Solar Eclipse

By: Stormshadow13

Summary: AU; What if Axel rescues Kairi from The Castle that Never Was after she was taken from him but in the processes was captured in turn. Saix convinces Xemnas to leave Axel's punishment to him. Now in the hands of The Luna Diviner The Flurry of Dancing Flames finds himself screwed in more than just the figurative since. AkuSai , none-con.


Axel slipped silent as a ghost through the white halls of the Castle That Never Was. Pausing just for a moment to peak around a corner to make sure that the coast was clear. He knew that this was a terrible idea; probably one of the more stupid things that he'd done in his non-existence but still even though there was so many ways that this could go horribly wrong he still was here determined to see it through. He had planned as carefully as possible for the situation. He'd picked a time that he knew the castle was most likely to be fairly deserted. If the Organization had continued with their normal routine, all of the other members would be out doing their daily missions, the lesser nobodies would be completing their assigned tasks, Xemnas would be staring longingly at Kingdom Hearts from the top of the castle and Saix would be stationed in the Gray Room waiting for mission reports. Seeing that the hallway before him was empty he hurried down the sterile passage heading to the dungeons. He had to fix his mistake and save the Princess. After all, it was his fault that she was even here in the first place and not safe back at her home on Destiny Island.

Pressing his ear to the door of the cell block Axel held his breath listening for any sounds of movement. Not hearing anything the Flurry of Dancing Flames pulled the door open just enough for his live form to slip through making sure to pull the door quietly closed behind himself. It didn't take him long to find the cell where Kairi was being held it was the third one down on the right. Breathing a nearly inaudible sigh of relief that he didn't have to go farther and beginning to feel a bit optimistic about their chance of escaping without incident he called out to the girl softly. Not wanting to dwell on the thought of what would happen to him if he was caught. Xemnas' punishment would be brutal for betraying the Organization after which the Superior would turn him into a dusk causing him to lose his memories and sense of self. Any of the other members would sound the alarm which would bring the rest of the greater nobodies running… And well, if it was Saix who caught him… let's just say he'd be fucked in more than just the figurative since. His former lover could be rather unforgiving at times and Axel had already ignored or done the complete opposite of several direct orders in just the last twenty four hours. If he had time to stop, to think, he would more than likely have a panic attack. That is why he had to keep moving, get the princess out and then run as far and fast as he could. He was truly more afraid of his childhood friend than of his so called Superior. Xemnas could only dusk him… The Luna Diviner, knew how to break him.

Kairi looked up at the soft call of her name staring in surprise at the tall redhead on the other side of the bars, "what do you want?"

Lips curled into a cocky smirk, "I would have thought that was obvious princess." Axel leaned closer to the bars hands on hips. "I'm here to rescue you," he grinned cheekily, "your very own knight in shining armor."

She couldn't help the little rude sound that escaped, "you might want to go find a mirror." Kairi narrowed her eyes as she folded her arms, "that armor is looking pretty tarnished and rusty from where I'm sitting."

Axel blinked… wow, the kid still had some sass left. He had found her attitude amusing during her kidnapping but now was really not a good time for her to become difficult. He straightened turning slightly away waving one hand projecting casual disinterest. "Oh well then," tilting his head back to watch her from the corner of an eye. "if you are enjoying your five star accommodation so much I guess I will just have to go find another princess to rescue."

"Wait! You're serious?" Kairi scrambled to her feet defiance wilting. "You're… you're really breaking me out of here?"

"Princess," the pyromancer turned all playfulness dropping away, "if I wasn't serious, I wouldn't be here. I would be as many worlds away as I could possibly be and hiding in the darkest corner that I could find." Axel grimaced. "So if you want to leave here, you better get moving in the next few seconds." He tapped the code into the lock smiling tightly as the lock clicked and the barred door swung slowly open.

Kairi hurried across the cell passing the fiery nobody. She only paused at the bottom of the stairs leading to the exit when her shoulder was grasped firmly by her former captor turned rescuer. Cerulean blue eyes glanced up locking with brilliant green only then did she realize just how uneasy the older male was with this situation. He wasn't very obvious but if you were close enough you would notice his slightly jerky movements, shallow rapid breathing and minute twitches of his head like he was constantly fighting the urge to look over his shoulder every few seconds. "um, is everything okay?"

