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Sweeping through the air, Wyn twisted among the sky as she relished in the freedom that came with not having anyone accompanying her. She'd have to go back to the sub soon, but for now she was free to dance among the clouds while hunting down any sea kings that caught her fancy. As her body twisted about and she began to angle for the sea, the thought of everything that had happened during the last few days began to seep through her mind. Ace was getting better even with his rather abrupt awakening that one day. Luffy had almost managed to pull the same thing, but she'd hit him with a stunning charm before the boy could actually get up since he wasn't listening to reason. Once they'd calmed him down with Ace's help, Luffy had been far more receptive to treatment.

With both trouble makers awake now, they would begin the process of transferring them over to Shanks' hands. While part of her was sad since she'd be saying goodbye to Shanks once more, she was honestly relieved since it would mean getting to be on the move again. Not to mention, she wouldn't have to deal with the Amazon Lily residence anymore. While she hadn't had as many interactions as Ikkaku, the few she'd had were rather bizarre and often left her severely confused much to Ikkaku's amusement. Still though, the chance to rest after everything that had happened on Sabaody and then rescuing the two idiots had definitely been worth it.

Hearing something below her, Wyn twisted her head about and stilled at seeing Rayleigh actually swimming below her. Barely managing to get ahold of herself despite the massive amount of shock coursing through herself, she darted towards him with a shout, "Ray-ray, what the fuck are you doing this far away from land?"

"I heard about a certain someone managing to survive," Rayleigh tilted his head towards her as he continued to swim, "I want to give Luffy the option of training with me,"

Almost falling into the ocean, Wyn shook herself free of the shock and quickly plucked Rayleigh free of the water being as careful as she could to avoid the sea water that drenched him. Feeling her strength being sapped just a bit, she did her best to shrug it off while raising them up in the sky while speaking, "He's only just woken, Ray-ray. From what Law's said, Luffy's at least two months from being completely okay thanks to whatever he did to keep on moving after what happened. Granted with me using magic and my salves, the time period could be shorter, but..."

"I understand and I'm willing to work with that," Rayleigh chuckled low in his throat as she began flying back towards Amazon Lily, "Shakky truly has terrifying intuition to know that he'd be hidden here..."

"Not just him," Wyn heard Rayleigh suck in a harsh breath, "It was bad, but Ace...he'll be scarred for the rest of his life. Luffy too, but-"

"A pirates life is never without scars," Rayleigh shook his head softly, "Do they know about Whitebeard's death?"

Mind going back to when Marco shared the news with Ace, Wyn's chest felt heavy as she nodded, "Ace knows. Luffy...he doesn't yet though I'm not sure how much it'll bother him. Shanks is there."

"To gather up Ace, I suppose," Rayleigh murmured earning a low nod.

"He also intended on taking Luffy somewhere safe to recover, but if you plan to do something, I suppose those plans will change," Wyn adjusted their flight path as they got close to the island, "Here we are,"

Coming in for a landing, Wyn flexed her wings as she slowly lowered Rayleigh onto the beach. Releasing him as everyone on the beach began to gather while someone raced off from each crew to gather the captain, she moved to another clear area to shift back into her human form. Shanks arrived first and grinned as he caught sight of Rayleigh, "Ray, it's been awhile. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Luffy and check in on Little Feather," Rayleigh answered as Law left the sub, "Trafalgar, I see that I'd been right to assume that you're just like Little Feather when it comes to finding trouble. Only you seem to seek it out where as she attracts it,"

Cheeks puffing up, Wyn opened her mouth to snap at Rayleigh when Law chuckled as he leaned against the railing, "Dark King-ya, this is quite unexpected. I assume you're here for one of my patients?"

"Luffy," Rayleigh tilted his head, "You're quick on the uptake,"

"I assume Wyn-ya told you the basics about Straw-hat's condition?" Law asked making Wyn's head twist toward him with a narrowed eyed glare, "You've got two weeks before he'll be able to do anything without risking his life,"

"That's perfectly fine," Rayleigh replied as Law smirked.

Feeling tired and apparently not being needed anymore for the conversation, Wyn began to walk back towards the sub to go take a nap since she'd eaten quite a bit during her flight. She'd gotten to the sub's ladder when someone called out, "Wait, how did you get here? Wyn just showed up clutching you in her talons."

