps, turning around and covering her mouth with her hands to stop herself from screaming. I find this amusing of course, but she doesn't as she pouts at me adorably.

"Keep your voice down!" She shushes, a finger raised over her mouth.

"What are you doing?" I ask again in a whisper, crouching next to her as she returns to surveying. "And why are we whispering?"

"Well, I was around foraging for some ingredients to use for drinks, but then I heard a commotion and thought I'd investigate." She responds, pointing at the bandits. "Then I saw them. I should alert the knights, but I don't have much time…"

"So you decided to…" I blink. "Sit here and watch?"

"I thought I'd stay in case they hurt her." She explains. "I have a Vision and know a bit of magic, you know. I can handle myself…Maybe…"

I would've believed her if she wasn't hesitating and trembling so much. Perhaps she can defeat some disorganized Hilichurls on her own. Certainly not a dozen of relatively intelligent Treasure Hoarders, though.

"Allow me."

"Huh? Wait, what are you doing?! There are too many of them!"

I ignore her and approach the bandits, picking up a pebble before flicking it at one of them, instantly knocking him down. I make sure not to use too much power and splatter him across the wagon. I wouldn't want to traumatize the ladies watching.

"You there," I call out, feeling like a smartass. "Don't you know? Robbing people is illegal in Mondstadt. Leave before more of you get hurt."

Of course, this immediately alerted the others, prompting them all to aim their weapons at me. One shoots me with his crossbow, but I casually catch the bolt, breaking it in my hand. Some of them flinch, not expecting what they just saw, but they still attack regardless.

Seemingly trying to help, Barbara rushes forward and releases a stream of water from her hand as the tome strapped to her hip floats next to her. Her hydromancy doesn't do much damage, but then she pulls out some sort of a purple vial that sparks with electricity, throwing it at the group she initially attacked.

The vial breaks between them and unleashes a powerful explosion of electricity, successfully damaging and even knocking some of them out. Clever, but if that was all she had, then she'd have no hope of beating all of them on her own. Good thing I'm here, though.

A taller one swings his massive hammer at me, but instead of blocking or dodging, I stand there without moving, wanting to test my durability without using my scales. The hammer hits me square in the head, and I don't budge an inch, making me smirk.

So that's how powerful I am at level 60? What a shame. A part of me wants to stop leveling before I outgrow everything in this world, but I'm still slightly worried about what could be waiting for me here.

Satisfied with the results, I strike the Treasure Hoarder in the chest with an open palm, instantly rendering him unconscious before moving on to the others. They don't even comprehend what is happening as I knock them out one by one, either with a painful gut punch or a quick chop to the neck.

And in the span of five seconds, all of them are out cold.

Both the merchant and Barbara were silent for a good few moments, the former taking my hand and shaking it profusely as she realizes she's been saved.

"Oh by Rex Lapis, thank you so much!" She thanks me. "When those bandits ambushed me, I thought I was done for!"

"Please, I'm only doing my job." I wave it off. "Do be careful next time, though. Perhaps you should hire some adventurers to protect you and your cargo."

"Yes, that was on me." The lady sighs. "I thought Mondstadt would've been safe after the Knights of Favonius defeated the giant dragon…"

"That's no excuse to be reckless and cheap, Miss." Barbara scolds in a soft tone. "There are still bandits and monsters all over the region. Hiring adventurers to escort you can be expensive, but unlike Mora, lives are invaluable."

"I'm sorry." She shuffled awkwardly. "But what are we going to do with them?"

She points at the unconscious bodies of the Treasure Hoarders. I hum in thought before speaking.

"Do you have any rope?"

"I do."

"Then we'll tie them up," I answer. "Mondstadt is a mere thirty-minute walk from here, so how about you take them with you?"

"What? But what if they wake up?" Barbara raises a point.

"Don't worry, I know a very good tying technique." I wink at her.

The innuendo totally goes over Barbara's head, but the merchant lady understands it, clearing her throat as she gives me some rope with her face a little red.

"Oh, okay." The church girl smiles.

She's unreasonably precious.

I take the rope and begin tying them up one by one, in the most constricting and uncomfortable way possible. I do check on them beforehand, getting rid of any sharp objects that they could use to free themselves. It takes around five minutes to finish, barely fitting all of them inside the wagon.

"Thank you so much, Mr…"

"Crimson." I introduce myself. "And this lovely lady is Barbara."

