Winning in Another Life

Chapter 2


"Hold it!" A familiar authoritative feminine voice echoed when we passed her police booth.

A sigh escaped my lips, hand reflexively deflecting another that tried landing on my shoulder, "What is it, officer?" I half-turned, looking at one of many officer Jennies frowning and holding the palm I lightly slapped away. Beauty ran in the jennies' AI makeup, because I refused to believe there were an unlimited number of real people being exact clones of one another and baring the same name.

All officer Jennies and Nurse Joys looking exactly like for a whatever reason was a joke on the Gen 1's games all having clones of the same character, but in the real world, it didn't make any sense.

Still, Jenny's beauty couldn't be understated. Lengthy, creamy legs unblemished; wore only by a ridiculously short dark blue pencil skirt that had to restrict her movement speed. If that wasn't bad enough, high heels of all things clad her feet. Good lord. How could she run in those things? Even as an AI, she would trip and hurt herself, surely? I suppose they left all the running to their canine companions, the Growlithe.

An hourglass figure and sizeable assets were covered by her police collared shirt matching the colour of her skirt with a lighter blue patterned in the middle between her pockets. A lime-green crown, hair cascading past her shoulders, made a perfect perch for her hat.

"Rude!" She said. I rolled my eyes behind my shades, though she sensed my evident disdain for her and adjusting her hands on her hips, "It's a crime to resist arrest, you know? I could have you arrested."

"I wasn't resisting anything," I shot back coolly, "You're the one who came up to me, trying to grab man." I crossed my arms, "And last I checked, you can't arrest anyone without a warrant or a valid reason first."

"Don't get smart with me!" She scowled in annoyance. My contempt grew, prompting me to turn and continue on our way, "Now wait just a minute!" I found her reaching out to me when I looked my shoulder, flashing her my broody annoyance and making her consider otherwise. "We've had complaints of criminal activity within the city walls. Citizens have been getting their Pokemon stolen."

"And?" I didn't bother trying to disguise my frosty irritation. This incompetent officer wore on my nerves, "Your point?"

A glare, "I was getting to that!" My tapping foot only accelerated, drawing a huff from Jenny, "You have an unusual coloured Sandshrew by your side."


"Well, yeah," I started, utterly unimpressed by the AI's half-baked deduction, "It's a shiny. It's supposed to be different."

"Oh?" Dumbfounded. "A… shiny?"

I pinched the space in between my eyes, "How're you a cop yet dunno what a shiny is? Google it, lady! You have a ROTOM phone, right?" A blank nod, "Then look it up!"

Jenny hastily tried putting herself together like an officer worker running late to work and throwing his clothes on the wrong way, "W-Well, that still doesn't explain why you have your Pokemon out alongside you!" A smirk crossed her red-painted lips as though she were about to make some great point, "Most trainers keep their Pokemon inside their Poké balls, so don't get their stolen. And criminals do tend to return to the scene of the crime."

Oh my god, kill me already. This dumb bitch, "Forgetting one thing, sherlock Hermes; I'm 12! What kid doesn't want to play and walk with their Pokémon, especially when one is a shiny he just caught!?" That wiped away her smug expression, "Besides, I'm going to Viridian City NOW. You said it yourself, "there's been crimes within the city. How could I have committed any in there when I haven't been in it today?" I folded my arms in finality, destroying her stupid argument once and for all, "Considering you've been on guard all day I'm presuming, you SHOULD know this is my first time today passing through. Unless, say, you were napping on the job?"

"…Point made." Jenny gawped, sighing.

I caressed the side of my neck, annoyance washing out of me, "Let's roll, guys." We resumed walking.



"My bro's gonna be passing through in a couple of hours," I informed her without turning around.

"Your… brother?"

"He's wearing a red and white hat and a blue jacket. Just leave him be. Don't harass me like you harassed me. He's a good kid." I pushed my shades down with my middle finger, peeking over my shoulder and flashing her a glinted pupil; threat clear, "I take it you're not a fan of being reported to your superiors." Oh, yeah. I shamelessly played "I'm gonna tell an adult" card.

