Chapter 1: The Perfect "Match" Part 1:

A certain man has his backed turned while the camera zooms in on him. His face may be hidden, but his voice is all to familiar.

"We've been on an island..." He spoke with serious tone, clearly referencing the first ever season, Total Drama Island. "Then we've been to the movies..." The hidden figure said, clearly referencing Total Drama Action. The hidden figure then held up a familiar passport. "We've also been on a 'World Tourrrrrr!" He added, referencing how he used to open up the show during season three. "Then we came back to a 'vengeful island..." He added dramatically. It was a clear referencing towards Total Drama Revenge Of The Island. "We've even saw our legendary 'All Stars' fight for what's right." This was a clear nod to Total Drama All Stars. "Then dawned a-a-." The hidden figures was struggling to find nice words to say about Total Drama Phakitew Island. "A new era." The man chuckled at his joke. Suddenly his face fell flat. "And then there was a...very interesting 'race around the world'...that yours truly couldn't be apart of." This was a clear reference and brief insult to the ever successful Ridonculous Race. The camera zoomed out so the figure's full body could be revealed.

It was Chris McLean...'

The host flashed a smile at the camera. "Greetings folks! It's me, the one and only Chris McLean! I bet you thought you wouldn't see me again, right?" Chris chuckled as he continued. "Wrong, you can't keep me away from the people I hurt...physically, mentally and emotionally." Chris looks at the landscape of the new Island. He smiles deviously before grinning and talking to the audience again. "Yep that's right, Total Drama is back and better than ever, and this season, we're all on a nice brand new Island, Komotay Island! 22 contestants will be arriving here soon, and let's just say, you can't 'box' their excitement. You all know the drill, contestants, confessionals dishing out the dirt, another season, all fighting for that rich and beautiful prize, ONE! MILLION! DOLLARS! We don't have time to waste, so sit back, relax and get ready because this is...Total...Drama...Nostalgia."

Later, Chris and Chef walked on the island's beach. Chef sported a grin, as did the ever infamous Chris McLean. The beach, much like the one on Camp Wawanakwa, was filled with some garbage like cans or bottle wrappers. "I bet most of you guys are 'nostalgic' about a past time. Well so am I." Chris and Chef stopped in their tracks once they reached what they were looking for. They stopped in front of multiple life sized presents, containing something. "And boy I have a trick or treat for you all." Chris and Chef laughed.

Chef knocked on one of the boxes, as if it were a door. Whatever was inside, definitely didn't sound happy. Kicks and bangs of defiance were heard coming from the inside. BANG BANG BANG! was all that was heard coming from inside some of the presents. The camera quickly cut away from the presents and in the direction of the happy and barely phased Chris.

"Inside these nicely wrapped presents, are our twenty two campers that'll be competing this season." More loud banging was beginning to be heard from inside the presents. Who could be inside? Chris didn't care in the slightest. "They're all collected from each and every last season that you have seen produced from us." He jokingly looked at the camera and whispered to the audience at home. "PS, if they seem a little PO'd, don't worry, they're all just a little cranky." Chris snaps his fingers as a signal to Chef. He then orders Chef to open the first 'present'. "Oh Chef!"

Chef pulled a layer of the wall down from the first life sized present and revealed...


"...Introducing one of our first of many Total Drama gen one veterans, it's our resident goth girl, the formerly known boyfriend kisser, and Total Drama season one finalist, Gwennnn!"

"Just great McLean," Gwen said, annoyed. "Not even five minutes back on your crummy show and you're already making my life miserable."

"Easy pasty," Chris pulled out a stack of papers. "Don't blame me, you signed a contract."

Gwen just ignored him, and angrily stood to the side and let Chris get on with the show, not wanting to dwell on his inhuman behavior.

"Anyways, moving on," Chris said dismissively. "You're gonna love this next contestant Gwen, I believe you know him very well."

"Oh no, not him," Gwen groaned "You just enjoy my suffering, don't you?"

"Yes," Chris said happily. "Yes I do," Chris continued with the next introduction.

Chef pulled down the layer to another present, revealing another classic Total Drama competitor that everyone knew all to well. The annoyed competitor stepped out and revealed himself to be...