The nun grins and blushes at the compliment.

"Barbara? That name sounds… familiar." The merchant lady frowns in thought.

"D-does it?" Barbara's smile turns strained. "It is a common name in Mondstadt…"

"I guess that's true." She hums.

"Let us walk you back." I quip, changing the subject for Barbara's sake. "The city isn't far, but it's gotten late. We wouldn't want you running into Hilichurls."

"Oh, thank you again!" The merchant lady smiles. "I'll make it worth your time, I promise."

I look at Barbara.

"Have you picked up everything you needed?" I ask, pointing at her basketful of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

"I have." She nods.

"Then let's move."

The three of us begin walking back to the city, and while I would've loved to fly around a bit more, I also don't want to scare them with my wings. One step at a time. Barbara still doesn't know that I'm a dragon after all.

– Barbara –

"Thank you for the help." The nice merchant lady smiled at them, the three standing at the gate. "If you need any kind of assistance in Liyue, ask around for 'Daiyu'. I'll definitely return the favor."

"I'll keep the offer in mind," Crimson responded.

The lady took her wagon and left them, waving goodbye. Barbara glanced at Crimson and thought back on the event that had just transpired. When he approached those bandits, she had forgotten that he was apparently able to beat Eula with relative ease.

But then she saw him manhandle them like they were nothing– moving so fast that she couldn't even see him, and understood how he was capable of doing such a thing. That was incredible strength right there, and he didn't even have a Vision.

Now she still didn't know where in the name of Barbatos he came from, but she was very lucky that he had randomly stumbled on her like that. Barbara didn't think she could've beaten so many bandits on her own. She was very good at healing, but not fighting. Seeing him take that hammer to his head like that almost gave her a heart attack.

In fact…

Barbara put her hands on his cheeks, making him blink in confusion as she used her power to heal whatever damage he may have suffered from that hit.

"What are you doing?" He raised a brow in amusement.

"Just… making sure you're not hurt." She said, a little concerned. "I know it barely did anything, but that was a nasty hit."

"How kind of you." He chuckled, gently holding both her hands. "It almost makes my heart melt."

Barbara blushed profusely as Crimson kissed the back of her hands, staring at her soft blue eyes with his sharp red ones. She quickly looked down, the heat in her face making it hard to focus. She didn't understand why she was feeling this way, and while she didn't particularly hate it, she wasn't sure how to deal with this emotion properly.

And so she blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"U-um, are you busy at the moment?"

"Not particularly. Do you need me for something?"

"Well, I thought that maybe you can join me for some drinks…?" She offered before quickly clarifying. "Nothing alcoholic if that's a concern. It's a special brew I personally enjoy."

"That sounds lovely," Crimson said, taking the basket off her hand. "Lead the way."

Barbara's heart swelled as she smiled at him, taking his hand and leading him to the church through the dark streets of Mondstadt. It was getting rather late, but she was willing to spare a few more minutes for this. It wasn't always that she had time for herself.

On their way there, however, they were stopped by a knight.

"Excuse me, I hope I'm not interrupting something, but you are the Adventurer, Crimson Amamiya, right?" He asked, looking at her friend.

"That is me, yes," Crimson confirmed. "Can I help you?"

"Ms. Lisa asked for you." He said. "She's waiting for you in the headquarters library."

"I see. I'm not aware of anything I've done to garner her attention." Crimson hummed. "But I'll be there shortly."

The knight nodded and left them, making Barbara lower her head in dissatisfaction. Just when she thought she could enjoy herself…

Her friend quickly reacted to her obvious disappointment, though, squeezing her hand and making her look at him. Crimson's smile never left his face as he tried to reassure her.

"Don't give me that sad look please." He said. "I'll be with you right after I'm done."


"Of course. I'm sure it isn't something serious." Crimson rolled his eyes. "You just wait for me and make those drinks you enjoy. This won't take long, I'm certain."

That did somewhat brighten her up, turning her frown upside down. She nodded at him and let go of his hand.

"Then I'll wait for you in the church," Barbara responded, playfully poking his chest. "You better show up or I'll be very mad."

"It's a date." He winked, making her cheeks flare up. She did not deny it, though. "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Crimson gave her her basket back and walked away, heading toward the Knight's headquarters. She hoped nothing bad happened for Lisa to summon him directly like that. That wasn't something she'd usually do.

