Episode 0: The Sinnoh Champion Cup

"...And with that devastating final move from Dawn's Empoleon, Dawn and her team have once again taken the crown from Champion Cynthia! What an awesome conclusion to this year's Sinnoh Champion Cup! Let's give it up for Sinnoh's Legendary Ladies!"

Three very well known women walk onto the screen: an older blonde woman that doesn't seem to age, a slightly younger woman with dark blue hair and a red scarf draped over her shoulders, and a young woman with brown hair and maroon eyes that greatly resembles Unova's Pokemon League Champion.

"Champion Dawn and her rivals, former Champions Cynthia and Senna Kohl! Will anyone dethrone these three ladies and take the Champion title away from them? Find out at the next tournament in twelve month-!"

The TV suddenly cuts off.

"What the f-?"


Weiss winces at the sound of her full name. She turns towards the door to her hospital room and smiles innocently at her mother, Liana, remote in hand. "Yes, mom?"

Liana rolls her eyes. "You've watched that recording twenty times now. Don't you have better things to do?"

Weiss huffs and crosses her arms petulantly. "'Better things to do'?" she repeats. "I'm not even allowed to walk around! Look!" Weiss says and attempts to get out of bed.

"What's your point, Weiss?"

Weiss narrows her eyes at the Chansey assigned to her room. "Making me look like a fool in front of my mom, hm?"

Chansey giggles.

Liana laughs and shakes her head. "Be nice to Chansey, it's only doing what I asked it to." she says and looks behind the wall between the door to Weiss' hospital room and window. "I have some good news…but I thought you'd prefer to hear it from your cousin."

Weiss' eyes widen. "Senna?"

Said woman jumps out from behind the wall and in front of Liana. "Senna!" she beams, holding balloons and flowers in her hands. "Guess who's going home!?"

Weiss tilts her head to the side. "You?" she asks.

"Wh-? Well, yes," Senna says and shakes her head. "But no. You!"


"You're being discharged!" Senna beams.

Weiss gasps and in her excitement, she tries and fails to stand up and falls off her bed, face planting on the floor.

Chansey and Liana facepalm.

"...Are you sure they said she's good to go home?" Senna asks.

"Senna!" Weiss whines.

Twenty years ago, after saving the world from Team Galactic while also trying to complete her gym challenge, Dawn eventually made it to the Pokemon League and fought her way up to Cynthia.

The teenage savior won the title from Cynthia but, exhausted from her journey, declined the title and Cynthia stayed in charge for another year to give Dawn time to recover and recharge. The next year, Dawn rechallenged the Elite Four and managed to beat Cynthia again, this time keeping the title for herself.

The next year, however, Dawn was challenged by someone a bit younger than her - Weiss' cousin, Senna Kohl - and the young Champion gave her title to someone even younger.

Cynthia, excited at the prospect of fighting someone new who offered a challenge, fought her way through the Elite Four (much to the horror of her former coworkers) and challenged Senna.

And continuing on for the next twenty years up to the present day, the Sinnoh region hasn't had a new Champion outside of these three women - thus the title given to them by reporters: Sinnoh's Legendary Ladies.

Somewhere along the way during one of Dawn's years as Champion, she got bored of the usual routine and decided to take some notes from the Galar region; the Sinnoh Elite Four was disbanded and the Sinnoh Champion Cup was born in its place.

Collecting all eight gym badges grants any participant entry into the Sinnoh Champion Cup. In the past, aspiring Champions had to fight their way through the former Elite Four to work their way up to the Champion. Now, prospective Champions have to battle every other contestant trying to dethrone the reigning Champion; which now includes the previous members of the Elite Four and other former Champions hoping to regain their title.

And as they're still the top four trainers in the region, the latter part of the tournament is generally always made up of Aaron and Lucian with the two Legendary Ladies that aren't reigning Champion with a few others mixed in.

(Flint retired a few years ago and Bertha passed away from old age around the same time.)

As the Gym Leaders are still a part of the professional league, they are not eligible for participation in the tournament.

The tournament is held once every year. The winner of the tournament battles the reigning Champion in one last battle to determine who takes home the title. Last year, Dawn won the title back from Cynthia so she's the one to beat at the tournament coming up in eleven months.

Currently, however, Senna has business in Canalave City and knowing her cousin's been cooped up in the hospital for over a year, she's invited Weiss to come along with her.

Weiss, almost finished getting ready to head out with Senna, checks herself over in the mirror as she finishes tying the braids at the front of her hair.

Hair? Still brown.

Eyes? Still maroon.


"Weiss, c'mon, let's go!"

-are on.

"Coming!" Weiss says as she rushes out of her room. She smiles at her mother and cousin. "Ready!" she says with a salute.

"Be careful with my baby girl, Senna." Weiss' mother says warningly as the three of them head outside. "If you send her back to the hospital I'm going to make sure you have a bed right next to hers." Liana says with a smile that sends chills down her niece's spine.

"R-Right, auntie." Senna nods and grabs an excited Weiss by her shoulders, steering her towards route 218. "Come on, I left my Salamence roaming around there, we'll hitch a ride on its back to Canalave."

Weiss beams, stars in her eyes. "I get to ride a Salamence!?"

"Senna if you drop my daughter I will send you back to your mother in a body bag."



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Traveling Companions

1. Jacqueline Bordeaux (16) - Kalos [Ahn Jihlo]

2. Dexter Hyalite (15) - Unova [Other Senpai]

3. Alexander Redwood (16) - Sinnoh [oddlyillregular]

Team Terror




Team Emperor

1. Crystal DiMarina (17) - Hoenn [Other Senpai]



Team Inferno

1. Alice Shinomiya (13) - Kalos [Animeboy15]



Contest Circuit




Wandering Trainers




Gym Challengers

1. Zia Sleepwolker (20) - Sinnoh [News Boss]




Gym Challengers

Robyn Westbrook (12) - Galar

Sigurd Peterson (17) - Sinnoh

Jon Wood (16) - Hoenn

Angelo Creed (17) - Sinnoh

Devon Manson (15) - Paldea

Lucie 'Light' Farron (20) - Galar

Wandering Trainers

Noah Orchin (15) - Unova

Aditi Seyyal (16) - Orre

Leafy Adkins (15) - Sinnoh


Drew Brile (19) - Sinnoh

Maude Barrett (14) - Kanto

Carmine Waverly (17) - Sinnoh

Cole Autumns (14) - Sinnoh

Team Terror Members

Tabitha Jenkins (23) - Galar

Chris Sediment (22) - Unova

Horace Illian (19) - Johto

Oliver Flores (13) - Sinnoh

Team Inferno Members

Jeremiah Dole (22) - Unova

Stoh Ner (14) - Alola

Team Emperor Members

Hauser von Faulknaur (17) - Sinnoh

Kanemitsu 'Kane' Matsunaga (21) - Hoenn