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Summary: When a witch or wizard turned fifteen, they began the process of sharing dreams with their soulmate. This process was marked with their a tattoo forming on their bodies, the only problem for Bronwyn Potter is her Soulmate is in another world and doesn't exactly believe she's real. She doesn't believe he's entirely real either.

With her holly wand held tightly between teeth, Wyn scaled the broken statue of Salazar Slytherin being careful to avoid the more jagged parts. Was this the best use of her time? Not really, she should probably be studying, but it was better than having to deal with the various assholes outside the chamber. Especially when they were a pink toad, she growled softly before inwardly cursing and flexing her lips to curl tighter around the wand. She needed to focus on getting to the top of the statue not on the damned pink toad that was making school even worse this year. And that was saying a lot considering the tournament last year, Wyn mentally shook her head as she continued to scale the tower.

As she pulled herself into the statues open mouth, Wyn found herself plunged into darkness. Pulling the wand from her mouth, she grimaced while murmuring, "Lumos."

Burning light coiled from the wand, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust and the spell to shift into a ball of light. When her eyes had adjusted, she blinked at the ratty looking straw mat laying on the ground. Against the wall, she caught sight of a handle sticking out of the stone just above a rather large circular indent. Tilting her head, she walked over to the handle being careful of the indent. There were runes lining the handle, she somewhat regretted not taking runes right now since they'd probably come in handy figuring out what the handle did.

Deciding to be a Gryffindor, Wyn grabbed the handle and tugged it. A loud grinding sound echoed through the air and she was surprised to find the large circular indent opening to reveal stairs. She headed down the stairs keeping her wand up just in case while feeling somewhat surprise that they were in such good condition. It took her a good few minutes to reach the bottom. When she did, she'd found herself in what seemed to be a large study with bookshelves lined with old looking books and tables covered in white sheets.

It looks liked Wyn had found Slytherin's old work room without actively looking for it. A laugh bubbled up from her throat as she began wandering around the room and poking around. She eventually found her way to one of the tables where a book lay open beside a large chest. Tilting her head, she brought her light over the words and squinted to read them:

Jan 24 940 AD

This will be the last entry I'm writing, I can feel this now. I'm leaving this school tomorrow in the hands of my faithful friends and our children...I hesitate though as I fear my own child...my beloved son has a heart filled with hate for our mundane brethren much like I had before our teacher took us under his wing. If I'm right, I fear what will happen to my House. The way Rowena looks at him...I believe my fears are founded though Godric refuses to believe me. But I digress, my entry is not to write about my fears over the future, but about my treasure.

I, much like my dear siblings, was given a treasure. If this is to be my final journey, I want someone to know about it. I did not have the heart to eat my treasure unlike the others. I had...hoped that perhaps I could grow another just like it, but alas my hopes were for naught. But this treasure has found its way to you with my journal, you can eat it or give it to someone else to eat. Regardless of your choice, the power within it is at your fingertips as they say.

This fruit...It holds the power of the thunder Bird. My teacher called it the Tori Tori no mi model Sandābādo.

The journal entry gets cut off after that and Wyn suspects that the writer, Salazar, died soon after it was written. Eyeing the chest beside the journal, she reached out and opened it with a curious look. She kind of doubted that even with magic any kind of fruit would've stood the test of time. Blinking at the sight of a rather odd looking pear-like fruit sitting on what seemed to be emerald green velvet, she had to admit she'd been proven wrong. The pear's skin was a dark yellow color with deep blue swirls that seemed to arch rather jaggedly across the fruit. The stem curled rather crookedly around the top of the pear. Grabbing the pear, she contemplated taking a bite for a short moment before shaking her head and putting the fruit back.

Wyn was many things, but she wasn't that desperate for power. She did have to wonder how the fuck a devil fruit ended up in this world.

Looking around herself at the rather large forest she'd found herself in, Wyn had to wonder where her apparent soulmate had ended up this time. She heard footsteps behind her and commented, "Not sneaking up on me this time, Law?"

"Why bother?" He scoffed at her, "We continue to end up here most nights,"

"True," Wyn turned to him and noted the slight bruises, "The fuck happened to you?"