This caused everyone to pause and Wyn felt multiple stares land on her back, she continued her climb up the ladder while calling over her shoulder, "He was swimming when I'd found him. Quite literally plucked him from the ocean."

Shocked shouts filled the air, Wyn snickered softly as she pulled herself up onto the sub. She raised an eyebrow at the frown Law was directing towards her and he asked, "You just plucked him out of the ocean and carried him here? Did you get any sea water on you?"

"Just enough to make me tired," Wyn yawned as she headed for the door, "I'm going to take a na-"

"Are you alright?" Law eyed her.

"Just tired," Wyn offered him a small smile, "I might've ate a bit too much and bringing Ray-ray back with me like that was a bit startling. But I'm fine,"

Eyeing her, Law slowly nodded his head, "Alright, but if you need anything-"

"I'll come find you," Wyn waved a hand as she began walking away, "Promise,"

Slipping into the sub, Wyn quickly found her bed and soon laid down to sleep not long after with soft yawn as she snuggled into her bed. It barely took a few moments to fall asleep.

Engulfing Shanks in her feathers much like she had during their first goodbye, Wyn let out a low croon as her head laid on his. He reached up to stroke her beak, "We'll see each other soon enough, Wyn. With those wings of yours, you'll end up flying to see me if the urge hits and the vivre card I give you says I'm close enough."

Nodding softly, Wyn murmured, "Be safe, you idiot. I don't want to hear about you losing another limb even if it's to keep Luffy safe."

Laughing as she shifted into her human form to hug him properly, Shanks hugged her tightly, "I'll keep that in mind, Brat," He spoke softly in her ear, "You keep your head up in those clouds, Thunderstorm. Don't let anyone even that soulmate of yours drag ya down."

Tears burning her eyes, Wyn hugged him just a bit tighter as she whispered, "I love you, Big Brother,"

"I love ya too, Little sister," Shanks released her and she moved to stand beside Law.

Watching the Red Haired pirates load onto their ship with Ace and Luffy in hand, Wyn felt her chest tighten just a bit even if the two would be in good hands. She jolted a bit when Law brushed his arm against hers, but a glance revealed him peering at her. Sh shifted a bit closer and slowly began to lean against him. Soon enough the Red Haired pirates were sailing off and they were packing up themselves, she quickly began to help out. It took barely an hour to do so and they were off. Heading down to her work room, she paused at seeing a bottle of cake island sherry sitting on her desk that hadn't been there before. Smile forming on her face, she slowly picked it up and held the bottle for a long moment.

"Drinking on duty?" Law asked making Wyn jolt a bit.

Shaking her head as she slowly put the bottle down, Wyn turned to him, "No, I-"

"You're crying," Law frowned at her as he pushed away where he'd been leaning against the doorway and walked over, "What's wrong?"

"Shanks teased me the entire time about this stuff and the idiot left me a bottle," Wyn rubbed at her eyes, "I didn't even notice that I'd been crying," She smiled weakly, "I guess knowing that it'll be awhile before we see once another again is making me sad,"

"Wyn-ya..." Law grabbed her hand in a gentle hold.

"I'll be fine," Wyn promised him, "After all, I-"

Words faltering as Law pulled her into a hug, Wyn stiffened for a few moments before relaxing against him as he said, "It's okay, Wyn-ya. You don't have to explain."

Hearing that, Wyn felt her shoulders shake and she shifted to hug Law tighter. Without realizing it, a sob tore its way from her throat and she was suddenly breaking down. Slowly ending up on the floor of her work room, Law held her against his chest as she sat in his lap. As she finally calmed down and the exhaustion hit, she laid her head against his shoulder muttering, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Law asked as his hand rubbed her back in that same soothing way it always did.

"I'm a cry baby," Wyn murmured earning a huff of laughter.

"I don't mind," Law's voice was far too soothing and her eyes felt heavy.

"I-" A yawn crept out from her throat and she flushed at the laugh that left Law, "Fuck, why am I like this?"

"Because each of our bodies have unique needs and you happen to become very exhausted after becoming highly emotional," Law pulled Wyn's arms around his neck before he shifted his arms beneath her earning a small sound, "But that's what make you adorable,"

Snort cutting off into a yelp as he stood, Wyn tightened the loose grip her arms had on his neck, "I am not cute. I've got salt and snot on my face. I'm probably all red faced too."