It worked supremely well.

"…Duly noted," She laughed humourlessly.

That Officer Jenny and her overly suspicious nature frustrated the ever-loving daylights out of me, especially when I remember she was like that in the series; accusing Ash of being a part of Team Clown when Jessie's and James' wanted poster was right there on her police booth. That wasn't even mentioning the fact Ash and Pikachu were clearly in a bad state after being viciously attacked by Spearows.

Yeah, Miss Ace Detective wasn't the brightest.

Although, it did help assuage my mood greatly when I made it to the Pokémon Centre to heal up the few hit points Jerry lost from a normal attack (just because I was extra like that) and asked Viridian City's Nurse Joy what was up with her and Jenny clones.

It turned out they were all that; clones of the original from centuries ago. Apparently, according to Viridian City's Nurse Joy, the original Joy and Jenny were so good at their jobs around the time civilianisation was beginning to manifest, the people feared none would ever replace them when they aged past their primes. This led to a super genius in the mould of Vegapunk from One Piece cloning them.

It filled in much of the blanks we obviously weren't meant to consider as young children watching Pokémon before and/or after school, like why all Jennies and Joys look like exactly alike, baring the same name, same personality, same occupation and why none have ever strayed away from their designated career path. They were all clones of the original pair, created with the sole purpose of continuing their work until the end of time.

It was kinda sad when you deep it.

A felt nudge on my shoulder, rocking me repeatedly from where I slept with Minnie curled in my arms on the couch. Jerry had been returned to his Poké ball after we had eaten.

"Hey, Ace."

I opened a blurry gaze and my friend's scratched face materialized in front of it, "Yo…" I drawled, yawning. I sat up, rubbing the sleep out of me. "Made it past the first hurdle in…" I paused, looking over my relatively injured buddy with an sympathetic expression, "…mostly good shape."

"Yeah, well, I had a lot of trouble," Ash barked out a laugh without humour, scrubbing the back of his head sheepishly. The brave face fell apart instantly, leaving behind a crestfallen expression. My eyes softened on reflex. One look at him and I could tell he had his run in with that flock of Sperow.

"Something the matter, bro?" A glumly nod pulled my feet to the floor, hand patting the spot next to me, "Well don't you tell me all about it?" I shot a warm smile his way.

He gave me a smile that didn't reach his eyes and accepted my invitation, sitting beside me and telling me all about the trials and ordeals he went through with his Pikachu after Oak ran out of traditional z starters. Everything mostly lined up as it should, barring two changes. Pikachu detested him and refused to go in his Poké ball, so Ash had to drag him along with rope tied around his waist and rubber hands his Mama gave him.

When that weren't working, he tried levelling with Pikachu, but Minnie's 2nd form didn't feel like conversing and dashed up a tree to relax. That left Ash stealth-catching that Pidgey he tried grabbing with his shirt in canon. My influence rung true and loud. He attempted the same on Spearow, clapping him excellently on the back of his head, but he managed to break out of the ball with awoken fury, apparently not liking being caught off-guard.

Who knew, right?

He lunged in on Pikachu, being fended off by his thunder shock before flying away and coming back with his flock like a delinquent little bitch losing a fight and rolling back with his boys to gang up on man. They overwhelmed Pikachu and Ash had to swoop in and save him, running for dear life.

They landed in the lake a girl was fishing in (Misty) and promptly stole her bike when the Spearow flock found them. He rode as fast as he could in the pouring rain, but, tragically, ended up slipping. Out of options and out of ideas, he could only accept death, pushing Pikachu's ball toward him in the hopes it would save him.

And the rest was history. Pikachu leaped in front of him and unleashed a powerful thunder, imbuing his power with the natural storm and KO-ing the Spearow gang.