"...Introducing Total Drama's own personalized juvenile delinquent, ex-con, finalist and winner of Total Drama Action, It's Duncannnn!"

"Eat dirt McLean!" Duncan immediately glared daggers at Chris and Chef for forcefully stuffing him into a life sized gift box. "You're lucky you had Chef, my parole officer and those two cops that threw me In the slammer to stuff me in there because I would've messed you up badly!"

"Duncan," Chris simply chuckled and ignored his ranting. "How's big boy jail treated you?" The smile on Chris' face was big enough to store acorns for the winter.

Duncan grinned at him in return. "It was actually pretty great, thanks to ma's awesome lawyer, it was pretty easy to get me a short sentence." Duncan continued. "It's also pretty easy when the person locking me up is also a middle aged tv host with a criminal record has also been thrown in the slammer too." Duncan burst out laughing as Chris twitched in anger at the 'middle aged' part of his joke. Duncan stopped laughing when he turned around, seeing someone he hasn't seen since All Stars. "What's up...Gwen?"

"Don't talk to me," Gwen gives her ex-boyfriend the cold shoulder. She immediately turns away from him, not even acknowledging, let alone looking in his direction. This left Duncan disappointed and slightly saddened.

Chris sneaks in a snicker. "Ouch," Chris folds his hands. "Not even five contestants revealed and there's already tension. Love it. Speaking of contestants, Chef."

Chef, like before, yanked a layer off of another present. Another familiar classic and veteran Total Drama player was revealed, and this face was definitely familiar. This female contestant stepped out and revealed herself to be...


"...Here's our resident CIT, Lawyer In the making, and one of the most ann.-" Chris stopped himself as Courtney glared daggers at him. "I mean, one of the our most gifted veterans of this game, It's Courtneyyyy!"

"Chris," Courtney crossed her arms and gives the host a stern look. "My lawyers did not agree to you stuffing me in a box!" Chris shrugged this off while Courtney walked over to where Gwen was. The Goth Girl looked genuinely happy to see her. Courtney embraced her friend with a genuine hug.

"Okay wait," Chris was genuinely confused. "The last time you two interacted, Courtney took a trip down the Flush Of Shame and everyone hated her, including Gwen."

"Well Chris," Courtney continued as Gwen smiled. "Us human beings with a warm heart, actually have emotions."

"You tell him."

Confessional (Courtney): Courtney looked happy and relaxed as she stared into the camera. "After All Stars ended, I called Gwen, and apologized for the whole chart thing, sure it took some time and a lot of persuasion, but eventually me and her managed to patch things up and have a healthy friendship."


Chris didn't care about what Courtney said and shrugged his shoulders. "Anyways, onto the next contestant, Chef."

Chef removed the layer to another present and revealed arguably Total Drama's greatest antagonist of all time...


"...And next up she is The Queen Of Mean, finalist and winner of Total Drama World Tour, it's Heatherrrrr!"

"Chris!" Heather snarled, causing the present Duncan, Courtney and Gwen to stare at her. "What goes on in that demented head of yours?! Shoving us in these stupid things like animals, I am gonna kill you!"

Chris didn't have time to waste with Heather. Things needed to get moving along. "No time for chit chat Heather, pick up the pace Chef!"

Chef, albeit annoyed, quickly opened up the of the life sized boxes and revealed the next contestant to be...


"Uh-Uh Chris," Leshawna added with sass and defiance. "I ain't sign up to be locked in no dang box like a Christmas gift!"

"Actually," Chris pulled out another copy of the contract for the season. "You did, and you ruined my charismatic introduction!" Chris pointed a finger at Leshawna. "Ugh, just be quiet and go stand over there with everyone else, I have a show to run."

After the brief fiasco with Leshawna was over, Chris turned to the audience. "You guys are gonna love these next two competitors! From Gen 1, veteran and season one finalist Owen and his pal who made a name for himself during World Tour, Noah!"

"Yeah baby," Owen was obviously enthusiastic, but Noah on the other hand, looked like he was on the verge of passing out. That was due to Owen farting relentlessly inside of their shared present. "What's up everyone, I'm so excited to be here again! This new island looks awesome!"

