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– Eula –

Waiting impatiently outside that scoundrel's house, she clicked her tongue in annoyance. What the heck was taking him so long? She'd been around the area for over an hour, watching his place like a hawk. He'd yet to even take a peek outside. Was he still sleeping in? Didn't he have a commission or two?

Seemed like he was too lazy to do his job and make a good contribution to society. Truly a rascal. All he was good for was his absurd strength and his looks. No more, no less. Maybe it was for the best that he was an adventurer. He'd make for a lousy knight, indeed.

Eula glared at his door, tapping her foot on the ground as she got more frustrated with every passing minute. She wasn't leaving until she had her duel with him. She was so close to beating him—she knew she was!

She's already gotten the hang of his fighting style and has slowly matched him in strength and speed. Eula wouldn't lose so easily next time; she knew she wouldn't. In fact, she was confident she would win.

Although she wouldn't admit it to anyone, assuming she'd lost again, she wondered what he'd ask of her next time. Would he ask her to join him on some silly quest again? Some more Hilichurl cleanup in the region? So far, he hadn't asked for something unreasonable. Just stupid and frustrating requests.

But she still wondered in the back of her mind. Was it all just a front he put up? Was he trying to get her to drop her guard so he'd later ask her about something truly confidential? Perhaps, but admittedly, Eula doubted he'd do something like that.

Because if that was his intention, he'd have already asked. But he didn't, so it was very likely that he wasn't interested. He was probably content with just being a thorn in everyone's side. Now, if only Jean believed that as well…

Eula glanced to the side, seeing one of the knights observing from afar. Honestly, she found it increasingly annoying. She'd noticed them a few days ago and had half a mind to storm into Jean's office and ask what she was doing, but Eula held herself back.

What, did they not trust her to do her job? Seriously? After all the time she'd put into being a knight—all the achievements and hard work… This was how she was going to be treated. Ungrateful idiots. Just who the hell did they think she was? Vengeance would be hers.

No, Eula wasn't sad or hurt about this. She was furious at Jean, actually.

Honestly, the Acting Grandmaster was far too paranoid. Clearly, Crimson enjoyed being a nuisance and didn't have any bad intentions. From the way he talked and acted, he seemed like he was enjoying a vacation. Though, she didn't understand why he'd sign up for the Adventurer's Guild if that was the case.

Eula felt herself blush slightly as she remembered his sincere tone back when they were on the road, looking to the side and twirling a lock of her hair in embarrassment. What was his problem? Saying something like that out of the blue. Was he trying to seduce her or something?

Bastard. She would have her revenge on him for making her feel like that.

Still, it was… nice to hear that. Whatever it was she felt at that moment, it was warm, while a little confusing at the same time. He didn't seem or sound like he was lying, and Eula was used to fake words from hearing them all her life.

Though, she didn't understand why he had called her a friend. Perhaps he'd misunderstood her intentions and thought she was only interested in duels because it was a way to keep them both sharp. If that was the case, then Eula truly felt sorry for her outburst.

Sure, she didn't particularly like him—only tolerating him—but even he didn't deserve such unkind words, especially seeing how nice he was. Not just to her but nearly everyone else he interacted with.

At the same time, she still had to be vigilant. If there were even the tiniest chance of him being as bad of a monster as Jean thought, then Eula wouldn't take any risks. The moment she defeated him in battle, she would immediately banish him from Monstadt forever.

Yes. Then, she'd have regained her honor and erased the humiliation she'd suffered by his hands that day.

She took another glance at his house, and her face contorted into a scowl even further. Now, if he'd only just leave the house…

Where the hell was he?


Having had enough, Eula decided to take matters into her own hands. She approached the door and knocked on it rather forcefully, still tapping the ground with her foot. She wouldn't leave until she'd had her duel with him.

No answer.

"Come out and face me, Crimson!" Eula called him out and banged on the door. "You can't stay there forever!"

Eventually, the door did open, but Eula's excitement immediately died as she saw the face of that one Astrologist, who looked incredibly tired from the bags under her eyes. Eula blinked a few times, with Mona staring at her with irritation. What the hell was this? Did she get the wrong house? No, that couldn't be. She had seen him leave and enter this building several times before.

"You twice-damned knights…" Mona glowered, making Eula flinch at the mage's venomous tone. "The hell do you want this time?"

"U-um, I thought this was Crimson's house?"

"He is not here." The Astrologist said a little forcefully, closing the door. "Go away."

"Ah, wait!" Eula stopped her. "Do you know where he might be?"

