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Intelligence is brought in to help uncover who within the force is dealing drugs. They are the ones for the job because not only can they be trusted to keep the operation in house, but because the main suspect is former Intelligence, Erin Lindsay.

Chapter 1: The Case

The Narcotics division was supposed to bust drug dealers. And yet given the evidence collected over the past year and half, someone within the division was actually responsible for given out information to the very people they were meant to arrest. It wasn't a good look, and something had to be done fast.

In the best of circumstances it was a delicate situation, doubly so when the trail of evidence pointed to not just an inside job, but a cop in the Narcotics division itself. So, Intelligence was brought in to help uncover the traitor.

Voight briefed his team in the usual, point blank manner; ''Over the last three months, Narcotics has successfully brought down no less than four different drug operations, including their suppliers. Despite this, product is still being moved on their streets, only now we don't know who's pushing it.''

''Most likely a cop on the bust,'' Kevin guessed.

''Exactly. The higher ups want us to take a look and see.''

''Why us?'' Adam asked.

''They trust us to keep this in house.''

But that wasn't the only reason. They could all sense that. Narcotics Division was synonymous with another word, ever since her departure to that division. Jay was the one to ask. ''What does it have to do with Erin?''

The team held their breath. ''Lindsey is the prime suspect,'' Voight admitted.

Since transferring to Narcotics, no one in Intelligence could claim a close with relationship with Erin. She had left suddenly, and any connection anyone tried to keep with her had faded over time. But as she had once been their partner, so she would always be. ''Are we being asked in spite of Erin being a suspect, or because of it?'' Kim ventured carefully.

''Our job is to see if one of our own is behind this,'' Voight reminded them. ''The first step is to head to Narcotics and get all the details. We'll make our next move then. Get ready. They're expecting us.''

They complied with this order. ''I noticed he didn't answer your question,'' Kevin said to Kim when Voight was out of earshot.

''So did I,'' Kim admitted.

''Who was this Lindsey person?'' Vanessa asked as she fell in step with Hailey.

Hailey shrugged. ''She left pretty much after I came on,'' she told her when they entered the locker room. ''Didn't know her well. She was partnered with Jay, but I think her leaving had to do with some…family problems.''

Hailey knew bits and pieces of Erin's and Voight's history. She wondered at this mission, of Erin Lindsey being the center of this investigation. What was Voight thinking about essentially spying on her? Did he think her guilty? What if she was? What if she wasn't and he had to investigate fully anyway? What would Erin think of Intelligence being brought in because of her?

Hailey shook her head. It wasn't her job to wonder, but to find the evidence and the person responsible for the drugs, regardless if it was Erin Lindsey or someone else. She shouldered her bag and turned back to Vanessa. ''You ready? Need to pick up anything at home first? We could be gone a while.''

''Nope.'' Vanessa patted her bag. ''Got everything I need to live right here. Travel light, I say.''

''Inspirational.'' Hailey closed her locker. ''Let's go.''

The headquarters to the Narcotics Division was stationed in the north. Jay found the drive quiet, and he wasn't sure if that was due to himself or Hailey. This situation was strange, merely the act of being asked to spy on one of their fellow officers. But especially with the person in question being Erin.

When Erin left Intelligence, it had been done hastily. Jay really had made an effort to check in on her once in a while. They had been through so much together, and no matter how much time passed, he couldn't forget that. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, depending on how you looked at it, Erin had been the one to pull away. First it had been in the form of taking longer and longer to respond to his calls, and then texts went unanswered entirely. Three years ago, when the winter passed without even a generic Happy Holidays, Jay knew they were completely out of each other's lives. He was happy for her in a way, thinking she'd successfully started over.

But if her version of starting over included falling back into drugs…

No. This didn't sound like Erin. Sure, she'd taken some, but sell them? Out of her own division? That wasn't like her. For one thing, it was just plain sloppy. For another, she just…wouldn't. Or was that Jay just being hopeful?

