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Chapter 1: The First Throb

The one thing that Uchiha Satsuki despised was feeling inferior, to tread below someone better than her who shouldn't be in the first place. It boiled her blood and turned her vision crimson. And yet despite all her hatred, such a person existed- her peer no less.

Azure blue eyes pierced the gap between them not an ounce of readability behind their stare. A masked visage kept any traces of emotion locked behind white fabric leaving Satsuki to guess whether a vile smirk hid behind it. Her pose was relaxed with a single hand resting within the pocket of her skirt while the other hung by her side following the pleated trails of her navy blue ankle-length skirt.

Fiery crimson hair bound in two pigtails fell past her shoulders, messy and untamed strands mimicking flames in the backdrop of a gloomy day. All in all, she was her antithesis in every aspect. And Satsuki loathed her.

"Uchiha Satsuki vs Uzumaki Naruko...Begin!"

Iruka's voice broke the silent stablemate, the world coming to life as the rumble of thunder found itself muted by the chorus of cheering students, spectating their peers face off in a routine monthly spar.

'Six to none,' The Uchiha recounted her record against the redhead. She had yet to get one up on her, every fight showing the gap in their prowess. But today, today will be different.

As per usual, her opponent stood unmoving waiting for to throw the first blow as if it had become a custom between them. Satsuki always aimed to trip her by going after her legs, but today she would not be expecting a more direct approach.

Sprinting forward she began her assault. Feigning a leg sweep that she would immediately transition into a roundhouse kick to Naruko's head, but her fake-out barely caused her to budge. Instead Satsuki found herself countered, her foot trapped over the taller girl's shoulder as she then grabbed a hold of it.

"Ah!" She cried out as a knee met her exposed ribs, but Naruko wasn't done as she unceremoniously dropped Satsuki to the ground leaving the girl to land in a heap of limbs.

The redhead leapt into the air with the intention to stomp on her adversary but Satsuki managed to roll out of the way, wincing at the idea of being beneath her opponent.

'No, I refuse to lose!' She let out an internal warcry forcing herself back onto her feet and engaging Naruko in a barrage of blows. Her attempts, however, were futile as the other girl simply dodge the strikes or countered them with her own and each punch that Satsuki received in return felt like a sledge hammer.

She had concluded long ago that Naruko was a freak of nature, her strength was unnatural and getting hit by her was far worse than when she used to spar with her father. Her punches left swelling and her kicks buising, and at one point she could have sworn she had left a dent in her flesh.

Her monstrous strength is why the Uchiha heiress found herself circling the girl, not giving her a chance to land another blow.

"Go, Satsuki!" She heard the hollering of her avid fanbase as they cheered her on from the sidelines. She mentally scoffed at them.

'Now's my chance.' With renewed vigor she launched forward with all the speed she could muster. Her form momentarily blurring as she dashed towards Naruko. Her fist reeled back and with a mighty heave, she pushed off the ground and leapt into the air, fist aimed at the redhead's skull for a hopeful knockout.

Unfortunately, Naruko was the more experienced combatant between the two and was able to read Satsuki's moves by a long mile. She sidestepped the airborne punch, ducking under the arm and wrapping her own limbs around the Uchiha's waist.

Satsuki's eyes widened as she felt Naruko slip past her attack and grab her. Her arms tightened around her waist as she slid behind her, inflicting whiplash to the still airborne avenger. Her vision swayed as the the earthy terrain transitioned into dark and broody storm clouds, and then a harsh thud.

Naruko had hoisted Sastsuki over her shoulders and brought her back and neck crashing into the ground, while her body arched backwards.

"Oooh!" The crowed winced as they saw the Uchiha go limp, but from her groans and hand movements she wasn't unconscious just concussed. Her red-headed opponent leapt to her feet and pressed the sole of her foot against Satsuki's stomach, ultimately winning the spar.

"Victor, Uzumaki Naruko!"

Audible disproval chorused amongst the crowd while a vocal minority cheered in favour of the winner.