"Sounds like you had it rough, bro," Sympathy shone through my sapphire lenses.

A nod, "Pikachu got hurt real bad and it's all my fault."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up too much," I remarked softly, placing a hand on the taller boy's shoulder and suffusing him with some comfort. And yes, I was a slightly short for my age while Ash's height defied his. He resembled a well-built thirteen-year-old, beefy arms full on display with his iconic short-sleeved collared jacket. I was more like an Olympic sprinter to his mini body builder. Basically, I had the height of your Scarlet/Violet's character, or, any character, really.

"But still!" He argued, squeezing his eyes shut, "If I didn't make that Spearow mad, then Pikachu wouldn't be-!" He cut himself off, frustration evident on the scowl forming on his lips.

"Pikachu did what he did because he cares about you, bro," He whipped his head back up like an elastic band, gaping at my warm-hearted smile, "Your feelings got through to him. The fact that you're standing now is proof of that. You just wanted to be partners with Pikachu and standing defiantly between those assholes and Pikachu, ready to protect him, was all the evidence he needed." Realization began to clear the gloomy clouds over Ash's visage, widening my smile further, "So don't feel bad. Pikachu was only doing what any good partner does. Minnie would do the same for me, wouldn't you?" I asked, affectionately stroking Minnie's head.

"Rai." She smiled, drawing one from Ash.

"Yeah," He replied quietly, propping his head back down to hide his watery eyes, "Thanks, Ace."

"Anytime, bro!" I brightened, wrapping my arm his neck, "Don't worry about Pikachu either. Nurse Joy will fix him up, then he'll be better than ever tomorrow."

Ash scrubbed his eyes with his forearm, lifting his head again and beaming, "Yeah!"

We nodded, basking in this moment of brotherly solidity until the sound of the automatic doors prying open and a familiar voice rang through the air.

"There you are!" We blinked, looking over our shoulders and spotting Misty storming into the building, hoisting her toasted crispy bike on one shoulder as though it weighed nothing. Humans in the Pokemon world really were just built different. "You little thief!"

"It's you!" Ash shot to his feet.

"You know this girl, bro?" I enquired, eyes shamefully drinking her in. She had the body of a fourteen year old and wasn't prudish to flaunt it like she did in the series, sporting short denim shorts that only covered her curvy thighs, a sleeveless, paled yellow top exposing her midriff and red sneakers cladding her feet. I couldn't see her socks so it was safe to say she either wasn't wearing any or wore short ones; the kind that never reached her ankles.

She was flexing her trademark red straps, though.

"Um," He sputtered nervously, "Kinda."

"Know him!" Misty scoffed, "Fat chance! This little twerp stole my bike and made off with it with his pikachu!"

"Look, I'm sorry, alright!" Pokemon's main protagonist rose his hands in a placating gesture, "But it was an emergency! I had to get Pikachu to a Pokemon centre as fast as possible!"

"Oh, no, you don't! I'm not falling for anymore of your excuses!" The ponytailed girl insisted, stomping over to us and slamming her burn bike down. I whistled. Pikachu sure did a number on that thing, "I'll have you know I expect you to pay me back!"

Ash grasped his hands together, "I promise I'll make it up to you somehow!"

"You better!"

"My guy, y'know," I remarked, drawing the two's averted attention to me, "Bro only just left our hometown like, what?" I swiftly checked the time on my phone, "Three hours ago and he's already got the chicks after him." I laughed, boiling Misty's heated annoyance to molten lava levels and draining the colour from Ash's face, "Go on, my son."

"As if!" She denied furiously.

"Ace, please! You're not helping!"

I chuckled some more, waving her pout with a hand, "Relax. I'm just messing with you. I know it's not like that." I assured, eliciting a sigh of relief from Ash, 'As much as pokéshippers want it to be." I stretched back, taking a load off, "Don't worry about my bro here. He'll pay you back. Eventually," I turned my attention to the boy in question, "Ain't that right?"

