Three years later.

A young boy was running along the banks of the Nile and stopped when he heard something "Oh, boy?" a new voice said as it slithered out of the reeds from the bank. It looked like a snake with dark red skin with greenish yellow eyes. It had a long snake like body but when it rose beside its head was a hood, with black spikes on it "hello boy, what is your name." it said

"Hi, my name is little jackal" the little boy said, "What's your name?"

"I'm Apop?" she said " where are you from." Apop asked

"I live in the city of Memphis." i replied "I'm going down to Crocodilopolis to go see my Papa Sobek to learn how to swim."

Apop started to coil up around herself like rope getting taller the longer little jackal watched, she stopped when she got to about his chest "Good, then no one will hear you scream." Apop said, she struck like lightning aiming for his chest but ended up biting little jackals left arm when he tried to stop her. little jackal tried to pull the snake off but her hold was too strong after a minute apop let go.

Black venom was spreading up and down his arm like lightning it already covered his hand and started going down to his elbow. "if that's strike would have hit your chest you could have died instantly but now it will turn you to dust, boy." apop hiss then she slithered away back into the reeds.

Thirty minutes later Papa Sobek was walking down the Nile looking for someone "where is that boy?" he asked as he continued walking he was starting to get worry for the boy he has never been this late. a little bit later he came across the child he was looking for, the child was on his back with what looked like black lightning going all the way up to his shoulder, "little Anubis!" He yelled running over to the boy, when he got close enough he got down on his knees and pick the child up into his arms, he also got a closer look at the black lightning covered arm and realized it is venom.

A second later Anubis came running out of the shadow of a tree, and it looked like something was pulling him out. "What happened?" he asked, a little confused because he felt like a part of himself was dying.

"I don't know." Papa Sobek replied, "I found him like this." Anubis ran over to Papa Sobek and the boy and put his hand on the boy's shoulder but to his confusion Anubis couldn't destroy the poison but he could hold it back

A second later another god showed up but this time he came by land. the first thing Anubis noticed was he had tanned skin with brown hair he couldnt see a lot of it because it was masked by a winged helmet with matching brown sandals with white wings, over his body is a white toga and in his right hand is a short staff with two snakes wrapped around it called a caduceus and a lyre in the other " what happened to the paií." the god said worried, running over to Anubis and Papa Sobek

Anubis was shocked to see the god. "Hermes , what are you doing here?" he asked confused

Hermes walked over to them. "Themis sent me, she felt her son slowly dying." Hermes replied

Anubis was so shocked by that bit of news that he almost let go of the boy shoulder"did you say that this is the son of Themis?" he asked

"yes why?" Hermes asked

Anubis was confused, "why is he not with his mother?" Anubis asked

"Themis felt that her child would be scorned and ridiculed by Hera and the other gods, so she tried to find you but after some time she couldn't, so she was forced to leave him in the desert where a tribe found him and raised him, i dont know what happen after that." Hermes explained

"Was the tribe a sand giant tribe?" Anubis asked

"i believe so?" Hermes replied

"my army fought a tribe of sand giants three years ago and one of the soldiers asked me to raise his son." Anubis explained "how did he get here." Anubis asked

Papa Sobek hissed, "the mother and I'm loathed to call her that left the runt here by the Nile, but that is not important right now." Papa Sobek looked into Hermes eyes and asked "Can you save him?"

Hermes inspected the bite. "He got bit by a snake, but one that i've never seen before."

"Can you heal him or not Hermes?" Anubis snapped

"I would love to, but I can't." Hermes replied. "The venom is too strong. Who could do this to a godling and one born from a titan and a god no less?" he asked

Papa Sobek and Anubis looked at each other "Apophis." they said together at once, "Is there anything you can do?"

"No." he replied, thinking it over, "but." he said rubbing his chin

"But what?" Papa Sobek snapped "speak up messenger."

Hermes said, "i know someone that might be able to help, Apollo!" he called into the sky.

A chariot with a sun on the front being pulled by four white horses with fiery mane like hair came down from the sky an a man stepped off the chariot. "what is it, brother?" the man said, he has bronze skin with blond hair with sky blue eye's he stood about 5'' 8 and has flawless skin and was wearing a yellow toga.

Hermes explained what happened and said "I need you to stay here and help Anubis with this boy, try to heal him as much as you can." Hermes replied "while I go and steel some ambrosia."

