Hello readers, as you can guess from the title and the summary this story is just going to be about a Yautja hunting in the world of Monster Hunter. I noticed that there is basically no Fanfic about this, except one but from what I can tell they haven't been updated in years. So I decided to make my own story, so sit tight and enjoy.

The First Kill

It was a peaceful and beautiful night, the Aptonoths were either laying down to rest or eating grass, the Kelbi nearby were also slowly grazing in close proximity of the Aptonoths, sticking close in order to have protection from nearby monsters such the local population of small bird wyverns. Speaking of Bird wyverns, a small pack of blue raptors with small dull red crests on their heads were sneaking around the herd in order to ambush them, these were Velociprey. In the middle of the pack was their alpha, a bit larger than its underlings. It has a large bright red crest on its head symbolizing its leadership over the small monsters, this was a Velocidrome.

The pack were slowly closing in on the herd, the leader of the group was analyzing which of these Aptonoths were the best meal for tonight. The Drome quickly spotted a large male Aptonoth with a noticeable limp on its right hind leg, probably an injury from a different monster. The Drome let out a small hiss on its pack members telling them to target the injured male. The Velocipreys made small squawks and hisses, obeying their leader.

The Velociprey made their move, two charged first spooking the herd into running while the Velocidrome and two others ran towards the herd targeting the injured male. The first two tasked with spooking the herd made a turn for the old male separating it from the rest of the herd. They let out squawks and threatening hisses towards the limping Aptonoth, distracting it for the Drome and the other Velociprey for a surprise attack from behind.

The Aptonoth despite having a limp decided to stand on its hind legs making it appear bigger and threatening, but the display was for nothing. The Velocidrome jumped with astounding heights and used the claws on its hind legs to slash at the sides of the Aptonoth. The Aptonoth let out a pained roar from the attack and immediately went for the offensive, it began swinging its tail spikes against the Drome and its cohorts trying to impale one of them. Unfortunately the wound from earlier was slowly weakening it from blood loss and thanks to its limp the swings were too slow to hit any of the monsters.

Deciding to end this lump of meat's misery, the Drome ordered its cohorts to jump at the Aptonoth and slowly bite or claw it until it was weak enough for the Drome to finish it. The Velocipreys obliged and all four Velociprey jumped from all sides and began biting the sides or clawing the stomach area. The Velocidrome, seeing an opportunity to strike, used its claws to slash at the Aptonoths throat, cutting its windpipe. The Aptonoth was now choking on its own blood then for a few seconds it went down.

The Drome and its cohorts began to let out victory squawks and began to feast on the now dead Aptonoth. The leader began eating the meat in the stomach area, then it retrieved a large part of the meat and then moved away from the corpse in order for its pack members to have their meal too. The drome was satisfied with its meal thinking that all was well, until it noticed something from one of the pack members.

There appears to be three red lights on one of the Velociprey, then out of nowhere a blue light erupted from the trees nearby and hit the Velociprey from behind. The targeted Velociprey exploded in a cloud of blood and smoke, the Velociprey was now missing its right leg and it let out a few hisses before falling dead to the ground.

The other Velociprey, not knowing what happened to their teammate, began to run into the forest in fear thinking it was a hunter. But the Velocidrome stood its ground and began looking into the direction of the blast and it began roaring and squawking towards the mysterious attacker. At first nothing happened until something heavy fell down from the trees, the Drome could hear heavy footsteps coming towards it but it could not see anything. Until it saw them, two bright yellow eyes appeared for a second until they vanished. The Drome immediately ran towards where the eyes were seen and jumped at it but it hit nothing.

The Drome looked around for the attacker and then it heard what appeared to be clicking sounds from its right side. The Velocidrome looked to its right and let out a threatening scream at the attacker, then it finally saw it. The attacker removed its camouflage, it appeared to be a bipedal creature similar to hunters but there was something different about it. The creature was wearing strange gray armor covering its chest, hands, and feet. The most distinguishing feature it had was its head, it was wearing a mask with strange symbols on its forehead. The creature let out a challenging roar at the Velocidrome.

The Velocidrome not backing down let out a scream at the creature, it then began to circle at the creature, the creature also followed the movements of the Velocidrome. Both creatures were sizing up at each other trying to evaluate on how to kill each other. The mystery creature then stopped and from its left wrist came out two sharp blades from its gauntlets, it then made a pose at the Velocidrome waiting for the Bird Wyvern to strike.

The Velocidrome obliged and charged at the creature, the Drome tried to bite at the creature but the creature side stepped to the left and grabbed the Velocidrome by its neck and threw it at the other side of the field. The Velocidrome immediately got up, surprised at how strong the creature was despite being a bit taller than it. The Drome charged again, this time jumping at a ridiculous height aiming to pin the creature to the ground, but the creature saw it coming.

The creature readied its left hand with the sharp blades and aimed for the Velocidrome stomach, it then moved with amazing speed towards the Drome and slashed it right in the stomach. The Velocidrome landed on the ground with a heavy thud, it tried to get up but then it noticed it didn't have the strength to move its legs. The Drome felt great pain in its stomach region; it knew that the creature hit its most vital organs. The Velocidrome let out a weak hiss at the creature, as the creature slowly walked towards the fallen Drome. The creature grabbed the Velocidrome by the head and used its wrist blades to decapitate it.

The creature then stood up and raised the decapitated head of the Velocidrome and it let out a mighty roar to the heavens, happy that it had finally gotten its first trophy after arriving at this planet. The creature then pressed a button on the gauntlet on its left hand, a series of beeps and noises came out of it. A few seconds later a metal ship arrived and landed right in front of the creature, the mysterious being walked inside and placed the head of the Velocidrome on a metal table. Right next to the table was a wall full of weapons ranging from blades to what appear to be guns, but if you looked to the right you can see a wall full of skulls that belonged to different varieties of creatures.

The creature then placed the head of the Drome on a small tub full of green liquid, for the next ten seconds the creature waited and then retrieved the head and it appears to be just a skull now since the liquid melted all the meat on its trophy. The creature then placed the new skull trophy with the rest of the other skulls where it would be a sign of victory for its hunts.

The creature then walked to a monitor and typed in a few codes, the monitor then flashed showing a screen full of different creatures native to this world. The creatures range from small wyverns like the Velociprey to giant terrifying beasts that could shoot different elements from its body. The creature then let out a series of clicks clearly excited for the thrill that these creatures will give to it while it hunted.

This world has a new Hunter and it will relish the kill for the thrill of the hunt. Which is only natural for the species of the creature, The mighty Yautja.

So what do you guys think? This is my first time writing a battle so I'm a bit rusty on the descriptions. I hope I will improve in the future since I really like this concept of Predator hunting the monsters of Monster Hunter.

My schedule is still being processed so it will take a while for me to upload a new chapter. But tell me in the reviews on which monster shall the Yautja hunt in the next chapter. I planned to work from the smallest monster to the biggest and most dangerous.

Yian Kut-Ku



The Yautja has the same appearance as the Celtic Predator from AvP but the helmet is similar to the classic, only that the forehead of the mask has different Yautja symbols on it.

Until next time, see ya