The loser on the other hand found herself being hoisted back onto her feet by a concerned Iruka who looked her over for any apparent injuries. Her head hurt and her vision was blurry, but other than that the only that was damaged was her ego and pride.

Huffing and storming off, she joined the other students but stood by her lonesome eyes boring holes into Naruko who had been pulled in by the Inuzuka heir.

She hated Naruko's guts. Ever since she migrated from the civilian and to the academy, she's not failed to dethrone her in almost every aspect. And if Satsuki doesn't do something about it, she'll be completely bested.

The rest of the school day faired better for Satsuki. Theory wasn't something she cared for all that much, the pink haired Haruno leapt to answer all questions asked by Iruka with the occasional clashing with Ino as the two girls competed amongst themselves.

Dark eyes frequented the sight of red hair. Naruko sat a few rows behind her, taking a seat next to Hinata. There was some obvious admiration from the meek heiress and some familiarity between the two but that did not concern her. She wanted to see the girl bowing before her feet.

Before she knew it the school day was over and her peers were rushing out the door. She glanced over at her rival and saw exchange a few words with Hinata before seeing the Hyuga off. She remained until the entire class had filtered out of the class, she could hear the telltale signs of the brewing storm preparing to drench Konoha.

'I need to get to the library.'

The library had become a frequent spot for her ever since her second loss to Naruko. She was not all too interested in most of the books and scrolls it had to offer, but academy students had minimal access to the shinobi sector that provided relatively easy and harmless techniques of all shinobi schools.

The Uchiha Clan had its own library but it was tailored towards more experienced practitioners and heavily favoured those who have achieved access to the Sharingan, which she was sorely lacking.

Everyday she would spend at least two hours gathering resources and occasionally digging into what little she could find on the girl who dared defile her spot as number one. And much to ire, there was practically nothing on her, except for a little excerpt about the existence of the Uzumaki clan.

Quat she learned was essentially useless, the clan was known for its Fuinjutsu, but she saw no use in that.

Discarding her thoughts, the young Uchiha saw black clouds loom over Konoha. The scent of rain heavy in the air. Streaks of white light shot across the sky and illuminated distant buildings. It was going to be a heavy one, she had to be quick about this.

Mikoto sighed as she felt the harsh pattering of rain against her umbrella. Her sandals sinking into growing puddles and catching the mud from the wet road. Maybe she should have accepted the Hokage's offer to move closer to the village, maybe then she wouldn't have to deal with sudden flash storms.

The single mother was exhausted having finished her shift, and could feel her eyes fall heavy each time she blinked. Good thing Fugaku was no longer around, competing with his mood would have been more of a downer. The memory of her deceased husband crossed her mind for a moment. Their relationship was strained, but she still loved him, she just wished he hadn't been so headstrong...maybe then he would have still been alive.

She ran a hand down her face, ridding both her musings and little droplets from stray raindrop splashes. The streets were thinning in population as people rushed to shelter, in the ruckus her eyes landed upon a blob of red, familiar sight that almost brought upon distant memories.

The closer she got to the source of the colour, the clearer its origin became. Uzumaki Naruko sat squatted underneath an awning, hands cupping her cheeks as she absently stared off into the distance.


Her voice managed to break the child out of her distant longing. Shaking her head and looking up to the older woman, her eyes lit up momentarily with recognition.

"Oh, ya-ho! Mi-san!" She greeted casually, tossing a wave her way.

She was so much like her mother.

"What are you doing out here?" She joined her under the awning, appreciating the break from the rain.

The girl hummed, eyes darting to the side. She was drumming up a lie and Mikoto knew it, and she knew that she knew. After what felt like an eternity she slumped her shoulders.

"I'm overdue on rent."

Mikoto blinked a small frown dotting her face.

"But I thought your rent was paid by the Hokage's administration."

"Yeah it is, but apparently rent got hiked up after this month was paid."

Her frown turned into a scowl, the woman's delicate features bordering fierce. She had half a mind to confront the wretched hag, but quickly calmed her senses.