Axel flinched, "let's just say… that they are kind of displeased with me for multiple reasons at the moment." The fiery nobody took a deep steadying breath. With a single thought he summoned one of his assassins. "Go wait for us in the betwixt and between." He then paused frowning, then continued, "if I am not with the Princess you will guide her to her home on Destiny Island." He waited until the lesser nobody acknowledged his instructions before shoeing it away. Turning a serious green gaze to the girl who had pressed into his side when the assassin had appeared he tried to project confidence but wasn't sure that he succeeded. "I'm not saying that this will happen but if the worst comes to pass and I'm not with you, my assassin will guide you safely home."

"Are you… um, expecting trouble?" Kairi couldn't keep the note of worry from her tone.

"I'm hoping for none, but it never hurts to have a backup plan in place, just encase things go pear shaped." The two were finally at the door leading to the main hall. "I will open a dark corridor once we are far enough from the cells." Axel cocked his head listening closely for any sounds that would indicate that anyone was around. Once satisfied they were clear he pulled the door open slipping through to the other side. Pausing just long enough to take a quick look around; the redhaired nobody beckoned to his companion to join him. The pair had only made it about a dozen feet down the passage when a cold voice froze the Flurry of Dancing Flames in his tracks.

"And, just what exactly do you think you're doing?"

Axel stopped so suddenly that Kairi bumped into his back unable to stop in time. Oh, Well, Fuck! This… was bad. Acidic green eyes closed as their owner turned hoping that he was hallucinating from the stressful situation and knowing, in his non-existent heart that he wasn't. That he was very much fucked. But oh, Kingdom Heart, please let him be wrong. Please let that voice be a figment of his imagination. Slowly breathing out a soft huff of air he opened his eyes to stair flatly at the tall blue haired man that had stepped around the corner of an intersecting passageway. Like he'd been waiting for him. Fuck! He knew that given a different arena he could've probably held the Luna Diviner off long enough for them to escape but trapped here in a tight hall where his speed and agility were limited Saix would have the upper hand during a fight. His oldest friend was built for and exceled at close combat while he was… well, not. He swallowed mind working quickly, maybe, just maybe if he could keep the other nobody talking, distract him, they could make it the remaining dozen feet down the corridor to the end of the blocking spell's range. Once clear he could open a portal to freedom… and then run like hell. The little part of his brain that was a realest scoffed at this optimistic thought. He mentally told it to shut up. Lifting his chin slightly Axel managed to twist his lips into his normal cocky smirk. "Oh, you know Sai, just taking the princess here on her daily walk." He shifted ever so slightly so that he was fully between the teenager and berserker.

One imperious eyebrow lifted.

Well, shit!

"What do you think you are going to get out of this foolish little rebellion?" the blue haired nobody took a step forward, "is this some kind of attempt to sooth a non-existent conscience?" Sharp golden eyes locked with acidic green, "or, is there something else, that motivates you today…?"

"As if you would know anything about my current motivations," the pyromancer bristled not liking the condescending tone aimed at him.

Tan lips curled up into a mocking smile, "oh, I am quite confident that I know just what motivates you." Saix spread his hands, "attention…, you have always craved attention." He shifted slightly, "well congratulations, you have attracted mine, Lea."

Shit, shit, shit shit shit.

If Axel had had a pulse it would have spiked in anxiety not only because he now had Saix's undivided focus… the one time he didn't want it. But the other nobody had also addressed him by his true name. which mint that He… was in so much fucking trouble. The berserker hadn't used his real name in a very long time and now... in this situation… SHIT. The Luna Diviner knew just how to get him to fold like one of Luxord's card towers. A reminder of his past… of their past… he tightened his jaw stubbornness flaring up, it wasn't going to work, not this time. He refused to come crawling back proverbial tail tucked between his legs like some kind of naughty puppy.

Kairi watched her rescuer stiffen at the use of that other name. Lea? Why had the blue haired man called Axel by a different name? Did these two have some kind of history? She reached out grasping his sleeve nervously. Was she going to be turned over and imprisoned once more.

Leather clad fingers flicked…

A hole of darkness formed in the air with a soft hiss less than ten feet from the escaping pair.

The pyromancer pushed the princess backwards acidic green gaze never wavering from the deceivingly relax figure standing several dozen feet from them.

"Close the portal Lea… and come here."

Kairi could feel the redhaired nobody's arm trembling under her fingers as he backed them up another foot.

"Lea," Saix's voice had dropped tone low filled with an undercurrent of warning.

Axel took another step back absently noting the other nobody's mouth curling down into the very faintest of frowns. He… was so screwed. Saix really didn't like disobedience. He pressed his lips tightly together swallowing the urge to fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness. It was… far too late for that, so he might as well keep on going. He still might be able to flee, to find a faraway place to hide. If he could only make it to the corridor.

