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Chapter 1: Jared

One afternoon, in the city of San Fransokyo a group of large group of people were at a park. A local high school was having a BBQ day, so there were many teenagers, teachers, and a few parents there. Adults were manning BBQ grills, music was playing, and the teens were talking among themselves, playing games, and having a good time.

Jared, a16-year-old guy, with dark skin, short black hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing an orange t-shirt under a blue jacket, jeans, and black sneakers was walking with his best friend, Mike.

Mike had light skin, scruffy brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. And he wore a green t-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

"Now this is a way to spend a school day." Jared said.

"You got that right." agreed Mike.

Then he looked in a different direction, and got Jared's attention.

"Hey, there's Theresa."

Jared looked over, and saw a girl their age. She was a pretty girl, with dark skin, braided black hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a blue blouse, black skirt, slip on shoes, and silver earrings. Jared had a crush on Theresa, but was nervous about approaching her.

His face suddenly went all love struck. Mike then knocked him back into reality.

"Dude, you should go over and talk to her."

"Talk to her? I can't what would I say?"

"Just be cool, ask her if she wants to get lunch."

Mike then gave him a nudge.

"Okay, here I go." Jared told himself.

And he walked off up to her.

"Uh, hey, Theresa." he greeted.

When Theresa saw Jared, she smiled.

"Oh, hi, Jared. Having fun?"

"Yeah, the BBQ really great. I was wondering...would you like to get lunch?"

"Sure. My dad is manning one of the grills."

She led him to a grill, where a man was cooking hot dogs. Theresa introduced Jared to her dad, and he served them the dogs. Then they filled their plates with baked beans, fries, and got soda. They found a spot at a picnic table.

As they were eating, Theresa accidentally spilled her soda.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll get you another one." Jared told her, and he walked off.

"Thanks." Theresa replied.

As Jared went over to the coolers, he smiled.

"This is going great." he said to himself.

As he was digging through a cooler, he suddenly felt a little sick. His stomach hurt, and so did his chest. He groaned in discomfort. Suddenly he saw a portable red box, wheel up to him. The red box opened up, and a large white inflatable robot appeared.

"Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion. I was alerted to the need for medical attention when you said, (Groans)."

"What?" Jared asked confused.

"I will scan you now."

"You're gonna what?"

"Scan complete. You suffering some natural gases building up in your stomach, and spreading into your chest; causing heartburn. And there's slight swelling in your esophagus due to your digestive acids. Diagnosis, acid reflux." Baymax informed.

"I have acid reflux disease? But I thought that was something only older people get."

"Actually acid reflux is quite common. Soon you'll start burping, releasing gas, and experiencing more discomfort."

"Oh my gosh. This is gonna ruin everything." Jared replied.

How was he supposed to make a good impression on Theresa when he was going to be burping and farting?

"Okay, okay, I gotta go."

Jared quickly grabbed a soda, and started walking away.

"I understand releasing gas can be embarrassing." Baymax replied.

He then got in his box, and rolled after him.

Theresa played on her phone, and then saw Jared.

"Hey, there you are."

"Sorry. There were lots of people around." Jared said, giving her the can of soda.

He then sat down, still feeling the gas building up inside him.

"Thanks for the soda."

"You're welcome." Jared replied, in a bit of strained voice.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Then he let out a small burp. Just then Jared heard something rolling from behind him. He gasped quietly, and quickly got stood up.

"Hey, why don't we walk around for a little bit?"


And they walked off, but Baymax wasn't giving up that easily.

"Are you sure you're okay, Jared? You seem like you're in pain." Theresa observed.

"It's okay, I'm fine."

But he really didn't feel fine; his stomach hurt, and he felt lots of pressure in his chest.

"So Jared, what kind of..." Theresa started to ask.

Just then Jared let out a small fart. Jared blushed a little, while Theresa looked awkward.

"Uh, that was probably just the wind."

Then Baymax rolled up right in front of them.

"Jared, I have the remedy for you acid reflux." he told him.

Theresa looked confused, while Jared was mortified.

"I will now give you a pill that will help alleviate the pressure."

From his hand, he pulled out a small pill.

"Jared, what's going on?" Theresa wanted to know.

"Uh, nothing. (Burps), if you'll just excuse us for a minute."

Jared quickly grabbed Baymax by the hand, and dragged him away.

"Baymax, you have to stop."

"Without this pill, the gas will continue to build up inside you, and will cause severe discomfort." Baymax informed.

"But it'll make me burp and fart, and I'm trying to make a good impression on Theresa."

He sat down on the grass, and burped again.

"Releasing gas from your body is a natural thing, and it's also healthy." Baymax told him.

"You don't understand, Baymax. Stuff like that turns girls off."

Baymax then sat down beside him.

"If this Theresa is human too, she will understand that having gas is natural."

"But she'll think I'm crude and gross."

Jared held his head down.

"I'm sure if you explain what's going on, she will understand. And if she understands then she truly is a good person." Baymax comforted.

Jared looked up and Baymax, and he handed him the pill.

Theresa was still waiting around, when Jared appeared.

"Jared, what's going on here?" she wanted to know.

"I'm really sorry, Theresa. You see, I'm having a touch of acid reflux." he confessed.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Baymax gave me a pill. But it's gonna make me burp a lot. I get it if you don't want to talk anymore. (Burps)."

He turned to walk away, Theresa stopped him.

"Jared, I don't care if you burp." "Really?"

"My mom gets acid reflux all the time, and she burps like crazy."

Jared chuckled, and then let out a burp.

"Excuse me."

Theresa smiled, and then they walked off together.

"Thanks, Baymax." Jared called out.

"You are welcome." Baymax replied.

When Hiro came home, he found Baymax on his charging stand.

"Hey, Baymax." Hiro greeted.

Then he sniffed the air.

"Something smells smokey. Is Aunt Cass trying a new recipe?"

"Actually, I was at a BBO today." Baymax corrected.

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