But Crimson was very kind, so there was no way he'd do something that somehow angered any of the knights. Except Eula, but she's Eula. Everything can get Eula mad, so not inherently his fault.

…She didn't know why, but it felt like someone was laughing at her.

– Lisa –

Glancing at the shining moon from the library's window, Lisa's frown of worry deepened. It'd been a few hours now waiting for the supposed dragon, and while she could be very patient, this was… honestly nerve-wracking.

She still didn't know what to do if Jean was right. Was Jean going to attack him? Drive the knights to their doom? It was terrifying, knowing that they'd be living on a timer if he really did want to kill all of them.

Perhaps if that were the case, then she could maybe bargain with him. Find something that could interest him so that he may spare them. Even if he was a complete psychopath, there must be something she could use to trade with him.

But if he wasn't a psychopath– if Jean was wrong, then why? What exactly was he trying to do, and why? He'd been constantly driving the Acting Grandmaster over the edge for no real reason that Lisa could see right now.

It's as if he was doing it for the hell of it, which was just insane to think about. Perhaps he was just oddly innocent and dense? Leading to him doing all of these things on accident, with Jean thinking the worst? After all, for some reason, he had revealed himself to be a dragon to people he barely knew.

Perhaps he really was that naive. Either that or he's a psychotic mastermind, and Lisa was praying to every archon that it was the former. She still couldn't figure out a way to pacify him if he was a deranged monster.

Lisa clicked her tongue and sighed, rubbing her temples in frustration. She hated stewing in her thoughts for too long. All that did was make her more anxious. And what the hell was taking him so long? Did he ignore the knights and she'd just been waiting for nobody?

Thankfully, that was when the door opened, with the man in question walking into the library. This was the first time Lisa had seen him in person, and she had to admit, he was more handsome than she expected.

"Good evening." He greeted. "You're Lisa, I presume?"

"Yes. Please take a seat." She confirmed, gesturing at the empty chair in front of her. "You've certainly taken your time, Mr. Amamiya."

"Just Crimson is fine." He took a seat. "And I apologize. I've only just returned after finishing a few commissions outside the city. There are a lot of Hilichurls in the region, aren't there?"

Right, she forgot he signed up to be an Adventurer.

"Hilichurls are found everywhere, not just Mondstadt," Lisa explained.

"Odd. Where do they come from, anyway?" He asked.

"We've yet to figure that out, actually." She answered.

"Is it not through…. You know…" He took a moment to phrase his next sentence. "Breeding of the nonconsensual kind?"

"What? No. Where did you get this idea from?" Lisa frowned in confusion and a bit of disgust.

"Well, I've heard that they're also fans of kidnapping, not just killing." Crimson shrugged. "And for what reason would primates like them kidnap? Certainly not for ransom."

Lisa stared at him in silence for a few moments. She didn't know if he was genuinely curious, but she did not have the patience to teach him about such an awkward subject. This was not the time or place for it.

"...May we get to the main point of why I called you here?"

"Of course. Apologies if I made you uncomfortable."

Well, this was it. He's either a madman or oblivious to the point of it being painful. The possibility of him lying was there, but considering his earlier actions, it was highly unlikely, so after slightly hesitating, Lisa worked up the courage to ask.

"Why are you doing all of this?" She said, making him blink.


"Antagonizing Jean, messing with the knights tailing you, taking Klee out while knowing about Jean's impression of you." Lisa listed off. "What are you planning?"

"Ah…" He leaned back on his chair. "Well, that's quite simple."

Lisa waited for him to explain himself, her heart pounding in anxiety as she expected the worst once she saw him smirking maliciously. Was Jean right? Was he really this monster she thought he was?

Was Mondstadt actually doomed with no hopes of defeating another dragon?

"Because it's funny."


"Because it's funny."

For a moment, there was only silence, a part of Lisa's brain stopped working, as if it couldn't handle the response she heard. Funny? He was doing all of this– ALL this effort… because it was funny. He had no reason to lie, but this had to be a lie, right? That was completely and utterly unhinged. It couldn't be right. Were they really stressing over a fucking joke?! Did he expect her to believe that?!


"Because it's funny–"

"I heard you the first time." She cut him off and stood up, getting unreasonably angry at his stupid smirk. "What's so funny about this?"

"But if I explain the joke, it would stop being funny." He blinked. "That's just comedy 101."

Lisa was not amused, her glare sharpening at his attempt at a 'joke'. It only made him chuckle in amusement, though, which was all the more annoying to the librarian.