"No," Mona said, getting several times more annoyed. So much so that Eula immediately regretted her actions.

She shut the door, leaving the Knight on her own. Well, okay, it looked like she'd wasted her time here, so she might as well return to her duties for the time being. The fact that Crimson wouldn't be there had never crossed her mind for some reason.

Now she just felt silly. Why didn't she think of that?

…The mage kind of scared her if she was being honest.

Eula sighed and walked away from the house, leaving the street it was on and arriving at the marketplace. She felt really disappointed. Trying to find him anywhere in the city was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Besides, it wasn't even guaranteed that he was inside the city. It was very likely that he was on some commissions.

And no one knew when he'd arrive, so waiting for him at the gate was pointless. That's why she'd waited outside his house. She knew roughly when he'd be out to do some errands for the guild, so she could afford to wait an hour or so.

Was she really not going to have a duel with him today? That was so… disappointing.

…No, wait, why was she unhappy about this? Well, sure, disappointment was one thing, but she realized she felt a little too sad. It wasn't like she particularly looked forward to their duels. They were, after all, a means to an end.


…Did she… actually enjoy their duels? Was this how he felt, and did she really feel the same? No, no, that couldn't be true. She was doing it for a reason, unlike him. Beyond restoring her honor, it was for the safety of Mondstadt. She couldn't have been doing this for fun. No way that was true. She'd never even felt enjoyment from sparring matches, so why would she feel that way now?

Eula shook those thoughts out of her head. This was absurd—she needed to take her mind off this. It was beginning to mess with her; she seriously didn't need this right now.

As she walked past the citizens—some of them moving out of her way, which didn't hurt her at all—she paused as she saw her friend's very recognizable headpiece. She was about to call out for Amber before freezing once she saw who was beside her.

"There you are." She said with a smirk.

But then she stopped at the strange sight in front of her, as her brain had just processed what she was seeing outside of her not-obsession with beating Crimson. Why were they walking together? And they looked like they were enjoying themselves, too. What was going on?

Indeed, she couldn't hear them from where she was, but Amber was cheerful, giggling, and skipping as they talked. Eula was confused and, for some strange reason, a little upset at this.

What the hell was Amber doing here? Why was she with Crimson? And why was Crimson bothering with her anyway? She didn't like this. Not one bit. It made her heart twist in a very uncomfortable way.

She needed to investigate. Crimson was up to something involving her friend, and Eula wouldn't allow any harm to come to Amber. Yes, that's what the bad feeling was about. Naturally, she was worried about the only person she could call a good friend.

…So why did she feel irritated when Eula looked at her?

– Crimson –

Ah, there she is. I knew I'd come across her as soon as I walked around my house. I'm not even doing this intentionally, but I also had no intention of avoiding Eula with Amber next to me. Why should I? I already accepted that I must tolerate her duels until I capture her heart.

I will admit that I expected her to approach us directly. I considered her the kind of person who is straightforward in most scenarios. I'm unsure why she's stalking us like this, but I want to see where this goes, so I'll pretend I don't see her.

Still, it must be because of her friend here. Are they this close? I see them together many times, and from what this one told me, she isn't exactly a subordinate of Eula, even though she's lower on the hierarchy of the knights.

It makes me wonder how they got along, considering Eula's family is so hated in Mondstadt.

However, so far, Amber seems like a cheerful and optimistic type of individual, so perhaps she wanted to see Eula for the person she was. How touching. People as pure as her are rare.

She brightened up once I told her I wanted to 'get to know her better' after I won the challenge. Out of relief or joy, I'm not sure. Probably both. However, I only did this to see if I would be able to seduce her first.

Because I will get her into my bed either way, and she won't leave until I'm satisfied. And I'm certain she's aware, or at least aware of my attraction to her. I haven't particularly tried to hide my leers from her.

I just thought I'd be nice. I don't particularly want to make enemies when I can avoid it.

I snort as that thought passes through my head. I wouldn't try to drive Jean to madness if I truly felt that way. Then again, consistency has never been a strong suit of mine. I do whatever I find more entertaining.

"You must really look up to Jean," I respond after she finishes the story of joining the knights.

"I do." She nods, finishing her cup of coffee. Then she frowns. "Which is why I don't like what you're doing to her."

"Oh, please, be honest here; it's mostly her doing." I roll my eyes. "She's convinced herself that I must be an enemy when I'm not. Really, I've only come here for a vacation."

"Yeah, but like," She shifts awkwardly. "You're not exactly helping your case. That's why I wanted you to lose against Eula. Because once she got what she wanted from you, you'd stop entertaining her and make things less stressful for Jean as a result."