"Uh, right?" He blinked, inflating himself, "I mean, right. A future Pokemon master always keeps his promises!"

I glanced back at Misty, "There you have it."

She huffed, propping herself down next to me and folding her bare legs I had to pry my eyes away from with a gulp, "Future Pokémon master, he says." Her expression warmed like a sunny day when she turned her attention to my raichu, "Hey, cutie." She greeted, tickling her underneath like her chin, "I'm Misty."


I smiled, "Her name's Minnie."

"Oh," She peered up at me, "You name your Pokémon?"

"Yup," I turned my nose up with pride, "It's fun naming your Pokémon. Helps me feel closer to them in some regard."

"That's so cute!" She gushed.

"I think I'm gonna haul," Ash quipped dryly, lightly scraping his cheek with his index finger.

Misty's expression of warmth instantly frosted over like a Lapras turning sunny day snowy with hail, "Well, who asked you, Mr Bike thief!"

I tittered, relishing in the experience of being around two of my favourite characters bantering in real life. Not for the first time that evening, the pleasantry of our interaction came to a screeching halt unexpectedly.

An eruption of shattering glass echoed from above, raining lethal shards down on the tiled yellow flooring of the Pokémon centre.

"What's going on?" Misty asked in alarm, leaping back to her feet.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Ash stated, on alert.

I turned around, propping my knees up on the couch. Good thing the ceiling window wasn't below us otherwise we would've been shredded, 'Here they come.' I ascertained and three ropes were flung over the newly created hole, hanging there like makeshift poles, 'The three stooges.'

"Prepare for trouble!"

I felt my manhood twitch with excitement down below hearing that alluring voice I loved so much.

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nations!"

"To renounce the evils-."

My mind accidentally tunnelled out the rest of the trio's iconic motto, the world becoming a backdrop of pink and white when she slithered down her rope like her Ekans, flaunting long creamy legs, most of which were wrapped up in her raven-coloured high heeled boots. She kept her flat midriff bare, sporting her own personalized white uniform of her criminal organization, bearing their "R" insignia over her glorious chest. Good lord. They must have been D-cup, at least. What I wouldn't give other than my Pokémon for the chance to fondle those puppies and smear her lipstick all over her face, stroking her outrageously long red hair, glistening like the moonlight.

How much gel did it take her to suspend her hair like that? No wonder they were always broke if Jessie was splurging out on weekly visits to the hair sproon to keep her hair in mint condition.

It was clearly working for her, though.

God. She was soooo sexy, holding herself with such grace after her dynamic entry. I couldn't forget about that short skirt that definitely worked delightful miracles emphasizing her bubbly ass even if I tried.

It was in some of my best dreams.

I couldn't help it anymore and exploded.

"HOLY SHIT! I'M GONNA COME!" The tension plummeted as though a Chansy had used her gravity attack. Even Team Rocket lost track of their thing, staring bug-eyed at me ogling Jessie while Ash cluelessly cocked his head, completely contrasting Misty's angered flush.


"Um, Jim." Meowth rose a finger, as cream-coloured as he was in the show, barely coming up to my knee. The tips of his tail and feet were lightly caramel, highlighting the rest of his little body. His triangle-shaped ears protruding from his head were outlined with black trim, resting either side of his trademark golden charm, "Did that kid say what I think he said?"

"…I… think so, Meowth?" James answered with blank uncertainty.

"Hey, a talking Meowth." The sexual innuendo of my declaration flew over Ash's head like a Pidgey, so he whipped out his Pokédex and had Meowth's latest dex read aloud; bless him.

"All it does is sleep during the daytime. At night, it patrols its territory with its eyes algow."

James and Meowth eventually caught on to my brazen leering of Jessie when my eyes never swayed away from her, even when the latter spoke, "I think he's looking at you, Jess," Meowth remarked, donning the cape of captain obvious.

Jessie pointed to herself with a gloved index finger blankly.