"I kid." He said. "But that's truly all there is to it. I think seeing you and your grandmaster so paranoid and stressing over practically nothing is hilarious. No deeper meaning than that."

"Do you really think I'd believe you?"

"Maybe? I don't care regardless. In fact, don't believe me. It'll just make you more stressed." Crimson shrugged, saying that to her face. "And that will be more fun for me. So yes, I'm lying and I want to destroy Mondstadt. I'm with those Sneznya or Fatui people or whatever they're called."

That sounded like an obvious lie that Lisa couldn't help but just… sit back down on her chair, bewildered. She quite frankly did not know how to respond to that. All this just for a laugh? Was this situation really that shallow?

It was comical in a very morbid way. Unlike Dvalin and most other situations the Knights of Favonius handled, this was very much the worst they'd ever had to go through because they were facing an enemy so powerful they couldn't hope to even scratch. She doubted even Varka and the squad he took with him held a candle to Crimson.

And the bastard knew that. He knew he was unmatched in the region, that even if every Vision Wielder fought him at once, he'd still come out victorious. Yet he was content with doing nothing but giving them a scare here and there. He was following the rules and laws of Mondstadt to the letter– he'd joined the Adventurer Guild and even made a name for himself.

Because that was apparently more amusing to him than just doing whatever the hell he wanted.

To make matters worse, it had worked. He'd got Jean dancing on the palm of his hand by doing practically nothing. Perhaps if she wasn't so suspicious of him in the beginning, then none of these things would've happened.

…God fucking damn it, Kaeya.

"That's… but why?" She questioned with a low tone. "This is… you're insane."

"I'm old." He responded. "Very, very old. So old that your beloved Archons are mere infants to me."

Lisa didn't say anything.

"And when you're this old, very few things matter to you." Crimson clarified. "One of those things is entertainment."

"So we're just entertainment to you?" Her glare returned. "Some clowns at a circus?"

"That is very accurate actually."

"Who do you think you are?" Lisa ignored his quip. "Who gave you this pedestal to play god?"

Crimson's smirk widened.

"I am a god, but would that really be a surprise? You're a librarian, aren't you?" He asked, making her nod slowly. "Then you should be smart enough to connect the dots."

So the dragon part was a lie, and he was an actual god? Or was he perhaps both? She'd never heard of an Archon that looked like him, but also did not think Barbatos would appreciate some other god being in his territory unless he was just… that vastly more powerful.

…Admittedly, in a strange and disturbing way, Lisa was somewhat excited that she was in the presence of an actual divine being, even if he was this deranged. The walking well of knowledge that was the man in front of her made her want to ask so many questions about practically everything. He was a library bigger than her own by possibly millions of times. Assuming he was telling the truth of course.

And the possibility of him being a foreign god from wherever Lumine came from almost made her salivate. But was this really better than a regular psychotic murderer dragon? Maybe, maybe not. She would've certainly felt a lot better if he hadn't done any of the shit he had.

"And what do you plan on doing after you've had your fun?" Lisa questioned, being composed. He was still a threat, after all. "Kill us? Raze our city to the ground?"

"Why would I do that? That sounds like the opposite of fun." The self-proclaimed god snorted. "I've been enjoying my time in this city, you know. You have a nice culture, good food, great booze, and beautiful women. Yes, that does include you."

Lisa blinked at the random compliment.

"I consider those things entertainment as well, you see. Unless I'm forced to, I have no desire to hurt anybody." He continued. "Lethally at least. I'm not going to stop messing with your friend's head."

She grimaced, knowing that Jean wouldn't believe her if she told her everything. She'd say he was lying or something, but Lisa now knew that he was telling the truth. Again, why would he lie, really? Not like Mondstadt had anything that he couldn't take by force.

But still, the fact that he still wanted to mess with Jean was already bad enough. Both of them knew that Jean was going to break under the stress and pressure, all because he thought it was hilarious. It wasn't, of course, but at least he wasn't going to kill all of them.

"Can you please stop?"


Of course, it wasn't going to be this easy.

"Is there something I can do to get you to stop?" She pleaded, knowing force was not the answer here. "Jean is my friend, and I don't want her suffering any more of this."

Crimson paused and thought about this for a moment.

"Entertain me." He said. "I'll only quit if there's something more interesting happening."

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"Don't know," Crimson replied. "If you want me to stop, then you'll have to figure it out."

