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Winning in Another Life


The brutal collision of a solid boulder and squashy flesh exploded throughout the clean air of Route 2 and an orange-y sort of worm-like creature with an unmistakeable pink bulbous nose and a large needle sticking out of his head went flying across the dirt earth.

"Ah, Weedle!" An iconic bug catcher cried, dressed as he was in the second remake of the Gen 1 games, attire comprising of a sleeveless dark-green vest highlighting the short-sleeved white t-shirt he wore underneath, contrasting his midnight blue shorts and dark azure sneakers with white trim. A signature straw hat with a blue band around it crowned his head. That, along with his trademark net, made him unmissable from a distance.

"Good match, bro," I remarked with some humility, or least I hoped.

"Rai, raichu!" She jetted off on all fours to Jerry, swinging her arms around his neck cheerily.

The bug catcher returned his weedle, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a coin, "You're good, big bro!" He complimented, handing me my winnings of 30 pokedollars, the equivalent of three American cents. Understandable enough, though, seeing as most bug catchers comprised of little boys (though little girls could be bug catchers) catching bug Pokémon as a hobby.

"Thanks, bro," I smiled, taking my award money and putting it in my wallet.

"I guess you two are off to Pewter City to take on Brock, huh?" He surmised and Pikachu's war-cry of 'chuuuuu' rang out further ahead, shadowing us in the concealed light of his power. He grinned dryly.

"Yeah, yeah. We're challenging the gym circuit and Brock's gonna be our first opponent." I crossed my arms, "I asked Viridian's Nurse Joy if Giovanni's gym was open but she said he was away on 'business', whatever that meant."

"Good call. I hear Mr. Giovanni doesn't go easy on newcomers."

'Just like in the games, then.' I mused, "Good to know. Catch ya in a bit. Let's roll, guys."

"Rai-Rai!" She bubbled, taking a hold of Jerry's hand.

"Bye-Bye! Good luck in the gym circuit!" He blessed us with good fortune with our future gym battles to come with an elated wave over his head. I smiled back at him in gratitude, pleased to see just how many gracious losers there were in this mysterious world.

We climbed over the small ledge players could skip off in the games. I never understood why we couldn't jump up, too, because logically, if they were low enough for players to hop off, then they shouldn't be too high not to climb up like they were here in real life. "Calm down, Ace; you're overthinking a game meant for seven-year-olds," my mind told me just as Pikachu slammed a female bug catcher's Caterpie against an upraised ledge blocking people from the Diglett cave.

"Caterpie!" She cried.

"Alright!" Ash hollered, pumping his fist and striking his knee in the air, "My first victory!"

"Pi, Pikachu!" The electric rodent chirped, flashing a peace sign.

"That was a good battle," She acknowledge with similar grace to her male counterpart, returning her KO'd Pokemon and handing Ash a single bill worth hundred bucks; equal to one dollar in American currency. Since this was Ash's first recorded victory having already recorded a loss, the prize money was more than doubled. "Your Pikachu's really strong, mister!"

"Thanks!" My bro rubbed his nostrils with an index finger, wearing humility on his sleeve, "Your Caterpie's pretty awesome, too." He pocketed his winnings.

"Thank you and good luck in your next battle!"

"Aw, we won't need it!" He laughed, wrapping his arms around his head. Well, that didn't last long.

Pikachu shook his, fingering a temple in exasperation, "...Pika."

"Ready to move?" I asked on approach.

He glanced my way, looking like he was riding on cloud nine. That win had clearly put him on a high, "Ace!" He acknowledged, "Yeah, I'm done. And I totally ruled!" He chuckled boastfully, eliciting one from me. "What about you? Did you win, too?"

"Of course." I said, chest out, "Still undefeated since I started this thing."

"That's great," A smirk hardened his smile, "Because I want to be the one to beat you."

I shrugged, swaggering ahead of him with a gait in my stride, "Then I'll be waiting at the top, little bro!"

An eye roll preceded a retort, "Very funny, Ace. You know I'm taller than you now, right?!"

I knocked an index finger against my temple a couple of times, "Not up here!"

"What does that even mean?!"