Noah spoke up. "What would've been awesome is if a walking time bomb didn't try to kill me with his toxic butt fumes."

"Whoops, sorry about that Noah buddy." Owen said, obviously oblivious. "Hi Leshawna, hey Gwen, Duncan."

"What's up baby? Show me some love." Leshawna gave Owen a high five.

"Hey Owen," Gwen added, with genuine kindness.

"Hey tubby." Duncan added. He topped this all off with a fist bump.

After the first few couple of contestants got reacquainted with Owen, Chris continued ordering Chef Hatchet to open more of the 'presents'. "Open 'em up Chef. The next contestants I'm about to announce are sharing the box with each other." Laughter was heard from Chris. "I did it as a practical joke. Making a name for themselves in World made the final three and the other's a crazed super-fan slash stalker we all fear in regards to our personal information about our lives, It's..."

Chef revealed the next two contestants...

Sierra and a horrified Cody...

"Why Chris?! Why?!" Chris just laughed hysterically at Cody's misfortune.

"CODYYYYY!" Sierra pulled Cody into a one sided hug. The other contestants felt pity for him due to Sierra's disturbing reputation as a super stalker.

"Poor Cody," Gwen added, with sorrow. "Will Sierra ever take a hint?"

"So She's still got a serious case of the crazies." Courtney negatively thought back to her past interactions with Sierra in past seasons on the show.

Some of the others were either to disturbed or didn't care enough to comment regarding Sierra, whom was still holding Cody tightly.

Chris just simply chuckled and ignored them. "Anyways, Chef, it's time to 'unwrap' our last two Gen 1 contestants." Chris made the 'unwrap' part a clear pun.

Chef simply nodded before removing the layers from two more presents containing the last two Gen 1 veterans...

Tyler and Alejandro!

"I knew I smelled an eel nearby," Noah was getting a bad feeling about something. Or was it someone? "And it's the 'Latin kind'."

"Ughhh, not him." Heather was annoyed at the later whom stepped out.

"...Also Making a name for himself in Season and debuting is season three, it's the wannabe jock and airhead, Tyler!" Chris continued, finishing his introduction. "...Everyone's favorite handsome and charming manipulator, and Heather's on and off boyfriend, Alejandro!"

Tyler was stoked to have been brought back for another season. His excitement was impossible to contain. "Oh yeah! To the extreme baby! Yeah! I'm here to win this thing!"

"Gentlemen," Alejandro spoke, in his usual manner. "It's a pleasure to be reunited amongst familiar faces again." He offered his hand in hopes that he would get a handshake in return, but as expected, he received the cold shoulder, mainly from Heather, Leshawna, Duncan and especially Noah.

"Stuff it, Al!" Duncan bitterly states, remembering Alejandro betraying him him in Africa while hunting down Ezekiel during World Tour.

Leshawna spoke up and didn't exactly have nicer words for the infamous contestant either. "You ain't fooling nobody with that kind pretty boy act. So you better step off, cause Leshawna don't make the same mistake twice!"

"Sorry," Noah added sarcastically. "I don't shake hands with an eel, you'll end up getting shocked..."

"Fair enough amigos, I wouldn't blame you." Alejandro wasn't surprised by his negative reception. He then turns his attention to a familiar female competitor of his. "Heather Mi Amor..."

"Ex-Amor to you." The Queen Bee dismissed the presence of her 'complicated' partner. "Don't even bother trying to suck up, I'm not easily persuaded by your loser charm."

"My my, always so feisty, that's what I love about you, my dear Heather."

Chris, whom was watching this ordeal couldn't help but smile seeing as there was alot of ongoing tension. And this was just from Gen 1 alone. "I'm loving the tension and animosity towards each other, but save it for later, right now we've got all of our Gen 1 veterans present and competing this year." Chris claps his hands together. "Now it's time for some more familiar faces, from Gen 2 AKA Revenge Of The Island, here's what some might call an ultimate jock, what others might call a dumb jock, here's Gen 2 competitor and Revenge Of The Island finalist, it's Lightning!"