Don't do something stupid, Jay thought idly, pleading to her. Which was silly, because clearly if she was behind it, she'd already done it, and had been at it for some time.

The drive felt an eternity, and yet at the same time it was all too startling to finally arrive at the station, and be standing in an officer of a Sargent Phelps with the rest of the team, after being escorted covertly through the back. A little over the top, Jay thought.

Phelps welcomed them. ''My boss recommended you,'' he said, shaking Voight's hand. ''He said you were the man for the job. I hope this whole situation ends…satisfactorily.''

''Anything else you got for us, Phelps?'' Voight asked. ''Anything not in the file? Any other leads, clues?''

''It's definitely an inside job,'' Phelps confirmed. ''And a well done one at that. The product gets taken out of our own evidence locker! And the extra hits on the streets…well, they all trace back to Lindsey's department. Her team is herself, officers Carmen, Richmond, and Louise. But the only one with all the access is, well…''

Voight nodded. ''Understood. What are you suggesting we start with?''

''Honestly? Full surveillance is our only course of action. There is a bust in the works scheduled to be completed two days from now. The product that is to be seized is worth millions. We can't risk the operation being interrupted by one of our own helping these bastards. This needs to be done quickly and quietly.

''Lindsey's entire department has been bugged. Her movements are being monitored, as well as the movements of her team. So far, nothing. But maybe your team here-''

''Say no more,'' Voight interrupted. ''We do our jobs well at Intelligence, Phelps. You said the office is bugged? There's definitely no one sneaking in and swiping keys? Can we see?''

''Of course.'' Phelps led the way. ''Security station is down here…''

Hailey couldn't help but feel it was maybe ridiculous, them all checking out the tapes. But even she, in her brief time of knowing Lindsey, had a curiosity of what she was up to. It was doubly so for all her former partners. Only poor Vanessa was slightly confused as to the significance of this moment, being new not just to Intelligence, but to the force in general. She was still learning just how deep the bonds of partnership could be, and how long lasting they were. They were all still learning that, it seemed.

If one doubted the importance of uncovering this traitor, one only had to look at the surveillance set up in their own station to comprehend it. A small room had been occupied for the purpose, in a place where the officers in the team under surveillance wouldn't be likely to notice. Monitors were set up showing the rooms the cameras they were linked to were positioned in. One of those rooms was an office, belonging to the main suspect, as attested when the door burst open and there she was, in all her glory.

Erin Lindsey.

She entered the office, and at her heels was another officer, looking exasperated. ''Erin.''

''I heard you the first time, Carmen.'' Aside from her hair growing longer, Erin seemed unchanged as far as the team could tell through the grainy footage. The realization that this footage, live as it was, meant Erin was only a few feet away somewhere else in this building made a strange feeling arise in Jay. He repeated his silent plea again; 'Please don't let it be you. Please.'

''Did you?'' Carmen asked. ''Because then maybe you would have some semblance of-''

''Of what?'' Erin asked, going to her desk and rifling through its drawers for something. ''Worry? Concern? Happiness that for once the Powers That Be take an interest in my job, even if it is to try and shit over everything I'm trying to do?''

''Concern was what I was going for.''

''I don't have time for concern,'' Erin said, a dangerous smile on her face. She continued her brisk walk about, grabbing papers and things, clearly in the midst of some task, her conversation only second on her mind. ''I have a job to do. You do too, in case you forgot. And it isn't nagging me.''

''We have to talk about this!'' Carmen persisted.

''I thought we did,'' under her breath, ''Certainly feels like we did…''

''They suspect you!''

''And that's stupid of them,'' Erin insisted. ''Because I am great at my job.''

''They think you are moving the drugs.''

''Please… As if I would share!''

Carmen pinched the bridge of his nose. ''Erin.''

''Will you relax? Trust me, everything will be fine. If there was a dirty cop in my department, I would know, and no one else would because they would be dead. Okay?''