"I will not, say it again Lea," golden eyes narrowed, "Come, Here."

They just had a couple of feet to go.

Another step back.

A very soft exhale of air.

One more step.

In the span of what would have been a single heartbeat Saix had closed the distance between them right hand sliding past his shoulder black gloved fingers tangling into thick crimson spikes yanking his head back so that he was now staring at the drab white sealing. Damnit, he'd forgotten how fast his oldest friend could be when motivated. How could he have forgotten this? Axel didn't struggle knowing how useless that action would be even as he felt the blue haired male's other hand graze his ribs reaching for the girl sheltering behind him. Unwilling to waist the effort in a futile attempt at escape he instead used all of his strength to shove the princess back away from himself hopefully out of reach.

Kairi staggered back tripping over her own feet falling ungracefully through the still open dark corridor landing on her butt with a gasp on the ground of the betwixt and between. Wide blue eyes could only watch as black gloved fingers closed around a slender wrist just seconds too late to stop the flame wielder from closing the shadowy gate. She was unsure how long she sat there shivering in shock struggling to get her terrified breathing under control. Once her senses returned she was finally able to climb to her feet and follow the silently waiting assassin nobody Axel had commanded to show her the way home. As Kairi stumbled along she could only hope that the redhead had somehow managed to get away himself. He had risked his own freedom to come rescue her and had paid for it by falling back into the hands of the people he had been running from. The young girl wrapped her arms tightly about her body as she moved knowing It would be a very long time before she would cease to have nightmares about those cold golden eyes glaring at her in displeasure over a narrow black clad shoulder.

"Ah, I see that our wayward member has returned to the fold."

Saix calmly glanced over his shoulder at the approaching figure. "He was able to free the princess before I found him Sur." His fingers tightened unconsciously in crimson spikes ignoring the soft hiss of pain from the fiery nobody.

"Is that so?" Orange eyes regarded the pair coolly, "no matter, we have what we needed from her anyway. The Keyblade master will come here for revenge and we will take care of him then." The silver haired leader of Organization XIII then scowled, "And as for you…"

Axel swallowed mouth going dry, breath quickening.

"If I may Superior," the Luna Diviner bowed his head respectfully, "Leave Axel's discipline to me."

The Flurry of Dancing Flames felt himself go cold.

There was a moment of silence, "very well VII. I will leave him to you, but remember that if VIII steps out of line again… you will suffer the same punishment as him." Xemnas turned walking away coat swirling round his ankles.

Shadows reached up swirling around the pair teleporting them to a different, more private location.

Axel didn't need to see to know where they were now: the scent of darkness and pine, the sound of water trickling in a small fountain, the feeling of wind from the large balcony pushing at his back. He was in the heart of the Berserker's territory. Chances would be few but he still might be able to escape if he played his cards right. Mentally gathering himself the pyromancer began trying to tug his arm from the other male's vice like grip. "Saix, let go!" Time to act like he wasn't scared shitless, just pretend everything was normal… Yep, everything was just normal here. So, why was his non-existent heart lodged in his throat?

Golden eyes closed, infuriating: 1. Causing or tending to cause anger or outrage; maddening. 2. To make furious; enrage. 3. Extremely annoying or displeasing.

"Damnit! I said let go of me!"

The Luna Diviner loosened his grip allowing the infuriating redhead to wrench away from him. He breathed in deep through the nose and then exhaled out through the mouth. Adjectives always add a new dimension, a greater meaning to everything that they are applied to; for example, a unicorn seams more beautiful when words such as pearly white and mesmerizing are applied to the animal. Luscious grass is far better than just plain old grass and dust could be given greater meaning with added to the word fine. Even people can be described to a greater extent when adjectives are added to their description. Adjectives such as stubborn, idiotic and pain in the ass were very appropriate when talking about his childhood friend. The berserker opened his eyes slowly, "I don't believe that you quite realize the situation here…" he sighed. "You never were good with thinking things through and understanding the consequences of your actions."

Axel glared.

"Do you want to be turned into a Dusk?"

"Don't act like you care what happens to me." The Flurry of Dancing Flames turned away waving one hand dismissively. "We both know that ship sailed quite some time ago."

A deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. "You are really trying my patience."

"Excuse me?"

