faq since i posted this at midnight and fatigue made me omit certain things and people keep asking the same questions :man_dancing:

Q: How many OCs can I submit/get accepted?

A: 2 maximum

Q: What are the different values/goal of each team?

A: Team Terror is more focused on proving that grass types aren't the worst between the three and that they can be just as powerful as water/fire types

Team Emperor is focused on showing the beauty of water types. They're also majorly involved in the Contest Circuit

Team Inferno is FIRE FIRE FIRE all the time and they're currently trying to get the E4 reinstated because they don't have any representation in the professional league anymore (Terror has Gardenia and Emperor still has the water gym). They're also busy harassing Flint and Volkner into either giving Flint the gym or making Volkner change his specialty to fire

Q: Are we limited to just the mons introduced in Gen 4/Diamond/Pearl?

A: We'll be using the platinum dex

Q: Why do you already have accepted characters?

A: They were accepted before publishing so I could continue to build the world in my free time. No more OCs will be accepted until the deadline is up so don't spam me if I don't respond to your app :man_dancing:

Q: If our OC's region of origin isn't Sinnoh, are we allowed to have 1-2 Pokemon from the OC's region?

A: Yes, but they must already be in your Trainer's possession

Q: Are we allowed to add Pokemon that we were only able to obtain via eggs (ex. Riolu) to our team?

A: Yes

Q: Are Pokemon encounterable on routes via the PokeRadar allowed?

A: Yes

Q: What about Pokemon found on the routes around Stark Mountain?

A: Yes

Q: And post-game Mr. Backlot's Garden and post game Great Marsh?

A: Yes

Q: Your grammar is wrong.

A: No It's Not?

That's all for now, to be updated as needed :man_dancing:

see you in March xoxo