Chef opened up another one of the presents and revealed Lightning to everyone else. Lightning of course immediately began show boating and making it clear that this was his season. "Sha-Lighting strike! Lightning's here to win this game, stand back! You've been struck by Lightning!" The Jock began kissing his muscles, much to the annoyance of Chris, Chef and the other revealed players.

Confessional (Alejandro): The Latino looked annoyed with his hand on his face. "I cannot believe that this incompetent fool is back. The last time I saw Lightning, his stupidity cost us a challenge, but he could be useful."


"Okay," Chris shoves Lightning out of the way. "Let's get this show on the road. Our next contestant from Revenge Of The Island is our resident Jockette, feared by all nerds and guys alike, it's Jooo!"

Chef removed the collapsed section of Jo's present and our came the annoyed Jockette. She wasted no time in throwing insults at Chris. "Is that the best you can do McLean? Pathetic! Give me a real challenge."

"Hiya Jo," Chris remained unbothered. "I hope you do well, seeing as it took three of my Interns and Chef to stuff you in there, two of which are currently in the hospital. Thanks to you."

"Whatever," Jo merely brushed aside her actions. "I don't go down without a fight..." Her attention turned to Lightning. "I see you've already brought 'Whitening' out."

Lightning refused to be Insulted. He didn't hesitate to Fire back at Jo and her petty comments. "Watch it Jo, the Lightning is here to win this thing, you're Sha-going down Jo, just you watch!"

Before Jo and Lightning's argument could escalate, Chris silenced the both of them because they were wasting time. And Chris hates when valuable tormenting time is wasted. "Enough, we're wasting time. Chef open up the next two quickly."

Chef wasted no time in opening the next two presents, the freed contestants looked on and saw two more familiar faces.

"...Here's our very own dirt eating and farm themed manipulator Scott, and finalist of Total Drama All Stars, it'sssss Mikeeeeee!"

Once Mike and Scott were freed of their brief imprisonment, Scott stretched, shot an evil grin towards everyone and walked to the side where the rest of the freed players were standing.

"Oww, man that was painful, what the heck Chris?"

Chris like the host he was, showed no remorse. "Welcome back Mike! Get your butt over there with everybody else and wait until I'm done."

"So the dirt boy and multiple Mike have returned," Jo scoffs. "More opposition for me to crush like a bug."

"Don't be so sure Jo," Scott retorted. "You're going down."

Mike on the other hand simply ignored Jo's trash talking while waiting for everyone else. As he stood by, he caught a few people glaring at him, mainly Courtney and Alejandro due to the problems 'he' caused them back in season five.

Confessional (Courtney): Courtney did not look very happy. And only she she knew. Her hands folded across her chest as she began to vent her frustrations. "That little twerp Mike is the main reason I had to struggle and claw to earn Gwen's trust again, he's also the main reason why I got flushed down a giant and disgusting toilet! If he crosses me this season, he's gonna get a one way ticket out of here."


Chris immediately noticed the angry stares directed towards Mike and immediately called it out and began making jokes. "Ouuuu, Mike, it seems as if your 'old friends' I don't know, hate you." Thanks to Chris, the formerly multiple personified Mike felt very uncomfortable. "Remember in season five, where you exposed Courtney's list to Gwen and her boyfriend at the time..." Chris was purposely trying to stir up tension. "And then you purposely destroyed the chocolate, causing Courtney's Sunday to look like crap...or how about when you waged war with Alejandro, cost him the Obsta-Kill Course immunity and got him tossed down the Flush Of Shame..."

This made Alejandro and Courtney more annoyed with Mike. Before Chris could continue, Gwen stepped in, standing up for Mike and shutting Chris up. "Shut it McLean, You know as well as I know, that wasn't Mike and he's not that guy anymore."

"Thanks Gwen, I owe you one big time."

The Goth Girl smiled at him. "No problem Mike. Chris is a big jerk so any chance to stick it to him, I'll take it."

Chris was annoyed that he was being insulted but carried on about his introductions. "Man, you guys are seriously no fun."