"I told you in Hollow Bastion that your mission was a failure…"

"And I told you that I…"

Saix raised his voice speaking over the redhead's beginning protest. "I ordered you to return to the castle." Gold and green eyes locked, "an order, that you deliberately disobeyed. Not only did you disobey me but you revealed sensitive information to the Keyblade Master nearly jeopardizing the Organization's primary mission." He strode forward feeling satisfaction as a rapidly paling Lea retreated before him only stopping when his back collided with the wall. The Luna Diviner closed in palms slamming against the stone on either side of his best friend's head. Leaning in he continued voice lowering, "do you know how long it took me to convince Lord Xemnas not to send an army of lesser nobodies after you? I told him that you were just unused to failing a mission and you would return." He took a deep breath in through the nose exhaling slowly, "and then you kidnapped the Princess."


"Be silent!"

Axel's mouth snapped shut words dying in his throat. He had only ever heard Saix use this particular voice a few times. When it had happened to others it had been amusing to watch the person or persons cower before his best friend. It was not so amusing when that tone was aimed at him. The pyromancer shuddered pretty sure he now knew what a fat juicy rabbit felt like as it stared down the jaws of a starving wolf.

"When I took the Princess from you, I informed you that we could use her in our plans and once more ordered you to return. Again, you knowingly disobeyed a direct order. Then once more you tried to make contact with the Keyblade Master before vanishing. Finally you returned, only to take the Princess from her cell and attempt to leave with her." The berserker curled his fingers leather scraping against the white stones. "When I caught you, you refused to obey my orders not once, not twice but three times in rapid succession." The blue haired nobody breathed in voice becoming a snarl. "The only reason that you are here now is because I grabbed you. But even now I can see you trying to figure out a way to escape." Saix closed his eyes taking several deep lung fulls of air. "Ten years Lea, ten years we have worked our way through the Organization gaining Xemnas trust, following his orders. We are so close to achieving our goals and then you go and do this!" Glowing golden eyes flashed open to stair directly into acidic green. "Why?"


"The Brat is gone and not coming back! I, am all you have left."

Forgetting his fear Axel shoved at the Luna Diviner's chest forcing the other male away from him, "shut up!" Another hard shove making the blue haired nobody take another step back, "I will figure out a way to bring him back! You hear me Saix! I will figure something out, even with you standing in my way. Got it memorized." He jabbed a finger into his friend's solar plexus.

A disbelieving golden gaze glanced down at the finger pressed against his chest then up into furious green eyes. "Put that finger down Lea."

"And what are you going to do if I don't…"

"Lea," the berserker's voice came out as a low guttural growl. "I'm warning you." There was something about that finger in his chest that made every alpha male instinct in him stand up in outrage. He would not tolerate this behavior from anyone, not even his fiery light.

"Make me, just try and make me Saix," Axel jabbed his oldest friend again. "I don't know when you started seeing me as one of the lower nobodies but I refuse to bow, to roll over and show you my belly." Green eyes flashed, "I am going to open a portal and leave and you are going to stay out of my way." If he hadn't been so angry at the blue haired man, he probably would have been horrified at the words coming out of his mouth. Even when they had been humans he'd never talked back to the other male, not even when there was something that he really didn't want to do. He had just never been able to say no. Yes, the word was easy enough to say, only two simple letters but it always seemed to get stuck in his throat when it came to Isa then later Saix. Oh, he'd bitch, he'd wine, he'd create excuses but in the end he always caved, submitting to the other's will. But not this time, this time he was not going to give in. Even though he wanted nothing more than to have the blue haired man's arms wrapped around him. He had made a promise and he was going to keep it.

"That finger is going to get you into trouble Lea," his warning was deceptively calm. There was something about the pyromancer's aggressive posture and the complete fury transforming his normally boisterous, easy going, somewhat lazy friend's expression that did it to him. Black gloved fingers curled into fists in an effort not to reach out and wrap themselves about the other nobody's slender neck. He wanted to force the infuriatingly defiant redhead to his knees. He wanted to force him to kneel, to submit and say that he was his, and only his. He wanted to watch his cock disappear between sly lips. He wanted to feel throat muscles tighten around him as his fingers tangled in crimson spikes. Saix took a deep breath in through the nose, held it and then exhaled from the mouth. Mentally corralling his anger, frustration and lust, "you are pushing your luck, now, lower that finger and step back." Several second ticked past with no movement from either nobody. Seconds that just made him increasingly angry and horny. His pyromancer was treading on some seriously thin ice.

Acidic green eyes narrowed.

Then the Flurry of Dancing Flames did something that made is eyes widen in shock. Something that he would have never imagined seeing aimed at him. The redhead took a step back lifted his hand middle finger shooting up like a firework into the night sky. Lea didn't even need to say a word his livid expression speaking his every thought.