A peal of contagious laughter erupted between us and we continued on our way up the small slope of Route 2; Pikachu taking Jerry's other side and conjoining paws, making an adorably precious set of rodents. Misty had temporarily disbanded Ash's ragtag group, choosing to instead forge on ahead in a flying taxi on my advice. I appreciated being able to derail canon a bit more here because I highly doubted I could've listened to Misty's incessant whining about bugs, even just for a couple hours before departing from the pair.

Granted, I didn't put it against her, (bugs in my old world were creepy little things, after all) but it still wouldn't have been pleasant.

"Viridian Forest is a big place, huh?" Ash declared blankly, eyes panning up to the tall, gigantic trees towering over the gate building we hadn't even stepped into yet.

"You're telling me," I muttered. The anime really didn't do the place justice. It didn't look like anything out of the ordinary, and, in fact, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for any other roadside Ash and the gang travelled on during one of his many adventures. The games lent the forest more significance for its limitations, shrouding the area in shadowy shades and giving it unsettling music.

It was interesting to note this world had checkpoint buildings between Route 2 and Viridian Forest. It was just another example of this universe being both the game and the anime all in one. We passed through it in short order, politely greeting the guard and continuing on our way, ambling through the other end.

"Whoa!" We breathed in awe.

We expected to have plenty of land to traverse through, but this honestly succeeded our expectations. Gazing up, we could barely see the canopy. The trees were practically blanketing the entire area as though it was permanent bedtime, casting everything in perpetual shade. I could see why they made bulbasaur a rare spawn here. The environment didn't exactly scream grass-friendly, what with its perpetual lack of daylight.

And sunlight was kinda their sustenance.

"Pika…" Pikachu shivered, sounding like a frightened animal.

"Pikachu, what's wrong?" Ash asked gently, "Are you scared?" He nodded, "Pikachu…" He placed his hands on his hips, frowning slightly, "I know it's a little scary in here, buddy, but we gotta go through here so we can get to Pewter City and challenge Brock."

"Chuuuuuu!" He shook his head, pointing at the sky and making an aeroplane motion with his arm, "Pikachu!"

"You say you wanna go in a flying taxi?" Ash surmised.

He beamed, nodding, "Pikachu!"

"I'm sorry, Pikachu," He explained remorsefully, "Flying taxis only take us to places we've already been."

The red-cheeked rodent's ears fell, crestfallen, "Chuuuu…"

"Raichu!" Minnie circled her way around to Pikachu, grasping his little yellow paw in her brown-tinted one with the warmth of a sisterly sibling. Pikachu perked up, staring into Minnie's kind, bubbly orbs exuding support, "Rai-Rai!"

"Pika." Some hesitance lingered in Pikachu's tone.

"Rai, Raichu!" Minnie insisted like her adamant nature suggested she would, letting go of their paws, "Raichu-Raichu!" Electricity flared on her sunshine poaches and she jabbed an arm at an lime-green coloured bug whose body looked like it had been connected with multiple spherical fragments lined with yellow trim, "Raichu!" She pointed back at Pikachu; a translation (for mine and Ash's sake) as evident as the sky hidden from view. She even finished with comforting taps on his shoulder.

The parodied take on Mr. Mime read as followed, "You're strong, Pikachu! You can zap away whatever comes your way, so be more confident in yourself."

"Pika pi?" He asked, eyes glistening with hope.

"Raichu!" She nodded, smiling wonderfully.

"Pika!" Pikachu sung, gratefully latching onto his fully-evolved counterpart.

"Raichu," Minnie murmured sweet comforts in his ear, nestling her chin atop Pikachu's head.

We smiled, followed by Ash commenting, "It looks like we'll be alright after all."

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Sandshrew," A peppy expression even formed over Jerry's face.

Pirouetting from the lovely sight of our Pokémon's bonding experience, Ash breathed, slapping his cheeks and equipping his game face, "Alright, time to catch that caterpie Minnie found!" He confidently brandished an empty Poké ball.

"Ah, good idea. It'll come in handy against Sabrina's psychic-types," I remarked.

He nodded in agreement and crept toward the unsuspecting caterpie, turning back to enquiry, "You think I should weaken it first with a Pokémon?"