Apollo turned to Hermes shocked "ambrosia." apollo said worried for his brother stealing from him was one thing his father was far less forgiving "what if you get caught stealing from Father."

"I will take that chance Apollo, This boy is innocent and has both Greek and Egyptian blood flowing through his veins." Hermes replied then he shot off.

Half an hour later Hermes returned with a chalice of golden liquid, Anubis and Apollo is still holding back the vemon "hurry up Hermes, i dont know how much longer we can hold it back." Anubis replied almost to the point of yelling afraid that he was going to lose his son before he even got to know him.

Hermes rushed over to them and propped the boy up and poured the golden liquid down the boy's throat.

After sometime the boy's arm started healing but where the black venom had been, there is now golden veins forever leaving it's mark on him, but something strange happened the child over all remain the same but his claw like finger nails started turning black, his head changed to look more jackal and his nose grew out to look like a snout and started growing fur around his face and hair and it was almost as black the Nile soil.

Apollo examined "the venom couldn't be completely destroyed it is far to strong but it is being blocked for the time being." Apollo said

"I wonder why his body changed like that?" Hermes asked

"I don't know Hermes, maybe his body was trying to fight the venom and the ambrosia forced the changed to protect him but either way it's something that he'll have to live with for the rest of his life." Apollo replied

"We need to make sure something like this never happens again." Papa Sobek hissed.

The gods looked at each other but it was Anubis that spoke up first. "The flames from the sacred alter in the hall of two truths and the protection of nephthys will protect him as long as it stays lit."

Anubis took his son in his arms and walked into the closest shadow going straight into the underworld and jumped to the final gate, where a huge golden alter was alit lighting the path of the underworld, Anubis laid his son next to it and reached into the fire "I Lord Anubis bless you my son as long as this flame burns you will be protected by Nephthys, with this protection no godly attacks shall harm you." he pulled a bit of the fire out and put it over his son's heart and the fire spread over his body turning his fur like skin than when into his skin turning his skin tan, when the flames died down Anubis picked up his son but he was still unconscious "maybe he need something from both sides of his family." Anubis thought then ran to the river Styx in Hades and dropped him into the river "please wake up soon my son."

Inside little jackal's mind

Little jackal woke up and looked around, It was a dark, almost black desert with a lightning storm overhead. "what, where am I?" I asked, looking around

"Dont you know boy?" a voice asked

I turned around, and it was Apop. "Apop, what's going on?" i asked

"we're inside your mind." Apop answered, slithering around me getting a closer look. "You truly don't know who I am, foolish boy."

"no." I replied, "I know way too many snake's to name them all."

"My name is Apophis." the snake answered, growing taller in size by the second

I started backing away from her. "Th-The lord of darkness and chaos." i stuttered, was i scared of this snake, without a doubt this snake could go up against lord Ra himself so i had every right to be scared.

As Apophis got taller, she also got bigger till she was towering over me, she got ready to strike me again but this time she could swallow me whole "Now die!" she yelled but to both of our surprise a pare of golden transparent wings came out wrapping around me "The protection of Nephthys." Apophis said shocked but that quickly turned to rage and started trying to bash down the transparent wings "The protection of Nephthys won't always be around to protect you boy." she said with her head pressing on the wings.

"What do you want with me?" I asked in fear.

"You don't know do you?" Apophis asked

"Know what?" I asked back

Apophis laughed a little "you don't know the curse placed on the gods." Apophis said she was a little shocked but happy to hear that this boy was clueless of his fate.

Apophiskept wrapping around little jackal and the protection, she was trying to crush it but the protection wouldn't budge, "join me boy or me and my minion will destroy your life." Apophis said putting her head against the protection.

little Anubis started getting a little braver when a memory resurfaced.


Papa Sobek and little jackal were at the shore of the Nile, and little jackal was in a fight with two other people but these weren't civilians, they were the guards that protected Papa Sobek's temple and priest.

they were giving him a good beating but for every punch he would give, two were given right back. after sometime Papa Sobek stepped into the fight before it got too far out of hand. Papa Sobek walked up to little jackal and dismissed the guards, after they bowed to Papa Sobek they went back to their post "now pay attention little jackal, there is a reason i let you fight those two, I will not always be around to protect you nor will i fight your battles for you, life will never be fair and most of the time it will be you against the world but if you fight with your heart it will never let you down, as gods we have a responsibility to fight and protect the mortals that worship us. you must always remember to fight for the right reasons, for you and your family do you understand."

little jackal looked up to crocodile and replied "yes, Papa."

flashback end

little jackal looked up to Apophis with a fire in his eyes and said " you'll never keep your word you are darkness and evil."