"That's it! Fuck you!" Narrow shoulders tensed, "I am leaving and you aren't going to stop me." Axel spread his hands, "what are you going to do? Tie me to a bed? Because damnit, that, is going to be the only way you are going to keep me here." He took another step back not liking the suddenly contemplative look that had settled onto the luna diviner's face. It probably had been a mistake saying that but it was far too late to take his words back now. He had dug a hole so he might as well keep on digging. "Just you try and stop me."

"Oh," Saix reached out fingers grasping a slender forearm pulling the redhead back closer to him. "You know, I think that I will take you up on your challenge."

"Seriously?" Axel watched his former partner take a length of rope from his pocket and begin wrapping it around his leather clad wrist. His anger shifted first to confusion then into incredulous condescension. "You're joking right," he didn't even bother struggling as the Luna Diviner finished binding his wrists firmly together. Green eyes were mocking as they locked with bright gold, "you really think, that this will hold me?" He summoned his flames letting them crawl across his jacket, "it's like you don't know me at all Sai."

The blue haired berserker watched smugly as condescension slowly melted away into worry.

Staring down at the rope that was still tied about his wrists Axel increased the temperature of his flames willing to stubborn fabric to burn. Finally the fire flickered out leaving the cord intact trapping his libs. The redhaired nobody lifted his gaze to meet triumphant golden eyes, "what?"

"It's like I don't know you at all,"Saix's tone was mocking. "Like I wouldn't be aware that you would try using your flames to escape."

"How long have you…?"

"Long enough."

Axel took an uncertain step back only to be roughly grabbed and dragged forward. "Sai…" his protests were ignored, as was his attempts to struggle. The normally graceful nobody stumbled across the room vainly trying to free himself from the other male's iron grip.

Pressing the fiery redhead's back to the wall Saix effortlessly lifted him by his bound wrists and the front of his Organization cloak. Once the Flurry of Dancing Flames was secured he stepped back eyeing the other male critically. Even with his inch or two of greater height Lea could only reach the floor by standing on his tiptoes. The Luna Diviner watched the redhead struggle to free his wrists from the rope now wrapped around a heavy hook where he normally hung his coat when wet. He decided that he liked his fire dancer hanging there much more.

"Are you fucking serious!" Axel twisted scrabbling for stable footing, "get me down!"

"Why," the berserker stepped forward brushing knuckles against a warm cheek. "You look quite magnificent hanging there." Saix's lips twitched slightly as Lea began cursing him thoroughly only repeating himself to add in adjectives. His childhood friend contrary to popular belief, really did have a quite impressive vocabulary. Once the other male had finally fallen quiet he couldn't help asking casually, "are you done?" If the pissed expression was anything to go by he hadn't quite managed to suppress his amusement.

The Flurry of Dancing Flames wasn't sure if he was more enraged, terrified or horny. It had been so long sense he had experienced true physical pleasure but if he gave in his mission to bring back Roxas would end. The luna diviner didn't like competition and Roxas in the berserker's eyes was most certainly competition. Just ignore the fact that it had been Saix who had assigned him as the kid's mentor in the first place. Tasked him with teaching their newest member everything he could to become an asset to the Organization. That it had been his orders to bring the Key of Destiny back… whatever it took. He just didn't understand his oldest friend's animosity towards the blonde. Roxas was no real threat, as skilled as the kid was, Saix in full berserk mode would easily wipe the floor with XIII.

"Settle my Sunlight."

"Don't call me that!"

"Why not? That is, what you are, the sun to my moon."

"Stop acting like you care!"

"I care… more, than you can possibly imagine."


"I have always enjoyed your spirit Lea. You have always been vibrant, wild and passionate, even after we became nobodies. You are providing me with what I enjoy, a good hunt, a thrilling chase. You are the only one that can provoke what I remember emotions to be like. I am enjoying the fight that you are putting up. I will very much enjoy taming you, bending you, and watching you finally submit to me… again. Then, I will enjoy having that fire of yours once more in my bed. I will enjoy claiming what is mine, no one, will ever see your delightful body." He licked his lips, "you are mine and only mine. I will show you that I am the only one who can bring you to a world of pleasure. I will be the only one to know you so intimately, the only one who's name you will ever scream in ecstasy. " The Luna Diviner pressed his lips to his dancer's neck before stepping back.

"Fuck you Sai! And the damn horse you road in on!" Axel twisted yanking desperately at his bonds.

"Oh," the Luna Diviner smiled wickedly, "one of us is most certainly getting fucked… and it's not going to be me."

The pyromancer shivered. That couldn't happen. That really, really couldn't happen. The Berserker knew just where to touch him, just how to touch him. He had to get away he couldn't, he just couldn't. His attention was recaptured by his oldest friend's next words.