"This would also result in me being kicked out of Mondstadt," I respond. "And frankly, I like it here. You would've ruined my fun even though I posed no threat to anyone."

"I-I realize that now, and I'm sorry." She sighs deeply. "But I could convince Eula not to do that."

"You would?"

"Yeah, because I know it wouldn't have been fair for you." She admits. "I think, personally, everyone is too paranoid over nothing. You can't really know a person until you get to know them, and so far, I think you're pretty friendly."

"Do you? That is nice to hear." I smile at the compliment. "I think you're pleasant as well. Eula is lucky to have you as a friend."

"Hehe, thanks." Her face flushes. "I'm sorry about her being so… you know, persistent."

"I don't mind it." I shrug. "I like a stubborn woman. Though, she could learn a thing or two from you."

"She could?"

"Unlike you, Ms. Lawrence is not very honest with her feelings," I say. "If she were, she would've made many friends. I think she's a sweet person deep down."

"That's what I've been telling her." Amber groans. "And all she says is, 'I don't need friends; vengeance will be mine' and whatever."

"What does she mean by vengeance when she says that?" I ask, a little curious. "She keeps saying that line to me as well."

"Anything that slightly annoys her will give you that same response." She answers. "She doesn't really mean anything by it."

"So I shouldn't expect her to try to kill me in my sleep?"

"She wouldn't go that far." Amber giggles. "I think it's her way of joking, even if it doesn't sound like it."

"It's certainly not doing her any favors," I respond. "Considering her no-nonsense attitude, most would likely take it seriously."

"It does also sound like a threat to your average person." She agrees with a sigh. "But it's not like I can change that about her. It's just a quirk of hers, I guess."

"Not many people are as kind as you are to chalk it off so casually. That's my point."

"I mean, it's nothing, really." She tries to deflect the praise. "It's something you get used to."

"You may think it's nothing." I nod. "But I'm certain that Ms. Lawrence appreciates you very much, beyond what you can possibly imagine. You two have a beautiful friendship you should be proud of."

Amber doesn't say anything momentarily but blushes deeply and smiles, looking down at her knees shyly.

"T-thanks, but we've talked enough about me." She says after clearing her throat, trying to change the subject. "You haven't told me much about yourself."

So cute.

I'm still annoyed that she interrupted my nap, though.

"There were some rumors that you're actually a dragon," Amber adds. "Sounds silly, doesn't it?"

"It's true," I confirm. "I am a dragon."

Amber pauses, blinks a few times, then pales as it dawns on her.


"Don't tell me you haven't realized it?" I raise an eyebrow. "I'm capable of doing things no human alive can come close to doing, but being a dragon is too far-fetched?"

Not in this world, at least.

"Oh…" Her eyes widen. So stupid, but still cute. "You mean I tried challenging a dragon to a gliding contest?"

"It was amusing, I won't lie."

As amusing as watching her realize she never stood a chance to begin with. However, the shock subsides quickly, replaced by wonder and eagerness. She leans forward with sparkling eyes, smashing her hands on the table between us and almost hitting my head with hers.

"Does that mean you can fly?!" She asks excitedly. "Not gliding; actual flight. With wings!"

"I can, yes." I nod, slightly surprised at her enthusiasm, but I recover easily. "Would you like to see?"

"Would I?!"

Not one bit deterred. Either she is very accepting, or she has a one-track mind.

"Then let me take you for a ride," I say, getting out of my chair as she does the same.

Amber takes the hand I offer her, and then I quickly pull her close in a bridal-style carry and jump with considerable strength, launching us above the clouds. I can hear a squeak of surprise from her as soon as her brain catches up, followed by a gasp of amazement once I spread my wings.

"You are a dragon."

"That I am," I confirm again with a chuckle. "Did you not believe me the first time?"

"Sorry, it's hard to believe, seeing you look exactly like a human." She says before pausing. "Your wings look beautiful."

"Oh? Daring, aren't you?" I snort. "Saying something like this is one step below proposing in dragon culture, you know."

"Wha– seriously?!" Amber starts panicking, her face as red as a tomato. "I–I swear, I didn't know! I didn't mean it that way at all!"

"I'm kidding. No such thing exists where I am. I made it up." I laugh at her pout. "Though it is still a high compliment."

"Well, it's true."

"And it makes me happy that you believe that." It does. I am proud of my draconic heritage, after all. "Now tell me, where would you like to go? We have the whole day."

"I don't really have a destination in mind, so anywhere!" She responds excitedly. "I just wanna fly around, as free as a bird."