"Yeah, I mean you!" I confirmed shamelessly, setting Minnie aside.


"I mean, you're hot as fuck, girl," I admitted outright, hopping over the couch.

"Oh," Jessie blinked. A grateful smile curled around her lips, "Why, thank you! I do regularly work on my figure." She flexed a sexy pose, cocking a hand behind her head and another on her curvy hip. Meowth and James looked positively horrified to see their partner in crime dancing to the beat of my drum.

"I can tell," I assured, confidently strolling toward her, "It's clearly working for you." She giggled, a melodious, pleasant sound humming from her vocal cords. She came across as amicable in spite of being apart of a criminal empire, but considering the surprisingly good-natured things the trio preached about in their motto, it shouldn't have come as any great surprise that she was.

Team Rocket were good people at heart that were just dealt bad hands in life.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for someone to notice," She confessed with melodramatic relief, cupping her hands together.

"Hey! Stop getting all lovey-dovey with Romeo, Juliet!" Meowth admonished.

"Yeah! Have you forgotten what we came to do!" James added, shaking his fist righteously.

"Oh, that's right." Jessie blinked and the spell my cheesy charm had cast on her was broken.

I shifted a darkened frown of malevolent fury Jimmy's way, bringing a massive flinch from him, "Eeeeeeee!" He squealed, more so from surprise than anything else. He probably never thought a kid would ever send him such a murderous scowl, let alone power walk to him with deceptive calm, "Stay back, Casanova! I'll have you know I'm James of Team Rocket!"

He "tsked" when I kept advancing toward him in total dismissal of his defiance claim and tried pushing his hand against my forehead to keep me at bay, only for me to grab the wrist of the fending arm and fling him over my shoulder, hitting the hard floor with a groan. Before his partners even time to process what was happening, I had fiercely driven my fist into his cheek with bone-crushing force.

"Fucking dickhead," I cussed, taking my knuckles off of his face to see my handiwork; a fist imprint engraved into his bloody cheek and a splatters of blood and a tooth beside his unconscious eyes.

"James!" Jessie cried in worry.

"Whoa!" Meowth backed away, a sign of obvious submission if there ever was one. "This kid's really strong for a little twerp."

"That's rich coming from the shortest one here, bro," I smirked.

Meowth glared.

"Alright! I've had it!" Jessie exclaimed, drawing a sigh from my lungs. Things were going so well until dem mans reminded her of her actual job. Now I had to beat her and she had to defend herself, dipping into her bosom and pulling out a shrunken Poké ball. So that was where she kept her Poké balls pockets. Made sense and I enjoyed the show, "Don't think for a second you can get away with hurting a member of Team Rocket with a bit of sweet talk, Romeo!"

"It worked just a second ago, though," I retorted cheekily, making her blush.

"Shut up!" She enlarged her Pokéball.

"Watch out! She's going to send out a Pokémon!" Misty tried to warn.

"Relax!" Ash assured with supreme confidence, "Nothing can beat my big bro." He paused to correct himself, "Well, except me, that is."


Jessie made her pitch, dashing her ball out a few feet in front of me, "Ekans!" The aforementioned snake-based creature materialized from a silvery-white glow, curling his violet tail in circular motions. It looked as though it was a wearing a neck bracelet with a part of its skin coloured gold.

"Ekanssssss!" It hissed.

And then.

"Ekans, tackle attack!"

A face-palm worthy moment If there ever was one.

Christ. I knew Team Rocket was incompetent and all, but Jesus! At least know what attacks your Pokémon could and couldn't learn.

"What're you waiting for?" Jessie stomped her feet in petulant annoyance, "Tackle that perverted twerp already!"

"Ekansss?" Ekans hissed. I needed no translation from Meowth to know it was saying something along the lines of, "I don't know what the fuck that is."

"An Ekans can't learn tackle, babe," I explained, coolly sauntering up to her Pokémon.