"None of your business," Law glared at her.

Wyn opened her mouth to argue before closing it with a slight growl of annoyance. She reached up to run a hand through her hair and winced as the strands brushed against the apparently unbandaged cuts on it. She jerked back when Law reached for her. Glaring back at him, she hissed, "Don't touch me."

"What happened?" Law hissed at her as his hand reached for hers.

"What did you say before? Oh yeah, none of your business!" Wyn ducked away from him and moved a few paces away, "If you're not fucking talking, I'm not,"

A frustrated growl left him, "Why the fuck am I stuck here with you?!"

"Oh I don't know, my fucked up magic decided it'd be a good idea to make us soulmates! Like I fucking told you when we met the second fucking time!" Wyn shook her head and decided she was done dealing with him, "Fuck this, I'm taking a walk,"

With that, Wyn started walking away from Law and wondering why the fuck she'd decided to go to a detention with Umbridge. The unfortunate part of the dreams brought her back to the damn clearing where Law was still standing. Growling under her breath, she decided to climb one of the many trees and took a seat to wait out the dream.

Wyn growled to herself as she stomped down the stairs into Salazar's study feeling frustrated. Umbridge was going to get it and soon if the damn bitch didn't stop annoying the ever loving fuck out of her. She ran a hand through her hair and dropped onto the one of the chairs she'd cleaned off. Glancing over at the chest that was sitting innocently on a nearby desk, a groan left her. She was so very tempted to take a bite if only to zap Umbridge with whatever power she'd be getting from being a Thunderbird.

Shaking her head, Wyn grabbed the closest book to her and resumed reading from wherever she'd left off. It turned out Salazar had been a sailor alongside Godric, so a lot of the books within this study involved magic made to make sailing easier. She was steadily becoming more enthralled with the idea of becoming a sailor of some kind. Maybe take off from England after the year was over and just sail around the world? It would be fun.

Wyn looked around herself and was a little surprised to see open ocean underneath a moonlit sky. She was on some kind of yellow submarine much to her internal amusement. Inwardly shaking her head, she headed towards the edge of the sub and looked over the edge where dark water crashed against the metal. Stiffening as she heard a scoff, she turned to find Law standing there with his arms cross leaning against the entrance to the sub. He looked a bit smug, "Thinking about jumping?"

"Tempting, I'd get away from your smug ass," Wyn snarked as she leaned against the railing, "It's not like you'd save me with that devil fruit of yours,"

"True," Law smirked earning an eyeroll, "Though I doubted you'd actually die in one of these dreams,"

"No idea," Wyn looked back at the ocean, "They never said anything about dying here,"

Wyn closed her eyes as she just let the sounds of the waves roll over her. She was a little surprised that Law was willing to be quiet for once. He spoke prompting her to turn towards him. He was standing close to her, "It's funny. I've been looking for any reason you could be lying and haven't found one. There is no devil fruit that could possibly mimic this," He gestured to her, "Everything is perfect in ways that I can't describe...I've got to say that if this is a devil fruit you've got an amazing one."

A snort left her, "Why concentrate on you if I ate a devil fruit like your claiming?"

"True," Law snorted softly, "But just to be sure,"

Wyn's eyes narrow for a second before widening as Law pushed her over the railing and she found herself plummeting into the ocean. She gasped as the water engulfed her and struggled against it. She barely managed to bring herself to the surface and gasped out, "Fucking jerk, I can't fucking swim well!"

The water began to pull her under again as a blue film lazily coated the surface of the water. She found herself on the deck of Law's ship spitting out sea water and glaring at the bastard who was smirking at her. Flipping him off, she took off her robes and threw them at him earning a snort as he dodged the heavy things.

"Bronwyn!" Hermione shouted as Wyn stalked away from the bushy haired girl, "Would you-"

"No!" Wyn swung around to snarl at Hermione with her emerald green eyes blazing and black hair practically crackling with her magic, "I'm sick and tired of this, Hermione! I'm not going to sit around and try to prove myself to bunch of fucking uptight dip wads! I'm done!" She felt her wand spark against her finger tips and wondered when she'd even picked it up, "Just fucking stop!"