"maybe." Apophis said with a wicked smile on her face. "but I can promise you this, no matter how long you live or how far you run, your life will always be miserable." she said, still trying to crush the protection with all her might.

"If that means stopping you snake than so be it," i said looking into her green eyes without showing a hint of fear in mine, i developed a smirk on my face when an idea hit me. "If this is my mind." i said "then this is my world." The cloud cover over head cleared to show a nice bright light blue sky with a huge sun shining down on us, except for a small spot with clouds overhead casting a shadow that was big enough for a small snake to fit into, if it was coiled up really tight.

The suns light started burning Apophis scales causing her so much pain that she had no choice but to uncoil and rush over to the shadow, shrinking as she continue to coil up. "now listen up snake and listen good,leave me alone you filthy snake!" I yelled as the cloud overhead protecting Apophis started going away and started burning Apophis into dust, and once she was gone I woke up.

In the real world

Anubis was sitting at the banks ofthe riverStyx, waiting for his son to come out of thewater. "Come on son, come out of thewater, please."

A second later Hermesshowed upandsat down next to him. "Howisit going?" he asked

"He still hasn't come out of thewater and i fear..." Anubis replied, butstopped by thesound ofsomeone takingdeep breathcame from the river, Anubisturned to the sound and saw that his son had resurfaced, Anubisrushed over to his son andpickedhimup and held him afraid that if he let go his son would slip through his fingers like sand. "son are you ok?"Anubis asked worried for his son.

"who are you?"Iasked in return, shaking the water out ofmyhair and fur, the fur surprised me but i quickly got over it.

Anubis gave a small but proud smile and replied "my name is Anubis, god of the dead, mummification and guardian of the weighing scales, but i'm proud to say I am your father." Anubis said with pride in his eyes.

I looked around and saw another man sitting next to father "who's the other man?" i asked pointing to the man.

"my name is Hermes, god of travelers, thieves, merchants and i'm the messenger of the gods." he replied "what is your name little one." Hermes asked

I didnt answer Hermes, I've never like meeting new people. they always kept their distance from me almost like they we're afraid of me but Anubis held me closer and spoke up "He helped save your life, little one." Anubis said softly, guessing the boy in his arms was shy around new people.

"the sand giants called me little jackal but to trusted friends and family my name is netjeru- ka." I replied, "but a name change would do me some good."

"what do you mean." Hermes asked

"names can change as you get older, i think Hermanubis sounds good, herm for the man who help save my life and the name of my father." i replied"fatherwhat's the curseplaced on the gods?" Anubis slowly toldmeabout the curse. "father thatsounds more like a prophecy to me."

Anubis thoughtitover. "Perhaps you are correct my son but for now let's head back home."

when we got back to Egypt, I got to meet Anubis wife Anput and his daughter Kebechet, they treated me like i was already part of the family Anput took me in and treated me like i was born from her she was the first person that i was happy to call mom, Kebechet treated me like i was her little brother even if we were half siblings that didn't matter to her.

Aweek later is mybirthdaywe were spending it at the pharaohs houseandthe godswas there except fordad.I was walking around looking for him until someonecovered my eye's "guess who?" a lady said with a sweet voice.

"hmm let me thinkAunt Hathor." I replied with a smile.

"Oh, yousillylittleboy." the lady said with a laugh. "Guess again, my sweet pup."

"Welllets see, you're not mom or Sekhmet." I replied "oh I know,your auntBastet."

"Oh, hilarious pup." Sherepliedstill covering my eyes.

"Hello grandma Isis." I said as she took her hands offmy eye's she than wrappedher arms around my neck, but whenicould see againI saw one of the most beautiful ladiesI haveever seen. "Who's that?"i asked in awe.

GrandmaIsislooked over my shoulder and saw a young woman in a pure white dress with silver bracelets on her arms. "Why don't yougo andfindout."Shesaid, pushingme forward.

I slowlymademy wayover to theyoung lady,She haslight brown skinand shinyblack hairwith matchingeyes,in a white dresswearing silverjewelry. "Umm, hello." I said

She smiled a little. "Hello." She repliedand her voice was as sweet as honey.