"A bit red face, but I do enjoy seeing that color in your cheeks," Law smirked as her cheeks flushed at that, "Though we should get your face cleaned up before you go to sleep,"

"I-" A yawn slipped out and she grimace, "Can walk,"

"You could," Law carefully pushed open the door to her workroom before exiting it, "But I feel like doing this,"

Part of her wanted to argue, the rest was far too weighed down by exhaustion and the fact that she just wanted to cuddle with someone to escape the depression of being separated from a member of her family. So rather than argue, she muttered, "Fine."

Head shifting to lay against Law's shoulder carefully to avoid pressing her face against his skin, Wyn's eyes closed and the world blurred slightly. She opened her eyes as he set her down and jolted at the sight of his bed room. Giving his back a look as he turned away from her, she asked, "Why'd you bring me to your room?"

"My personal bathroom will make it easier to clean your face up and I have a feeling you would prefer not to answer any questions as to why you were crying," Law slipped into the bathroom.

"I...yeah," Wyn yawned again and found herself laying down on the couch.

Eyes slipping closed once more as the sound of a facet filled the air, Wyn breathed out as she relaxed into the far too comfortable material. She jolted when something laid itself across her face and shot into a sitting position. Hearing a soft snort as the thing fell into her lap with a slick plop, she twitched while turning to glare at Law. He smirked at her while reached out to grab whatever it was, "Sleepy?"

"Very apparently," Wyn blinked at the washcloth he offered her and took it, "Thank you?"

Huffing in amusement, Law spoke as Wyn began to clean her face, "Take a nap in here," She pause in the middle of wiping at her nose to stare at him, "You clearly haven't been sleeping well. And while you can argue that it was for obvious reasons, it's likely you'll be bothered by someone if I allow you to take a nap elsewhere. Whether it be by someone asking about Redhair-ya, Dark King-ya, Firefist-ya, or even a mix of them. Rather than allow that to happen, you'll nap in here and get some actual sleep."

"But what about my nav duties," Wyn was scheduled to be in Navigation soon enough though couldn't remember when thanks to how tired she was.

"I'll speak with Bepo to adjust things and have you swapped out for a later time," Law settled a hand on her head and she felt her cheeks heat up, "Take your nap, Wyn-ya. Get some proper rest, I'll be back soon to check on you,"

Before she could even protest, Law was standing up from the slight crouch he'd taken and walking out of the room. As the door shut, Wyn murmured, "O-okay."

Standing up slowly on slightly shaky legs, Wyn moved to the bathroom and finished cleaning up her face before returning to the couch. Laying back down where she had before, she curled up and closed her eyes. As a testamente to how tired she was, it only took a few moments of actually trying to fall asleep before she was lost to the world.

Waking up to a totally dark room had Wyn inwardly jolting since the lights had been on and there'd been light coming in from the sun when she'd gone to sleep, she sat up feeling a sense of panic race through her. That sense of panic doubled as a thin arm that'd been loosely draped around her waist tightened and yanked her back down, she yelped and began to twist against the hold. There was a familiar huff that caused Wyn to still, she heard Law's voice sound from above her head, "I let you sleep for a bit longer than planned and you panic? I'm almost offended, Wyn-ya."

"L-law?" Wyn whispered feeling her heart beat finally start to slow.

There was a pause before the arm around her waist finally removed itself and a light flare to life sending spots into her vision, she blinked away the spots with a soft hiss. There was a soft rustle behind her, Law spoke as a hand touch her side, "Wyn-ya, are you okay?"

"I-you let me sleep?" Wyn shook her head and turned to look at him, "But it was only supposed to be-"

Freezing as she realized that Law had moved her into his bed, Wyn's mind went a bit blank. Law spoke as she tried to process the fact that he was shirtless and they were in his bed, "Compared to myself, you had gotten far less sleep even with that entire days worth you managed after the watch I had you endure. I realized that you need some unobstructed sleep, so thought it would be best if you got some-"

"Bed..." Wyn's voice came back slowly as she finally began to process, "I'm in your bed,"

"The couch while comfortable isn't a bed," Law eyed her, "So I moved you to my bed-"

"With you," Wyn's body shook a bit, "Shirtless,"

"Because I needed to sleep as well," Law's eyes narrowed a bit, "Wyn-ya-"

"While I was asleep," Wyn's breath came a bit fast.

"I didn't wish to interrupt-" Law reached out and Wyn's mind went hazy as her body reacted.