Lisa had no idea what she needed to be doing after this. He wants to be amused, but what could she do to amuse him? Immediately, the Librarian tried to think of something. She thought about the things he said earlier in the conversation, and came to three conclusions… with only one of them having a feasible chance of working

Food and drinks were out. Lisa could cook but wasn't the best out there. He could just get something from any restaurant around and it would be better than her cooking, and she didn't have any drink he couldn't get from a bar.

And she couldn't risk the time it'd take to get to know him, so that was her only option. Lisa grimaced at the thought, disgusted with herself but willing to go with it. If it was to stop Jean from descending into insanity, then so be it.

Besides, she might gain the favor of a – possible, and very likely – god, so silver linings?

"Well, if that's all you wanted me for, I should get going." He said, getting up. "I have a date you see. Very important business."

For a moment, Lisa hesitated, not believing that she was considering it, but what else could she do?

As Crimson put his hand on the doorknob, she spoke up.

"Wait." Lisa stopped him.

He turned around and blinked.

"Do you need anything else from me?"

Why was he so damned polite anyway? Was this just more of his sick game? Regardless, that wasn't important right now. Lisa opened her mouth to say something, but once again, hesitated. He was still patiently waiting for her, though, which made her oddly annoyed.

Why are you so… so un-unlikeable? She thought. Damn you.

"What if I… offer myself?" She said quietly, looking away in shame. "Would that be enough?"

"...You're quite bold." He noted with a raised brow. "I already told you I have a date soon and that's your offer to me?"

"That's what you want, isn't it?" Lisa accused with a glare, making his smirk return as he chuckled. "I thought so…"

"I certainly wanted some form of entertainment from you, but I'll admit, I didn't expect you to start with this." He half-confirmed. "I mean, a mage and a librarian such as yourself must have some interesting tricks that could distract me… but perhaps not."

He let go of the doorknob and walked back to her.

"Though, I expected some kind of defiance. Maybe you'd demand a duel as well, or go straight to attacking me."

"That's a death sentence."

"It is not. I would've found it amusing." He shrugged, leaning close to her face. "Because what can you do to me really?"

Nothing. She wouldn't be able to do a single thing to him.

"Let's just get this over with." She sighed.

"Not yet. I haven't agreed to this, have I?" He wagged his finger. "This is, at the end of the day, a deal. Going off vague promises isn't exactly smart for either of us."

Lisa was a bit surprised at this.

"You're trying to be fair about this?"

"You seem to be misunderstanding something, dear Lisa." Crimson chuckled. "I'm bored, not malevolent. Relatively speaking anyway."

"What you're doing to Jean–

"Would you rather I slaughtered everyone in the city?" He cut her off. "Really, I've been nice to you a lot since I came here. You're the ones who started escalating everything until I decided to play along."

Damn you to hell, Kaeya.

"But yes, I do want to be fair here." The self-proclaimed god said. "And I'll say this right now, but offering me your body is not enough to get me to completely stop."

"But you said–"

"I know what I said, Lisa, but what does your body offer that a hooker on the street doesn't?"

Lisa flinched at the blunt comparison, not expecting it at all, and her face flared in anger.

"I'm not a hooker."

"Certainly acting like one. Are you perhaps sexually frustrated?"

"I'm trying to save my friend from you."

"And this was your first idea." He snorted. "Quite telling, is it not?"

Her fists clenched as electricity sparked in them, but she managed to hold her tongue. She wanted to argue with that so badly, even though she knew it wouldn't end well for her. How dare he liken her to some prostitute? She wasn't doing this for money or personal reasons. She was doing this to keep him away from Jean.

"Ah, but I suppose that was a bit harsh to say." He hummed. "I truly do find your loyalty to Jean and your strong friendship with her admirable, so I'll cut you some slack."

Her hands relaxed as he said that.

"How about every time you make me 'finish', I'll not bother Jean or the Knights of Favonius for a single day." He offered "And I do mean it. I'll completely get out of your hair. Sounds fair?"

"A single day?" She parroted. "Twenty-four hours?"

"Starting tomorrow, yes. A full day-and-night cycle."

…Well, that didn't sound as bad as she expected. It was still bad considering what she had to do, but better than the alternative. Lisa had good stamina and could last, so this might actually be a decent idea. He was stingy, though. Twenty-four hours weren't really that much, but maybe she could squeeze a week out of him now if she tried hard enough. Recharge, and get another week tomorrow. Over and over until it became months.

