Twins Missing in Dual Worlds chapter 15:

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It had been one day since the Plantars returned from their camping trip, and just in time too… because it began to rain so hard that it'd be enough to drown a toad!

"Sure is raining hard, isn't it Mabel?" Polly said.

"It looks awful."

"Well it's a good thing that we aren't going to have to go out." "Mabel! Come on! This is the third time I've called you!" Hop Pop bellowed.

Mabel groaned, "Uuuuurg." She honestly wanted to just go to bed.

"Teenagers." He whispered. "Let's go! We've got work to do." He went as he pulled everyone into the living room.

"Okay, we've got a full day of hard work ahead of us." He handed them rain gear. "Here ya go, put this on!

Sprig wasted no time ripping off his jacket and swinging it around, "Rain gear?! Hop Pop, we're frogs! We should actually be taking off our clothes!"

"Hey! There are girls here!" Mabel cried out.

"Keep your pants on boy. This ain't an ordinary storm." He motioned towards the window, only for Wally to pass by flailing his arms helplessly as the winds sent him flying.

"Help me! Please help! Help!" He screamed.

"We gotta cover up the crops before they're destroyed! It'll be hours of back-breaking work in the mud and the muck. Thankless, hard, character-building labor! But we're the Planters and we can do what needs to be done."

"Ahem." Mabel went.

"What?" Hop Pop asked.

"Ladies, changing, please leave." Mabel answered. Hop Pop and Sprig looked at each other, before shrugging and stepping away to do that.

She was so exhausted from the last few days, but, they needed her. And so, she sighed and started getting herself ready.

"You okay Mabel?" Polly put her rain gear on.

"Peachy keen!" She insisted.

"That good to hear, try not to get blown away." Polly said.

"Look who's talking Ping Pong Polly." She was not sure if Polly understood the reference or not.

"I am tougher than I look." Polly flared her arms.

"Ok power puff," She teased.

"I have no idea what that means."

One farming montage later:

"Achu." Polly sneeze.

"You ok?" Mabel asked.

"I am fine. What about you?"

"It is nothing"

"Thanks bestie, I think I am going to take a nap in a nice cool bucket."

"Good idea."

"Well have fun. Achoo." Hopefully Mabel doesn't get worst after her nap.

Mabel kept her smile up until Polly was out of sight.

She felt so hot. She stumbled up to her bed. She was starting to feel a little green… though a bit more metaphorical than how the Plantars would change. She groaned, looking around the sunlight was a bit duller than before. How long was this going to last for?

"Mabel you're alive?!" Spig burst into her room, now sporting a huge beard. "You've been asleep for forty years!"

"What?! " She panicked.

"No you didn't, he just messing with you." Polly said as she hopped by.

She sighed in relief. "Sprig I am so gonna superglue you to the ceiling later!"

"But you have been sleeping for a bit. It's lunch time already."

"For real? How long have I been sleeping?!"

"All day! Achoo!" He said, "Still a little sick. You sure you're okay? You look… pale."

"Oh you know me…" Mabel waved him off.

"No, this is the first time I ever saw you like this." His voice filled with worry.

"Don't worry." Mabel dismissed it again.

"If you say so." He said, "Hop Pop's a bit sick so we will have to be quiet."

"Got it," thinking of Hop Pop made her wonder about another old man she knew: her great uncle Ford. Why was it taking him so long to find and rescue her?"

"I got lunch started."

"Be afraid." Polly hopped by again.

"Haha," she tried to laugh, barely making her way up the stairs.

"Some Chicken-fly soup does sound nice honestly." Polly warned.

"Totally." Mabel said.

"Looking like you're learning to love fine dining." She teased.

Mabel walked into a wall.

"Mabel are you okay?"


"You just walked into a wall."

"Oh. Ya. The walllll…" she stumbled.

"Is this a human thing, or are you sick?"

"I… I… I think I'm sick…"

"Hop Pop we got a problem." Polly hopped over.

He looked over "oh Mabel. You need to lay down."

"Oh no need to… worry."

"Any particular reason you chose to pause in the middle of your sentence. That isn't... normal." Hop Pop replied.

"Will we have to quarantine her? If so I'll get the broom ready." Sprig said.

"I'm just a little tired. Hehe."

"Well, you may be an alien but that no reason to not do standard medical procedures. Now stick out your tongue girl." Hop Pop said.

She did just that.

"Your tongue shrunk down to freakishly small size and is covered in yellow bumps!." He screamed, showing how little human anatomy he knew.

"No, that's normal. The color is weird though."

"It looks like you need some water. Stay right there, and under no circumstances touch anything."

Inside Mabel Land…

Mabel slumped against the wall. The world around her starting to spin and shift to green.

"Maaabbbbeell, aawrreee yyoouu okay?" Hop Pop asked, holding onto the reign in front of the room.

"Magic cotton candy man!"

"Whaat's cootttooom caanndy? IIII thiiiink yooou miiighhhhttt be siiickkkkk."