"But-!" Hermione began."

"No!" Wyn shook her head wildly sending off sparks, "I'm fucking done! If they want to sit around like fucking sheep, I'll let them!"

Wyn was so far past done it wasn't even funny. The DA was falling apart with each day and with the latest attempts of Umbridge, she just wasn't dealing with it anymore. She took off through the halls and eventually made her way down into the chamber. When she'd finally reached Salazar's study, she found herself staring at the chest and contemplating eating the fruit in earnest. It was through reading Salazar's journal and the one that preceded it that she'd learned of the downfalls of the fruit. She'd be unable to swim, but being able to fly would make swimming meaningless. There was little reason to deny wanting to eat the fruit, she'd have another path to freedom and it'd be one they wouldn't suspect.

Opening the chest, Wyn grabbed the fruit and took a bite. Grimacing at the horrible taste, she began to devour it feeling like she'd puke it up. A burning sensation raced across her body and she almost cried out as information exploded across her mind.

Wyn rubbed at her throbbing head feeling as if she'd been hit by a bludger. She blearily opened her eyes as someone touched her face. Muttering softly, she sluggishly smacked the hand, "Fuck off."

"What the hell happened to you?" Law's voice was soft.

Wyn thought she denoted a hint of care, but pushed that thought from her mind. She rubbed at her face, "I ate a fucking devil fruit. Why the fuck didn't you tell me it feels like I'd be hung over and rung out?"

"Devil Fruit?" Law sounded confused and Wyn wished she could enjoy his confusion without feeling like crap.

"Do you have cotton in your ears?" Wyn muttered softly, "I ate a fucking devil fruit. Apparently the founders got their hands on them somehow," Wyn slowly sat up with a slight grunt and regretted it as her stomach rolled, "Oh god, I feel like I'm going to puke,"

"Don't," Law grunted at her, "You ate a devil fruit that was just laying ar-"

"No, I wasn't exactly planning on eating it," Wyn ignored his glare, "I found it months ago when I'd been snooping around the chamber. I'd only eaten it just now because I want to be free of this fucking country," She glared at him, "Do you have any fucking idea what its like here?! I'm a fucking poster child one minute or a fucking demon the next! I'm done dealing with it,"

Law was quiet for a few moments before shaking his head, "And running away is your way to be done with it? Don't you want revenge for your parents?"

"Parents that I never knew?" Wyn shook her head as tears ran down her cheeks, "No! I just want to be free, Law. I just...I just want to be free to live my damn life and maybe find a place for myself," She looked down at her hands, "With this...With this devil fruit, I will. I'll be free," She looked at him, "I just want freedom,"

Lightning danced on Wyn's fingertips as she raced through the Department of Mysteries, the fact that it'd been a trap pissed her off though she should've guessed since the only dreams she'd had other the ones with Law were usually from the snake bastard. Snarling as she threw herself into another room, a low powered bolt of lightning hissed passed her fingers and shot into the room she'd just left. Shoving the door closed, she locked it and took stock of where she'd ended.

Like some kind of dark amphitheater, the room was half-reduced to rubble with many stone pillars laying on their sides. Faded runes lay broken and fracture along the walls, Wyn could pick out some on the broken pillars. Somehow in the center of the room, a single archway stood seemingly unaffected by the test of time. The runes carved by ancient hands glowed dimly in the darkly lit chamber. A wispy curtain was settled within and seemingly fluttered on an unseen wind. Something about the archway called to her at the very core, it tugged at something and coaxed her forward on almost numb feet.

It was only the sound of a door being blasted from its hinges that broke the archway's almost hypnotic spell. Wyn focused quickly as Neville Longbottom barreled into the room with two Death Eater's on his tail. With barely a glance towards the Archway, she dove back into the fight mentally promising herself to investigate later on.

Almost useless, Wyn mentally cursed the so-called adults that practically worshipped Dumbledore as she dove to avoid another Blasting Curse. They were attempting to capture the Death Eaters with non-lethal spells when the fuckers weren't responding in kind. She didn't both holding herself back as her body steadily shifted more into that of the Thunderbird and Lightning became little more than a plaything. A localized thunderstorm formed within the chamber as she continued to throw about lightning bolts. There was a tidal wave of confused mutterings, someone shouted, "Who the fuck is making it rain?!"

