long before the universe started spinning into existence, long before time even started ticking.

there was a never ending darkness with only two beings

There was order, he was rigid and stiff and chaos she is dark and chaotic but she was very beautiful.

when the two fought and they're punches collided, the bang that followed generated enough power to send the two entities flying backwards knocking them out from the power of the blast.

when the two entities awoke, they were amazed by the birth of the universe and everything around them, also out of this fight the god of creation was born, His name is Ptah.

when Ptah opened his eyes for the first time he saw life spring up around him but also from this bang came Ptah twin sister, Apophis the goddess of destruction.

Ptah created many planets to fill the beauty around him, he also made caretakers simply known as planet titans and their job is to watch over their worlds.

he became fond of eleven titans in a system that he named the sol system, but his favorite was one of the oldest titans, he named her terra and her world started out as a great ocean but this titan wanted to do something unique, this titan wanted to create life.

Ptah and Terra created the primordials, they were the first generation of gods they represented the fundamental forces on this planet, the first and the oldest was bennu he was a pyramid that could change forms into a giant red and golden heron, he was the personification of life and rebirth.

Next is Uranus, he was a man as tall as a mountain with eye's blue as the sky with a flowing beard like the clouds he was the personification of the sky.

His sister came next her name is Gaia, she had green skin with vines growing on her she had brown hair and she stood to about Uranus shoulder she was the personification of the earth, Uranus and Gaia married and ruled over the world.

Next came the twins Nyx and Erebus the personification of night and Darkness. Nyx wears a black dress that she would use to bring the beauty of the night, she has black hair with matching eyes, her husband Erebus is the personification of darkness, he would help his wife bring the night and hide things under the cover of darkness together they had many children.

With life growing their had to be death and that is when Thanatos the personification of death was born.

along with his other brothers and sisters, Hypnos the personification of sleep and the Moirai the three sisters of fate just to name a few.

Thanatos is the very embodiment of death. he has pale white skin with black hair and matching eyes but he was the nicest of all the primordials, he wears a black robe to hide his face but if you could look into his eyes they were a warm golden glow, it made you feel like coming into an embrace of a caring brother.

It was Thanatos job to take the souls of the dead to the underworld where those that lived a good life would go to a place of pure peace but would put those that did evil deeds in life into the care of Tartarus the personification of force he was the strongest next to Uranus, he had a horn growing out of his forehead.

Bennu rose from the ocean as a pyramid, on his crown was a lotus, when it bloomed it gave birth to Ra, he had the body of a child with a head of a falcon, he is the father of the egyptian gods and became the first pharaoh and ruled over Egypt, when Ra got old enough Bennu gave Ra a boat and two companions, two human size fish named Abtu and Anet both were golden but one had blue eyes and the other one had red eyes

Uranus and Gaia gave birth to the Cyclopes the one eye giants and the Hecatoncheires, a being with fifty-heads and fifty arms, Uranus was disgusted by their appearance and threw them into Tartarous a deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison where the damn and wicked were punished

Uranus and Gaia had another set of children twelve titans, Oceanus being the oldest and the strongest of the titans and his eleven other titan brothers and sisters with the youngest named Cronus the titan of time, Uranus became a cruel ruler and fearing that his son's would over throw him, he threw them into Tartarus.

In doing so caused Gaia to be in a great deal of pain, she begged the titans to free her children, the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires and over throw Uranus. but all the titans were scared of Uranus, all except Cronus he was the most ambitious and at night his brothers Coeus, Crius, Hyperion and Lapetus, held Uranus down while Cronus castrated his father and dethroned him but before Cronus could give the killing blow Uranus placed a curse on Cronus, that his children would inturn do what his sons did to him than turned to a cloud and escaped from his sons.

Cronus took his sister Rhea as his wife and the first thing Cronus did was throw the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires back into Tartarous. in fear of the curse Cronus ate his children right after their birth. but when Rhea gave birth to her last child named Zuse, she couldn't take it anymore as she had to watch her children being eaten, she tricked Cronus by giving him a rock the size of a baby wrapped in a baby blanket, without even thinking about it he ate the rock and in doing so saved her youngest.

When Zuse got old enough he disguised himself as a servant and gave Cronus a mixture of wine and mustard that made him vomit up his brothers and sisters. the gods of Greece went to war against the Titans the war was called the Titanomachy.

