Darla heads back to the United States and the bastard who put this THING in her.

Angelus. . . only he isn't her Angelus any more. He's a sniveling, pathetic, beautiful man with only her lover's face to remind her of what once was. . .

There's no fairness and now he's made her a freak, something is alive inside her and it feels wrong. She can feel it growing and starting to kick, the way it suckles on her being and takes her energy and strength. . . she can feel it all.

Whatever it is she hopes it eats it's father.

She stares out the bus window, they're headed north towards Los Angeles.

Time was when she was a monster too but now people try to touch her stomach and congratulate her.

Oh if only they knew what was growing inside of her.

if only she knew what was growing inside of her.

She put's a hand on her stomach and looks across the bus at a little boy sitting with his mother. He's got huge eyes and dark hair and she smiles at him, hungry. She's always hungry now. The thing inside of her can't eat enough.

She gives him a little wave and the chicken nugget waves back.

He has no idea, the poor, stupid, little thing.

It's a late ride, most of the passengers have drifted off but that's okay. She likes the quiet and she rests herself, tired in ways she hasn't been for hundreds of years. The thing inside of her is making her feel alive and it's disgusting.

It revolts her.

The bus rumbles on and in the distance she can see the city lights, a glowing beacon of humanity drawing ever nearer.

She rubs her belly, feeling the thing inside of her shift.

It's hungry and so is she.

She'd meant to wait, meant to wait until they reached the city but she doesn't think she can.

She smiles again at the little boy, he's playing with a toy dinosaur and he looks positively delicious. She can see his pulse thumping along without a care in the world. He has no idea and neither does she.

This is all wrong, all Angelus's fault but she's going to put it right. She's going to find Daddy and make him pay.

Make him pay or beg him to fix it. She doesn't know quite which one yet. Maybe both if she can manage it.

The engine hums and the wheels turn and she feels so incredibly hungry.

Time was when she could have had anyone she wanted but now. . . now she mostly wants children.

The thing inside of her wants them.

She tilts her head back and closes her eyes, hand on her stomach, hunger growing inside of her.

Almost there.

The city draws near and the hunger becomes insurmountable.

She eats them all, driver included and when she steps off the bus it's with a full stomach.

There's a toy dinosaur covered in blood behind her and she feels better as she sets off towards the city and the man who did this to her.

Angelus is going to be so surprised when she reaches him.

She can only hope the shock will kill him.