''No, not okay! Do you not understand that?''

Another person poked their head in. ''Erin? You got a call from a Thompson?''

''Yeah, tell her I'm coming, thanks Richardson.'' Erin grabbed her bag, shoved some files in it, before addressing Carmen again, ''I have to go. Just take care of what I asked, and I'll see you tomorrow.''

''What if they put us under surveillance?'' Carmen tried again. ''Aren't you worried about that?''

''No. I do my best work on stage. Besides, we already are.'' She pointed directly at the camera. ''See? God, what did they teach you in the Academy? Wave boys!''

After a playful wave and a pat on the arm of the even more exasperated Carmen, she left, leaving her officers staring after her.

Carmen threw his hands in the air. ''I give up. You try,'' he implored Richardson.

''No thanks,'' Richardson replied. ''Guy before Louise tried to reason with her once. He lives on a remote farm in Norway, now.''

''I refuse to believe the instances are related.''

''Do you?'' And with that, he grabbed a file from Erin's desk and walked out.

Carmen sighed, and 'should've been a patrol cop' was muttered before he followed his co-worker out to complete the task Erin had set them. On another screen, they could be seen at their desks, working.

While her declaration of innocence to her co-workers couldn't be considered proof, especially since she knew she was being watched, Jay couldn't help but smile.

'Erin, please.'

Being brought in as they were, the Intelligence team was aware they were walking a fine line. They had to both deliver on what the Higher Ups expected of them in uncovering the person behind these drug deals, as well as act with the necessary respect for their fellow cops who were under suspicion. Especially since the main cop in question was formally on their team.

So that was how the plan of being forthcoming to Erin was hatched. As it was, given the state of evidence thus far, she and her team would have to be pulled in light of the deal going down in a few days time. Though the prospect of getting to the root of this investigation and clear their friend's name was looked forward to, the entirety of Intelligence waited outside of the address of Erin's home with trepidation. She knew she as being watched, but what would she say to learning they had been called in to do the watching?

Knowing Erin, they expected some anger upon her answering the door. They did not expect the person who did open the door.

The little girl peered up at them, scrutinizing each of their faces in the porch light. ''Yes?'' She asked.

''Uh…'' Jay, confused, glanced at the house number again.

Kevin, being nearest, took the lead. ''Hi,'' he greeted. ''We're the police. Does an Erin Lindsey live here?''

''May I see your badge?'' The girl asked. Jay didn't know much about kids other than Kim's and Adam's, but this little girl was a tall, skinny thing, yet she couldn't have been older than Makayla. Her face however, was completely serious as she looked up into Kevin's.

''Yeah, sure.'' Kevin pulled out his badge and showed her. ''See?''

The little girl put her hand on his to steady it. ''Will you tell me the numbers?''

''Excuse me?''

''If you're a real cop, then you'll know the numbers by heart,'' she explained. ''So will you tell me them?''

Her precocious manner was hard to not laugh at, but Kevin managed to keep a straight face and comply with her request. ''You satisfied? Would you like my partners here to show their badges, too?''

''No, I suppose one is enough,'' the little girl replied, dropping her hand. She opened the door wider. ''You can come in.''

She went back into the house, leaving them to follow. With raised eyebrows at each other, they all did so. Just at they entered, a person rounded the corner from what Jay could make out to be the kitchen. It was Erin herself.

Standing in front of her and not just seeing her through a security camera screen made Jay want to smile, but given the situation, he did his best to maintain a neutral expression. ''Erin.''

Erin looked them all over with raised eyebrows. She looked tired and curious as opposed to angry, and not at all surprised. ''Well, well, gang's all here,'' she commented. ''I'm not under arrest, am I?''

''They could, they're really cops,'' the little girl commented.

Erin put a hand on the little girl's shoulder. ''I know. I worked with them.'' To them all, she said, ''This is my daughter, Vivian.''

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