"Pup!" Sirius threw himself back to back with her, "Did you do this?!"

Wyn could barely hear him over the thunder that her mini-storm was causing. A laugh left her as she threw another lightning bolt into the crowd, "Damn straight! If they want to fuck around, they're going to find out!"

"Nice!" Sirius let out a bark of laughter, "I-"

The next few moments were difficult for Wyn to follow, but she knew for a fact Bellatrix Lestrange had tossed some kind of curse towards her. The next thing she knew was someone shouting Sirius' name and him flying into the veil. Without a thought, she raced for the veil with a snarl. Ducking past Remus, she dove inside and barely felt the chill as she grabbed for Sirius' hand. Just as her fingers touched his, they slipped away as he breathed out, "Bronwyn."

"Sirius!" Wyn shouted as everything felt too hot and too cold.

Wyn could only watch as Sirius vanished before her eyes. She strained towards where he'd been as everything went dark and her consciousness began to fade. The last thought that rang through her mind was that she didn't get her wish. That she didn't get a chance to be free in the end, she didn't even get a chance to meet Law and prove that she'd been real.

Consciousness returned rather harshly, Wyn felt like she'd gone through several basilisk venom baths with no phoenix tears to help her through. Blinking her eyes open slowly, she wondered at the sight of wooden planks above her head and wondered at where the hell she'd ended up. She heard footsteps approach and slowly turned her head to see an old man approach. He paused before a grin formed, "Awake, I see."

"W-whe-" Wyn started coughing before she could finish.

Wyn found herself being carefully helped up and being given a glass of water. The old man spoke in a kind tone, "Easy now, you were found unconscious on the beach a few days ago, Child. With that storm that tore through here, I'm surprised you only suffer those minor injuries."

"S-storm?" Wyn shook her head lightly, "I..."

The Old man frowned at her, "Don't you remember, Child?"

"No..." Wyn couldn't remember how she'd gotten from the archway to this place though she doubted it had involved a storm, "I...I can't remember..."

The Old Man's frown deepened, "Oh dear, do you remember anything child?"

"I...My name is Bronwyn...I...My uncle..." Wyn frowned slightly, "Where is he?"

The old man shook his head slightly, "Given the strength of that storm, he might've ended up on another island if he's still alive," A knock sounded on the door prompting the old man to smile at her, "Get some rest, Child. You've been through a lot. My Granddaughter, Rei, will be in soon with some food and medical supplies to change your bandages, alright?"

"A-alright," Wyn nodded slowly.

The old man left and Wyn stared after him for a few moments. She looked down at her hands which were bandaged. Attempting to flex them, she winced at the pain rippling through her body. It would seem she'd need to practice channeling lightning if she wanted to continue attacking like that. She looked around the room and found that it was a rather simple bedroom with barely any furnishings. There was a map on the wall though, it wasn't anything special, but Wyn could've sworn she'd seen it somewhere before.

Before she could focus on the map, a knock sounded on the door followed by it opening. A rather small looking teen entered with a plate of food and box with a red cross on it. The teen smiled warmly at her, "I'm so glad you're awake, Miss Bronwyn."

"Just call me Wyn," Wyn replied with a slight shrug before wincing as a bolt of pain ran through her back, "Shit,"

"Let's get your injuries taken care of and then get some food into your stomach," The girl that Wyn assumed was Rei shook her head, "Gramps has a habit of not underselling things,"

Wyn hesitated a little to let Rei near her, but realized that she couldn't really take care of the injuries she'd gained without help. Rei wasn't offended and began explaining each injury to her. The major injuries were to her hands and back. The lightning had apparently burned her badly, but they were healing much quicker than the local doctor had really expected. She had a rather odd cut on her back that no one could properly identify where it came from that the doctor hadn't been able to stitch close, but thankfully it was healing rather well. She'd gained a couple other minor cuts and bruises that were quickly healing much to her apparent saviors relief. According to the local doctor, she'd probably finish healing within the next couple weeks.