"Oh!" She blinked in realization, fuming afterward, "And who are you calling babe, twerp?" She looked at Ekans, "Ekans, use, um; use your bite attack."

"Took you long enough," I jeered as Ekans leapt toward me, "AHHHHH!" I planted my fist with all the force of Thor's hammer atop of Ekans' head, spearing it into the ground and cracking it around me with a herculean roar of might.

"Ekans?" She blinked in horror, "Ekans!?" Ekans didn't move nor utter a syllable of its name.

"No way!" Misty gaped disbelievingly, "He… he actually beat a Pokémon with his bare hands."

"Raichu!" Minnie cheered.

"Told ya," Ash said, folding his arms with his eyes in ultra-satisfaction, "These clowns are nothing to me and my big bro." He opened his eye, "And I'm even stronger than that." He wasn't lying either.

"You don't say."

Jessie turned a weary glare at me, backing away slightly like a frightened animal running on defence, "What the hell are you?" I didn't say anything in response; merely standing from up and removing my bloody knuckles from Ekans' cracked head, taking slow, methodical steps toward her like the terminator, "Stay back!" She desperately lashed out at me with a gloved hand, but I side-stepped the slap, knocking my heel against hers.

She began to plummet until I caught her, hands snaking around her smooth waist and under her knees, "…What're are you?" She breathed, anger rapidly being consumed by astonishment. I let my action answer her query, leaning my head down and allowing her to feel my warm, minty breath flowing over her suddenly red-hot face before I locked my mouth against hers, one lip at a time. The older woman's eyes dilated wide, and she gasped into me like an inhaler, all the while flinging her arms about like propellers.

I even went a step further and shoved my tongue in, deepening the kiss. I felt her body tense up, peeking my eyes open again to find she had shut her eyes and gone from flinging arms like chicken wings, to huddling them against her bosom; praying it would all end soon.

She was at my mercy, and she knew it.

After what seemed like an eternity of me roughly kissing Jessica, I eventually pulled away, leaving a long trail of saliva connecting our lips; the evidence of their forceful embrace.

"Ah, yeah! Let's goooooo!" I roared with euphoria, looking over Jessie's shell-shocked face. I had indeed done what I wanted ever since seeing her sliding into the picture, and that was smear her strawberry-flavoured lipstick all around her cheeks, "Ah!" I exhaled, relaxed, "Always wanted to kiss an older lady, and now that's accomplished one of my life goals, I can say it was worth it."

I think I might have jizzed in my pants a little. They were feeling oddly sticky.

"Pervert!" A red-faced Misty belated, uncovering her eyes.

"Chu," Minnie nodded, also removing her paws from her eyes.

Wait, was she agreeing with Misty? Traitor.

"Geez, Ace; remind me to keep an eye on you around My Mom," Ash quipped sarcastically.

"Like I would ever go after my bro's mama," I snickered, slowly lowering Jesse to her knees, "That's a brocode man just don't cross."

Ash smirked triumphantly, "Right!"

"…My," I blinked down at the older woman mumbling to herself, still looking like she had been spooked by 100 Gengars, "My first kiss… taken… by a twerp."

"No way," I smiled brightly, "Forreal?" I began to chuckle hysterically, "Nah, you gotta be bullshitting me. You never kissed anyone? Dressed like that!? Gyal, you're practically begging for the D!" She still repeated the same sin in her petrified state, so I guess I had to take it as a dub, "But this is great! I stole an older lady's first kiss!" I roared to the nightly sky, to anyone that would listen from above. 'Suck it, Brock!' I loved Brock but still; I got a kiss first.

"Uh, what's wrong with him?" Misty grimaced.

"Ace gets a little crazy around pretty girls," Ash deadpanned.

"But he didn't get like that around me."

"I said pretty girls."

Woo! Damn. Misty was going to need a burn heal to recover from that roasting.

"Well, who asked you?!"