I held out my right hand because the other one was wrapped in bandages"My name's herm..." but someone interrupted meby grabbing my shoulder and pushed me way from her.

When i got a look at the persons face he had a gaunt face with brown eyes, he stood about my height which was about 4, 9ft but i was tall for my age because of the titan blood in me if i had to guess he was in his lower teens, he was skinny and was wearing a tan toga in brown sandals.

"It doesn't matter what your name is, peasant." A new voice spoke upand the next thing i know, a person stepped in-betweenmeand the young lady forcing me to step back a couple of steps.

"You know it's rude not to introduce yourself to someone, right?" Ideadpanned.

"My name isAkhenaten, the future ruler overEgypt,and this is my betrothed Nefertiti,A freak like you shouldn'tevenbe talking to royalty, let alone be at a partyas grand asthis."Akhenatenrepliedpushing me back more.

"freak." I started, "Do you have any idea who I am?"

"no nor do I care."Akhenatenreplied

"what isgoing on here?" a new voice said, walking up behindme

"father,this commoner came over here talking to my betrothed."Akhenatenreplied

i looked to my right and the pharaoh was there he stood about a full head teller than me, he was wearing a tan tago and was wearing the pharaoh double crown his name is Amenhotep the third"what is so badabout gettingher name and becomingfriends?" Iasked

"thatis none of your business." hetook astep forwardbut this time i didnt step back. "you arenothing more than a freak of nature, you village idiot." he said,he tookNefertitiby the arm and forced her to gowith him.

"That arrogant fool. If he becomes pharaoh, he'll ruin Egyptthank the gods he has older brothers." Isaid

"your probably right."Amenhotepreplied, "but whatcanyou do?"

"I can send him straight to Duat." I replied undermybreath.

"hermanubis." Amenhotepadmonished

"What,ican do it in three secondsflat?" I asked"nobody would even notice."

"as much as that sounds like a good idea that'snot funny,little Anubis." Amenhotep said "notsaying it isa bad idea."

"excuse me pharaoh." Idismissed myselfand I walkedout of the house andwentdown to the Nile Riveri needed Htime to calm down before i did something i would regret. I sat downon a rock andlooked at myblackclawed hands "why." I said under my breath, "All I had to do was keep going. Why didi havetostop?"

while I was looking at my handsCrocodiles started coming around me with abrightfull moonshiningoverhead, now most people would be worry to be around so many Crocodiles but i was raised around them and i knew they would protect me as if i was one of there own. "Because you are young and have the curiosity of Thoth. That's why he like's you so much."Said Papa Sobek the tallest crocodile and the leader of the Crocodiles.

"all I had to do was keep ongoingbutI stopped and turned into this." I said.

"Look at me, runt."Papa Sobeksaid, I turned to look atPapa Sobek. He pointedatmy chestwhere my heart is. "Looks come and go, but this dosen't change, you're still the same boy Iraisedand yourtruefriends will see that."

I looked downand scoffed. "My friends,yeah right."

"why, what happened boy?"Papa Sobekasked

"I walked up tothemtoday,before the party and they were scared of me, but before i could even talk to them they ran away from me." I replied

"than they weren't true friends. Your eyes and your heart haven't changed."Papa Sobeksaid "but I have a feeling that wasn't all, was it?"

"no." I replied. "At the partyjust a little bit ago, I was called a freakof nature."

"why are you allowing a namelessmortaltoget under your skin?"Papa Sobek asked

"Because thatishow people see me?" I saidas i watched the water.

"Does it matter?"Papa Sobekasked.

I turned to him confused"What do you mean?"i asked

"payattentionboy."Papa Sobeksaid,he would say that when he had something important to say, i turned him and gave him my full attention "you are the sonofAnubis and no one can take that awayfrom you,besides me and the rest of your familycansee thatyoulook more like your father and mother." he put his hand on my shoulder "you are the same runt I heldin my arms,when you were an even smaller runt never forget that."

"ThanksPapa." I replied, wiping away a couple of tears.

"Now I'm going to leave you and let you think it over."Papa Sobeksaid, walking into the riverwith all the Crocodiles following him.

A couple minutes passedand i was stillthinking things over. 'he's right,thefamilyis the only thing thatmatter'sand otherpeople opiniondont matter.'

"AHHH!" I heard someonescream. Iturnedtowherethe soundcame from and it was a young girl being chased bya couple of teenagers.

I jumped up and chased after themas the girl was running, she tripped on a rockand fell to the ground.