"It should be fine. Caterpies are typically weak since they evolve at a low level. Plus," I observed the green creature tucking into its meal, "It's nibbling at a berry. That makes it distracted. Just back strike it and you'll catch it easily."

"That's great!" He turned his cap backward, dynamically hurling his ball straight at the Pokémon's back and I saw his eyes light up in excitement when the ball opened, converting the caterpie into red energy it then vacuumed up, closed and dropped to the grass. One roll and a ping later, and the button flashed white, signifying a successful capture.

"Alright!" Ash burst into a ray of energy, fist pumping the air, "I caught a caterpie!"

"Pika, pikachu!"


"Good job, bro," I praised.

"Thanks, Ace," He said, hardly containing his excitement as he ambled up to his newly caught caterpie and plucked his ball from the soft grass beneath his feet, "Alright! I caught a Caterpie!" He flashed his signature peace sign, pressing the white button on his poke ball and released the aforementioned Pokémon in a silvery-white glow, "C'mon out, Caterpie!"

It instantly materialized, standing atop its tail, "Caterpie!~" It smiled wholesomely.

I ran it through my Pokédex app, 'Yup, still male.'

"Welcome to the team, Caterpie!" He kneeled, offering him an hand, "C'mon, climb up onto my shoulder." He crawled up Ash's arm, adorably nuzzling his cheek and bringing a laugh from him, "Hey, that tickles!"

I let them have their moment of solidarity with arms crossed and a small grin plastered across my face, asking when he finished introducing Pikachu to Caterpie, "Ready to move?"

He rose, "Yeah, I'm ready. Let's start training!"


Chapter 4

(Sometime Later)




It took a while of aimless wandering around the shaded woods, but we eventually managed to come across three conveniently placed boulders. Ash pulverised one with a punch, creating brick-sized debris out of it we then tied around the tails and wing of Jerry, Pikachu and Pidgey respectively using ropes I bought before leaving Viridian City.

"Hang in there, guys!" Ash encouraged while casually bench-pressing one of the two remaining boulders in his arms, both feet tied around a tree branch. I was right up there with him, continuously pulling myself right side up just as easily, hugging the other boulder in my arms. I quite enjoyed busting weights in this new physically enhanced body of mine over the years, and Ash, wanting to do what his older-brother figure did, copied me; thus became even more superhuman than he was in canon.

It was easy to forget Ash, and by extension everyone in the Pokémon world, had some level of inhuman strength. Such feats include Ash casually holding up the weight of his own body from a broken bridge, supporting Misty's weight and pulling himself and her up a cliff, supporting the combined weight of his friends and Team Rocket on the edge of a cliff and even effortlessly holding Larvitar as though it weighed nothing.

A larvitar, in case everyone needed reminding, weighed more than an obese adult and Ash carried one with casual ease.

…Yeah. It wasn't an exaggeration saying the kid was jacked. And he was stronger now after undergoing proper training.

"You need to get Iron Tail and Steel Wing down so we can beat Brock."

I always liked the episode Ash taught Pikachu Iron Tail, even though it was a random one-off character that showed him the basics of perfecting the move. I would've the following encounter with the gym leader, too, if the writers had disregarded the rules, allowing "Hackachu" to bypass a geodude's immunity and one-shot it with thunder. Just... why, though?

I swear, the way they negligently ignored type-advantages and immunities was always incredibly rage-inducing. In an episode introducing marowak, an nauseating dress-up samurai weeb had his badges stolen by team rocket and challenged Ash for his. Ash's ego forced him into accepting and they battled, using Marowak and Bulbasaur first.

Despite having the type-advantage, Marowak effortlessly took down Bulbasaur, and not in such a way that would suggest skill on the weeb's part. Marowak easily batted away Bulbasaur's Vine Whip even though it was super effective against it with Focus Energy, then one-shot it with Bone Cub.

Then Pikachu swaggered in and somehow decimated it with a single Thunder Shock despite the fact marowaks are ground-types!

Christ. The anime was a hot mess. A fun mess, but a mess nonetheless.