Mind splintering as unresolved trauma was forced to the forefront rather unfortunately by their mate, Thunderbird took control of as Human currently wasn't mentally capable. With the sudden shift, the body was forced to shift as it needed to suit who was in charge. Shifting into the small form despite the urge to go big, Thunderbird went small and moved quickly to get away from Mate before doing something that it would regret later on. Using a burst of energy from Magic, it took little time to open the door and slip outside into the halls. From there, Thunderbird quickly moved to hide itself.

Human was whining to itself and battling itself, Thunderbird felt some sympathy though not much as animals didn't do such things among kin. Hearing some chaos erupt among the ship, Thunderbird felt little pity even if it had been bonded with this flock of humans. Not while Human was in pain, it was more concerned with ensuring healing could be done which would unfortunately take time. Hearing something approach, Thunderbird's claws flecked a bit and it's eyes narrowed at the sight of the Mink as it approached. Beak clacking a bit, Thunderbird hissed to stay back only for the bear to reply, "Wyn, I can't do that. I don't know what happened, but we're worried."

Blinking a bit at the fact that the bear understood, Thunderbird hissed out, 'Other half is dealing with trauma. I am this until then.'

"Other...half..." The Mink tilted his head, "I don't...Wait," He snapped his fingers, "You're half of Wyn. The other half is her human side, right?" Thunderbird nodded feeling a bit surprised he understood, "So you can't be human until then?"

'Never human to begin with, always this,' Thunderbird clacked her beak, 'Human was human though became part of me when she ate my fruit,'

"That's so-" The mink shook his head, "Okay, I am really interested to hear about this, but can you tell me what happened to Wyn? Why this," He waved a hand at her, "Happened?"

Beak clacking as Thunderbird shifted, she huffed, 'Unresolved trauma was forced to the forefront, Mate unfortunately had a hand in this. Ask Mate for full details, we are stuck as this until Human can work through things.'

"Mate-Captain," The Mink frowned slightly as he cupped his chin, "I'll speak with him though can you come with him,"

Feathers puffing up at that, Thunderbird hissed as alarm reared through Human, 'Human is too deep for that. Perhaps in a few hours we can do so,'

"I...I don't like this, but..." The Mink shook his head, "If it means Wyn will come back to us sooner, I'll deal with it," He nodded to himself, "Will you be okay by yourself?"

'It isn't the first time I've been alone nor will it be the last,' Thunderbird curled her wings close, 'If I require anything, I will seek you out,'

Nodding to her, the Mink slipped away and Thunderbird was left alone with only the Human for company. She disliked feeling the alarming emotions from Human though didn't quite know how to comfort her. She'd been a solitary creature before being bound within the fruit and even after each user had found her, she'd stuck to her corner of their minds. It was only with this Human that she'd found herself with company...a Flock. How curious it was that a corporal being could find themselves in a flock?

Hearing something coming close, Thunderbird tense once more only to relax at the sight of that strange frog, she tilted her head before grimacing when it leapt at her. She'd grown used to it using her as a perch however and bore the little things affection. It squeaked at her lowly while nosing into the feathers of her chest. To Thunderbird's surprise, Human responded with an almost croon-like sound and seemed to relax within the ball she'd become. As time passed on with the two trading sounds, Human completely uncurled and was pressing against Thunderbird's front much like the Frog. But rather than try to take control, she was simply existing just as Thunderbird had since they'd reached their compromise.

Taking the initiative, Thunderbird spoke within, 'You've calmed...'

'Momo helped,' Human replied in a soft tone.

'You still feel fear though,' Thunderbird noted as she shifted a bit.

Almost flinching, Human nodded while snuggling a bit deeper into Thunderbird's mental feathers, 'I...He doesn't know about what my uncle tried to do...planned on doing...But it still...'

'The memories still send fear through your soul,' Thunderbird settled her head on Human's, 'Do you fear him?'

'No! No..no-or at least, I don't think I do,' A whine left Human's throat, 'I don't want to act like this, Thunder. I just...I want to be able to be with him like anyone else. To be able to be surprised like that and rather than have this happen-' Human waved a hand between them, 'Just enjoy it,'

Thunderbird hummed lowly in her throat, 'Trauma isn't something I'm used to, Human. Especially when it comes to what humans are willing to do to their kin.'

'Thunder...' Human's voice was soft, 'I...I don't want to try being with him in that way once day and just...' The heat of Human's blush was admittedly amusing, 'All because of what my bastard of an uncle was attempting to do when I was eleven!'