"come here girly."theteen on the right said as they closed in on the girl.

They both had lustful look in their eyes."ohthis will be fun." the otheronesaid,as theyclosed in on her like a pride of lions.

she slowlycrawledawaytrying to get away from them but kept the two in front of her ready to fight them if it came down to it.

Iranintothe shadowsand appeared behind them and grabbed them by the back of there neckand pulled the boys away from her. "Whatin the name of Ra,do youthinkyour doing?" I askedalmost yelling at them.

"Hermanubis." the second one said,he was a couple years older than both had black hairwearingwhite toga withanibis bird andablue baboon tattoo onthereshoulder showing they both were students of Thoth. "she is a foreigner,she doesn't belong here." the first one saidas if that wasall the justification he was a year younger than me"we were just teaching her a lesson." the younger one said.

"What is the first rule ofMasterThoth?" I said,even though they were studentsofMasterThoth, I was his star student.

"itdoesn'tmatter." theolderone said,as they bothtried toattack me, it was laughable at older one went for a punch butI grabbed his fist andthe other one went for my legs ikicked the second oneinto a tree.

"Now, what was that rule again?" I said,stillholdingtheoldest one fist and was slowly adding more and more pressure. "Oh yeah, that's right, knowledge is for learning, gathering, and giving it to othersand treat others with respect even those we dont know because they might know something we dont."

"she is a foreigner." he said. "She doesn't deserve to be here."the oldest said going to his knees from the pain.

"it's just a girl, we're just going to teach her what she is good for and show her what we've learned the Thoth library ." the other one said getting up from the tree and over to rush me again like he didn't learn from the first time he tried that move

"oh well then, that explains it all right there." I said,i brought the oldest to his feet and kicked him a few feet away from me"Then why dont you tell thatto MasterThoth himself?"

The moon shineda bitbrighterfor a secondand a man witha bird'sheadwith a book in his right handwalked out of the moonlight. "What's going on here?" he said

"MasterThoth, we were walking down the Nile when we saw this monster chasing this girl." the second one saidlying through his teeth.

"you dorealize MasterThothis the step- brother of my father Anubis and Horus and his wife is ma'at the goddess of truth right, he knows andcan see everything that happens at night."i said

"he is correct akhershesa-t and batenib, you have disappointed me, knowledge ismint to begatheredand given."Master Thoth said

"ButMaster, she's just a woman, they're only good for one thing and one thing only." Thoth grabbed them and dragged theminto the moon light then disappeared.

I slowly walked over to the girl as she slowly crawled away, she is wearing a white dress with brown hair with matching brown eyes but they were full of anger and embarrassment"Get away from me!"sheyelled, more than likely thinking i was like those other two.

"hey,I will not hurt you."i said softly.

"bull crap!" the girl yelled. "your- you're a monster."

I got mad at that statement butIhad to controlmytemper"i understand your mad and scared but that doesn't mean you have to be rude,My name isHermanubiswhat's your's."

She looked me in the eyes and paused. For minute before replying"my nameisArtemis."shereplied

"Pleaseto meet you,ipromiseI will not hurt you." I toldher as i got closermy eye'sglowed goldenfor a second, sealing the promise, "your ankle looks sprained." I said as I pulled out somebandagesand started wrapping her foot "thatshouldhelp. I know someone that can heal it better than I can."Iheld out my hand and helped her stand, when she got on her feet i let her put her weight on me. "I can't carry youup the hill, so you will have to walk. You can lean on meif you want too."

Westartedwalkingup the hillaftersometime. "Thank you." She said softly

"anytime." i replied just as softly.

"I'm sorry I called you a monster." Artemis said

"Justthink before you speak, okay?" I replied. "I wasn't always this way,well except for the claws and the pointy ears."

"What,didan evil god curse you or something?" Artemis asked

"yeah something like that." I replied, "but nowIlook more like my dad, so that's a plus."

"your dad?" Artemis asked

"well." I replied, "I'm not called hermanubis for any oldreason, you know."

"you mean you're the son of…" she started

"son of Anubisyep."Ireplied,"Nowmy question is whyisArtemis the greek goddess of the hunt doing here in Egypt."

"I wanted to go on vacation." Artemis replied

Igave her a deadpannedlook"you wanted to getaway fromHera,didn't you?"i asked

She winced a little. "is it that obvious?" she replied

"So how did a goddessknownforhuntingend up beingchased bythose two mortals?" I asked

"I wantedto be mortal on this vacation." She replied.