At first the war wasnt going well for the Gods until Zuse went down to Tartarus to free the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires, As it turned out the Cyclopes were master blacksmiths, they gave Zuse his Masterbolt the Father of all lighting when Zuse held it to the sky lighting raced a crossed the sky, they gave Poseidon his trident where he could control the power of the sea only the most ancient of monsters would dare disobey Poseidon and Hades his helm of darkness when Hades put it on he could turn invisible, but where the Cyclopes were master blacksmiths the Hecatoncheires had pure strength on their side they could throw fifty boulders the size of houses at their enemies after ten long years with the help of the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires the gods were able to defeat the Titans.

when the gods won the war, Zuse became king of the gods and became the god of the sky over Greece. while some of the titans were thrown in Tartarous with the Hecatoncheires as guards and condemned Atlas the Titan of strength to hold up the skys for eternity.

In space Apophis was starting to grow stronger from all the chaos on terra, the stronger she got the bigger she got. she grew big enough that she started destroying planets by killing their titans and kept devouring their life force and the planets mass. when she got to the sol system she was three times stronger than her brother.

Ptah Ra and the other gods along with the planet titans band together and after a long and hard battle where two of the youngest titans died in battle and their planets broke apart, they were able to defeat Apophis.

Ptah was able to strip Apophis of her power making her a little stronger than Ra and imprisoned her in the underworld, Ra was given the task of keeping Apophis imprisoned.

Every day Ra would bring the sun to the mortal plane and every night would go into the underworld a long with some of the other gods for help to keep Apophis imprisoned in the underworld.

When Ra was on the mortal plane he made two gods Shu the god of air and Tefnut the lioness goddess of rain and many other gods.

Shu and Tefnut gave birth to gabe the god of the earth and his sister Nut the goddess of the night sky, gabe looked like the earth he has brown earth like skin with green eye's, Nut skin looked like the night sky with light blue eyes, Ra was proud of his grand children as they grew into their powers.

After many years the gods made animals to populate their part of the world but Ra's favorite was the Ox, Lion and Falcon.

When their children grew up Shu and Tefnut went out to explore the world around them after years of missing his children Ra sent out his fastest messenger bird a peregrine falcon to find his children. After a couple of days his children returned to him, when they embraced each other Ra cried tears of joy the tears mixed with the ground making the first generation of human's.

After celebrating his children's return Ra gave the humans his greatest gift the river Nile, later that night Ra had a vision that his grandchildren would give birth to a new generation of gods and they would over throw him. so he forbid gab and nut to have children but of course like grand children they disobeyed him and gave birth to Osiris and his brother set and his two sister's Isis and Nephthys.

Osiris was a strong handsome man with light chocolate brown skin with black eyes, Osiris took over the land along the Nile it was a lush and beautiful land. To the gods and the people of Egypt it was a garden in the desert, as the years pass Osiris fell in love with one of his sisters and one day took his sister Isis as his wife.

she is a loving and caring woman with black hair and brown eyes with flawless brown skin in a white dress. when Osiris became pharaoh, Isis also became the queen, she was like a mother to the people of Egypt, she loved everyone fairly and punished the guilty like a mother would her children.

Next is his brother Set, he has red almost brown fur like skin with blood red eyes and a light brown toga. he took over ruling the land west of Egypt it was a dry and barren desert.

Nephthys became set's wife she was very protective of friends and family, she would also protect the humans but to a lesser extent but even her weakest protection was stronger than her brothers or sister but Isis came close.

set grew jealous of his brother and his lush kingdom but the straw that broke the camel's back with set was when his wife, Nephthys had an affair with Osiris, where she disguised herself as Isis and gave birth to a jackal headed boy named Anubis but in fear of her husband Nephthys abandon Anubis at the shore of the Nile.

where Isis found the baby Anubis among the reeds. the Goddess Isis saw the purity in the baby's eyes and took him and raised him as if he was one of her own.

After sometime the human's started getting older and started dying off but their souls would roam the land of the living causing chaos to the living mortals, Ra quickly realized that the humans unlike the gods were mortal and needed a place to go when they died.

So with the help of the other gods they conquered the underworld and in the land of Egypt he called the underworld the land of Duat and made twelve gates to pass through on there way to the after life.

the last gate was a set of golden scales called the scales of ma'at. where they would meet their end if they were wicked or go on to paradise and it was Anubis job to weigh them fairly.

When people started dieing in the desert Anubis and set started fighting over the souls. set believed the people of the desert that he ruled over was his to command, both in life and in death the two would fight for many years over this, sometimes the fight were verbal but sometimes they would get into fights, it didnt help that they both were stubborn Anubis believed that mortals should go into the underworld and Set was as stubborn as his animal counterpart.

So Ra passed a law, that where ever the humans lived were Osiris and Set's to command but once they died they were under the command of Anubis or whoever was the ruler of the underworld but Set was not happy with that law but he would be grudgingly obey it.