"I admit that I made a mistake," Saix turned away tugging off his left glove. "I have actually made several mistakes in the past few years… almost all of them leading to you." He pulled off his right glove allowing it to drop onto the desk next to its mate. "My first and largest mistake was ending our relationship," he paused before continuing, "I had forgotten that you need a keeper," he ignored the indignant sound from the wall, "my second mistake was assigning you that brat." An even louder irate sound was ignored, "I only remembered how good you were with children back when we were somebodies. However, I had forgotten that you had a tendency to adopt said children. So I should have seen it coming when you attached yourself to thirteen, then that stray from Castle Oblivion and finally the pu…" the second in command of the organization stopped confused for a moment before giving his head a sharp shake and continuing. "I should have separated you and thirteen immediately after that mission, you were not all that attached yet. I should have sent you on more solo recon missions leaving no time for you to socialized with the brat..."

"What is your problem!" Axel bunch his muscles pulling hard at his bonds. "Why do you hate him so much!? What did Roxas ever…"

Saix whipped around with a snarl, "he lusted after you!"

If it hadn't been for the rope being wrapped around the hook Axel would have sat down on the floor in shock. What the hell was his childhood friend talking about? So yeah, the little blond had followed him around like a lost puppy most of the time but that was only because he was the kid's mentor, his friend. There was nothing else there… was, there?

He felt some of his anger drain away at the completely bewildered expression on his redhead's face. So he hadn't known, he wasn't chasing after the brat because he had romantic inclinations towards him. Lea, was just being Lea going above and beyond for his friends. And that, was just why he needed to keep his pyromancer here. His stubbornness, his drive, that determination to complete a mission at all costs. Saix shivered, who knew what that mindset would lead him to do to get his friend back? Sacrifice himself for the Keyblade Master? Seek out a keyblade for himself and wind up fighting against the Organization? Smart off directly to Lord Xemnas' face? Yeah, no, that wasn't going to happen, ever. His pyromancer was staying here… safe, until it was all over. He breathed out a long slow breath, "Thirteen is gone merged back with his somebody. And when he comes here we will destroy the key wielder for good." He pulled down the zipper of his organization cloak shrugging easily from the protection of the heavy material. Folding the cloth neatly in half the berserker draped it over the back of his chair. "So while your stubbornness most of the time is an admirable quality," he pulled the simple black tank top over his head tossing it on top of the coat. "Right now, in this moment, this, situation… it is absolutely infuriating." He turned half amused, half exasperated, "Seriously?" At some point during his monologue the Flurry of Dancing Flames had managed to free himself from the hook and had been edging stealthily towards the balcony where a dark corridor had opened. "Don't run."

Axel turned sprinting for the wavering shadowy gate, he was fast, but not quite fast enough. He'd only made it half way across the room before he was bowled over from behind by several hundred pounds of berserker. The impact with the floor combined with the weight of the other nobody atop him forcefully drove the breath from his body leaving him dazed and gasping. The fire proof rope that had bound his wrists moments before was plucked from his lax fingers.

"Leeea, I told you not to run," the Luna Diviner sat up straddling the other male tone lightly chiding as he dragged the redheads right arm behind his back twisting it up so that slightly curled fingers touched the opposite shoulder blade. Quickly wrapping the fire proof cord once more about a leather clad wrist he then looped the rope a single time around the pyromancer's neck. Shifting his weight slightly Saix then grabbed his friend's left wrist repeating his actions from the moment before. When he was done both Lea's arms were pinned behind his back wrists crossed so that his fingers were toughing the opposing shoulder blade. The irony of the X shaped bond was not lost on the blue haired berserker. He took a moment to test the tightness of the cord. He wanted it tight enough so that his light wasn't going to be extricating himself from it any time soon but at the same time he didn't want to cause any permanent physical harm to the other nobody.

Axel grunted already feeling the strain in his shoulders from the uncomfortable position.

Saix carded fingers through thick crimson spikes, "Struggle all you wish, but this is one trap you are not going to escape from my tricky sunlight." He chuckled lowly climbing to his feet.

The flurry of dancing flames twisted yanking furiously at the enchanted rope binding his arms only to have the cord tighten around his neck. He could feel the other nobody's cool golden gaze observing his every move. "Damn you!"

The berserker reached down grabbing the struggling nobody by the collar of his Organization coat lifting him easily, "stand up." When the fiery redhead refused to get his feet under himself he gave his friend a light scolding shake. "I will drag you if I must, you are only delaying the inevitable." After this still did not motivate his fire dancer to cooperate he rolled his eyes in exasperation, took a step forward, turned and then hefted the recalcitrant body over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

Axel squirmed only too receive a sharp reprimanding swat to his ass eliciting an indignant yelp.