I couldn't stress enough how imperative it was Pikachu and Pidgey mastered their respective steel-type moves this early because dodgy scripted writing and general anime bullshit did not exist in the real world. Pikachu wasn't muscling passed Geodude with any electric attack nor was he downing Onix with the accidental sprinkler tactic either, unfortunately. Normal, environment water by itself doesn't hurt ground-types since it lacked the "mp" (to lend it another term) naturally found in Pokémon water.

This was ultimately why you could bathe your Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet even if they were rock, ground or fire types. Pokémon were essentially little mages in disguise and their moves were imbued with magic. It was a combination of their magic and the elements they sometimes wielded with devastating intent that allowed them to deal damage. The elements by themselves wouldn't essentially always hurt them. Not always, at least.

"Hm?" I perked up when I found a pair of upside-down eyes opened to as wide as they could, gawking at us, "Hey, we got an audience." I spared the larger, lighter coloured version of Pidgey's evolved form with hair a friendly wave, "S'up, bro?" The bird Pokémon fluttered its wings, presumably spooked that I could so casually greet it with one arm while still clutching the boulder in my arm.

"Company?" Ash asked, and his face brightened taking in the sight of our guest, "Hey, it's a pidgeotto!" He exclaimed, scrambling to pry his phone from his pocket. Pidgeotto's expression was glorious. It looked exactly like that one staraptor coolly dodging a blast that caused a powerful explosion to echo behind it. One of the funniest clips I had ever watched.

"Pidgeotto claims a large area as its own territory. This Pokémon flies around, patrolling its living space. If its territory is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws," The app read.

"Awesome. So, that'll be what Pidgey evolves into next," He mused, looking over at his own little bird still grinding away in her own world.

"Yeah," I confirmed, hanging upside down. "Yo, pidgeotto!" I addressed. It looked my way, gaping, "How would you like to join my team?" The question soothed its expression, head wheeling sideways in curiosity, "I could use a flyer, whaddya say? You'll become super strong like us, go on tons of adventure across the globe and get to eat yummy foods! It'll be lit!"

"Yeah! Ace's cooking is almost as good as our mamas!" The wingman by my side exclaimed brightly.

"Thanks for the assist, bro," I smiled in gratitude.

He grinned.

It cocked its head left and right and closed its eyes, evidently mulling my offer over, "Geotto." It cawed with what sounded like a ponderous tone. A drop of see-through liquid seep past its beak, brightening my face like a sun. It liked the idea of a good meal apparently, and, well, you know what they say; the way to a Pokémon's heart was through its stomach.

That was how I charmed Minnie, after all.

"Geotto!" It fluttered in crystal clear elation.

"Can I take that as an yes?" I asked rhetorically, grinning.

"Rotto!" It nodded with a smiley beak.

"Sweet!" I did a pull up, "Minnie, sweetheart; be a dear and fetch our new teammate a poke ball. Kinda preoccupied at the minute."

"Rai!" She saluted and scurried over to my bag, unzipping the front compartment and rummaging inside. No time passed at all until her short orange arm retracted, a classic red-and-white poke ball on the tip of brown paw, "Raichu!" She held it up, prodding over to the pidgeotto staring at her with vacant curiosity. "Raichu." She pointed to the ball and at the winged creature, summarizing everything in short simple terms presumably, "Raichu, raichu, rai!"

"Geotto!" It nodded in understanding. It pressed the button in between the red and white halves of the ball, enlarging it before pushing it again. The spherical house opened, permitting entry to the willing resident and dematerializing it into ki-like crimson energy it absorbed and locked up tight.

Minnie dropped the ball in surprise and it fell softly to the grassy patch between her feet, sliding only once before snapping up straight; button flashing white.


"Nice. I gotcha, pidgeotto!" I pumped a fist.

"…Good catch, Ace," Ash breathed in awe.

"Thanks," I grinned, pulling myself up to the tree branch I hang up upside of, boulder and all, and snickered, "That's more than one way to catch Pokémon, y'know?"

Ash rolled up the branch, too, smirking, "Yeah!"


0_0 0-0

A tearing sound of breaking wood echoed in the distant air, and gravity seemingly took extra delight sending us plummeting to mother earth with devastating force as our petrified screams pierced the heavens themselves.


Our collisions quaked mother earth as though a giant from Elbaf had woken out of bed, boulders covering our stomachs like blankets and mouths foaming.


