Movie Date Night

NCIS S20 E11

A/N – Really enjoyed the Jimmy and Jess interaction near the end of the episode. This is what I think and hope should happen next.

Jimmy and Jess held each other, neither one wanting to let go. Jess was relieved that bringing the painful subject up didn't cause more problems between them. Jimmy was grateful that Jessica cared enough to fight for them to dare to talk about something she knew was painful for him.

Kasie came to the room to ask Jimmy a question. She looked through the glass door seeing Jimmy and Jess in their embrace. Smiling to herself she immediately turned around and went back to the lab. Her question could wait.

Jess looked at Jimmy's face and gently wiped the tears from his eyes with her fingers. Jimmy opened his eyes and looked into Jess' eyes with thanks for what she did. Jess kissed his tears from his cheeks and tried to smile. Jimmy stammered "I…I do want you in Victoria's life. I'm glad that you want to be in hers. I'm sorry to be acting this way about the movie. I'm so glad you are so understanding."

Jess responded "You can thank Kasie for helping me to realize what you were going through as she knew your family history with that particular movie and movie night better than I did. I also knew when we started dating that we would both have to come to grips with your loss of Breena and my relationship with Victoria."

Jimmy kissed her on the forehead and looked down into her eyes. "I love that you took a chance on me. We do have something good. Real good."

Jess looked back at him with tears in her own eyes. "We do have something very good. I was nervous when I asked you to be my plus one and when I did I never expected that night would turn into a relationship with you. I'm so glad I did."

"I'm so glad you did too." Jimmy said with a grin.

"Does Victoria ask about me and you?"

Jimmy nodded. "We have talked about you. She sees how much we care about each other and is glad for it. She cares about you too."

"I knew Victoria is big part of your life and that you and her were a package deal, so to speak. I care about her too."

Jess and Jimmy continued to hold each other enjoying the comfort they provided to the other. Jimmy smiled at Jess and said "Yes, you are right. You should buy three tickets for our date night. The sitter can be cancelled."

Jess snuggled into Jimmy's hug and looked up into his eyes. "Are you sure?"

Jimmy looked into her eyes and answered "Thanks to you I am sure."

Jess and Jimmy smiled at each other knowing that they were about to take the next step in their relationship. Jess looked at Jimmy's lips and Jimmy looked at hers. Their lips met in a tender and meaningful kiss.


Date Night

Jimmy, Jessica and Victoria arrived at the theater with tickets in hand for Code Name Fury. They got in line at the refreshment stand to buy some popcorn and softdrinks. "What does everyone want?" Jimmy asked. "Why not a giant buttered popcorn to share?" Jess asked. Victoria said "I'd like some Bon Bons too." Jimmy smiled. "Of course Victoria as long as you save me one." Jess said "You better save me one too." Victoria gave a fake pout and smiled. "You better buy two boxes Dad. One for me and one for you and Jessica to share." Jimmy and Jess chuckled and Jimmy whispered to Jess. "You now know not to come between Victoria and her Bon Bons." Jess laughed.

The three sat down in their comfy seats, Jess in the middle. Jimmy passed out the drinks and Jess held the popcorn so they all could share. Victoria asked "Have you seen all of the Code Name movies Jess?"

Jess replied "Not all of them. Just the first two."

Victoria said "Dad, you need to get Jess up to speed on all the movies. We better rent them or find them on Netflix. We could have a movie marathon."

Jimmy smiled at Jess, glad that Victoria wanted to include Jess in their family traditions.

Jess said "I'd love to. I'll bring the popcorn."

The movie started and Jess held Victoria's hand. Victoria smiled at her and said "Hope I don't squeeze too hard when I get scared."

Jess smiled back and said "I'm tough. Don't worry about it." Victoria laughed.

Jimmy put his hand on Jess' leg above the knee and Jess put her free hand on top of Jimmy's. Jess felt the love and warmth coming from Jimmy and Victoria. She loved being part of the Palmer family and looked forward to the future with them.

The three talked about the movie all the way home to Jimmy's place and shared their favorite parts. Once inside the house Jess made some hot tea and sat on the couch with Jimmy and Victoria.

"It's so nice to have you here, Jessica. I miss my mom but I'm so glad you're in my life and Dad's life."

Jess' eyes welled up with tears. "I'm so glad to be in your life too. I love being here with you."

Victoria grinned and climbed onto her lap giving her a hug. Jess hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek. "I love being with you too." Victoria said.

Jimmy observed the interaction between the two ladies in his life and was happy he crossed the last bridge. He wanted Jess to be in his life in every way.

They drank their tea and talked until it was time for Victoria to go to bed. Jess helped her get ready and both she and Jimmy tucked her in.

Good night, Dad and Jessica. Thank you for taking us to the movie."

"Good night Victoria. We love you." Said Jimmy and Jess.

Victoria grinned and said "I love you too."

They turn out the light and went back into the living room. Jimmy took Jess' hands in his as they sat back down on the couch.

"Thank you for doing this with us. It means do much to me."

Jess smiled back. "It's been a wonderful evening. I love being here with you."

Jimmy scooted closer to Jess and took her in his arms holding her close. A few minutes later he leaned back and looked into her eyes. "I want to tell you something and I hope it doesn't make you freak out."

Jess nodded. "I won't." She hoped it was the same thing she wanted to tell him.

Jimmy looked deep into her eyes and said "I love you Jessica Knight."

Jess grinned back at him with tears in her eyes, not saying anything for a moment because she was too choked up. Jimmy started to say something when Jess put a finger to his lips to stop him from saying anything. Jess cleared her throat and said "I love you, too, Jimmy Palmer."

They both grinned at each other before their lips met in a passionate kiss, arms surrounding each other. They held each other and kept kissing until the need for air won out.

Jimmy stood reaching down to take Jess' hand, pulling her to her feet. Intertwining their fingers, Jimmy led them back to his bedroom.