"Alright, time to round these guys up," I remarked, looking at the battered James and Ekans and the thoroughly defeated Jessie. It was at that point I realized, during my make-out session with the criminal beauty, that one had slipped away, "Wait. Where's that talking Meowth go?" I looked around me, but didn't seeing the little guy anywhere.

Ash shrugged and Misty chimed in, "I guess it took the opportunity to escape while you were busy getting your funk on."

Oh. Guess he was out in the wild now.

"Y'know, you coulda helped and round him up, right?"

"Why? You seemed have it all under control, Mr playboy."

Ooh. Now I needed a burn heal.

It took every fibre of my being to turn Jessie over to the police, waging war with myself over whether I should take her and bounce or leave her with James to be locked up. It wasn't an easy decision. Rape was bad, even if it was a criminal being ravaged, and I still heavily contemplated crossing that line just to violently rock Jessie's world and have her pleading me to stop in both ecstasy and fright.

She was just that fuckable to me.

In the end, after much tapping of my folded arms, I waited for the cops to arrive and hauled her away with her partner-in-crime. Changing canon and forever ridding Ash of the deluded trio only made sense. The anime writers over relied on these fools wayyyy too much, even to the point it didn't make any narrative sense.

Team Rocket were supposed to be poor, to the point that even "dining" on instant noodles was considered a luxury to them. Hell, Jessie even thought the gunk Misty haphazardly whipped up when Brock came down with a fever in one episode was delicious. Funding all these weird mecha robots, not to mention the countless replacement air-balloons destroyed by Ash and company, would've been impossible on their low budget had the writers not thrown logic to the curb.

Plus, stalking a 10-year-old from region to region all to try and poke-nap a single pikachu because of a one display of situational power was beyond disturbing. It wasn't like Pikachu was ever portrayed as ungodly powerful from there on either. He got defeated bare times, even by weak water Pokémon like goldeen.

Really, the over reliance on Team Rocket to check off plot points was just lazy writing. Imagine, instead of the variety of fun villains Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup tangle with in Powerpuff Girls, all they ever fought was Mojo Jojo? That would get old, fast.

"You must have a mean right-hook, son," The Jenny clone from earlier complimented me with a wary, unsettled expression on her beautiful face. Indeed I had left nasty fist-imprints on James and Ekans.

"I have more than that, too," I cheekily grinned, brimming with all the confidence of a horny teenager, "You'd like to find out?"

"I'll take your word for it, Casanova," She snarked, expression dry as a barren desert.

I shrugged, "Suit yourself."

"Now, then," Jenny continued, bringing up her phone, "I'll just need your Trainer ID number to transfer over the bounty for those two."

Oh, sweet! Jessie and James had a bounty for their arrest on their heads. I didn't even clock, still, "Copy that!" I excitedly brought Rotom up, turning to the screen of my profile page and flipping the thing Officer Jenny's way. If I couldn't fuck Jessie, then nabbing a fee certainly made for a decent consolation prize if nothing else.

Jenny scanned my profile briefly, "485773," She noted, nodding, "Okay, that's all done. The award money will be available to you in thirty minutes." An arm rose up and a hand stretched above her cap in a salute, "Thank you for apprehending the real criminals, and, well…" Her expression reddened a bit, "I apologise for rudely suspecting you earlier today."

"No worries!" I beamed, fisting my hips, "Have a nice night."

Officer Jenny bowed gracefully before pirouetting and making her way back to her colleagues waiting for her in the police truck. Jessie and James were handcuffed in the back, being guarded by a Growlithe. I watched them drive away with longing relief, like I had just ripped off a band-aid, 'Well, there goes an essential part of canon.'

It would mean Misty wouldn't ever get Togepi now, but I was fine with that personally. Togepi did nothing but set the standard of the gang playing parents to annoying baby Pokemon like Bonsly.