Mikoto pitied the girl, Naruko was practically her own daughter and she was unfortunately incapable of adopting her due to some incoherent law. So she had to aid and assist her best friend's daughter through other means.

"I'll be fine Mi-san! I don't have class tomorrow so I'll do some jobs here and there and pay the late fees."

Mikoto shook her head, "No, you're coming with me young lady."

Naruko wanted to protest but she's danced with Mikoto before, once the woman set her mind on something it was impossible to convince her otherwise.

She rose to her feet, grabbing her satchel and the long cylindrical bag she carried with her. With both items slung over her shoulder, her hand was quickly grabbed by Mikoto.

Mikoto liked doing that, whenever they walked together she would hold her hand. At first she was embarrassed by it, but after failing to dissuade her from doing it, she got used to it and realised it was quite...nice.

"How are your studies going? And I hope you've been eating well."

"They're alright, still can't make a clone though." She slid a finger underneath her mask and scratched an itch just below her whiskers, "And I've been eating healthy-ish. Veggies are kinda expensive so I can only afford a few, but! The uh guy that runs the flower shop showed me how to grow my own plants." She said, voice rising a bit in excitement.

"Flower shop?" She raked her mind for answers, "Oh, Inoichi-san. That was nice of him."

She was happy that there were people willing to help Naruko, the girl had it rough as it was, facing scorn left and right, and having to raise herself. Kushina and Minato's daughter was tough, just like her parents.

"And you Mi-san?" She looked down at the girl, who was surprisingly starting to peek past her shoulders.


Her voice softened, "Yeah y'know, how have you been?"

Mikoto smiled, squeezing her hand, "I've been well, though Satsuki can be a handful sometimes. I swear that girl has a one-track mind."

Ah yes, Satsuki. Naruko felt weird about Satsuki. She was never sure what their relationship was, but Mikoto's daughter was adamant about beating her.

Their journey to the Uchiha compound was relatively uneventful. A few lights were lit throughout the compound, a farcry to the hundreds that used to occupy it. Mikoto's home was located in the less densely packed sectors, and it was a fairly sized house. Naruko always admired its scale and beauty, hoping that one day she could save up enough to get her own.

Mikoto fished out her keys from her pocket and unlocked the door. She ushered for Naruko to step in, and as soon as they were indoors the loud roar of the rain had become muffled with only the pelting of the windows making any significant noise.

Naruko removed her sandals, and looked down at herself. Her clothes were wet, the rain had caught her as she sprinted from the academy to her apartment.

"Sorry for the mess." Naruko apologised as she pinched at her skirt.

Mikoto dropped her umbrella in its racket, and ruffled the girl's hair. She loved it, it was soft and fluffy, almost what she imagined a cloud felt like.

"Don't worry, just head into the bathroom and wash up. Put your clothes in the hamper and I'll get you something dry to wear, okay?"

Naruko was not about to deny her kindness, nodding and uttering a thanks as she made her way to the bathroom. It was not the first time that she was in the Uchiha matriarch's house, but most if not all her visits lacked a confrontation with Satsuki as the girl was absent.

Mikoto took off her own sandals, and as she pushed them and Naruko's she noticed the lack of a third pair meaning Satsuki was either not around or she had failed to take them off.

"Satsuki!" She called out scouring through the house. The whole first floor was devoid of a grumpy pre-teen, only the sound of humming and whistling as Naruko washed herself.

The second floor was quiet. Heading into Satsuki's room she found it empty, meaning the girl was most likely still in the library.

"That girl will be the death of me." She shook her head and headed to her own chambers. Her eyes solemnly fell on her bed, large and empty. She hadn't made it that morning, something she used to chastise Fugaku over, and here she was being as sloppy and messy as he was.

But she did not want to mope. What was done was done. Discarding her uniform, Mikoto threw on a clean purple shirt and grey sweatpants, another thing she would have never done if Fugaku was around.

She rummaged through her closet and pulled out a fresh pair of clothes, they were Satsuki's but her daughter was finicky about what she wore.