"Pika pi!"



"…I think I'm seeing stars."

"…Ah… You and me both, bro."

A Worthy Opponent

We swiftly moved onto phase two of what I was henceforth dubbing the "Make sure Ash can reliably beat Brock without dodgy bullshit that wouldn't exist" (full mouth, I know, well… I had nothing) scheme; target practise.

It took two hours of pure strength conditioning, but the rodents and Pidgey had their tails and wings respectively powered up.

It didn't take Pikachu very long to master the basics in canon, though mastering it fully took a little extra time. He actually failed an attempt of Iron Tail on the gym leader's Nosepass during his adventures in Hoenn where the concept came to be. I wasn't sure why the writers depicted it like that considering Iron Tail already had an abysmal 70% accuracy.

That was the reason I had Minnie forget Iron Tail after teaching it to her years ago. Focus Blast replaced it and there was no point having two 70% accurate moves in her small arsenal. (Although, I would probably switch in when I took on Brock)

"Alright, Minnie! Let 'em fall!" I instructed.

"Rai!" She happily rose her arms before rearing them back at her side as though she were about to pull off a Kamehameha. "Raiiiiiiiii!" A bright violet orb glowed in between her paws, expanding to the size of a large beach ball pushing the paws entrapping its potency, "Chuuuuuuuu!" She pushed her arms forward, sending the spherical orb crashing into a massive tree that would've been knocked over had Minnie not held back. It trembled mightily, and from its towering roots befell a dozen apples like snowfall.

"I'll never get tired of seeing that!" Ash gushed.

"Me neither," I chuckled.

Our Pokemon got right to work sniping the delicious treats out of the air with expert precision.

"Pika pika!"



Pikachu twirled like a graceful ballerina, Jerry rolled through the air like he was diving into a pool and Pidgey batted away everything like she was in a major league baseball team competing for the playoffs. Their falling targets never stood a chance against such grace and style.

Only when their tails and winged began to shine with god's heavenly light did they pause with varying degrees of amazement camping on their faces.

"Alright!" Ash crowed, running up to his Pokémon, "Way to go, guys! With this, I know beating Brock will be a cinch!"

"Pika, pika," He sung.

Pidgey preened, lofting a wing with pride.

I ambled up to Jerry, patting him on his head, "Good job, Jerry."

"Sandshrew," He grinned.

I grinned back and sheathed my hands in my pockets, "I'm gonna shoot off. Think you can manage from here?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks, Ace." He raised a hand in an inviting gesture. I removed mine and used one to firmly and audibly grasp his, and we reeled each other in and embraced shoulder-blades, "I'm sure we'll have Iron Tail and Steel Wing down before we make it to Pewter City. Brock won't stand a chance!" We then patted each other on the backs, hard; the finishing touch on our manly bro-hug.

"I'm sure you will, bro," I assured, grasping his hand and staring into his raven eyes with macho affection.

"Rai!" Minnie dashed over to Pikachu on all fours, awarding him a kind embrace of sisterly warmth. "Rai, rai." I interpreted that as words of encouragement considering how softly she spoke. Given that Pikachu was initially scared stiff of that place when we first entered, he couldn't say he didn't need it.

"Pika pi!" He welcomed the warmth, murmuring, "Pikachu."

We stared at our starters in fond amusement and grinned at each other with euphoria. Afterward, Minnie returned to our side and took hold of Jerry's paw, following my lead as I began my trek down the beaten path, "Ash, Pikachu, Pidgey; catch ya later!"

"Ace, Minnie, Jerry; see ya!"

"Pika pi!"




It couldn't be said enough, but Viridian Forest was huge. If the anime didn't do the unsettling Korok woods-like atmosphere justice, then the game couldn't accurately depict its vast size and open space given its limitations. Nothing but endless fields of long grass as far as the eye could see, without the glister with the sun hidden from view. It felt a little spooky without the protective walls around the level stopping players from glitching off the map.

I could easily get lost if I were to stray off the dirt road and wander through the occasionally rustling grass searching for bug Pokémon. I felt a shiver creep up my spine just thinking about it, 'So sir,' I decided, 'I'll stay on the road.' Even setting up camp, I wasn't straying too far from the path.