"Well, next time you go on vacation." I told her, "use an older form. You're what, eight in this form?" I asked

"does Thoth really have information like what they we're going to do to me." Artemis asked she was really scared of what could have happened her.

i turned to her and looked her in the eye "Master Thoth collects all forms of information from all over the world, but make no mistake Master Thoth hates men like that and will punish those two severely, i'll probably never see those two again."

Whenwe got back to the party, I saw a lady in a red Linan dress with a lioness headwearinggoldenbracelets,"lady Sekhmet." I called out. She maybe known for her temper and bloodlust but besides that, she's a pretty nice person.

"What is it, young one?" Sekhmet asked.

"My friend here tripped and sprained her ankle, "can you fix it?" i asked

"Of course." she replied, she unwrapped the bandages and got a good look at it. "It's not bad, how did this happen?" Sekhmet asked as she put her hands on Artemis ankle and her hands started glowing.

"she tripped on a rock going down to the Nile." i replied "she told me she wanted to see the moon reflecting off the water."

Sekhmet could understand that, it was a site to behold "Are you an artist, young one?" Sekhmet asked.

"umm, no ma'am but I've always heard it was very beautiful." Artemis replied

Sekhmet looked up and looked into our eye's "well it's obvious you're lying about how it happened, but I have a feeling it's an embarrassing story, right?" Sekhmet said with a small smile.

"Yeah, a little." Artemis replied

After a minute or two, her hands stopped glowing. "okay than, you'll be sore for the next few days but you're all fixed now, just be careful from now on." she got up and walked away, to my delight Artemis stayed with me threw out the whole party.

halfway threw the party uncle Hermes showed up for a little bit to give me a present, he gave me a pair of brown sandals with white wings but told me that when i got older and he knows that he can trust me he'll show me how to make my own winged sandals but in the mean time, he gave me these sandals they were an older pair of winged sandals and they slower than uncle Hermes but fast enough to cross over water. after that everyone gave me gifts as well but my favorite is a black Khopesh from my father Anubis.

After the party i turned to Artemis and asked"I can walk you back to your inn if you want?"

"no thanks, I'll be ok." she replied with a smile

"Maybe I'll see you around." I said, walking her to the door.

We spent the rest of the week hanging out before she had to leave.

During that time the mortals were still respectful to me i could see it in there eye's they were scared of me, even my 'friends.' that i made stayed clear of me until I cornered them in an ally. there is four of them and they all looked about the same they were wearing brown toga's, they were bald with brown eyes. "Why do you all keep running away from me?" I asked them.

one of my oldest friends, Urshé replied, "I'm sorry, Hermanubis but have you looked at yourself?"

"What do you mean?" I asked him. "It's still me guys. I just look different, that's all."

The four looked at each other "to be honest with you, Hermanubis, we were just your friend so that we could be able to secure our spot's in the afterlife." Mdjai said, he has a bit of a mean streak but i thought he was a good person.

"But we've been friends for years." I said, taking a few steps back. "You mean all this time, you were just friends with me so you can get something that not even Osiris can guarantee?"

"what do you mean?" Urshé asked,

"You fool's, Ra set the gates system up himself." i replied "only Ra could change the scales, but even then Anubis and Osiris would have to agree to it."

"well than we really have no need of you." Kamenwati said walking up to me, "we were only your friend so we could get a leg up, maybe even a blessing or two from lady Isis along the way for being friends with a useless freak like you." he said pushing me to the ground. i jumped back up and punched him in the face forcing him to smash into the wall, when he got back up someone grabbed him by the shoulder "come on, he's not worth it." Urshé said than they walked away.

i took some deep breaths to control my anger, after i calm down I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder, when I looked up it was my father Anubis. "you did a good job, even I hoped that they were true friends."

"yeah well, they are only mortals." I replied. "what's going on father."

"it's time to start your training with me and maahes, in fact he has been watching your fight." Anubis said pointing to the roofs overhead when I looked up their was maahes. he is a male lion headed human god known for his golden knife, over his head is a red and tanned striped head- dress with a vulture and a snake headdress ornament with blue eyes with a wearing a tan toga with a golden false beard.

"i must say you have the heart of a warrior with the way you jumped back up." he said

I bowed my head slightly to maahes out of respect. "Thank you, lord maahes."

"We will start your training tomorrow." Anubis said