And if he couldn't handle it? Tough luck.

"Alright." She agreed.

Taking her hat off, Lisa approached him until her breasts pressed against his chest. Her face reddened as he wrapped his arm around her waist, then she hesitantly rubbed his crotch. She wasn't sure why she was blushing like some virgin. This wasn't the first time she'd done this, but admittedly, it'd been quite a while since her last swing.

Also, she'd never done it with a god and/or dragon.

"Eager, aren't you?" Crimson chuckled. "Don't you have a room or something we can do this in? Aren't you worried someone might walk in on us?"

"Guards would feel suspicious if you followed me to my room, and no one visits the library at this hour anyway." She responded, biting her lips as she felt his hand on her ass. "W-we should be fine."

"Whatever you say~"

Lisa's gasp was muffled when he went in for a kiss, but she quickly reciprocated it, feeling his tongue in her mouth. Crimson surprised her with his skills, drowning out her moans once he pinned her against the wall.

With one of his hands still groping her butt, his other one tore her dress apart, exposing her large breasts to him. He gave her a moment of respite as he pulled away from the kiss, a line of saliva connecting their mouths as she panted. She winced as he roughly kneaded her chest, not really disliking the treatment.

Wanting to at least do something before losing herself in pleasure, Lisa continued massaging his member until he dropped his pants, making her eyes widen in a mixture of terror and arousal. Oh… Oh no. She'd bit off way more than she could chew, hadn't she?

"Having second thoughts?" He grinned, seeing her fixated on his throbbing cock. "Or maybe…"

Lisa gasped when he suddenly inserted two fingers into her folds after ripping her black gothic shorts off. She bit down a moan as he took his fingers out as quickly, showing the librarian her own fluids. Crimson laughed when she looked away in shame.

"You really are sexually frustrated." He said. "You know, if all of this was an elaborate plan to get laid, you could've just asked."

"I-I'm doing this for–"

He cut her off by shoving those fingers in her mouth, forcing her to lick them clean. Lisa was mortified, not being able to do or say anything as he rolled his eyes.

"Yes, yes, you're doing this for Jean." He snorted, infuriating and embarrassing the librarian. "You're such a wonderful friend."

She shivered once she felt his dick poke her wet entrance, dreading as well as looking forward to the very rough pounding she was in for. If that foreplay wasn't enough of an indication that she was in for a very wild night, she didn't know what would be.

And without any other warning, Crimson rammed his entire length into her in one thrust, prompting a silent scream from the librarian as she damn near blacked out from it. He quickly brought her back with the next hump, making her moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him lift her right leg up for better access.

It was clear to her from that second thrust that she was not prepared for this at all, and she inwardly cursed herself. It should've been obvious. She was dealing with someone who called himself old even though he looked younger than her– he'd called the Archons infants. Of course he was going to have the experience to back it up. His size was a mere warning.

Nonetheless, she tried her best to resist, failing comically fast as she went through her first orgasm with a loud squeal. Unfortunately for the poor librarian, Crimson didn't even slow down for her. In fact, he even sped up, making her eyes roll back into her skull, losing herself in ecstasy.

To her surprise – and gratitude – Crimson silenced her screams with a deep kiss. She did not appreciate it when she was brought to another climax once he invaded her backdoor with his finger, though. Even if it felt good.

She could feel his rod throbbing more and more inside her with every thrust. He was going faster by the second, too, leaving no breathing room for Lisa. She was shaken out of her trance when he spoke after pulling away from her mouth, quietly whispering in her ears.

"Here's your first Crimson-free day." He said with a grunt, making her heart drop. "Do make good use of it, will you?"

"W-wha– Wait, n-not inside! Please!" She pleaded.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears as he went balls-deep, filling her womb with his thick seed. This prompted Lisa to cum again, trembling violently after what was probably the best fucking she was ever going to get.

Lisa panted, clenching her teeth in frustration, but once again, held her tongue. Complaining wouldn't help. It was already done. All she can do is hope he miraculously didn't get her pregnant. She thought he'd at least be responsible enough to not cum inside, but apparently not.

Unless gods couldn't have children. She read that in a book once, but that was about their Archons, not beings from different worlds.

"Hm? You're still conscious?" He asked.

"Damn you…" She cursed him quietly.

"I suppose you are." He smiled. "Lucky you. You get two days instead of one."

Lisa froze.