Rei helped her eat the soup she'd brought. The teen looked at her curiously, "So Gramps said you can't remember what happened?"

Wyn had decided while Rei was helping with her injuries to play amnesiac, "No, I know that I'd gone somewhere with my uncle Sirius, but the details are really foggy."

"I'm so sorry," Rei shook her head with a sad expression.

Glancing towards the map that she'd seen earlier, Wyn pointed towards it, "That map..."

"Huh?" Rei turned her head, "Oh! It's a basic world map that Gramps got years ago!" She looked back at Wyn curiously, "Why?"

"It seemed familiar to me," Wyn frowned slightly.

"It should," Rei put down the bowl and went to grab the map, "Oh! I know," She walked back with the map and handed it to her, "Maybe you'll be able to figure out which Blue you came from, we can figure out a way to send you home. I mean the Marines might have to be involved, but you'll eventually get home,"

Mentally Wyn froze at those words, she slowly took the map and looked it over. She knew why it looked familiar now as she'd seen one like it in a dream with Law. After a few moments, she shook her head and handed the map back to Rei, "I...I might've come from somewhere in the north, but I don't know...I don't think I'm able to go back. I think...I've got a feeling that my uncle and I were out here because we weren't able to be in our home."

"Oh," Rei frowned slightly, "That's terrible,"

"It's okay..." Wyn shook her head, "If I can find my uncle, I'll be happy,"

"Well, we need to get you healthy first," Rei picked up the bowl again after setting the map off to the side, "So eat up,"

Wyn didn't dream much once she'd fallen into the world where Law apparently resided which was both a relief and a disappointment. As she healed up, it became clear that the island she'd found herself on was prone to rapid weather changes. She helped wherever they needed an extra pair of hands much to the relief of those that needed it. Rei and her grandfather Mora where happy to let her continue living with them as she'd proven to be quite helpful. The guestroom she'd been staying in quickly became her bedroom with Mora practically dropping it onto her.

Once she'd healed enough, Wyn practiced with her devil fruit being careful not to injure herself. With an island whose weather changed on a dime, she found herself being given more freedom to gain control over her abilities. Rei ended up finding out about her devil fruit after following her one rather dreary morning when she'd left before breakfast. Rather than tell anyone else, the girl had practically begged to be given a ride much to Wyn's amusement. In exchange for keeping the secret, Wyn gave Rei free ride all across the island.

Blinking as she stared at the mountains of the island that had quickly become her home, Wyn had to wonder why she'd be dreaming now rather than some other time. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around to find Law looking around with a confused expression on his face. She spoke in a light tone, "It's been awhile, Law."

Stiffened at the sound of her voice, Law turned towards her, "Bronwyn-ya?"

"I don't know who else would be dreaming with you, do you?" Wyn tilted her head, "Should I be jealous?"

"You're alive?" Law's eyes narrowed at her.

"Yes," Wyn wondered why he would think she- "Oh! Oh damn, the lack of dreams must've-Shit!"

Law glared at her and began stalking towards her, "Lack of dreams? Did you finally figure out how to stop this?"

Law waved a hand around them earning a snort from her. Wyn shook her head, "I don't know why they stopped other than the fact I kind of ended up in your world."

"My world?" Law paused with a frown, "You're here?"

"Yeah," Wyn eyed him as his eyes gained a considering look, "On-"

Stopping herself from continuing, Wyn decided that she didn't want to tell him where she'd landed. While she wanted to prove her existence to him, she didn't trust him within an inch of her life. Considering what she'd learned about him during their various dreams, she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him. Considering the fact she could throw him pretty far in her thunderbird form, she wasn't about to trust him. Law's eyes narrowed at her, "Where are you?"

"On second thought, I'll let you find me eventually," Wyn shook her head at him.

"Bronwyn-ya," Law glared at her, "Where are you?"

"We might share dreams, Law," Wyn told him, "But I don't trust you...Or rather, they've shown me not to trust you," She could feel the pull to wakefulness, "So I'll just stick to keeping my silence and let you try to figure out where I am,"

"You don't know this world! You'll end up hurt!" Law protested earning a snort.