With the clothes and a tub of lotion in hand, she made it back down stairs and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Naruko, here's some clothes and lotion." She cracked the door open slightly, placing both items on the counter before shutting it.

"Thank you, Mi-san!"

A small smile graced her lips as she headed towards the kitchen.

Just her luck. Satsuki thought she could beat the rain, but nature was no one's friend. She stood outside the library and watched as mist rose from the ground as the rain fell.

Her mother was not going to be happy about this, and today was one of the few days that saw her knock off early from work which meant there was no beating her home.

"Need an umbrella?"

She looked up and saw an odd looking man, a Jonin if his attire and energy had to say anything about it. His hitai-ate sat slanted across his face, covering his eye and leaving the other exposed in an upturned crease the resembled a smile. The top of his head was mopped by tall silver hair, wild and untamed, and somehow defying gravity.

"Uh...yes, that would be nice."

The man produced said item, holding it out for her to accept.

She eyed it suspiciously narrowing her eyes.

"I hope this doesn't have something attached to it, I'll report you to the police."

The man laughed, "I promise, there's nothing to this."

She glanced at him one last time, but ultimately accepted the umbrella. She examined it and spun it around a bit.

"Who-" She looked up and the man was, well, he was gone. She looked around, the streets were empty and there was just no one, "Are you...well, that was strange."

Choosing to not question the oddities of Konoha (after all there was a green clad man who loved sprinting through the village) she opened the umbrella and stepped out into the streets. The rain felt heavy as it slammed into the fabric, and she wasn't completely spared as her feet made splashes, water slipping underneath the soles of her feet and making her sandals slippery and uncomfortable. She groaned, this was just a stellar day.

She finally made it home, and as she had feared her mother was already in. She shook the umbrella outside before slotting it into the rack, right next to her mother's.

Her sandals were quick to come off and she sighed in relief, free of the weird discomfort of wet footwear. As she pushed her sandals aside, she noticed a second pair. Dark sandals of a particular branding, most in Konoha prefered the blue standard sandals of Konoha produced by the Yokogiru company, known for their durability and flexibility, perfect for tree traversal.

This pair however was black with grey accents, they were tough and made to last. A red tag stuck out from the back with the distinct insignia of Suna.

"I know these sandals..." Embarrassingly, she's seen their kind in the essence of defeat...and there was only one girl who wore the exact make and size.

She heard her mother's laugh come from the kitchen, followed by another that was somewhat foreign to her. She crept along the hallway, hoping to take a peek at the guest but one particular floorboard was against her as it let our a loud and long creak.

"Welcome home, Satsuki." Her mother's voice held a stern edge to it. She sighed and slouched as she fully stepped out from her corner.

Her mother's scowl was softer than usual.

"Tadaima, Okaa-san." She greeted, and then her eyes fell upon the guest.

Tan skin, angular face with whisker-like marks marring the cheeks. They wore a blue short sleeved blouse and white shorts. The gears in her mind were turning as she noticed the red hair. And then it clicked, this was her first time seeing Naruko without her mask.

And upon realising this, she soaked up her features and scrutinised them even further. She would never say it out loud, but Naruko was...pretty! In an unconventional way, if that made sense. She didn't have the soft features of some princess or anything, but she was definitely easy on the eyes.

"Satsuki don't be rude, say hi to your classmate."

"It's fine Mi-san, I don't think it's necessary, besides we already saw one another in class."

It was odd hearing her raspy voice bounce off the walls of her home. But then she picked up on the familiarity between the girl and her mother, even noting the cute little nickname she used to address her.

'She'd smack me over the head if I ever called her that.'

"Fine, I guess you're right. Anyways, Naruko here will be spending some time with us while I resolve some issues regarding her apartment."

Apartment? Why? Did she live alone or something?

She did not get to ask any further questions, "Now hurry up and get cleaned up, I'm going to prepare dinner."

Satsuki nodded and proceeded to do as she was told, but not before sending a glare in Naruko's direction.

"The nerve!" Satsuki whispered harshly as she scrubbed under her arms. Naruko used her shower! And was now sitting with her mother in her house. She wanted to take everything that was hers!