"Oh please," Heather cut him off. "Your idea of fun is shoving us off a cliff and laughing in our faces."

Chris shrugged. "True," Chris chuckled, not bothering to deny it. "But anyways, I'll cut Mike some slack with this next contestant. She's Total Drama's resident Indie Chick, red head, finalist and winner of Total Drama All Stars, it's Mike's lovey dovey girlfriend, Zoeyyyyy!"

After Chef freed Zoey from her life sized present, Mike didn't waste anytime rushing to her aid. "Hi Zoey."

"Mike, hey." She replies with both a kiss on his cheek and genuine enthusiasm. Zoey turns her attention to the rest of the competitors and kindly greets the rest of them in her trademark manner. "Hey guys, it's been a while."

Most of the the other contestants ignored Zoey, specifically Courtney, Noah, Heather, Lightning, Jo and Scott. The more nicer contestants actually acknowledged her, even the ones whom have never seen or interacted with her before.

"Hi Zoey!" Sierra crazily screamed at the top of her lungs while snapping a random picture of her with her smartphone.

"What's up girl?" Leshawna respectfully said.

"Nice to meet you." Owen added.

Chris was getting annoyed. "Alright, we've all met Zoey, just get over there and stand there while I wrap this up." Chris let out a sigh. "We've got one more competitor left from Revenge Of The Island, Chef, bring out Dawn..."

Chef opened up the present that Dawn was stuffed in. Chris and Chef were waiting for The Moon Child, but they didn't here anything, not even a tap.

"Chef? Where the heck is Dawn at?" Chef looked inside the present before shrugging. She wasn't inside...











"...I'm right here Chris..."

"Yikes!" Chris and a few of the other contestants shrieked as Dawn mysteriously appeared before them. "How did did you manage to get out of there? I made sure these poorly made presents were sealed up nice."

Zoey suddenly spoke up. "Why am I not surprised?, Dawn is...strange in a good way."

"Weird creepy girl," Heather snarled, "Reminds me of Gwen."

"Oh shut it...Old Heather." Gwen replied smugly.

Now that Chris and the contestants were settled down after Dawn's light scare, Chris now had all of the first and second generation players revealed. "Okay, now that Dawn is..." Chris struggled to find proper words. "Taken care of, that leaves all Total Drama Island and Total Drama Revenge Of The Island competition revealed. But wait, there's more! Just a little more." There were now less life sized presents then before. There were exactly five of them left to be exact. "From Phakitew Island, I give you...Total Drama's own knockoff wizard, here's Leonardddddd!"

Chef opened up Leonard's present and tossed him out, a lithe more aggressively than the others. "He wouldn't shut up, kept talking about casting some dang spells."

This is when Leonard spoke up. "I'll have you know, the forces of Wawanakwa will not take mockery well! Chef, you shall not insult magic!"

A few of others snickered at this while others were flat out lauging, specifically Duncan, Chris, Jo, Scott and In general the more ruder people.

"Yo Chris!" Chef yelled. "Why'd you bring this fool back?!"

"Hey, don't blame me man," Chris shrugged. "The producers decided to give him another chance, apparently the role playing junk he's into is popular with the Harold-Type Geeks these days, and some of those geeks watch Total Drama and apparently are fans of this guy, who cares? more money and viewership for me."

Chef simply shrugged, satisfied enough by Chris's previous comment.

"Yes! I must make my loyal disciples happy!" Leonard happily said.

"Okay," Jo said, annoyed, "We've all met the pencil neck wizard geek, let's get this show on the road."

"For once I agree with you Jo." Chris shoved Leonard in the direction of the other contestants. "Silence Leonard, just wait over there with everybody else."

"No problem Chris," The Larper enthusiastically replied.

"Good, Chef let me take these last few ones." Chef didn't hesitate to take up Chris up on his word. The host knew there were about four hidden people left, and he had a flashy grin. He took a deep breath and went on with the show. "As you all know by now, there's going to be a few unfamiliar faces this season. Leonard being one of them, but there's more. Returning from the same season as Leonard, this shall be her second season! She can be considered a carbon copy of her nearly twenty minute older sister, I give you, the sweet, shy and likely to di.-" Chris saw the stares directed at him and quickly changed his words. "Sweet, shy and likely to CRY! I give you Sameyyyyy!"