"Then how about a few laps around the world?" I offer. "Nothing's freer than that."

Her giddy squeal is as adorable as you'd expect. Her excitement is almost infectious.

Hmm, I wonder if Eula heard our conversation down there and if that will cause problems for the girl in my arms. If so, I hope Amber will be clever enough to take care of it skillfully. It'd be a shame if their friendship ended so abruptly.

– Amber –

When she lost that gliding contest against Crimson, Amber didn't expect to be having the most fun she's had in her life afterward. Certainly not with that very risky bet. When he'd mentioned it, she thought for sure he'd have wanted to use her body for his own pleasure.

And while she'd caught him ogling her a few times, Amber couldn't really bring herself to be mad about it. To her, it seemed like he was trying not to do that even though he was failing, and that told her that Crimson found her attractive.

Which felt like a confidence booster, if anything. Crimson was probably the most handsome person she'd ever met, and with him having so much interest in her physical appearance, it felt empowering. Was she really that pretty?

She'd never taken her own appearance that seriously, so this was a new feeling. Sure, it wasn't like she'd never been called 'cute' or 'beautiful'; she'd had plenty of people trying to flirt with her before. This just felt a little more intimate.

It also felt a little embarrassing to her. Was this how other people saw her too? Did they think she was so attractive that they'd look at her similarly? She didn't know, even though she loved the attention he'd been giving her.

Still, that didn't come close to the absolute sense of freedom of flying across the world with him. This was different—infinitely better than gliding, especially with such intense speed that took them to every region in a matter of minutes.

This was incredible. It left Amber in pure awe and, admittedly, a little envious. To think he could do this whenever he wanted. Fly around the entire world without care… this feeling of liberation was something she could only dream of.

She couldn't be more grateful for him, especially seeing that she didn't really deserve this. She'd lost their contest. She didn't win; he did. Yet, he still decided to take the time from his day to hang out with her anyway, for her sake. To have her experience something she'd always wanted.

It made Amber feel terrible. All she would have done had she won was tell him to lose intentionally. For a noble cause, sure, but still…

To think Jean was so convinced that he was some kind of enemy also left a bad taste in her mouth. If only the Grandmaster would just… speak with him like a normal person. She knew that all the misunderstandings would clear up, and she wouldn't be far more stressed than she had needed to be.

"What's on your mind?" He suddenly asked her as they stared at the setting sun.

"I don't think it's fair." She replied. "What the knights think of you, I mean."

"I think you care too much," Crimson said. "I personally don't. I've never been a lawful person, you see."

"Yeah, but it'd be so easy to solve all of this." Amber sighed. "It didn't have to escalate so much."

"I understand what you are saying," He nodded. "And I also understand your Grandmaster's point of view."

"You do?"

"She's worried about her citizens. It's how any good leader would feel about an unknown party in their region." He shrugged. "Now I also agree with you; I think she is too paranoid, but considering what I am…"

For sure, his frankly absurd strength and otherworldly nature could be a concern, but it wasn't like he was doing anything bad. All she'd seen him do was either drink at the tavern and bar, deal with Eula's antics, and finish some commissions.

Speaking of Eula, it was even more absurd that she was starting to become close to him in power, but that couldn't have been true. He was severely holding back, wasn't he? But why? To give her this hope that she could one day defeat him?

Well, the second option was to crush her so ruthlessly that she quit being a Knight, and that sounded way more cruel than whatever he was doing right now. So even to Eula, who was constantly rude, he still chose to be kind.

He was incredibly courteous to her without looking like he was mocking her. This made Amber realize that if she had won and he did lose intentionally, Eula would catch on and think he gave her a pity win. He was doing his absolute best not to hurt her pride.

This added to the fact that there was legitimately no reason for Jean to feel the way she felt toward him.

He was directly contributing to their society. Aside from the first time he arrived, which the Traveler immediately cleared up, there was little to no suspicious behavior from him. Almost everyone who had met him outside the Knights of Favonius spoke of him positively. Heck, even Sucrose thought he was kind.

Though, she did look all red when talking about him. Weird.

Amber was beginning to think that Jean had invented a completely different Crimson in her mind and decided to be mad about it for no reason. And it wasn't like she'd even had a proper conversation with him to see how wrong she was. She was being unreasonable.

"I promise you, she's not racist." Amber tried to explain. "I think it might have to do with the last dragon that attacked?"

"Ah, Stormterror, if I recall?" Crimson said, then paused. "Hmm, you're saying she's traumatized? That would make sense."

