PS: This story was written by ChatGPT, i only prompted what i wanted it to write.

Jeremy's POV

Jeremy Lahote had always been the outsider in his pack of werewolves. As the only human among them, he had grown used to being the target of bullying and ridicule, particularly from the alpha's son, Jonathan Uley. But on the night before Sam Uley's birthday, everything changed.

As Jeremy walked into the party, his heart beating fast in his chest, he couldn't help but scan the room for Jonathan and his pack. He knew he needed to avoid them if he wanted to have any chance of enjoying the party. But as fate would have it, their eyes met across the room, and in that moment, everything changed.

Jeremy felt a pull towards Jonathan, a connection he couldn't explain. He watched as Jonathan's expression softened, his eyes locked onto Jeremy's with an intensity that left him breathless. The room seemed to fade away as they stared at each other, and Jeremy knew that something significant had just happened.

It was then that he realized that Jonathan had imprinted on him. It was an unbreakable bond between mates, and Jeremy couldn't help but feel a deep love for him. He could see the realization dawn on Jonathan's face as well, and he knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

As they stood there, staring at each other, the room around them erupted in a frenzy of shock and confusion. The other members of the pack couldn't understand what was happening, and they looked on in disbelief as Jonathan and Jeremy's bond became clear.

Jonathan's POV

Jonathan had always been the destined alpha and leader of the pack. He had never questioned his place in the world or his role in it. But as he looked into Jeremy's eyes, something shifted. He felt a pull towards him, a connection he couldn't explain. And in that moment, he knew that everything had changed.

He felt an overwhelming sense of protectiveness towards Jeremy, a desire to keep him safe and make him happy. He knew that this was the imprinting, an unbreakable bond between mates. And as he stared into Jeremy's eyes, he knew that he had found his true mate.

The room around them was a blur, the other members of the pack looking on in shock and confusion. But Jonathan didn't care. All he could focus on was Jeremy and the feelings that he was experiencing. He knew that he had found something special, something that he had never felt before.

As he took in the expressions of those around him, he knew that this was going to be a difficult road, but he was ready to do whatever it takes to protect and love Jeremy.