Episode 0 (Part 2): The People of Sinnoh

If there's one thing Weiss became intimately familiar with when all she could do was watch TV and browse the internet, it's the new annoyances of the Sinnoh region: Team Inferno, Team Emperor, and Team Terra.

The three so-called teams started out as simple fanclubs for Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. They didn't do much but meet up and fawn over their chosen mascots and meet up with the opposing teams for friendly debates about which Pokemon is better. Things eventually turned sour between them when the original Team Emperor leader took things too far and royally screwed over the personal life of the second generation Team Inferno leader.

Presently, the leaders of each team now operate under codenames and none of the teams are on good terms with each other. They've also evolved to be more than just fanclubs of their mascot: they now advocate for all Fire-types, Water-types, and Grass-types respectively. Each team has their own goal, their own level of immaturity and toxicity, and their own dynamics…

Somewhere in Eterna City…

Gardenia crosses her arms, an unsure look on her face. "Are you sure about this, Folium? You don't think she's too…" she trails off, making a 'you know' face.

Folium, an old woman wearing a dull green dress with dark green leaves patterned around the waist, smiles calmly at Gardenia. "I am. She may slip up at times but I trust you and the others will be there to guide her." she says. "And besides, I'm old. I'm getting tired, Gardenia."

Knock knock!

The two women turn to see the subject of their conversation poking her head into the room. "Folium, Gardenia, I have to return to Sunyshore soon." the girl says with a disappointed frown. "Is there anything else you need me to do before I go?" she asks.

Folium shakes her head. "That's all for now. Thank you for your hard work."

The girl nods, smiling at the pair before shutting the door and taking her leave.

"Hey hey, didja hear about Folium?" a young man with swept back purple hair and blue eyes asks the woman next to him, the two of them watching as the girl from earlier passes by. "Pretty exciting, right?" he asks.

The woman hums, her hazel eyes following the girl as she walks out. "I did." she says and tilts her head to the side. "I hope it's her. She would be interesting." the woman says, lazily playing with one of her dark green braids.

"What are y'all talking 'bout?" a dirty yet cheerful man asks, approaching the two. He takes off his mining helmet, ruffling his messy brown hair. "Said somethin' 'bout old Folium?" the man asks with a smile, his brown eyes gleaming as he puts his helmet back on and strokes his beard. "She finally buying us a fancy dinner or what?"

The three of them continue to make conversation about this and that, unaware of exactly what change their team was about to go through.

Nearby, a girl with peach colored hair and soft golden eyes listens in on their conversation with a frown…

Somewhere in Pastoria City…

"Seriously…? I don't have time for this…" a boy with somewhat messy blond hair and blue eyes says with a sigh.

"I don't see what's so difficult." a haughty girl with shoulder-length light blue hair and silver eyes says as she examines her nails. "Just show us a Water-type Pokemon or pay the toll." she says calmly.

The blond boy crosses his arms. "Do you even have the authority to-?"

"Foolish traveler!" a tall boy interrupts them, dropping down from who knows where and landing in between the two. He strikes a pose, running his fingers through his messy black hair. "You know not who you trifle with! Are you truly prepared to incur the wrath of the almighty Team Emperor!?" the tall boy demands, his one visible blue eye gleaming - the other being covered by a black patch.

A large, strong looking man laughs heartily as he also adds himself to the conversation: "Hey, hey, hey," he says in a chill, relaxed tone. His dark green eyes focus on the blond boy. "I've seen you around kid, you're a big fan of Ghost-type Pokemon, right?" the man asks, pushing his shaggy black hair out of his face. He walks past the tall boy and the haughty girl and puts an arm around the blond boy's shoulders as he leads him out of Pastoria City. "Let me tell ya, there's some pretty cool Ghost-type and Water-type Pokemon out there…"

The tall boy stomps his feet. "I was handling that, you disposable ilk!" he cries petulantly.

The haughty girl rolls her eyes and turns on her heel. "I was handling it, both of you interrupted me." she says.

The boy frowns and watches the girl walk away. "Where are you going?"

"I have to speak with Aqua about something." she says. "I've finally remembered where I know him from…" the haughty girl says with an interested look on her face. "Go tell the others we're done with this operation."

With Team Emperor's activity put on pause, trainers and their Pokemon can now travel in peace; the 'toll' travelers had to pay was a Pokemon battle.

What? Did you think they were extorting trainers? Team Emperor isn't a group of criminals.

They're just annoying.

…Of course, they also got money if they won the battle so their criminal status is up for debate.

Somewhere in Sunyshore City…

A young girl looks down at the woman and man before her with a tired, disappointed look on her face.

"Cousin…" the girl sighs, light blue eyes looking at the woman with an exasperated look on her face. "How many times do I have to stop it with the fanfiction? Flint sent us another complaint." she says with a frown.

The woman, with long blonde hair and blue eyes just like the girl, hangs her head. "You're too young to understand…" she grumbles. "Flint and I are destined to be together…"

"And you," the girl turns to the large man with a number of burn scars littering his arms and hands. "You've been told plenty of times that screaming 'come on breed' in the middle of the night is incredibly disturbing to hear when people are trying to sleep. Stop it." she scolds.

