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"Kushina, do you know the answer to question 6?" A tall slim chestnut haired women asked a shorter snowy white haired 15 year old girl, "yes" said the 14 teen year old, "ok good then come up and do it" the chestnut haired women said with a warming smile, "mhm" the teenager said while getting up from her desk footsteps,screeech, "there the problems answer, answer is x" the teenager said, "ringggggggg!" The school bell had rang indicating that school was officially over so All the students started to pack up their books into their bags, The red eyed 15 year old girl had walked gracefully back to her desk to pack her own books, the chestnut haired 20 year old had looked at the girl with skeptical eyes, the teacher was always skeptical about the girl who had always been picked up by a group of men the women had been worried about the girl until she learned the girl had lead the group of men, the teacher thought she was a hoodlum, a trouble maker, Simone who hurts people for fun, after all students had left the class the white haired, red eyed 15 year old girl was about to leave u til she bumped into a women, a very familiar women, the women was slim, and pale she had brown hair & brown eyes and wore a button down shirt, and had Gary pants, she had a black dress jacket, and her hair had passed her shoulder & her bangs wore a complete mess, her smile was so peaceful and cheerful she looked as if she was only 20 & acted as if she was 19 but In reality she was at least 40, "oh I'm so sorry Anna," the women said after bumping into the 15 year old girl "Hm, it's ok Honami-sensei" the 15 year old had said in a small whisper, the girl did note look into the teacher's eyes as the women checked to make sure she was okay but after she was done Anna had walked as fast as she could to leave the women, after getting to the front gate where she met only ten men this time, they were, Rikio, Misaki, Izumo, Eric, Bando, Fujishima, Chitose, Shohei, Dewa, & then latest member Ren & Rikio's younger sister Riko who was clinched onto Rikio's leg, now the younger girl's biological mother who was Rikio's mother as well she had passed away her step father was very much alive but despised the young girl and threw her out the man had noticed her under a tree and had asked where her parents were and the girl responded 'mommy's dead & daddy doesn't love Riko anymore' the man had then asked her if she wanted to come home with him being the overly sweet person he was, in the apartment she had asked the younger girl what her name was she then replied 'Kamamoto Riko' the younger girl said the man was surprised asking if her mother was 'Kamamoto Risa' the girl then nodded and then the man had said 'Riko do you remember me? I'm your older brother Kamamoto Rikio'

Anna had then waved at Riko as a cheerful smile appeared on the girls face after seeing the teenager come out from the gates, the young child had then ran up to her after Anna waved & said 'hello' the teenager had then kneeled down to hug the young child who was already gripping onto the teen's waist the young girl had then ran back to her older brother to grab his hand so they could go back to the bar so she could fall back asleep,

Once they had gone to the bar

'Ding', "oh good you guys are back!" A chestnut haired hazel eyed 23 year old girl greeting the 12 people coming back into bar HOMRA "Maki! I told you not to put your feet on the bar!" The bartender yelled at the girl "pipe down mr. Kusanagi" the teenager told the bartender "Maki please listen to Izumo" the teenager finally piped up as she headed upstairs to her room.

Chapter 2 coming soon...