"Maybe? I don't know; I'm not a psychiatrist."

"You have psychiatrists here?" He blinked, then shook his head. "No, never mind that. Where would you like to go next?"

"Oh, well…" She admired the beautiful scenery in front of her. "I think I'd like to stay here for a little while. If it's fine, of course."

"As you wish."

Amber thought there was no need to get upset about these things, not when Crimson himself couldn't care less. She shouldn't ruin the moment and bring down the mood because she felt bad for him. He probably wouldn't appreciate it very much.

So she might as well enjoy this while she still could. It was not every day she got to fly so freely.

After a few minutes of amiable silence between them, watching the sun slowly disappear from view, Amber glanced at Crimson and blushed slightly. A part of her still didn't like this. He was doing all of this for her even though she lost the challenge…

But kicking herself about it wouldn't make her feel any better, so perhaps she could… try to return the favor somehow? It was the least he deserved. Maybe it could also be her apologizing for how the Knights have treated him.

Though, she didn't have anything she could give him besides money, she'd seen his record in the Adventurer's Guild. He didn't need money at all. He could probably make more in a week than she could in a year.

Maybe she'd messed up in her career choice, but that was beside the point. The only conceivable thing she'd be able to give him would be the one thing he has shown interest in so far. But would she do that? Would she go that far?

"It's about time we returned to the city." He said. "It's getting late."

…Ah, screw it. It's not like I'm not curious. She thought. What's the worst that could happen anyway?

Hesitantly, Amber rested her head on his shoulder, drawing his attention. Crimson looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and her heart raced as she built enough courage to meet his sharper eyes.

"Is everything okay?" He asked.

Not knowing what to say, Amber decided that actions spoke louder than words. With a hand on his cheek, she pulled him closer and surprised him with a kiss. He reciprocated her advances and immediately made her understand why people do this beyond love for their partner.

Amber flinched as she felt his hand move from her legs to her butt; she was a little surprised, but she'd started it, so she couldn't complain. Besides, she didn't hate it. She was getting into this as much as he was.

Eventually, she felt herself slowly descend to the ground next to the giant oak tree in Windrise, hours away from the main city and any village. Her foot touched the ground for the first time in hours once he let her down, toying with her mouth all the while.

Amber moaned, her back hitting one of the tree's massive roots. Crimson massaged her breasts through the fabric as he trailed down to her neck, gently biting until he left marks that would likely stay there for a while. She didn't bother to stop him, of course. She was feeling too stimulated to be complaining.

He helped her take off her clothes until she was stark naked, and she did the same for him. Amber had never felt so much anticipation mixed with anxiety as he pointed his cock towards her wet pussy.

Today was a rollercoaster for her. When she'd lost, she'd thought this was what would happen. That she would be forced to pleasure him for the entire day, and she wasn't exactly happy about it.

Now, here she was, looking forward to this almost as much as flying. She'd even started this mess in the first place.

She could've just not done this, and she would've been back home, sleeping blissfully after one of the greatest days of her life. But as Crimson held up her leg and she felt the spike of pleasure going through her once he penetrated her, Amber felt happy with her decision.

She gasped and groaned at her insides being stretched, feeling her climax approaching after only a minute of thrusting. Amber wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he mercilessly pounded away. He was nothing like before—no hint of his earlier kindness and gentleness was present.

However, Amber quickly grew to like it as soon as she felt her first orgasm, crying out in pleasure.

"You're so rough!" She half-whined as he didn't even pause for her to rest. "Oh gods, I'm cumming again!"

Her screams of ecstasy were silenced as Crimson locked her in another deep kiss, one of his hands playing with the puffy nub that begged to be stimulated. Amber couldn't think anymore, melting from this magical euphoria as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull after another orgasm.

Crimson only got wilder with her, not showing any signs of slowing down until he slammed his hips onto hers one more time, shooting his warm seed into her sacred place. Amber twitched as she felt it fill every crevice of her womanhood, shutting her eyes as she came one more time.

To her shock, slight fear, and immense pleasure, this wasn't enough to stop him as he put her on the grass and got on top of her, pushing her legs back and slamming into her womb again. She flinched as her eyes widened.

"What?! W-wait, let me rest first–!"


—Was the last thing Amber heard as she nearly blacked out from his thrusts. It was a miracle she didn't go unconscious, as the pleasure from before intensified tenfold. She wasn't sure if he found her that attractive or if he was just so damned pent-up. Either way, Amber knew she wouldn't be able to walk very well afterward.

But if that little sample was anything to go by, then it's going to be very worth it.

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