As the years passed by Ra was getting older and couldn't keep up with his godly duties and the humans, so he decided to step down and focus on his sun boat and gave the title of pharaoh to his oldest great grandchild, Osiris became Ra's successor but for set the fire of hatred just kept growing.

At that same time Ra also passed the role of ruler of the underworld to Anubis. the first thing Anubis did was give the warriors that died in battle or of old age an option to become a part of his army for a thousand years or go on to the scales, most soldiers agreed to become a part of his army and swore to protect him and the underworld.

Ra made Set and Osiris reconcile, so Set threw a party at his Palace with Osiris and the other god's as guest, at the end of the feast set brought a beautiful golden sarcophagus inlaid with Emerald and offered it to anyone that could fit in it perfectly.

after everyone had tried it Osiris in good faith tried it out after getting in, set's servants closed the lid trapping Osiris in the sarcophagus, while set stopped the other gods from interfering, at the same time his servants took the sarcophagus and thru it into the Nile and with that set became the ruler of Egypt for the time being.

With the help of Ra, Isis was able to find the sarcophagus, but before Isis could do anything set smashed the body into forty-two pieces, after almost a year of looking Isis was able to find all the pieces of Osiris and with the help of Anubis, they were able to mummify the body and raised the body from the dead, Isis and Osiris was able to have a child together but after their son named horus was born, Osiris soul went into the underworld while his body was entombed and hidden from the mortals.

when Horus grew into a man, he challenged his uncle for the thrown and after almost a year of fighting Horus had won and became pharaoh of the gods, after a love affair with a mortal his descendants would begin ruling over the humans.

With his ever-growing job, Anubis stepped down from the ruler of the underworld and gave it to Osiris, Anubis was able to focus on guarding the sacred altar and the scales of ma'at, but even with Ra's law in place he still fought with set over the souls that died in the desert.

After many hundreds of years Anubis got the chance to take a break and let one of his trusted lieutenants guard the scales and weighing the souls, Anubis went to go see his friend Hades, after seeing his friend Anubis went to exploring the land of Greece when he bumped into the greek titan of justice named Themis, she wore a black dress and carried a sword in one hand and a set of weighing scales in the other with a black blindfold over her eyes.

when Anubis bumped into her they went tumbling to the ground. when he got up he also helped her up he noticed that he had accidentally knocked the blindfold off and looked into her eyes they were a blue sapphire, just by looking into her eyes he fell in love with her and spent the next three months with her but the call of Egypt forced him to go back.

Eight months later Themis gave birth to a baby boy with blue eye's and black hair, small pointy wolf like ears with pointy claw-like nails but she didnt care about that all it did was remind her of his father Anubis but Themis knew she couldn't keep her beloved child because the other gods like Hera would scorn him and mock him if not flat out try to kill him, after trying to find Anubis and failing, she was forced to abandon the child in the desert, it was one of the hardest decisions she has ever made.

The child would have died in the desert at that time, if a giant of a man wasn't walking through that part of the desert and hadn't found the child and brought him to his tribe.

the man took him in as his family and named him netjeru- ka but in the traditions of his tribe they believe true names show how much trust you have in the person. so they called him little jackal, everyone accepted him in their tribe and even the man's children accepted him into there family but they treated him more like a family friend.

Everyone except the man's wife she hated the child.

three years later

In the desert outside Egypt, two armies converged on one another.

On one side was the army of the dead. Black monstrous creatures with claws that could rip through men like air, they have a jackal for a head with teeth gritting white with saliva ready to bite down on anything in their path and silver bracelets and necklaces wearing brown loincloths. armed with golden Khopesh. Half of the army was on horseback and the other half had bow and arrows. This was the army of Anubis, made up of all the former soldiers that died of old age or in battle, when they became apart of his army Anubis transformed them into jackals like him.

On the other side was the army of set, made up of different tribes that lived in the desert. but these were no ordinary men. They were an ancient race of giants that stood seven to eight feet tall. Their smallest was only seven foot one, some men's skin were made up of white marble but a couple were made of black marble. They were foot soldiers with mostly clubs and spears wearing camel hide for loincloths. This was the army of set, made up of the tribes of the desert

When the two armies clashed, the battle lasted for seven days and seven nights, neither gaining or losing any ground. It wasn't until the gods themselves intervened.