Unlike Chef, Chris freed Samey in a much different manner than Chef, instead of carefully removing one layer, Chris instead opted for banging his fist on the entire thing, causing it to cave in and collapse.

"Ow Chris!" Samey was now revealed to the audience and looked nervous. She saw the very serious competition among her and knew that her second season wasn't going to be an easy one. She began to nervously try and greet everyone. "Ummm...hi everyone." Much to her disappointment and Chris's personal enjoyment, her greeting gained a lukewarm response, but this was mainly from the more manipulative and arrogant players like Jo, Heather, Scott and Alejandro. She gulped out of nervousness seeing as those said players were now all staring at the Nice Twin.

"Don't worry Goldilocks," Jo said smugly. "You won't be around long enough for them to mess with you."

"You better watch yourself...newbie." Heather added, almost mirroring what she had said to Jo back in All Stars. "Get In my way, and I'll make you regret it."

"Just watch it blondie." Scott's response was the least cruelest.

Samey was disappointed by the reaction she received. Chris laughed quietly. "Wow Samey, you're already the guest of honor." The host added, obviously sarcastically.

Samey just looked nervous. "Chris, you told me that some of my friends would be competing this season."

Chris laughed as he made a blunt statement towards the nice girl. "Yeah...I lied, just wanted to give you a little bit of hope, but you as well as everyone else should know by now to never believe everything I say."

Samey released a deep breath of sadness before walking over to stand with everybody else. Her sadness was comforted by the nearby Zoey, whom sympathized with her. "Don't listen to him," Zoey pointed towards Heather, Jo and Scott for their earlier comments towards her. "Or them for that matter."

Samey felt a sense of relief knowing there was at least one friendly that she could get along with. Zoey seemed like a nice girl. "Thanks."

"No problem, Sammy."

Samey's eyes widened. She almost couldn't believe it, someone had actually addressed her by her real name. "Wait...what did you just say?"

Zoey looked surprised. "I called you Sammy, is that a problem?"

"No, it's just," Samey paused "That everyone calls me Samey because of my sister, you see we're Twins.-"

Chris cut off Samey's explanations by introducing the very dreaded person the Nice Twin was referring. "And we're bringing her out right now! Also from Phakitew Island, coming back for her second season, she's aggressive, rude with an attitude, impatient like no other, and she could honestly rival Heather..."

"HA! Please, no one's on my level." Heather arrogantly stated.

Chris ignored Heather's retorts and wrapped up the introduction. "...I give you, The rival Twin Sister of Samey, it's Amyyyyyyyyy!" Chris opened up the present Amy was contained in and out came the Evil Twin, looking very annoyed. Samey was of course disappointed and slightly annoyed while everyone else was mostly unfazed.

Amy didn't waste any time shooting an insult towards her much nicer sister. "You should be grateful Chris let you come out first SpareAmy. After all, you are the lesser known sister. While I'm the fabulous one."

Samey just slouched in defeat, not even bothering to waste her breath on fighting back. Gwen, Leshawna, Noah and the other nicer or at least respectful contestants pitied the girl.

Confessional (Leshawna): She had a determined look on her face with her arms crossed. "Ouuu, something tells me that me and this girl are not gonna get along...She's like a blonde version of Heather."


As Amy continued to berate her sister, someone spoke up to her. "Hey!...Cut it out! That's mean."

Amy, unimpressed turned to see Zoey glaring at her. "And why should I listen to you? She's a Spare Me, she's worth nothing."

"That's not true, she's worth as much as anyone."

Amy scoffed. "Whatever, out of my way losers." Amy emphasized that she was talking to everyone currently present.

"Hey, Blondie," Jo snarled. "I'd be careful what you say next, unless you value your own well-being."

Amy merely glared in retaliation. Jo did the same in return. Heather on the other hand, had a small ounce of respect for this girl's attitude.

Confessional (Heather): "Seriously, I respect the way that cheerleader carries herself, ruthless and uncaring...I like it." Heather grinned menacingly into the camera.


