Ashton Gray Ketchum.

That is the name of the chosen one. His destiny will be to bring together Pokemon and Humans alike, as a bridge. How this path unfolds before him, has already been set.

I watch as he studies hard and attempts to make friends even at a young age. From the various summer camps to the private school of his hometown's Pokémon Professor.

He knew each of his friends' names. The most recent group in the latest Pokémon Summer Camp were Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Leaf Springs, Amarillo Meadow, and Serena Yvonne. In his journey, he'd make more friends and those who'd help him from various regions. A prophecy was in store for him, chronicling his journey to tame not only Pokémon, but myths and legends as well.

To become the bridge that humans and Pokémon need, the chosen one must be able…

To master the energies of Aura and Metaphysics,

To befriend and tame the creatures of the world,

To show the world that harmony between humans and Pokémon is possible,

To erect a valiant army of good,

To thwart those who would use the creatures of the world for evil,

To change the hearts of those of artificial and natural birth,

To bring balance to the flying titans of Fire, Lightning, and Ice,

To reign in the thrice Beasts of tragedy,

To bring peace and harmony to the guardian of the seas and Sky,

To solve the mystery of the mysterious powers of the Unknown,

To save and protect the Voice of the Forest,

To bring together the Golems of the world,

To ensure the Eon Dragon lineage lives on,

To quell the violent forces of land, sea, and air,

To change the nature of the Wishmaker,

To befriend the embodiment of DNA,

To guard the guardians of the sea,

To save the embodiments of Knowledge, Emotion, and Willpower,

To halt the war between time, space, and anti-matter,

To control the rage of the embodiment of the world's core,

To mend the lunar cycle of new and full,

To call upon the Master of the Golems,

To aid the Sky Warrior's Gratitude,

To gain the trust of the Son of the Original One,

To believe in the embodiment of Victory,

To enlist the Swords of Justice,

To tame the forces of nature,

To combine the values of boundaries, truth, and ideals,

To harness the inspiration of music and dance,

To calm the ancient bug reengineered by science,

To aid the Diamond Queen and master the embodiments of Aura,

To tame the inner fury of the Djinn,

To gain the trust of the embodiment of steam and the original Artificial beast,

To inherit the Synthetic Pokémon,

To earn the respect of the Island Guardian's offspring,

To calm the Sky guardian's Guide,

To raise the embodiment of Lightning strikes,

To capture the embodiment of metals,

To make the beasts from beyond, feel at home,

To bring balance to the light and dark and quench the thirst of the thief of both,

To recall the Legends of Galar,

To train with the twin embodiments of combat,

To tame the cousins of the flying titans,

To call upon the monarchs of crown tundra and their steeds,

To tame the spirit of the healer of the forest,

To annul the curse of the Treasures of Ruin,

To solve the problems of the Paradox,

Only then, will he become the Master of Pokémon.


Even with my omnipotence power, I may not be able to witness pass the Paradox, I believe he will be capable of surpassing further challenge. I wish him luck.

Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokémon Master

Y'all win. The amount of PM's to please continue or reboot my series has gotten to me. I will do my best to do so. I left it angry because I couldn't get back into POKEMON. Then something amazing happened. Our boy Ash Ketchum became WORLD FRICKIN' CHAMPION. That, and the pleading to reboot my series left me wanting to restart it all. I only wish I still had this will to do so a year ago. So. Here's what I'm going to do. I still have stories I like to continue when I get the urge to do so. I've got a thousand ideas but barely the time to write them. But I've recently gotten back on a POKEMON kick. Even though I haven't played a Pokémon game since Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and lost everything before them in a house fire, I am looking to recollect the games from previous gens. At the moment, I have bought a Nintendo Switch and gotten all the version games available (Shining Pearl, Brilliant Diamond, Legends: Arceus, Sword, Shield, Let's Go: Eevee/Pikachu, Violet, and Scarlet). I haven't played them yet, though I am currently making sure I got plenty of sinnoh starters for both SPBD. (My goal is to get everything I can between Leaf green/Fire Red to Ultra Sun/Moon. I probably won't get regular Sun and Moon as I hear that Ultra Sun/Moon are just like the Emerald version to Ruby and Sapphire) But to be able to complete them all, I'd have to buy another 3DS to trade between the two versions.

Anyways, encouragement is needed/wanted. You want to see more. Let me know. I work 12hrs a day usually 60 a week. I want to have time. If I could split into six different people and pursue my career and interests, I would. One would work all the time, one would write fanfics, one would pursue gaming, another would travel, and the last one would sleep constantly lol.

So, this story is going to take on a more serious light compared to the anime with elements from the games and manga. Pokemon sentience is on par with the anime, but they have animalistic tendencies. No longer is the plot protected for all ages. Things CAN happen, like real life problems. Wild pokemon are in a dog eat dog world out there. Their diet and behaviors reflect this. Pokémon may be intelligent, but their training mirrors real life animals such as obedience training or service training in dogs. They then can develop into workout training, rescue training, Pokémon battle training, etc.

Real life survival situations will be a thing as well as mature situations, though probably not early on. Just like in the real world, the Pokemon world has some sick individuals, social norms, and pop culture. They will be used extensively. And shipping. We all know there are so many shippings. Do not expect outlandish ships such as Human/Pokémon ships. If ever there was a ship, that I will always want and believe it should be canon(even if it already is, that's debatable though) is Amourshipping(Ash x Serena). I don't know why I love it. I just do. Now I used to be impartial between Ash shipping with his female companions, such as Misty, May, and Dawn. I could care less before Serena was introduced. Now, it's Amourshipping all the way for me.

As for our boy Ash. In this fic, he is more intelligent while keeping his happy go-lucky love for Pokémon alive. He's still dense when it comes to romance. This is going to develop as he gets older. Ash will NOT be 10 forever. I feel like each region he goes to, he'll gain an age. Ash's other pursuits that involve Pokémon will include from various different fields involving Pokémon such as their behaviors, breeding, and research. Other than that, he's going to be more prepared for travel as his mother and father have decided to help him more. His father has more of an active role in Ash's life, though he's still a Pokémon Trainer. How prepared for travel will he be? He can navigate, survive, and has his own gear for doing so. As a potential researcher, he will have access to material to take note of. Travelling companions are going to be canon. Expect more than Canon Pokemon and some twists to that canon. Spoiler, Canon Pikachu's backstory will change, but still be Ash's. My reasoning is due to the implementation of manga and game assets.