A/N: All characters belong to Bandai Namco and Monolith Soft. Gift for Karen Hart. (Inspired by Xenosaga DS. Albedo's delirium in regards to Sakura.

The lights flickered dimly, like firefiles hovering aimlessly in the night. Ever since Joachim abandoned this place, the electric currents were out of whack. Very same went for the Kirschwassers.

Juli wanted nothing to do with them, and Joachim himself abandoned them.

Due to their lack of any sort of proper memory storage.

Their basis was Sakura, a fourteen year girl.

Of who was stricken with an intellectual and deliberating disease. Ever since Sakura was diagnosed, she never faced reality again.

But subconsciously, she was aware and well.

Oddly enough, Sakura was also able to speak as well. She always had trouble with conveying whatever it was on her mind. No words would emit through. Not even a mere noise could escape her. The rest of the story was hazy, and disfigured like a puzzle.

Sure, Albedo could reflect upon Sakura well, but he'd add on his "accurate" perception to the mix.

It wasn't like she mattered anymore. Sakura was dead, dead thanks to the likeness of God.

Ah, good riddance.

Right before Albedo could raise from his throne, a voice spoke from the chamber's entrance.

"I'm really surprised that you still remember me, Albedo."

Before he could reply, her warm and kind expression instantly changed to reflect disheartened uncertainty.

"Please be honest with me, am I still a bother to you?" After a short while, Albedo spoke back. But not without hatred.

"My, you're as inconsiderate as ever."

"It's been at least twelve years, and only "now" you decide to finally speak." "Been chatting with my loathsome other half, I see."

Quick little glimpses of Rubedo flashed by "Sakura's" eyes. She always cherished their time at the beach.

"He's important to me, at the same level of importance that he is to you." "If you were in my state you'd go to him first, wouldn't you?"

Mirthfully, Albedo pulled a grin.

"Of course, and then I'd completely avoid you thereon after." With a frown, "Sakura" approached the throne. Almost, he felt the urge to blast her from afar. "I see, so even after I saved you, you still insist on hating me."

"...At least tell me if "this" brings upon anything." "Anything at all." After a few moments of slience, Albedo's sight of her replaced by a famliar beach.

The area was completely empty, no matter where he looked. However upon looking further, Albedo saw himself reaching outward. To be one with U-DO is also to be dead, and oh god did Albedo want to die. It would've been a miracle, he'd finally be with Rubedo forever. His wish would've been granted!

But alas, that glorious moment was interrupted. Sakura stepped in, and sacrificed herself before he could make contact.

Painfully, Albedo's longed wish for obliteration died with vanity. His efforts... were wasted.

Though the memory was distant, it still felt agonisingly painful. But whilst Albedo regained his sense of reality. "Sakura's" hair flashed a hint of grey. Her time was almost up.