"Stop that," the Luna Diviner strode across the room pausing only once he was next to the bed. Leaning over the blue haired nobody dumped his protesting cargo onto the mattress. Saix reached out pressing one hand to a slender shoulder while with the other hand he reached out fingers grasping the silver zipper just below his light's clavicle. Gold and green eyes locked as he slowly pulled the zipper down revealing the pyromancer's bare chest. "I am pleased that you still have memorized the way I like you." The berserker pushed the heavy black fabric aside taking in the sight of exposed skin. His lips curled down as he ran a hand along Lea's ribs. He had known, seen, that the redhead had lost weight since they'd parted ways but he hadn't realized that he had gotten this thin. This would be something that he would be correcting once the Flurry of Dancing Flames finally submitted to him.

Axel tried to kick as his leg was grasped hands tugging at his boot, "don't…" His attempt at resistance was useless as first one boot then the other was pulled off thudding to the floor.

The blue haired male stroked fingers teasingly up from the other nobody's ankle, to his inner thigh, across his groin pausing at the waistband of tight leather pants. "I wonder, if you are bare for me here as well?" With that he unfastened the button stripping the article of clothing down long legs tossing it carelessly to the ground. He stood for a moment drinking in the sight of the mostly nude body laying on his blankets. Lea had always been striking in appearance, he'd only become more stunning with age. Developing the live graceful form of a dancer, all long lean limbs and bright colors. Reaching out he trailed a hand lightly over the gorgeous figure before him. Savoring the fact that this was all his, no one else would ever get the pleasure of this magnificent view.

The pyromancer tried to wiggle away from chilly hands unconsciously raising his body's temperature to combat Saix's icy touch. His movements were stopped when his oldest friend settled on top of him using his greater weight to hold him still.

Saix leaned down breathing in, savoring the other's unique sent of fresh ashes with the faint hent of melted sugar. "Kingdom hearts, I forgot how warm you are," he pressed their cheeks together hands continuing to roam over any bit of heated skin he could reach. With each touch, with each stroke of long digits he expected to hear sounds of pleasure. His sunlight had never been a silent partner expressing his enjoyment with various vocalization. But now even as his fingers glided over ribs then lower abdomen there was nothing. He scowled, he needed to hear his fire dancer's voice, needed to hear those sounds of delight fall from gorgeous lips. "There were many times when I would have paid for you to be this silent… but this is not one of those moments." Saix turned his head, "scream for me."

Acidic green eyes glared Axel tightening his jaw refusing to give his oldest friend what he desired.

"No matter," the berserker's breath was warm against the side of his captive's face. "I know what you like," his whisper was soft tongue delicately tracing the shell of an ear. "I will have your voice calling for me soon enough." He trailed a hand slowly down the Flurry of Dancing Flames' side feeling muscles twitching under his digits at the gentle caress. They may not have been intimate in several years but he still remembered everything about his tricky dancer. He chuckled lowly, "you were always most vocal here, when I did this," moving down he pressed his lips to what would have been Lea's pulse point if they'd still had hearts beginning to suck and nibble teasingly.

Axel arched just barely managing to swallow his startled cry of pleasure. Damn him! Saix really did remember where he was most sensitive. Green eyes fluttered shivers racing through his body. He wanted to open his mouth, to call his tormenter an asshole, to tell him to go fuck himself but if he parted his lips there would be nothing coherent coming out only the screams that the Luna Diviner was looking for. He wanted to sob in relief when lips were finally removed from his neck, knowing that there was going to be a claiming mark left behind.

Draping long legs over his shoulders Saix pressed three fingers to firmly closed lips. At the redhead's refusal to open his mouth he growled in annoyance. "Lea, open up… unless you wish me to take you dry and unstretched." He smirked in satisfaction as lips finally parted allowing him to delve into the warm wet cavern. The briefest flicker of attitude in acidic green eyes made him scowl, "bite me, and you will, regret it." He nodded pleased as a skillful tongue swirled around his digits coating them with saliva. The Luna Diviner shivered eyes half closing at the memory of what that talented tongue could do when his cock was down it's owner's throat. Giving himself a little shake he removed his fingers moving his hand down to trace around the tight ring of muscle.

