Twins in Dual Worlds

This is a story between me and Pumpkiboo.

I don't own Gravity Falls, Amphibia they belong to Disney and their respective creator.

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Polly Planter was on a cart ride with her brother. He was upset that he was unable to find the monster Wally mentioned. She wonder if it was real. She watched as Hop Pop scolded Sprig for going after a monster.

Polly was happily eating the candy from her brother. "Maybe you should give all his candy to me." She said, must feed the addiction.

"No, Polly, you were supposed to keep him from leaving."

"I'm sowwy Hoppop." She said, her eyes going in a cute look to avoid responsibility.

"Awww, I just can't stay mad at you," he gave her the candy.

"Thanks, Hop pop, we were there longer than I expected the sun is starting to get low." She said, pointing it out.

"Off to bed then."

"No problem, Hop pop." She said happily, rolling to her bucket to get her nightly soak ready.

He filled up the water for her to sleep in.

"Thanks, Hop pop, you don't really believe that there is a monster near the town."

"Oh, course not," he laughed. "Wally is a crazy frog."

"He is crazy. Hopefully, it's the last we will hear of it." She said, happily letting her skin absorb the water. "Night Hoppop."

"Good night Polly," he patted her head.

She happily close her eyes, until she heard the falling of a farm tool.

Someone must be outside!

She decided to grab old Doris, she knew that she would be able to scare off anyone. It was probably Wally, completely lost, and needed to be reminded to get off their property. She quickly walked out of the house. She was confused when she saw some of the "prize-winning Corn" was knocked down, she moved and felt something paper. She looked down it was some kind of horrible tapestry of a monster. "What is this?" She asked, moving closer, she heard something move behind her. She turned to see nothing. (an American five-dollar bill)

Someone was trying to escape unnoticed.

She moved forward a bit, holding Doris tightly. "Show yourself." She turned again, seeing nothing.

The being must have run into the forest.

She rushed to the forest. She would find out what this thing was. "Get back here."

"Eep!" They tried to run faster.

She threw her bow, knocking down a branch and stopping the creature in its tracks.

They tried to change course.

"Come and face me." She said, rushing to her, ready to discover what this thing was.

"Please stop living dodgeball!"

"What?" She move closer, and due to the moon's light, the two of them got a good look at each other. "It is a hideous monster."

"Ahhh talking bowling ball!"

"Now that's just rude, prepare for your beating." She said and rushed forward in the air. Heading straight for the talking beast.

She caught her like a dodgeball. "Actually… you're kind of cute!"

"Don't patronize me." The young pollywog said, trying to swing the rolling pin, but due to how she was held, she dropped it.

"Easy there! You could hurt yourself."

"You're the giant monster." She said, trying to get down and tackle her again. Next verse same as the first.

"Umm, I'm not the one attacking."

"Likely story." She said, not believing her, just because it was the truth didn't mean she had to believe it.

"Are you even allowed to be out this late?"

"I'm not a baby, you're a baby." She said, hating being little

"Awww, so cute!"

"What were you doing on my family farm anyway?"

"I'm sorry I didn't know what else to do…"

"What exactly are you?"

"I'm Mabel pines."

"Okay, what are you, some kind of mutant newt?"

"No, I'm a human."

"What is a Hooman?" She asked, tilting her whole body at this.

"Ya, I am definitely in another world…" she sighed.

"Alien?" She asked. "How did you find the farm anyway?"

"I saw lights and thought maybe it was a town."

"Yeah, there's a town called Wartwood."

"Sorry about this tiny ball creature."

"What's with the cut?" She asked, referring to the cut in her sweater.

"I've been through a lot," she didn't want to scare the baby creature with the knowledge that there was a monster.

"What did it look like?"

"It was a giant mantis freak."

"Wait, was it red with a scar on his face?"

"Yes! How'd you know?"

She raised one of her flippers up and pointed right behind her.

"Eeep!" She ran away.

"Let's book it."The young Pollywog said, leaping to safety, or that was the plan.


They ran, as did Polly's imagination. Two smaller versions of her appeared. One with horns and a pitchfork, the other wearing a white robe and wings. "Polly, you have to let the thing chase the beast." The evil one said.

The angelic one spoke, "I agree, it is only survival, it is more likely to chase after the bigger one."

Polly nodded, "Let's split it can't chase both of us."

"No way am I leaving a baby alone!" Mable said, grabbing the baby, wanting to keep her safe.

"We have to lose it then." Polly leaped out of the Human arms forcing her way to freedom.

Sadly the thing went after Polly

"Oh, come on."

Her devil and angel appear, "You're on your own. Bye."

Mabel grabbed a rock and threw it at the monster. "Leave her alone!"

"Aim for where the legs meet the butt." She yelled, despite how young her voice was, it had a hint of experience.