"Weedle." A weedle absentmindedly crawled through the grass.

"Hey, little guy," I smiled. I pondered catching it for a brief second, but dismissed the thought like an air bubble. 'I should probably lowe it. I already have 3 Pokémon on the bench that I'm probably never gonna use.' I definitely wasn't planning on rotating in Bruno the rattata and although I liked nidoqueen and her king, I was undecided whether I wanted to include Izumi and Curtis; love for Fullmetal Alchemist aside.

"You hungry, bro?" I unshouldered my bag, unzipped it and reached into its depths, "I got something for you."

"Weedle?" It said, tone gentle and soft. Its little dot sized eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I removed and unwrapped a chocolate bar, "Weedle!"

I chuckled, "Here ya go." I propped it down in front of it and it began nibbling away with feverish delight. "I'm glad you like it!" Another laugh escaped me whilst I pulled my phone out to scan its entry, revealing its gender, "Ooh, you're a girl. My bad, queen."

"Weedle!" She glanced up from her meal and smiled ever so sweetly at me, likely telling me everything was okay and that she appreciated the treat.

"Anytime, sis!" I replied, adjusting my bag upon my shoulder and issuing a two-fingered salute, "Enjoy the treat. Peace." I jerked my head in the direction we were travelling in, "Let's bounce, guys."



'Maybe it's just not viable catching 'em all like the dub promoted,' I clocked with a smile that didn't reach my eyes. These little guys all had feelings and emotions, even more so than their animal counterparts. I couldn't just stuff them into storage like the lifeless piles of data that they were in the games. Piling them up at Oak's lab just to be neglected wasn't a viable option either. He was only one old man and a few assailants, at best.

Looking after a grand total of one hundred and forty-six mons (not counting the other Johto Pokemon added into Kanto via LeafGreen and FireRed) that excluded the legendries just wasn't possible, especially when they had to attend to the other trainers' Pokémon, as well.

It was best to limit my roster to a select few I could manage. I didn't need any bugs. Both sneasels and murkrows were native to the Kanto region. I probably had the remakes of Blue and Red, LeafGreen and FireRed, to thank for that. I distinctly recall some Johto mons being added to Kanto in the Gen 2 games, as well.

Thanks to those and their immunity to psychic attacks, I had more weapons available to me before my showdown with Sabrina.

"Raichu!" Minnie sprung up on my shoulder, camping her head on there as she peered into my eyes with so much understanding warmth and patience.

She always could tell when my mood had taken even a indistinct dip.

My gaze softened and I turned my arm up around her head, pressing her yellow pouch into my cheek, "Minnie, you're the best raichu a boy could ask for, you know that?"

"Chuuuu," She cooed, snuggling against my face. She pried herself away and landed a kiss on my nose.

I grinned, reaching down to pet Jerry's head as we ventured on our way. We arrived a similar patch of grass just like in Let's Go, though instead of an invisible wall blocking our way forward a myriad of trees did; giving me shades of Big Mom's creepy forest from One Piece.

We made a left turn past the dead end, feeling the ground become noticeably softer and wetter beneath our feet. I looked down and found our dirt trail had suddenly become a grassy one, 'That's expected.' I mused, continuing our trek forward along the grassy patched road.

I wasn't surprised to seeing the road divulge into two pathways soon after, one on the left and one on the right; the left comprising of tall grass I could see weedles and caterpies flocking in and the right containing the same short mowed grass we had been treading on since turning left down Albuquerque.

I naturally chose right considering I wasn't interested in either the weedle nor the caterpie lines. Weavile and honchkrow were my go-to hard Sabrina counters, making all bugs superfluous to me. Their respective ice and flying halves also hard countered Erika's grass Pokemon, too.

'If I recall correctly,' I mused, zooming my vision down the road and spotting a feminine shape slowly beginning to materialize, 'There should be a lass on this road talking about finding a bulbasaur here.' I wasn't interested in having a bulbasaur as part of my main team, but having one in rotation as a useful weapon could prove handy.

I was pretty sure which four Pokémon I wanted in my A-team. I actually planned on having the pidgeotto I caught earlier be a glorified uber, rather than a soldier, contrary to what I had pitched to her earlier.