Togepi's sole use was to act as a plot- macguffin and a cover for Misty's lower stomach, according to the writers. Apparently, they became concerned westerners would feel unsettled over a 10-year-old wearing revealing clothes when Pokémon went viral and reached global fame. (Why not just change her outfit, then?)

I made my way back to Ash and Misty, who, on my approach, began trying to stifle their laughter again, 'What do they find so funny?' I mused, cocking an eyebrow, "Well, that's sorted."

Ash's shoulders rambled, "Yeah…" He agreed in between bouts of laughter, glimpsing at my face and chuckling without sound, arms over his gut.

Misty elbowed him but couldn't stop giggling herself, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She insisted, wiping a tear from her eye.

"You don't sound sorry," I deadpanned.

"No, I am! It's just," She took a deep breath to cease her laugher altogether, though one look at my face brought it back with a vengeance. I was about to ask what the elephant in the room they found so funny when she changed the subject, "So, how much did you get, Romeo?"

"Dunno yet. It hasn't come through," I declared, "Doubt it'll be anymore than 10k. Maybe a 100k if I'm lucky. Those guys were scrubs."

"Well, at least you got your game on with one of them, huh, loverboy?" Misty's eyes practically curled in wiggly eye smiles, greatly enhancing her playful expression.

I turned my nose up and thumbed my chest with pride, "Hell yeah. You done know." She shrugged with a sigh of pity leaving her lungs, probably thinking I was clueless. Oh, well. Ignored the feeling of being left out on the loop and looked at my precious childhood hero-turned-childhood bestie, "Yo, bro?"

"Yeah, Ace?"

"Let's have a Pokémon battle once Pikachu is fully recovered."

A fire alit his gaze, "Alright!" But then a downpour of realization doused his exuberance like a blastiose on a burning building when he looked at my raichu sleeping soundly amongst all the commotion, "Are you going to be using Minnie?"

I smiled softly, "Nah. That wouldn't be a fair fight. Minnie would destroy Pikachu and Pidgey right now," I banished the query with a wave of my hand, "I'll use one of the Pokémon I only just caught today. It'll be a 2v1 in your favour since he'll have the type-advantage over Pikachu and Pidgey."

Ash clenched his fists, "Alright! Then you're on, Ace!"

"Ash, weren't you listening? He said his Pokémon will have the type-advantage over Pikachu and Pidgey, so that probably means he probably has a ground-type Pokémon." Misty surmised.

"A little thing like type-matchups doesn't matter to a future Pokémon master," Ash dismissed, turning his nose up. Misty sighed. "We can battle as soon as Pikachu is all healed!"

"No, you can't!" Our jets were cooled by the stern motherly voice of the pink-haired beauty, stopping before us with hands on hips, "It's almost past your bedtime!" Lord have mercy everytime. I could wholeheartedly see why Brock simped so hard for these clones, bro, especially wearing such a ridiculously skimpy fetish nurse outfit that was better suited on a housewife cosplaying as a sexy medical physician for her husband than an actual one.

"Oh, right," Ash realized, staring at the doors darkened by the night sky, "It's getting pretty late."

Nurse Joy's motherly persona resumed, "Now, I want you to brush your teeth, have a bath and get ready for bed."

"Yes, madam." Ash and Misty intoned in unison.

I hopped over the couch, picking up Minnie and resting her on my shoulder. I then shamelessly tried my luck with the pretty nurse, "Will you tuck me in with a bedtime kiss if I do everything you say?"

She promptly rolled her eyes and gently pushed me along, "Come on, Romeo. To the bath's with you. Oh, and you had better wash your face. Who knows if your friends will ever be able to stop laughing?"

I blinked, "My face?" I wiped my hand over my lips with the back of my hand, glancing down at it to find it stained with red, "Oh!" Duh, of course Jessie's lipstick was smeared all over my lips, too, with how roughly I was kissing her, "That's so why you two were laughing your asses off," I clocked, "Feel like an eediat now."

"You're only just noticing?" Misty asked dryly.

"I can be pretty dense sometimes."