Chris eventually settled everyone down. He stood between the last two life sized presents. He seemed eager to open these two. It was almost time. "Alright, settle down, as much as I would love to watch you all insult each other bitterly all day, Leonard, Amy and Samey wrapped up Gen 3."

"Ughh, there's more?"

Chris simply ignored this. "Yes Noah, there's two more left."

Noah smirked. "Let me guess, you've got feral freak Ezekiel hiding In there to attack everyone."

Hearing this, most of the contestants that interacted with Zeke in the past began to worry. Chris laughed as he saw the fear spread across the faces of gens one and two. "Relax guys, as funny as that would be, Zeke isn't inside any of these for two reasons, one he's not competing this season, and two, Zeke's no longer feral..."

"WHAT?!" Everyone said at the same time.

Chris understood the shock and briefly explained. "Believe me, that was me and Chef's reactions. Apparently Home School's mom got in contact with the producers some point after season five and before Phakitew Island. She missed her son so badly that she promised she wouldn't sue as long as they helped him. So they came to a deal, captured Zeke and through some heavy rehabilitation, our favorite sexist homeschooler went from freakishly feral, to normal Zeke, talk about devolution." Chris shrugged. "Surprisingly he doesn't even hate me anymore."

"I seriously doubt it." Noah added smugly.

Chris grew slightly annoyed. "Enough about Zeke, I promise you all, he's not here, Noah and Owen, I believe you know this next person well."

Owen got excited. "Is it Geoff?! Or DJ! Ouuu I can't wait!"

Noah remained silent. Chris continued goading The Brainiac. "Noah, aren't you missing anyone? A special someone in your life?"

"Not in particular...why?"

"Because I think you'll love this one...she's a highly motivated, a no nonsense, by the book law student." This last statement made Noah's eyes widen. Courtney even became interested in this next contestant after hearing she was interested in the same field as her. "She competed in a season that shall not be named in my presence."

"The Ridon.-" Noah was cut off be an annoyed Chris.

"Don't say it! Due to very popular demand amongst fans, Here's one half of The Sisters, I give you, your girlfriend, EMMAAAAA!" Chris opened the present and Emma stepped out. Most of the other competitors had their jaws on the floor, mainly the ones that personally have interacted or competed with or against Noah.

"Wait," Leshawna asked in shock. "When in the world did String Bean get a girlfriend?"

Even Duncan, whom was mostly quiet the entire time after his ordeal with Gwen said something, expressing his own feelings and shock. "Dude, no way man, she's actually hot. I figured he'd just settle down with an average Dorkette or die alone surrounded by homework and cats." Duncan snickered to himself about his joke.

Noah was slightly offended almost everyone thought he was incapable of talking to girls. "Okay seriously, what gives guys? I know I'm not exactly popular amongst you all, but are your expectations reallly that low."

"Ignore them Noah, what matters most is that only I love you." The voice of a future lawyer in the making was heard from behind him.

"Aw thanks, Emma."

"Awwwwwww," A few of the female contestants, mainly the nicer ones were touched by this. Jo and Heather on the other hand showed no care or emotion to the touching moment. Sierra quickly snapped a picture of the two for her blog. The flash of her camera caused their eyes to widen as a result of this, ruining the moment in the process.

"Ugh, I forgot about the crazy super-fan Sierra." Noah added, gently annoyed.

"Oh Sorry Noah." Sierra said frantically, "I had to take it to keep the fans updated on your Nemma blog and your individual blogs as well."

Emma, although slightly disturbed was about to ask about it until she was stopped. "Don't ask." Was all her boyfriend said. And she simply nodded in return.

Chris on the other hand had his hands crossed, impatiently waiting for the two to wrap things up. "Yes yes, reunions can be touching Yada Yada, now let's get this show on the road..." The Host With The Most now had only one more player to reveal and then that would mean the entire cast this season would be officially revealed. "Twenty one players are down, but there's still one more left, Emma, Noah and Owen, I believe you know this girl well, she's the polar opposite to Emma, like Sierra she's savvy with a smartphone, has a knick for extreme and random selfies, also beloved by fans of Total Drama and the 'show that shall not be named' I give you Kittyyyyyyyyy!"