She clicked her tongue, glaring at an unspecific tile in front of her. But in the process of her brooding, a stray splash of foam slipped past her lashes and into her eyes.


It didn't take long for Satsuki to take a seat across from Naruko. The girl was in the living room watching TV with what appeared to be child-like splendor. What she was watching wasn't particularly interesting to her, it was just a nature documentary on foxes. She wasn't sure if the girl had never seen a TV or if she was just really into foxes.

However, the feeling was surreal. Having Naruko under the same roof as her in a casual setting made her feel strange. Perhaps it was because she always viewed Naruko under the lense of a rivalry, but she was surprisingly...docile. She hadn't said much, mostly speaking when her mother asked her some miscellaneous question.

That was another thing bothering her. What was the relationship between Naruko and her mother? Was she planning to somehow integrate the redhead into their household? Was her mother under some sort of spell? Was her mother a...lolicon?

Of course Satsuki was thinking on this too much. But she couldn't help but entertain those bizarre and outlandish thoughts.

"Okay girls! Food's ready!" Mikoto called out as the sound of clashing ceramics and thudding Wood followed.

Satsuki was the first to stand, followed by Naruko. It annoyed her, but it made sense that she would lead the way. Arriving at the dinner table her mother had prepared she was surprised find that rather than rice, her mother had prepared noodles.

However, she did not miss Naruko's face light up.

The meal was enjoyed with occasional questions about school but nothing of note. Satsuki constantly looked towards her rival, watching as she happily slurped on noodles.

'Look at her...one day, one day I'll beat you!'

A few hours elapsed and the odd feeling had waned a bit, that is until her mother spoke the next few lines.

"I hope you don't mind sharing a bed with Naruko, Satsuki-chan."

Her blood ran cold. Of course her mother would do something that annoying, but she couldn't exactly oppose her. She bit her cheek and nodded, her mother beaming in appreciation. Naruko didn't say anything, simply standing at the foot of the stairs instead.

"Are you staying up with me Naru-chan?"

Satsuki's head quickly whipped around, "Why does she get to stay up?!"

"I don't have class tomorrow," The redhead revealed, hand inching to her whiskers, "I only have to attend class 12 times a month."

Satsuki felt something pop in her brain.


"12 times a month." She repeated without missing a beat.

Mikoto smiled fondly from her place on the couch as she watched the two interact. She was surprised by how calmly Naruko was handling Satsuki's outburst, that was definitely something she inherited from Minato. But as the exchange went on, she wondered why Satsuki acted this way around the redhead.

"Now Satsuki, whatever deal Naruko has with the Hokage, is between them." She finally butted in.

Satsuki's lips pursed together as she admitted defeat, grumbling about annoying redheads. Mikoto could only shake her head in amusement.

"I'll see you two in the morning then. Sleep well girls, and remember, behave." She would say, wiggling her brows.

Both girls paused and looked at one another. Naruko's face matched her hair and Satsuki's pale skin was aiming to rival that.



The two girls would yell in unison. She laughed as they rushed up the stairs, their footfalls leading to Satsuki's bedroom. She was joking...but...she wouldn't be against it.

Having sped to her room Satsuki held out a hand to stop her rival. She quickly tried to recall the state of her chambers but remember she left it in relatively good shape. She opened it and allowed Naruko to bear witness to her place of solace.

Naruko in turn examined the room, it was simple not that she expected anything in particular. There was a lot of blue, the one stand out piece was a gorgeous kimono hanging on the wall, proudly displaying the Uchiha insignia, right ext to it was a fan with a similar motif.

"Nice room."

"Hn," Satsuki closed the door behind her, and turned to Naruko.

"Look away." She ordered, eliciting a raised brow. She pointed to the wall and Naruko complied turning to face the wall.

The Uchiha got to work changing clothes donning her sleepwear which consisted of a simple white shirt and light blue shorts.

"I'm done."

Naruko nodded and she saw the corners of her lips twitch.

