Chapter 3: Milo

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It was a hot morning in San Fransokyo, and many people were already feeling the heat. People were sitting in front of fans, guzzling down water, and wearing clothes that would keep the cool. In one house, a young man with tan skin, shaggy brown hair, and brown eyes was getting breakfast ready.

He was wearing a white tank top and black shorts, his name was Milo. As he poured himself a bowl of cereal, he heard the sound of footsteps. He saw a golden retriever coming into the kitchen.

"Morning, Buddy."

The dog barked.

"Okay, okay, I've got your food."

He poured some dog food into a bowl, and gave it to him. The two ate their breakfast, and when they finished Milo went to go get dressed. As he was getting dressed, he noticed a picture on his mirror.

It was a picture of him and Buddy and some other man. The two men were wearing green army clothes, brown combat boots, and army caps. Milo got a somber look on his face, as he looked at it. Suddenly, he was snapped out of his thoughts by barking.

Buddy was standing in the doorway, with his leash in his mouth.

"Okay, Buddy. We can go for a walk."

After he was in a white t-shirt, blue pants, and sneakers Milo and Buddy left. But they were in such a hurry to go, Milo forgot his water bottle.

The two walked down the street, enjoying the walk. As they were walking past a park, a squirrel scurried by them, and Buddy started barking and tried to run after the squirrel.

"Buddy! Heel!" Milo commanded.

But Buddy didn't heel, and kept trying to get away. Finally, he broke free, and Buddy ran into the park.

"Buddy! Come back!" Milo called.

But Buddy didn't listen, and continued to run away. Milo quickly ran after the dog. He chased him all around, but lost him through some bushes.

"Oh great. Where'd that dog go now?"

He then felt the heat hit him, he moaned quietly, as his head began to hurt a little bit. Just then, a red box rolled up to him. And then Baymax came out of it.

"Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion. I was responded to the need to medical attention when you moaned."

"Medical attention? But I don't need any medical attention, I'm just hot."

"I will scan you now."


"Your body temperature is rising, you're sweating profusely, and you're dehydrated. Which means you're on the verge of heatstroke."


"I advise you to go inside immediately, and get some water." Baymax instructed.

"I can't go inside now. I have to find my dog."

And he quickly hurried off.

"This will not be good for Milo's health."

Baymax got into his box, and followed him.

Milo continued to run around looking for Buddy. He looked under benches, behind trees, But the heat kept hitting him, his head hurt more, his mouth and tongue felt dry, and the next thing he knew, he fell to the ground.

"Oh my gosh." he breathed.

Baymax rolled up, and looked down at him.

"You have collapsed." he told him.

"No kidding." Milo grumbled.

Baymax then picked Milo up, and carried him to a nearby rest area. After some water and some cool air, Milo was feeling a little better.

"Your body temperature is going down." Baymax observed.

"Great, now I have to get back out there."

Milo tried to get up, but he still felt a little dizzy. Baymax quickly stopped him.

"You really should rest more."

"But I need to find Buddy."

"Is Buddy your dog?"

"Yes, and it's very important that I find him."

"Why is that?"

Milo sighed heavily, and then started explaining.

"Buddy is my old friend, James' dog."

"Why doesn't James have his dog?"

Milo looked somber, and started to explain.

"James and I were in the Army together. One day I had to leave our tour for a family emergency, but while I was back home, James was in an explosion, and didn't get out. He loved Buddy, and it's the least I can do for him."

Baymax sat down beside him.

"It can be overwhelming when taking on the responsibilities for someone when they are no longer here. But it's a noble thing to do."

"I know, but if something happens to Buddy, then I've let James down."

"James would be happy that you've been taking good care of his dog. But you can't give Buddy the care he needs and deserves if you don't take care of yourself."

Milo thought about what Baymax said, and realized the robot was right.

"Okay...what do we do now?"

"Let's get you better." Baymax declared.

So Baymax had Milo lie on the table bench, made sure he kept hydrating, and rested. After a while, Milo was feeling better and like his normal self. Now he was ready to keep looking for Buddy, and Baymax helped.

They looked all around the park, and then found Buddy underneath a tree.

"Buddy!" Milo cried happily.

He ran over to the dog, and when Buddy saw Milo he barked happily and ran to him. Milo got down on his knees, and embraced the dog.

Buddy licked Milo's face.

"I've scanned Buddy, and he's a little dehydrated." Baymax informed.

"Come on, boy. Let's get you some water."

And they went off.

Later that day, Hiro came home.

"Whew, it sure was hot today." he said, as he took off his jacket.

He threw it on the bed, and saw Baymax on his stand with a toy bone in his hand.

"Did you help a dog today Baymax?"

"Actually I helped find one."

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