"My world hurt me if what I told you about it wasn't enough," Wyn rolled her eyes, "So don't worry too much about me, I think I'll be able to figure out just how much I can take here,"

Waking up to Rei shaking her shoulders, Wyn groaned softly, "Rei, w-"

"We need to go," Rei looked a bit panicked which surprised Wyn.

"What?" Wyn frowned at the other girl, "What's wrong?"

"There are pirates landing on the island from a really bad crew, Wyn," Rei shivered slightly, "And they've already killed two marines. Gramps is getting bags ready for us,"

Wyn shook her head, "Where are we going? Rei-"

"We need to get to the mountains," Rei insisted as she tugged at Wyn's hand, "Now come on,"

Despite wanting to protest, Wyn followed after the more experienced girl and got out of bed. She nabbed the scarf Rei had given her a week after they'd all realized she'd be staying her longer than they first thought and left the room. Finding Mura down stairs with three bags clearly loaded with various supplies, Rei and Wyn grabbed one each as they slipped on their boots. The three quickly left the house as fires blazed by the docks and rushed towards the mountains. Mura spoke as they were joined by some neighbors, "If anything happens, I want you two girls to stick together."

"Gramps/Mura!" The two shouted in denial at him.

"Do not argue with me," Mura growled at them sternly as they reached the forest.

Hearing a cracking sound akin to that of thunder, Wyn jolted as a something slammed into a tree right by her head. She jolted as Mura cursed and pushed her to run faster. More cracking sounds echoed through the air as shouts echoed from behind them, a cry of pain sounded from one of their neighbors who collapsed to the ground bleeding from multiple holes in her back. Wyn realized that they were being shot at with a bolt of terror running through her. Rei gripped her hand tightly as Wyn contemplated turning into her thunderbird form and trying to take out the pirates. Glancing towards Rei's terrified face, she swallowed heavily, "Rei?"

"Don't do it," Rei shook her head rapidly, "N-not unless theres no other choice,"

Nodding slowly, Wyn upped her speed as more shots were fired. They lost more people even as the mountains came into view. Just as they started to climb, Mura fell to his knees with a hole in his back. Rei shouted in horror clutching his hand, "Gramps!"

"Mura!" Wyn felt rage boil in her veins and turned towards the attacking pirates as electricity began to build within her veins, "Rei..."

"Do it," Rei growled out, "Do it for Gramps..."

Nodding as storm clouds brewed over head, Wyn felt the claws of her thunderbird form burst free as she let out a screech. She took off running towards the approaching pirates as feathers sprouted across her body. Livid lighting coiled around her form, she shot towards the first person and cut their throat open with a simple cutting curse before doing the same with the next. Stiffing her feathers, she shot off a volley of them towards a group of three pirates as trees passed her by. Each pirate she encountered was slaughtered without mercy. As she left the treeline and entered the village, she transformed into her thunderbird form and began raining electrical hell down upon those that dared attack the island she'd begun calling home.

By the time she was done, they were all dead and the ship they'd arrived on was burning in the harbor. She flew towards the mountain and landed beside Rei. Lowering her head, she peered at Mura who let out a weak laugh, "So you were the bird we kept seeing, Wyn? I had my thoughts..."

Nodding her head, Wyn shifted back with a sad expression, "Mura, we need to get you to a docto-"

"I won't make it in time," Mura shook his head, "Between my old age and these bullets, I-" He coughed up blood, "I ain't got it in me,"

"Mura..." Wyn's eyes burned as Rei sobbed.

"Gramps, I still need you," Rei gripped his chest, "You can't die,"

"You ain't needed me in a long time, Kiddo," Mura laughed as blood trickled out of his mouth, "We both know that," He panted softly, "But with Wyn, I know you'll do just fine. After all, she's strong enough to take care of those pirates and survive a storm like that...Huh to think I'd actually live to see a thunderbird..."

"Gramps..." Rei sobbed.

"Protect each other," Mura murmured softly, "I...I...I know you'll do just fine..."

"Gramps, no..." Rei shouted as Mura's eyes slid closed.