First was Anubis

he is a grayish black skin man with a jackal for a head, he has pointy ears with a purple clothes his eyes are a dark gray, his headdress is black with gold and purple stripes, he wears a gold necklace with a symbol of an ankh in the middle. which is like a cross but with a teardrop loop on the top. he wear's a blue shoulder pad necklace but he is shirtless, on his upper and lower arms are bands with a gold and amethyst triangle pattern. His hands have black claws and in his left hand is a Khopesh. which is a curved sword with a silver blade with a black spine and a gold fuller going down the middle. he has a gold belt around his hips with a black toga going down the middle and stopping just above his knees, on the front had a gold and purple triangle pattern going down about an inch on both sides with purple strips going all the way down. on his legs is a tan toga with brown trimming with dog like legs with black claws.

On the other side is Set.

He has the head of a donkey with red eyes, a gold necklace with a tan shirt with a matching toga with a brown outline. His body looks mostly human but has dark red almost brown fur like skin, on his arms are golden bracelets, he had a light brown toga with golden toeless boots, in his right hand he carries a golden spear with him .

When the gods clashed they kicked up a powerful sand storm. Set made the first move to attack Anubis with his golden spear, set was fast enough to cut Anubis chest but Anubis was able to move out of the way before it did any more damage "You dare take what rightfully belongs to me, my bastard son!" Set yelled

"You know the law made by Ra, step-father" Anubis replied, slowly healing the cut "those who live in the desert around Egypt are yours to command but once they die they fall under my care, you've been with holding the souls that rightfully belong to me." Anubis replied, set tried slashing Anubis again this time aiming for his shoulder but Anubis blocked the spear with his Khopesh and slashed Set arm and in a swift move broke the staff .

"They lived under my command. Their afterlife should be as well." set said, kicking Anubis back some feet.

"They have to walk the path of the afterlife, you know that step- father, return what rightfully belongs to me!" Anubis yelled back.

Anubis ran over to Set getting his Khopesh ready to cut Set's chest if not more, but Set was stronger and faster than Anubis, Set used the spear and stabbed Anubis in the side and elbowed Anubis's Khopesh out of his hands, Set swiftly kicked Anubis right leg out from under him making it look like he was bowing before him with a smile on Set's face he leaned over with his spear pointing at Anubis chest ready to give the killing blow and whispered into Anubis ear "maybe that wife of yours will put up more of a fight or how about that lovely daughter of yours."

Anubis was ticked off by that statement and called upon his power "power of Duat" Anubis yelled, then jumped up and punched Set square in the face, he reached his hand out and one of his soldier's threw Anubis Khopesh into his hand and Anubis spun around in a swift motion he cut set's chest and his right eye, it would heal but would leave a scar. in the same motion Anubis side kicked Set in the face sending him to the ground. Anubis stood over set with rage in his eye's "no one and i mean no-one hurt's my family, any last words step-father." Anubis said with his Khopesh at Set's throat.

"I curse you and all the god's of Egypt, no god will ever again bare an offspring until the one born from death destroys my lord at the end of days, i swear this." set said as his eyes glowed red sealing the curse Anubis was about to give the killing blow when set turned to sand and blew away.

"coward." Anubis yelled into the air and started walking away as Set's army started retreating.

"Sir, sir," one of his lieutenants named wepwawet called out, running up to Anubis, he was one of the first soldiers to join Anubis army.

he is Anubis closest friend but when a human see's him in the land of Duat they sometimes confuse him for Anubis due to them looking alike but wepwawet is a little smaller than Anubis he only came up to Anubis shoulder standing about ten foot tall with Anubis standing about twelve foot tall but wepwawet had light gray almost white fur.

"Yes, what is it?" Anubis asked, walking up to wepwawet.

"A soldier from Set's army is asking for you." wepwawet said

"What does he want?" Anubis asked, walking besides wepwawet

"He won't say but he is almost ready to start his journey." wepwawet replied

"Sometimes I hate this job." Anubis said under his breath.

wepwawet herd his friend and put a hand on his shoulder "i know you do my friend but someone has to do it."

Anubis couldn't say anything to that replied so he just kept walking till he got close to a group of his soldiers hovering over the smallest giant, his soldiers parted and Anubis kneeled next to the giant. "What can I do for you?" Anubis asked

"Pl-please L- look after my son." the giant said, barely holding on to the thread of life.

Anubis was shocked to say the least, sometime's people would try to bribe him or threaten him to get a better chance at the scales, which he would scoff at them then pull out their hearts to weigh them, ten times out of ten they would fail and Amit would eat there hearts but this giant was asking him to look after his son "No one has ever asked me to do that before. I- I will do what I can." Anubis replied than asked, "which one do you want me to look after?" he asked softly

"Promise me you'll look after my smallest." the giant said with his last breath.

"wepwawet." Anubis said. "Find the child while I take this giant to Duat and start him on his path." Anubis ordered as he takes the soldier's soul to the underworld, wepwawet spent the next week in the desert looking for the child but could never find him.