Axel tried to squirm away as a finger was pressed into him up to the first knuckle. His movements however only succeeded in making it easier for the berserker to slide his entire finger inside of him. As he writhed, a second, then third finger were added, stretching, preparing him for something much larger. The fiery nobody through his head back biting his tongue to keep silent as long digits brushed against that one spot inside of him that made him see stars wanting, craving more. Finally the tormenting fingers were removed leaving him feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Tightening his grip on a slender hip Saix braced his other hand on the bed next to the pyromancer's head, "it is far past the time that I reminded you, just who it is you belong too." His lips curled, "and this time… I will make sure that you have it memorized." With those words the Luna Diviner thrust in burying himself fully into the other nobody's tight warmth watching in glee as Lea's eyes widen in mingled pain and pleasure. "I know you, I know what you like and I know how to keep you by my side." With each of these statement the berserker pulled nearly out before thrusting back in. It only took a few more thrusts before he found his sunlight's sweet spot.

Axel arched mouth opening in a choaked scream unable to keep silent any longer as the Luna Diviner pounded into him relentlessly hitting his prostate with each roll of hips. He struggled against the waves of bliss threatening to pull him under. With each movement more and more of his anger, his defiance crumbled away plunging him deeper into an ocean of pleasurable sensations. He had forgotten this, forgotten how it felt to have his oldest friend moving inside of him.

Smiling grimly at Lea's breathy gasps the Luna Diviner paused in his movements sensing that the other nobody was nearing the edge of completion. Waiting for his light to settle he started up the punishing rhythm again stopping only when the redhead was teetering on the edge of orgasm once more. He would keep this up as long as he had too, as long as it took. He would not lose his fire dancer and if it took him fucking the Flurry of Dancing Flames into unconsciousness he would do so… again, and again, and again. He would not, could not lose his light, the moon was nothing without the light from the sun.

Nothing coherent was slipping past his lips a Axel writhed hating how the other male brought him to the edge time after time. Leaving him more and more desperate for release. He couldn't help the needy wine that escaped when strong fingers closed around his cock stroking roughly just shy of causing pain. He couldn't focus on anything; not the fact that his arms had long since gone numb, not on the burning ache in his shoulders, nor the fact that he had submitted… screaming just as Isa had wanted him too. He could only focus on the wave of pleasure building once more in his core. He couldn't see, he couldn't hear only able to feel.

The blue haired male's fingers tightened around the slender throat before him cutting off his partner's breath. The berserker grinned viciously as Lea bucked beneath him lips parting as he struggled for air. "Yes, you are mine." When the fiery redhead was on the verge of losing consciousness he relaxed his grip allowing him to suck in desperate gulps of oxygen. He wrapped his forefinger and thumb around the base of the pyromancer's cock preventing him from spilling his seed. Tan lips twisted up into a victorious smirk as he listened to the almost broken wail from his childhood friend as he dry orgasmed. Tightening his grip on the slender neck once more he started thrusting again knowing how sensitive his partner was now to the slightest of touches.

The Flurry of Dancing Flames shuddered head tilted back chest heaving seeking desperately for oxygen. He was trapped, drowning, mind sucked under as wave after wave of sensation crashed through his body.

"Stay with me," a golden gaze locked onto his partners flushed face, "tell me you'll stay with me my fiery light." He loosened his hold allowing several shallow breaths to be drawn wanting, needing to hear the other nobody's answer.

Axel whimpered, green eyes wide pupils fully dilated.

"Stay with me."

An almost inaudible wine.


"Ye… Yes..."

"Promise me forever."

"I… I… I promise."

"Good boy," tan lips trailed down the slender throat before him pausing at the juncture of neck and shoulder, "now, come for me." With those words he bit down feeling flesh give way beneath sharp canines warm coppery blood filling his mouth.

Finally able to draw in a slightly deeper lung full of air, Axel lost that breath in a high keening sound as his world shattered into blinding white shards of pleasure.

Saix through back his head snarling in satisfaction continuing to thrust into the writhing body under him. Even with his rigid self-control he wasn't going to last much longer with his pyromancer's muscles contracting almost painfully around him. It had been far too long and they would have many more of these moments in the future. He wasn't going to let his fiery lover flee from him again. With that thought he came spilling his essence into his partner's seductive warmth. The Luna Diviner collapsed onto the now motionless redhead drawing in several steadying breaths. Once he had gathered himself Saix pushed up into a sitting position looking down at Lea's relaxed face. Reaching out cupping the other nobody's cheek he gently smoothed a thumb across a delicately arched cheekbone watching as stunning green eyes fluttered open for just a second before sliding back closed. "Mine," he murmured leaning down to capture unresisting lips in a possessive kiss. "Mine for now and always."