Wyn hugged Rei tightly as Mura breathed his last. Tears fell from her eyes, she sobbed silently both for the old man and the fact she'd had to kill. When the villagers that were still alive managed to gather themselves came around, they looked at Wyn with new eyes. It was with respect and awe as they all worked together to bury their dead. The lingering distrust some had felt towards the stranger in their quant village was gone after seeing how she'd defended them.

Rather than speak as she heard Law approach, Wyn continued to stare out into the ocean as she sat at the cliff's edge. She heard him stop at the grave's edge. He spoke after a long moment, "What happened?"

"Pirate attack," Wyn answered without looking at him, "They killed two marines before managing to reach town. I..." She closed her eyes, "I killed the entire crew," She heard him suck in a sharp breath, "They killed one of the two people that fully accepted me right off the bat here. Granted, the old man wasn't dead just then, but..."

Law was quiet for a long moment before he asked, "Physically speaking, are you alright?"

"I got minor burns and some cuts from where the bastards manage to cut me," Wyn turned her head as she heard him moving and watched as he stepped closer to her, "The burns were from my own electricity. With any luck, my training will get rid of them completely,"

Law surprised her when he dropped onto the cliffs edge right next to where she was sitting. It wasn't close enough to touch, but the sheer fact he had voluntarily gotten so close was a surprise. She eyed him in suspicion. He spoke without looking at her, "You aren't alright mentally though."

Snorting at that statement, Wyn looked back at the ocean, "I'm not and my friend sure as shit ain't. I just killed a ton of people and lost someone I'd become close to while my friend...she'd just lost her only family member. I...It's going to be awhile before I'm close to menta-"

Squeaking as Law wrapped an arm around her, Wyn resisted as he pulled her against his side. He spoke without looking at her, "Just this once, I'll offer comfort-"

"I didn't-" Wyn started as a blush began to form on her cheeks.

"I'm offering. You don't need to ask," Law tightened his grip.

Realizing he wasn't going to let go, Wyn slowly began to relax into his side and realized he was pretty warm. Closing her eyes, she muttered, "You're still an asshole."

Snorting, Law retorted, "You're an idiot for not telling me where you were."

Staring at Rei as the dish she'd been washing fell into the metal sink, Wyn swallowed harshly as she asked, "Can you pretty please repeat that, Rei? I didn't quite hear you."

"The marines," Rei started with a slightly panicked look, "T-they're coming for you, Wyn. A-apparently you can't take out a group of pirates without a bounty hunting license, the fact you're a devil fruit user as well..."

"Fuck," Wyn leaned against the counter as panic rushed through her, "W-what am I going to do?"

"We," Rei corrected, "Gramps said we need to stay together, so it's we,"

"But Rei," Wyn began to protest only to see the stubborn look on Rei's face "Fine, we. But we obviously can't stay here,"

Rei nodded slowly with a frown, "We'll have to travel then..." She cupped her chin, "I know there are a couple islands we could probably travel to. Gramps mentioned he had a log pose in the attic from back when he'd been a Marine..."

Closing her eyes as she realized that Rei was being serious, Wyn groaned softly, "We're going to be traveling...Shit..."

"We need to get supplies together," Rei continued and clapped her hands together, "I'll go speak with Kenny at the food stall. We'll need to get a boat as well,"

Opening her eyes, Wyn dried her hands and grabbed Rei, "Are you sure about this, Rei? It's going to be dangerous."

"I'm sure besides if you fall into the water by accident, who will drag your ass out?" Rei grinned at her for the first time since the incident a week ago.

Sighing deeply as she realized that Rei was really thinking this through, Wyn pulled Rei into a hug as she murmured, "Fine, but I definitely want something other than stew all the damn time."

"Fine," Rei pouted at her earning a huff of amusement.

As she released Rei and the other girl darted away to get things started, Wyn could only wonder how she'd gotten to this point. It seemed that she was starting a whole new adventure. Knowing that she might run into Law somehow during this next stage was a bit anxiety inducing, it also made her eager if only because she'd be able to show him just what she could do. A slight grin toucher her lips as she pushed herself up. It looks like she needed to go help prepare for this little adventure.