The man, with buzz cut black hair and small red eyes, puts his hands up in exasperation. "Come on-"


"Wha-? No, that's not what I was gonna-"

The three of them are interrupted by the start of incessant knocking on their building's front door. "EXCUSE ME? IS THIS TEAM INFERNO'S HEADQUARTERS?" a girl's voice shouts in between knocks.

The trio of Team Inferno members exchange a look before the young girl walks over to open the door. She looks up to see a girl with shaggy brown hair and green eyes standing in the doorway. "Who are you?" the girl asks.

"That doesn't matter." the girl says and pulls out an armful of brochures from the box in front of her. "Using your Pokemon to burn your trash instead of throwing it away properly is-"

The girl shuts the door in the stranger's face.


The girl cringes. "...I'm going to make sure Ignis isn't too out of control, she should be coming back today." she says quietly. "Stop causing trouble." the girl says to the man and woman. "And don't let that girl in."

The two of them, of course, don't listen, and are scolded even harsher when Ignis' daughter returns with a formal complaint against Flint's admirer and a stack of other noise complaints from other residents of Sunyshore City.

Weiss also enjoyed watching the trainer reviews uploaded by her favorite streamer, Cassiopeia. She frequently attends contests and gym battles all around Sinnoh and gives her personal opinion on trainers that stand out to her.

In the Contest Circuit, an up and coming Coordinator by the stage name of Carmine has started to make a name for themself. Despite being the child of the famous Coordinator, Sulu Waverly, Carmine desires to pave their own way without their mother's assistance. Unlike their mother's Water-type specialty, Carmine exclusively trains Fire-type and Electric-type Pokemon. How fun!

There's also the easygoing and friendly Damien Brile. He's become known for his quick thinking and improvisation during his contests. Damien doesn't have the same pedigree as Carmine but he's still amassed his own fame and fanbase. His only partner so far is a Snover called Pine.

And then there's the young but talented Maude Barrett, a foreigner from the Kanto region. She's mentioned previously that she loves Poison-type Pokemon but they don't seem to have that same appreciation for her (the only ones that don't attack her on sight are the Gastly line of Pokemon) - thus the young Coordinator has set her sights on showing off the beauty of Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon.

And the Gym Challengers that Cassiopeia has made note of this year are definitely…something.

The energetic Angelo Creed has no problem attracting attention wherever he goes and whenever he's battling because of the sheer volume of his voice. His strategy - or lack thereof - is to brute force his way through most battles; so while he's not much of a thinker, Angelo's hard work makes up for it.

The antithesis of Angelo personality-wise, Sigurd Peterson is the son of a former Kanto region champion and says he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and claim the Sinnoh region Champion title for himself. He's extremely intelligent and uses every aspect of his Pokemon to his advantage to gain the upper hand in his battles.

And then there's the standoffish Zia Sleepwolker. The history behind her is shrouded in mystery and her choice of dark clothing and accessories only serves to add to the interest in attempting to learn about her. She frequently declines interviews so the public only knows that she specializes in training Poison-types - and that's only because of her Gym battles and the other Pokemon battles she accepts.


"Save it for the ride over." Senna shushes her rambling cousin. "Salamence is ready." she says, patting the large dragon. Senna's Salamence in particular seems to be on the longer side.

Weiss gapes up at the dragon in awe. She opens her arms up to the Pokemon. "Can you pick me up with your teeth?"

Salamence looks at his trainer.

"No." Senna states bluntly.

Salamence turns his head up at Weiss.

Weiss pouts and glares at her cousin. "You're no fun." she says as Senna pushes her towards Salamence's back.

"You quite literally just got out of the hospital." Senna tuts. "Your mother will kill me if I kill you." she says and shakes her head as Weiss struggles to climb onto Salamence's back. "You can't even climb on!"

Weiss blushes embarrassedly. "Sh-Shut up!" she cries.

Senna sighs and gestures towards Weiss. "Go ahead, Salamence. But gently."

Salamence nods and carefully takes the back of Weiss' shirt between his teeth, picking her up and placing her on his back.

Weiss beams. "So cool."

Senna smiles and climbs on behind Weiss, keeping her younger cousin secure. "Alright, let's go, Salamence!"

Weiss yelps in surprise when Salamence lurches forward and flies up into the air, heading towards Canalave City.

"There's a boat that should be arriving soon from the Kalos region." Senna informs Weiss. "Cynthia should be arriving-"


"...Cynthia should be arriving on it." Senna finishes, her eye twitches.

Weiss hums excitedly. "Cynthia…if it's a boat that has her on it, there's gotta be some other interesting people on it too." she says. "Oh! I also heard that a relative of-"

Senna sighs good naturedly and lets her cousin get all of her talking out of her system. Weiss has had no one else to talk to but her mother and all the nurses and doctors in the hospital for years.

She just hopes whatever friends Weiss makes now can match her ener-

Weiss starts coughing mid-sentence. "Ow…oh, that's blood." she says casually and wipes her hand on her thigh. "Anyways-"



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