Sure enough, a strikingly beautiful girl appeared into view with a figure shaped like a hourglass and a natural peach-cream complexion. Her flawless skin remained unblemished and well looked after, awarding her natural cute, innocent beauty that didn't need to be enhanced by cosmetics. She wasn't shy about emphasizing her best assets either, highlighting her large D-cup breasts with a short-sleeved tight collared blouse coloured white and flaunting her luscious legs with a knee-length grey skirt.

She had a red ribbon tied around her collar, typical of lasses. What wasn't typical of lasses was her hair, dyed an exotic auburn orange and straightened down to her back. She actually bared quite the resemblance to Bleach's Orihime.

No wonder I thought she was so sexy.

"Oh, hi!~" She bubbled when she caught my eye. I jumped. "I heard bulbasaur was spotted around here? Have you seen one?"

It looked like she didn't notice me ogling her very intensely. Considering she wasn't apart of a clandestine criminal organization like my girl Jessie, it was probably for the best that she didn't.

"'Fraid not," I replied with a sympathetic smile.

"Oh, phooey," She pouted adorably and I had to hide my mouth erupting into silent giggles from view so she didn't think I was mocking her. She sounded absolutely precious, especially with such round untainted eyes of clear purity. I suddenly felt bad for salivating over a clearly naïve girl with childlike innocence.

I should be better than that.

"I really want to one, too!" She cried.

"Don't worry," I tried to encourage her, "Just keep looking. I'm sure you'll find one soon."

"Thank you!" She beamed, turning a peppy gaze to Minnie hanging off my shoulder, "Oh, since you have a Pokémon, let's have a Pokémon battle!"

"Thought you'd never ask," I smirked, patting Jerry on the back, "Time to put your training to good use, Jerry."

He prodded forward, "Shrew."

"Aw, you have a shiny!" The lass gushed, "You must've been on santa's good list, huh?" I chucked. She didn't know how wrong she was, but I appreciated the sentiment all the same. "Okay!~ I choose you-!"


A high-pitched echo cut through our animated conversation.

A pause ensued.

"Um." A dainty finger rose. "You wouldn't happen to have a venonat out too, would you?"

A shake of the head preceded lips pursing, "Nah. I only have a raichu, sandshrew and pidgeotto on hand."


Which meant a venonat's call sounding very much like a cry for help could've only come from one direction; the former wall behind her that was now just an endless field of bushes and trees. We waited with ears peeled open intently, and with every passing second venonat's pleas increased rapidly in volume; closely followed by another harsher sound, continuous and obnoxious. It was reminiscent to a bee's wings.

"…What's that?" She asked, "It sounds like something with buzzing wings is chasing a venonat."

The only thing I could think of with buzzing wings was Queen Bee, but she wasn't native to the Kanto region.

A dark purple coloured hairball the size of a beach ball with little beige feet, armless clawed hands and thin antennas protruding from its head burst out of the woods, cocoon-shaped crystal eyes gleaming with an unfamiliar azure sheen and they quickly assessed us, as if to make sure we weren't enemies. I didn't even get the luxury of appreciating my fortune of encountering a second shiny in two days, (such a feat was unprecedented for me. I was lucky to find one in an year) because a larger than normal pray-mantis esque creature sliced its way into the clearing with a single swipe of its bladed arm.

One almighty, powerful swing of its blade coated with visible air-pressure around it carved the trees and bushes apart with so much force they were lifted into the air where they were vaporized at a cellular-like level.

"Scyther!" It screeched.

"The fuck is THIS?" I roared into the void, bewildered. The blue-eyed venonat ran behind my leg, cowering, "What the hell's a scyther doing here!?"

"Um, I don't think its going to give us a chance to figure it out!" The lass remarked, scooting behind from me with a shiver, "It looks like it means business."

"Scyther," It darkly intoned, staring intently into my shielded eyes. Well, there was only one thing it meant.

A smirk crossed my lips, "Oh, it's on, bitch! Jerry, Rollout this motherfucker already!"