Crimson moved away from the wall and bent her over a table. Lisa's eyes widened, seeing how hard he was. Still more?! She hadn't even gotten any rest– not even a minute! He was going to break her in half!

"Please wait!"


Wait he did not as he continued pounding the poor woman who was already past her limit. The smacks of their hips meeting and the unrestrained moans of Lisa filled the library, and she was praying to someone out there that nobody heard her because there was no conceivable way that she'd ever be silent.

She both hated and loved how her folds would tighten whenever he spanked her. It was as shameful as it felt heavenly. Lisa cursed him for humiliating her like this but praised his name to high heavens once she orgasmed for the umpteenth time, releasing all that pent-up frustration she'd had since Dvalin's attack.

At this point, Lisa decided to just… lose herself to the pleasure. There was no point fighting it, not when he had her bent over like this. After all, she'd brought this onto herself, so she might as well enjoy it.

And she did. Lisa stopped trying to resist her orgasms, climaxing every few seconds as Crimson reshaped her insides to perfectly suit his massive cock, and the librarian loved every moment of it.

For a split second, the lucid thought of having Jean go through the same thing as stress relief went through her head, vanishing as quickly as it appeared. The poor girl probably needed a pounding session like this before she broke.

After a while, Crimson reached his limit again, shooting his cum into her already filled-up womb. A load just as big as the previous one, leaking from her abused pussy and onto the ground once he pulled out. Lisa was barely responsive, twitching and shuddering occasionally.

"I take it back. Your body definitely offers far more than that of regular prostitutes." He said, and Lisa loathed how good that made her feel. "Hell, I'll throw in an extra day there. That was good."

The librarian didn't respond.

"...I guess I'll leave, then. Clearly, you need to rest." Crimson chuckled. "Hopefully no one finds you in this state. For your sake."

With that, Crimson walked away and out of the library, leaving Lisa in the afterglow of easily the best pounding in her life. She was disappointed that she couldn't last more than two rounds. She definitely needed more than a measly seventy-two hours if she wanted Jean to relax.

Three days were clearly not enough.

– Crimson –

Now that was fun. Very fun indeed.

Impressive, too. I didn't expect her to last a round much less two. Her willpower was noteworthy. I suppose the love she has for her leader and friend must've helped her power through.

As for the deal I made for her… well, it sounds rather annoying on paper. Stopping my fun for mere sex isn't something I'd usually do, and I don't go back on my words unless I absolutely have to, but the fix for that is quite simple.

I can just avoid her.

Yes, it's literally that easy.

I'm surprised she didn't account for it. She isn't stupid for someone of her age and position, that much I can tell, but perhaps she trusted me a bit too much, and that will bite her in the ass very soon.

Because one, she isn't close to stopping me from messing with Jean, and two, she will start feeling more and more desperate. I've only given her a taste of what's to come, and eventually, she'll get addicted. I'm expecting withdrawal symptoms in the next few weeks.

That would be very funny to see. I'm looking forward to it.

"Well? What do you think?" Barbara asks, looking at me intently as the two of us sit on the bench in the empty church.

"It's certainly…" I frown in thought, looking at the glass of weird drink in my hand. "...An acquired taste?"

It's bizarre. This is the first-ever, honest-to-god, spicy juice I've ever had. I didn't know it was even possible to make something like this work, but I'm dumbfounded. It's not bad, it's just… different. New.

And I like new things.

…To an extent.

"Oh…" Her smile drops, replaced by a sad frown. "You're the first person that didn't spit out, so I thought you liked it…"

"Oh no, I'm not saying it's bad," I reassure her. "It's just different. I've never had something like this before."

"So wait, you like it?"

"Well… yes…?"

But I wouldn't drink it again, not when there are other better beverages around. Honestly, if I wasn't used to spicy, I'd be suffering from this greatly, which would be a funny prank. I doubt someone as pure and innocent as Barbara would actually do something like this, though.

"Alright! Finally, someone who shares my tastes!" She pumps her fists adorably.

Her reactions are worth it, though.

"So what did you and Ms. Lisa talk about?" Barbara asks, looking at me curiously.

"Nothing grand. Some questions about what I plan to do in Mondstadt." I answer truthfully.

"Oh." She blinks. "Didn't you say you were here on a vacation?"

"That I did." I nod, pausing as something crosses my mind. "I have a question for you, Barbara."


"When that merchant said she recognized your name," I glance at her. "You looked pale. What was that about?"