'Then don't-' Thunderbird inwardly snorted at the irritation rolling off of Human right now.

'You don't understand-' Human snapped at her while moving away to pace.

'Because I am a storm given mortal form,' Thunderbird sat up straight, 'Human, I can't give you advice, so what do you want me to do?'

'I-I don't-' Human threw her hands up, 'I don't fucking know, okay? I hate myself for letting this happen in front of Law. This was never supposed to happen in front of him yet-'

'It did,' Thunderbird eyed Human, 'So what are you going to do?'

'I don't-' Human froze before visibly wincing as realization struck her, 'I'm going to have to talk with him, aren't I?'

There was a smugness as Thunderbird reminded Human, 'Yes because I cannot speak human languages.'

'Bitch,' Human muttered softly.

'Not a dog,' Thunderbird stood fully, 'Shall we?'

There was a low sound as Human radiated a great amount of reluctance before moving to walk towards Thunderbird, they met in the middle and melded together to become whole once more.

Blinking away stars as her entire body ached like she'd been struck by lightning while drunk on moonshine for the sixth time in a row, Wyn groaned softly as she rubbed at her head. Hearing a croak of worry from above, Wyn offered Momo a regretful smile, "Hey, Momo. I'm fine-"

"I heard a crash coming from over this way," Shachi's voice echoed through the air making Wyn internally freeze before she forced herself to relax.

"Are sure-Wyn?" Penguin about screeched seconds before Wyn was being pulled to her feet by the two and bombarded with questions.

The usual where have you beens and what the hell happens were tossed about. The added what's with all those feathers would've been a bit surprising had the same thing not happened when she'd had a similar incident back on the Red Force that Shanks had helped her through. She was swept through the sub and arm full of concerned crew members with Momo firmly holding onto her before finally ending up in the infirmary after Shachi mention how they found her. Finding herself face to face with Law apparently hours after her mind shattering for a bit was a little unsettling, she was pushed to sit on a table as he kicked everyone out of the infirmary after finding out how Shachi and Penguin had found her.

It was silent as Law shifted about the room until he finally approached Wyn to clean up an apparent cut she had on her forehead, "I apparently betrayed your trust. I should apologize for that."

"It's..." Wyn's throat tightened and she gripped the edge of the bed as her mind struggled with the words, "Not your fault. I..." She closed her eyes, "Should have been...honest with my past in ways that I haven't been,"

"Your past?" Law paused from where he'd been preparing a table of materials to clean her cut, "Wyn-ya?"

"I've told you in the past that my relatives didn't make growing up easy...I...I didn't share everything," Wyn felt her nails grow into claws and winced as they dug into the table, "My uncle liked children...little girls in particular," She heard a harsh intake of breath, "I...my aunt admittedly did try to protect me to a point, but he..." She shuddered at the memories, "My magic prevent him from managing it, but...I've woken up to him placing me in beds..."

"Wyn-ya," Law's voice was tight and Wyn jolted as his hands settled on her shoulders, "I...you...I never..."

"I lived in fear until Siri broke out and it all stopped," Wyn's breath shuddered, "I-"

Law's hands slid down and his arms curled around Wyn as he began to hug her, she froze unable to really process it. A part of her had thought he'd reject everything she'd told him and she'd be tossed away. But here he was hugging her, she felt warmth spread through her as if she'd drank an expensive cup of hot chocolate as he murmured, "I can't make what happened better, but I'll try my best to ensure that going forward things are better."

"I..." Wyn nodded as her nails returned to normal and she slowly returned the hug, "I'm sorry for worry-"

"It's fine now that I know why," Law pulled away after a few moments and eyed her with a frown, "Do you need me to do anything?"

"Just be normal?" Wyn saw the confusion in his eyes, "Be you. I don't want or need shit to change between us other than the whole knowledge thing,"

"Okay," Law nodded slowly, "I can do that," He turned and grabbed something off the tray, "Let's get that cut cleaned up and then you need to eat something,"

Opening her mouth to protest that she wasn't hungry, Wyn's stomach growled in protest making her flush and a laugh left Law. He smirked at her as he began cleaning her cut and she snorted, "Jackass."

But slowly a smile formed despite the wince that left her as Law cleaned the cut, Wyn would eventually be okay especially now that Law knew more about her past.