Floating...that's all that Error can tell. He successfully jumped off the void, ending the never-ending torment that no one should ever experience such horrors that even the bravest soul will shudder in fear. Error huffed silently, the thought of Ink and the others panicked due to the universes crashing together because, to their dumbassary and blindness, the glitching monster lets out a small laugh, before hacking himself with a hard cough.

His wounds...he could tell that they gave their all to kill him, it is quite funny when they looked so shocked by the time he jumped into his death. Oh, how wonderful. Although Error is happy that he escaped his 'well-deserved' hell, he does miss some people. The Charas, The Bad Sanses, the Frisks, and the revolutionary Sanses that supported him to hell. He has grown attached to them emotionally, so much that he sees them as his family, but knowing that Ink will use his loved ones as hostages and prisoners so that he could interrogate and use them as body shields to protect himself while mocking him for being a coward, he chose to stay away, and it disheartened him whenever he thinks about them.

He sighed, the weight of guilt slowly crawling on his back, he wanted to apologize to them but he knew that it was too late for that. All of those thoughts swam into Error's skull as he drifted into the lake of nothingness, he felt the pain from his fresh wounds, too bad he can't patch it up.

Error asked himself, is he dead? Is this afterlife? Is this what death feels like? To him, it is nice, even if it's cold...it is peaceful, with no voices and no more strings that tighten whenever it's time to destroy worlds. And then he realized, he felt pain, why he isn't dead yet? He just floats there as if he's inside the cold, salty waters of PirateTale. No, that's not even possible, right?

His mind went 100 mph in panic, is he captured? How long has he's been floating around? Can anyone hear him? Can he use his abilities? Is the Undernovela ended? Is Asgoro's dead!? Error shook his skull trying to ignore the annoying thoughts, and focusing on the major problems. First, he needs to test his ability if he's still capable of fighting. Imagine the image of the Nightmare's Castle and push enough amount of magic to cut a hole through the universe's dimension walls.




It didn't even work...but how? He still has a large number of magic reserves, enough to fight countless Sanses before he'll break. Error grit his teeth and tries again, with the smallest amount of magic he could muster.


Error grinned, it was supposed to be a blaster that can level a house down but that's progress. It may sound like a gun but the gaster blaster still works. Error hummed and tries another magic scale to a whole new level.

Child, that's enough.

Error flinched at the sudden voice that rang out of his skull. His building power suddenly descends as the warmth slowly washes over his tired, wounded body. He almost fell into a deep sleep but jolts when a womanly voice rang out again.

Oh, my poor sweet child. What have they done to you...

Error is suspicious of this being. First, they somehow managed to lower his power to a minimum. How terrifying.

Child, I can hear your mind.

Error is getting unnerved, this being is perverted enough to peep into his mind, how disgusting.

Child, I CAN hear your inner monologue. And don't call your mother a pervert!

Error's mind went blank. Mother? He had a mother? When? And why now?

He grits his teeth, holding his tears as his body is being cradled so gently that he could burst his tears out.

I'm so sorry, my child. I didn't save you in time. You didn't serve this kind of treatment. You deserve love and happiness. Oh, my child...my lovely child.

Error's soul aches as his tears ran down to his tear marks. His lips trembled and let a cry. "Mother! Mother!"

Oh, my sweet summer child...mother is here. Mother will always be right beside you.

Error basked himself unto his mother's gentle hug, pouring all of his soul out with sadness, anguish, guilt, and anger while his mother caresses his skull. He spoke to her, everything he had gone through, all the pain he had taken to make sure his loved ones stay alive. He lets out how he hates the FATE and its demonic spawn that haunts him like an endless loop of madness. He spoke about it all and his mother stays, listening and gently whispering praises and compliments towards Error.

My child, it seems my time is up.

Error flinched and rebelled at his mother, not wanting her to go. She just arrives and then now she leaves? There are so many things he has to say.

My sweet child, I must do and it's not a pretty one. Souls like you shouldn't survive and yet your Soul didn't even falter under the tremendous pressure of the void. They will find you.

All be damned. He rather goes through hell again just for the sake of his mother. Even if it's going to kill him. He wouldn't mind at all.

Child, I refuse! That's why I carry you here so that...you'll be free from my sister's chains. Please, do not sacrifice yourself on my behalf.

Error grunted but begrudgingly agreed with his mother's decision, not wanting to upset her. He felt a tugging sensation from his back, it was quite uncomfortable.

Child, I will put you into a world where you'll experience freedom and love. You'll meet tons of interesting people and maybe will fight someone...

Error felt the tugging become stronger, slowly pulling him deeper into the river of nothingness. The air is getting thinner and thinner. It's getting harder to breathe.

I will make a few adjustments for your body to survive. Your current body is unstable, I have to change you a little bit.

Error is getting sleepy, barely listening to his mother's words and his consciousness is drifting away. His body pulled down and down and down. God, he's very tired.

Child, good luck with your wonderful adventure.

Wait for what.

He felt the gravity heavy, knocking his breath out. The pull was so great that it pains him, his wounds were opened once again as he fall into the void. He can't help but scream.






"Ahhhh! Why the hell you didn't warn me about this, MOTHHHERR!" Error's glitching voice echoed as he entered the sky and descends into a bunch of snow. Didn't matter. He shields his face with his arms, curled his body into a ball, and slammed into the snow so hard that it causes a mini avalanche, covering the glitching being's curled body.


Error punched the snow to get out, and shrug all the white powdery ice off of his black coat, he breathed heavily as his wounds started to bleed. He cursed and looked around the area. All he sees was white snow and pine trees, how unlucky. Error grit his teeth and starts to walk around, creating a blood trail on the snow. Everything is so cold again, he misses his mother's gentle warmth. His body starts to get numb, his teeth chatter, and his vision fades in and out.


He fell, growing weak and cold. He cussed out his body to be so weak.

Error felt so pathetic, he can hear FATE, the voice, and that devil spawn Ink laughing and mocking his situation, he can't help but cursed out even more. He clings to tiny bits of hope that one single person save him. Error swallows his pride.

You called for help.




But no one came-

And Error finally succumbed to the cold and agonizing pain.