She tried to nom on his arm.

"Noooootttt thhaat offf. Hey kiiidddsss, geet her back to heer rooooom." Hop Pop pushed her off, "Dooonnn'ttt maaake meeeee gethespraysquito."

She started rolling around the floor.

"Sheispossesscalltheanexorcist" Hop Pop shouted as he chased after her.

Outside Mabel Land…

"I think she's having a bad reaction to something!" Polly jumped at her.

"I can sleep with her until she gets better." Sprig offered.

"What do we do? Do humans get sick like frogs?" Polly's voice filled with concern.

"Well, we can only find out with time." Hop Pop answered.

"I guess..."

"I would take her to the doctors, but they would have no idea how to do with her, if she doesn't get better by herself… I don't even know." Hop Pop shook his head as he lead her to her room.

"Ok Hop Pop." Polly gulped. "Maybe we can make her something."

"Great idea!" Sprig cheered.

"What is healthy food we can use?" She pondered.

"How about everything from the garden?" Sprig answered.

"What could possibly go wrong?" Polly threw her arms up in excitement.

"Exactly!" Sprig said, happily leaping out of the house.

One Hour Later…

They got a stew ready for Mabel. "I think this will be great." She held up some potato-shrooms.

"Let's mash them!" Sprig pulled out a rolling pin.

Sprig! I wanna do it!" She pounced on him, causing her brother to run away in terror, thankfully dropping the pin. After that, she got to work mashing and smashing the vegetables, while Sprig filled the bowel with water.

And after that, they brought their concoction up to their friend. "Mabel, we made you something."

"Gumballs?" Mabel asked.

"We made stew for you to try, we put all the good stuff we could in it!" Polly raised it to her face.

Mabel raised her hands and started biting on what to her was a giant dog paw.

"Use the spoon." She handed her a wooden spoon, and jumped back. She tried to eat the spoon. "Not like that crazy lady."

Mabel thought she realized what she was doing, and put the bowl of soup on her head. "Ha…at." She said.

Polly shook her body, "Noooo. Give me that." Getting the soup infront of the sick human.

Mabel grabbed the spoon and try to rapidly stab it. "Die, die, die."

"You got the right idea, now just the execution. Keep trying." Mabel got bored and put the spoon on her face, getting Polly to remove it. "Thank goodness I am not getting another sibling, this is so much."

After a few minutes of trying, Mabel finally managed to eat the soup.

"Well, she seems to be liking it."

"Mission accomplished!" Sprig declared, doing a little dance as he cheered.

"There, she should be able to sleep and get better by the morning." She said keeping the dance going.

As they celebrated, Mabel had managed to roll herself in every blanket in the room and make a cocoon for herself. In just a few days she would become a beautiful Mabel fly and spread her wings back to the Human world.

Polly and Sprig went to check on Hop Pop next.

He was making some fried rollie-pollie for them.

"Hmm smells good!"! Polly said.

Hop Pop chuckled while continuing to cook. "Thanks, I would make some for Mabel, but it might not be best for a sick human."

"Why is that?" Sprig said.

"Don't you know you should always avoid giving solid food to sick people."

"What?" Sprig eyes widened in shock.

"Everyone knows that." Hop Pop said.

The two of them sprinted away in turn and found Mabel eating the handle of the wooden spoon. In the next moment they took the food away… though she kept trying to eat it even though she had nothing in her hands.

"What have we done?" Polly said dragging her face in response.

"Maybe she's okay?"

"Should we tell Hop Pop?"

"Or we can wait five seconds and see if we forget it... well that was fun." Mabel as if hearing started to cough hard, her body instinctively got over the sdie of the cart to throw up. Some how the soup made her sicker.

"We are telling Hop Pop." Polly shook her head.

"He's gonna be so mad..." Sprig whined.

"I know, I know, what choice do we have?"

"Hide it?"

"Maybe we can... and she's not here anymore?!" Polly pointed at the spot her human friend had once lied in.

"Uh oh!"

"We need Hop Pop." In an instant they bolted up the stairs and began searching.

"Polly, Sprig why is Mabel out of her room?"


He gave her an old blanket since she kept biting things. "Well explain."

"We wanted to make her feel better, so we made stew." Polly admitted.

"That's actually a good idea, you made sure to check all the ingredients."

"We just put in what we thought was healthy…" Sprig rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, I guess it not like you could put anything too bad. Not like she could get something like red leg after all."

One of Mabel's feet stuck out of the blanket and… it was red!

For a moment, the trio of frogs stared at the discolored appendage… only to look at each other… and break out in a panic.

Sprig ran around screaming while Polly hyperventilated.

"If Red Leg works the same way it does with us, then it'll make its way up her body, and when it covers..." Polly's voice filled with panic, it soon becoming impossible to understand as her voice trailed off.

"Don't worry, the guide book says red leg can be cured by wading in a mineral pond high in the mountains." Hop Pop placed a large book on the kitchen table.