"I'll take the wall, you'll sleep on the edge." That way if anything happened she could just kick her off, or she could feign ignorance and do it anyways.

"Alright, cute shorts."

"Shut up."

Satsuki turned to pull the blankets back, leaving Naruko to dress down leaving her in just her dark matching spandex shorts and sports bra.

"..." The Uchiha heiress could only marvel at the amount of scars that the other possessed which led her to try and think of their origins. They couldn't all be just from petty fights, could they? It was just know realised that Naruko had probably already hit puberty, another thing she already beat her in. But that led her to wonder if she was older, maybe by a year or two by the looks of it.

"Just turn off the light." The Uzumaki did as she was told and the room was bathed in darkness. The sound of rain pattering against the window became prominent once again as the storm picked up once more, the forecast had predicated that they would be seeing constant showers for the upcoming week and possibly the whole month.

Satsuki slid onto her bed and scurried over to the wall, Naruko followed but was careful enough to not cross the imaginary border between them. The bed was heavy with the sound of shuffling and bodies getting into place and settling. Naruko was used to a much stiffer bed and not accustomed to the heavenly softeness of the mattress, it felt weird not having springs poking into her back.

"Aren't your parents worried where you are?" Satsuki finally asked, eyes looking up at the ceiling.

There was a long pause, "...I don't have parents. I'm an orphan."

Satsuki cringed at herself, she may have hated Naruko but even she could admit that she probably just sounded like an ass. Her lips parted as she tried to say something, but what could she say?

"Well, goodnight Satsuki."


It made sense now. Naruko was an orphan, she lived alone, that's what her mother was referring to. How did she never come to that conclusion? She always assumed that Naruko's parents never fetched from school because they were busy, it never crossed her mind that she could possibly be an orphan.

It must have been...sad.

She turned her head slightly and glanced at Naruko. Her back had been turned and she got a face full of red hair, soft and fluffy hair. It smelled of cinnamon, with a hint of the shower gel they used.

No wonder she looked so happy when talking to her mother, although she hated to admit it, she was probably the closest thing she had to a parent.

All she saw was red painting the streets and walls. Plumes of smoke rose to the skies above as ferocious flames illuminated the compound. There were sounds of infighting, the cries of techniques being launched, and the screams of terror and defeat.

Her small legs took her from the gates, dodging stray attacks and stepping over bodies. She didn't know what was going on, she just wanted her mother.

At last she saw her home, her mother beckoned for her and held her close. They stood by the door and watched as many of their clansmen fell, and the she saw her father. She called out to him and he turned, blood painting his face a sickening scarlet. His eyes were crimson, an unfamiliar pattern stemming from the pupil.

And without warning he rushed at them.

Satsuki'a eyes flew open, her face covered in a sheen of sweat and her heart rapidly beating against her chest. She looked around and realised she was still in her room, it was a nightmare, one reliving that night.

She sniffed, tears threatening to spill. She felt a hand on her shoulder, remembering that Naruko was sharing a bed with her.

"What?" She asked, voice raspy from the sob she was trying to hold back.

"Hug." Was all Naruko said, and just as she said, she felt herself being pulled closer and despite her wriggles of protest she melted into the hug, her tears now flowing freely. No more words were spoken between them.

The hug felt nice.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: Ah, young love. This chapter primarily focused on Satsuki's and Mikoto's perspectives, don't worry we'll get to know Naruko soon. And to clarify right now Satsuki is 10 and Naruko is 12, turning 13 soon. She's going to be the oldest of the Konoha 12. Naruko previously attended a school meant for civilians I don't know if it was ever touched on in the series, but I'm treating them as two seperate entities with the academy serving as an institution for ninja and regular school for well regular people.

Anywho this idea stemmed from another plot that had similar elements, Naruko would be a sukeban, in a team with Saki (the estranged daughter of the daimyo's brother), and Bashira (A gyaru whose clan dominates Konoha'a fashion industry) and they would be led by Anko. It's still something I'm planning to write tho because I have a lot of ideas for it. This one popped off as a sort of what if thing.

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