"Ah…" She blinked. "Well, I actually have a side gig, and it's gotten me a lot of attention the past year."

"Do you now? And what's it about?"

"I don't know if your world has one, but I'm an idol." She reveals. Idols? In a fantasy setting? "...And the only one in Teyvat."


"You know what idols are?"

"Of course. I have two sisters that are idols." I reply. "I'm surprised you even know about them."

"Well, it's because of Alice!" She said.

"Alice? That's Klee's mother, right?"

"Yes, Grand Sorceress Alice. I once heard that she's so powerful that she can tear open holes in reality, which is why she can travel to different worlds." Barbara said, and just like that, my interest in her increased a thousandfold. "She usually gets me and others lots of souvenirs, and she gave me a magazine about idols."

This Alice… Could she be a worthy foe? Going from regular humans for the most part to someone capable of tearing through reality is a massive leap in power. I need to meet that woman soon. And if she's anything like Klee, then she might be very fun.

"And admittedly, I got obsessed with them," Barbara said shyly. "I tried to be like them. I even made my own songs in their style, and while it took a lot of effort, the people of Mondstadt started liking my songs."

"You do have a lovely voice."

"Thanks." Barbara smiles at me, but then a frown takes over. "But I didn't expect my fame to take off so much. For a time, I could barely get some groceries without being hounded by fans."

"Must be annoying."

"No– well, okay, maybe a bit? Don't get me wrong, I adore my fans and will never tell them off, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, you know?" She sighs. "It's become a bit of a problem recently too…"


Barbara shuffles nervously, thinking she must've said too much, but I hold her hand in reassurance, making her continue talking.

"...There's this man called Albert, and he's the worst of them." She says. "He's not a bad person, I know he isn't, but he's…"

She struggles to say anything remotely bad, which I find unreasonably adorable. She's so nice she won't even complain about her stalkers. That is cute.

"No need to tell me anything, Barbara." I stop her from saying anything. "I've got you covered. If he, in any way shape, or form, makes you uncomfortable again, tell me."

"W-what are you going to do to him?" She looks at me in concern.

"Talk to him. Man to man. And tell him that he's been creepy." I lie. "I'm sure if he's a good person, he'd understand and back off."

"Oh… thank you so much!" She believes me instantly, looking up at me with a smile. "But please be gentle with him, okay?"

"Of course." As gentle as not to splatter him across the ground. "Anything for my good friend."

This almost swoons at my response, as if she was visibly falling in love, and gives me a big bright smile.

Ah, if only she knew what I was doing before this…

– Bonus Scene – Sara Kujou –

Watching over the battlefield, the Tengu scoffed in disgust. Rebellious Heathens. This little revolution of theirs was a futile effort that did nothing but ruin their lands. Did they really think they can defeat the Raiden Shogun?

"Foolish Sangonmiya…" She muttered to herself. "You're leading your men to their deaths."

A waste of resources and lives. When will she learn that there was no stopping the Electro Archon of Inazuma? Truly, what a pointless civil war. But it'd end soon enough, and when they got to that whore of a rebel…

Well, they'd confiscate her Vision first, then off with her head.

Sara paused as she heard footsteps behind her, immediately kneeling before the Archon in respect.

"Your Excellency…"

The Raiden Shogun said nothing, only continuing to walk forward until she was atop a hill overseeing the battlefield. Sara glanced at her face, the blank face on her leader's face not moving an inch.

She did not do a thing for a solid minute, and Sara wanted to ask her what they should be doing next. That was until the Electro Archon pulled out a blade of lightning from her chest and swung it, annihilating nearly the entire army in a single move.

Sara had seen the Archon's powers more than once, but just like every time, her jaw dropped. Like always, the incredible strength of the Shogun was a sight to behold. She was eternally grateful to have been given the position of personal guard.

The blade disintegrated and she simply walked back to her tent as if it had been nothing. Sara merely stood there, in shock, awe, and deep respect for her Archon. As expected from her Raiden Shogun, one of, if not the most powerful Archons in the world. Being by her side made the Tengu very happy and proud.

Sara turned around to see the rest of the rebels retreating after that show of unmatched might. Hopefully, that was enough to…


Sara looked around the battlefield, bewildered and shocked.

…Where was the Shogun's army?

I didn't expect I'd be writing Lisa lewds either. She might be a bit OOC here, but ehhhh creative liberty?