"Sand!" He lifted his arms, speedily curling into his sphere and accelerating so ferociously, he dug up the ground before bulldozing himself directly into the scyther's lowered chin; slightly knocking its head up, and… Wait, what? That was it? That was seriously all the damage Jerry could muster with an attack that should've dealt quadruple damage to it? Sure, it was only the first Rollout, but considering scyther was a dual flying-bug type, two types both vulnerable to rock moves, that should've knocked it back some distance.


It dawned on me way too late because before I realized why Jerry's attack had barely any effect despite its significant advantage, the wild scyther had already channelled enough air pressure in its blade to send a crescent moon-shaped shockwave crashing into my Pokémon with merciless force, "Scyther!"

It viciously slammed Jerry into the hard ledge separating the two roads.

"…What. The. Fuck?" I said, slowly turning my head to my downed sandshrew lying with a bloodied gash across his stomach up against a crater, eyes swirling.

"Rai, rai!" Minnie leapt from my shoulder, running to Jerry's side.

"That scyther's really strong!"

"…No kidding," I intoned, pulling my phone from my pocket while the literal beast gloated its win over a ground-type Pokémon. I ran it through my app, and my jaw dropped, "He's level 50!" I exclaimed, a hand flying to the back of my head, a startling titter beginning to creep from my lips, "Haha! Holy shit! What's a level fucking 50 scyther doing around these ends! This is great!" I bellowed.

The wild scyther looked at me like I had lost my damn mind laughing so hysterically at discovering his immense power, "Scyther?" And he looked like proud of himself just moments before when I was stroking his ego, too.

"There's nothing great about this!" The lass whined, "He's going to kill us if we don't do something!"

The following snicker I let out to her justified worry was decidedly unsettling and unhinged, "Oh, trust me. This is plenty of great!" I insisted, roaring with yet more insane, maniacal laughter, "Finally, a worthy opponent for my raichu! It's been years since she's had a good fight." I softened my intense smirk at her uncomfortable look, "Minnie doesn't like fighting weak opponents, you see?"

"I… see?"

"Raiiii," She said lowly, an angered growl rumbling from her throat. She was all pumped up and intently focused to avenge Jerry's devastating loss, electricity flaring on her yellow cheek pouches as though she were ready to go beyond super Saiyan. "Raiiiiiii!"

I removed Jerry's ball from my pocket and enlarged it. A red laser shot from the button, landing on Jerry's head and dematerializing him into the same substance before flying back into the ball, "Sorry, Jerry. I underestimated this guy because he's a bug-flying type." I touched the ball to my forehead in a gesture I hoped was caring, shrinking his ball and pocketing it afterward, "Leave this to Minnie now. She'll avenge you."

"Raichuuu!" She gave a war-cry of confirmation.

I smiled and turned to our refugee wrapping its hands around my leg, "Don't worry, venonat." I murmured, squatting down and laying a gentle hand on its fuzzy head, "We'll protect you from this guy, promise."

It peered up with the most adorably expressive gaze of hope ever, "venonat?"

"It's gonna be okay," I continued to offer sweet comforts, stroking it fuzzy surface. Venonat nestled into my leg, drawing a warm smile from me before I stood and faced the surprisingly patiently waiting Scyther, "Ready, Minnie?!"


"Good! Let's do this!"

Ace's Party


Species: Raichu - Gender: Female - Level: 55 - Ability: Lightning Rod - Nature: Adamant - Moveset: Thunderbolt - Double Team - Light Screen - Focus Blast


Species: Sandshrew - Gender: Male - Level: 18 - Ability: Sand Rush - Nature: Bashful - Moveset: Rollout - Defence Curl - Bulldoze - Iron Tail


Species: Pidgeotto - Gender: Female - Level: 18 - Ability: Tangled Feet - Nature: Docile - Moveset: Gust - Quick attack - Whirlwind - Sand attack

Ash's Party


Species: Pikachu - Gender: Male - Level: 27 - Ability: Static - Nature: Hasty - Moveset: Thunder - Thunderbolt - Iron Tail - Quick attack


Species: Pidgey - Gender: Female - Level: 14 - Ability: Keen Eye - Nature: Serious - Moveset: Sand attack - Gust - Quick attack - Steel Wing


Species: Caterpie - Gender: Male - Level: 7 - Ability: Shield Dust - Nature: Jolly - Moveset: Sling shot - Tackle