She leaped around, using her smaller frame to dodge the monster's swipes.

Mabel's aim was true and landed right where she wanted, almost perfectly.

"That is great, just as Hop Pop says." She turns her head, "Feels like I'm forgetting something."

"Are you ok?" Mable asked, looking down at the local.

"I'm sure it's nothing." She said with a shrug.

A blue frog with one eye closed appears, "Everyone, a hideous monster is trying to eat the Planter Girl."

"Uh oh!" Mabel realized this wasn't good for her. Noticing that the crowd forming around her thought she was a monster. "Help!"

Just when all hope seems lost, and Mabel thought things were at their worst, her luck hit a nat one.

Polly remember what Hop Pop told her...

"Remember, Polly, hit the red mantis between the legs and butt...only as a last resort because it will only make it angrier."


"Eeeep!" Mabel jumped back as she saw the giant red thing arose madder as it got up, ready for round two.

Mabel ran to Polly. "We have to run!" They ran from the crowd as the thing followed them.

"Let's go to the lake, these things can't swim." Thank you, Hoppop.

"Got it, ball baby."

They ran past a sign saying "Don't"... something. Doesn't matter

"Cannonball!" She jumped inside, holding her now companion in her embrace.

The purple one easily swam, "Let's get under the water. She swam under for half a second before seeing a giant snake. "We have to get out of the water.'

"This is bad!"

"Wait a second, I have an idea. Do you think you could fit under the giant mantis legs?"

"Ya, probably!"

"Then do so, giant." She said, rushing under the beast's underbelly.

She lunged.

The snake grabbed the mantis and went down with the bug as its sacrifice.

"We're alive! We're alive!"

"Yes, we are alive. There are no negative consequences." The rest of the town showed up. "Oh right, the angry mob."

"I gotta run!"

"Wait, maybe I can help." She said the adrenaline must have been clouding her judgment.

"How so?"

"Let me talk with them." She said as the town came forward. "STOP!"

Everyone froze. "Polly?"

"She saved me from a horrible monster." She said, technically true.

"But she's a monster!" Mayor Toadstool exclaimed.

"Yes, but she wasn't the bigger monster, besides she hasn't tried to kill us yet.

"And I never will!" She added.

"Besides, we said the same about using giant bugs as vehicles, and look how that went."

The towns folk mumble in agreement.

Mabel hopes this goes well.

"Besides, we're all tired, and if you kill her, you'll have that much longer before you can go back to sleep."

This was very persuasive and the crowd.

"Well off, off you go." She said, All leaving sans Sprig and Hop pop. "How much did you see?"

"More than I'd have liked to!" Hop pop said.

"I am not going to lie, I just went out thinking I'd be scaring Wally, and things got out of hand."

"What even is that thing?" the patriarch asked.

"That's Mabel, She says she's a Hooman." She said, looking at Mabel who was waving at them. "She's also the being who saved my life."

"Hi, crazy frog family."

"As you can see, she's not from around here."

"Clearly. Where did she come from?" Hop pop asked.

"I think she said something about another world."

"Ya. It was crazy. I saw these girls steal a music box, and when I tried to make them bring it back, boom!"

"What box?" she asked. "This is the first I am hearing about any box."

She took it out of her bag and showed them.

"Can it go off?" She asked, inching away in case it went boom again.

"I've tried a few times, but no luck." She said, messing with the key and nothing.

"So, no boom?"

"Sadly, no."

The youngest one their sign in relief, "So what now?"

"I need to find a way home."

"How exactly do you do that?"

"I'm honestly not sure. Now I know how Grunkle Ford felt. "

"I have no idea who that is?"

"He's my great uncle. He got trapped in another world before."

"I have no words." She said, "Can we keep her?"

"Now, Polly, a creature like this is a huge responsibility! We don't even know what she eats!"

"Corn, apparently."

"I can eat mostly fruits and veggies. Some meat."

"We're poisonous." She said, not without eating the right diet.

She laughed. "Trust me. I don't eat frogs. Or anything that can have a conversation with me."

"See, she harmless."

"Ok. Alright. But we need to be careful." He said firmly as Sprig was distracted.

"Maybe I should just go exploring by myself."

"Probably not the best option. This here valley is surrounded by impenetrable mountains this time of year."

Sprig then said, "It should clear out in a couple of months."

"But until then, you try to cross those mountains..." He finished his grandson's sentence.

"You. Will. Die." Poly finished them off.

"Guess I don't have much choice."

"Good Mabel, come along."

"Thank you."

"Welcome." She said as she took her to the basement without any incident.

"Thanks again, Polly. For everything."

"Anytime." She said as she was happy to have a new friend.

"Good night. See you tomorrow."

"Night." The two new friends finally went to bed.


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