"How do we get there?" Sprig asked.

"I'm still sick, but we could get Bessie to drive us there until we'll have to carry her the rest of the way. It's gonna take all day."

"We have to do it." She said, not letting him finished.

"I'll help to!" Sprig added.

"That cute, you think we are going to give you a choice." Polly laughed.


"Enough arguing, we need to get going." They rushed to Bessie

"Come along Mabel." She said, dragging her confused friend along.

"Grunkle Stan?" She mumbled out.

"You really are out of it. No, it's your friend, Polly!" Worry filled her voice.

She mumbled something.

"There, there, I would carry you, but that means lifting with my legs and I don't have those yet…"

"Anne x Marcie foreva…." She mumbled.

"Anne, Marcy who're they?" Polly asked.

"No Sasha I don't wanna skip class." Mabel mumbled.

"You have school in your world too, Lame." Polly crossed her arms.

"Hey she's probably liking the break then" Sprig joked.

"That true, at least she's not a nerd. I hope not." Polly said.

"Ya nerds are boring!"

"Good thing we don't have to go to school."

"Yay zero education!"

"We really do need to get around to fixing that school." Hop Pop added.

"Noooo! Maddie put so much work into destroying it!" Sprig replied.

"Wait, Maddie's the one who burned it down? We thought it was a giant millipede!"

"Oops. Sorry Maddie."

"I'll have to talk with Mr. Flour about this."

"Please don't." Polly laughed to the point she began crying.

It went like that for a few hours, through geyser of pains, and the world worst step for sick frogs (or this case was cross until they reach the mountain pond.

After that, they disembarked and carried the ailing human to the water.

For a moment, she splashed around. Her delirium causing her to think it was simply another fountain

"Is she healed?" Polly leaned over the edge.

"Let's check. Oh no."

Polly cried. "Get better Mabel! Please get better!"

"Why isn't it working?" Hop Pop voice filled with worry. "This is terrible, this is..."

"Why isn't she dying?" Sprig interrupted his sister.

"Sprig give me the book." Hop Pop ordered.

He happily handed the book to his grandfather. "Here you go."

He flipped through the pages for a moment. "It can also be caused by a certain red mushroom. You said you made her a stew right?"

"Yeah, we put everything we could get our hands on in it."

"Did you happen to use this?" He said, showing a certain red mushroom.

"I think we did." Polly sheepishly confessed.

"Is it poison?" Sprig panicked.

"No," His expression softened. "One of the side effects to eating this is that it turns you red temporarily!"

"Really?" Polly was so relieved.

"She should be better soon." He slammed the book closed.

"Should we take her home?" Sprig asked.

"Of course we should, and get her in dry clothes." He taking charge.

"On it!" Polly hopped away.

After that they returned home… albeit not as smoothly as they hoped.

"Why did she try to fight three giant mantises in a row?!" Sprig cried out.

"She's crazy." Polly said.

"I guess you are right."


For the next few days, they cared for her, despite the difficulties of it all. Until eventually…

"Polly? That you?" Mabel whispered

"Yeah, it's me. Are you okay?"

"I think so, but I'm sore. What happened?"

"You got sick, and we might have given you something that turned you red... It was Sprig's idea!"


"You got sick."

"No red! I didn't know."

"I don't think any of us did."

"Thanks for helping." Mabel smile.

"Don't mention it. I guess we made this situation worst instead of better." She awkwardly rubbed the back of her head.

"Don't worry, I do that All the time!":

"By the way." She rubbed her shoulder. "Maybe you could tell me who Anne, Sasha and Marcy are?"

For a moment, Mabel paused. "They were some of my school… friends." Mabel hand went to her chin a bit lost in thought before continuing the sentence. "And I'm worried they may be… here too. They aren't perfect…but they could get hurt here…real badly. I…been though this before…but they haven't, they haven't."

"Ooo drama." She pulled out a popcorn bucket and began eating the bugs she had inside.

She laughed and started to tell Polly about her past at school. A bit of nostalgia in her voice.

"So, this Marcy girl, is some kind of super geek?"

"Big time, but also scatterbrained."

"So a smarter Sprig?" Polly asked.

"Even more scatterbrained."

"Oh my, and Anne?"

"Kind of a ditz herself. Didn't have much of a backbone."

"So polar opposite of you." She said.

"She was nice. But she allowed Sasha to basically control her."

"I guess this is a good transition to Sasha."

"Yup. Grade A control freak."

"That sounds bad."

"She was actually the first of the three I met, she was the cheer captain and I was new to the squad. She was super nice… at first…"

"You're a cheerleader?"

"Yup! And I was pretty good too." Mabel beamed with pride.

"I'll have to see that."

"When I'm feeling better I'll give you a show!" She promised.

To be continued…


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My Response: No she is not, she has some way to learn.

She will in her own way.

I agree, sadly for him I find him in pain funny too.

I watch it like four times on loop when it aired.

I won't spoiled anything because I might do a chapter on that.