Chris opened the final present and out came Emma's sister Kitty, unlike most of the others, she didn't really seem to mind that she was forcefully placed inside of a poorly made container. It seemed like she was in the process of taking selfies.

"Kit." Emma was genuinely happy to see that her little sister was present amongst her boyfriend and Owen.

"Hey Emma! Hey Owen!" Kitty enthusiastically shouted back at them.

"Hey Kitty!" Owen did the same thing in return.

Now that everyone was here, things finally get started, for real this time. "Good," Chris started. "Now that everyone's finally here and got all chit chatty with each other, it's time for me to explain everything about this season. As you all remember, our old Island, Camp Wawanakwa has obviously sunk to the bottom of the lake, and then there was Phakitew Island, but we won't even get into that awfully weird season. This is our new home." Chris formed a grin. "Komotay Island, this place is far bigger than Camp's loaded with tons of wild animals, the same ones that were present on Wawanakwa, plus some more..."

"Gee this ought to be fun." Gwen stated sarcastically.

"I knew you were happy for a reason," Jo's voice was heard, "Your demented McLean, demented."

"It's loaded with Coyotes, Komodo Dragons, Grizzlies, Snakes and who knows what the heck else this awesome Island has. Also, this place even has a similar Cliff to Wawanakwa, only difference is," Chris rubbed his hands together. "It's a little taller than the old one."

Some of the contestants looked nervous about this as there were alot of dangerous animals. And this was only in the first sentence alone. But Chris quickly reassured them. "Relax, this place is a Canadian animal reserve. When I discovered and bought this place, part of my deal was that I was legally required to take care of whatever lies in this place, it took a lot of time and paperwork thanks to the whole Toxic Waste fiasco on the old Island, thanks to those meddlesome RCMP pigs, I now have to be under random inspections, they'll be checking out the fauna and wildlife to make sure I don't do anything funny to them..."

"So...does that mean we won't have to compete in animal related challenges?" Courtney asked hoping for it to be true.

Chris merely laughed at this question. "You all should know me by now, of course we will at some point!" The contestants groaned with full disappointment. "Anyways, enough about that, if you look just to your left, you'll see the sleeping accommodations...Since this season is themed around nostalgia and throwbacks, we decided that for the losers sleeping accommodations, they'll be sleeping in the old Loser Cabin from seasons one, four and five!" Everyone groaned at the site of the old crummy and run down cabin. Some of the contestants didn't exactly have good memories inside this cabin. Since The Sisters were practically newbies compared to everyone else, they merely eyed it with curiosity.

"...And here's where the winners of each challenge will be sleeping." Chris soon pointed to a much bigger and nicer looking cabin than all the others. "The newly rebuilt McLean Spa Hotel! Equipped with all the same features and uses as before, much suited for a luxurious night's sleep, a morning's breakfast and a night's meal."

This naturally lifted everyone's moods seeing where they would be sleeping if they were to win.

Chris then turned to Duncan. "Hey Duncan," He pointed at the Ex-Con, "try not to blow it up this time, Will ya?"

Duncan shot an annoyed glance at the host. "No promises." He jokingly shot back in defiance.

Chris got angry and aggressively pointed at the troublesome Ex-Con's chest. "Don't push me Duncan!" After calming down, he continued with explaining the season's rules and among other things. "You all know the drill, we've scooped up the old outhouse for confessionals."

Everyone nodded.

But then Chris grew a smile on his face. "...And I believe you all remember something called, the Elimination Ceremony..."

Everyone grew a nervous look on their faces as they remembered the most dreadful part of the season outside of Chris and his wacky challenges. They weren't ready for what the host was about to say next.

"This season, since the name is 'Nostalgia' after all. If you all take a look at the dock where good old Chef Hatchet is." Chris pointed to where an evilly smiling Chef was on the dock. There was a very large tarp covered over what looked like very huge items. "I've decided this year's elimination method will be...all Elimination methods from the past! Ohhh Chef?"

The competitors gasped as Chef removed the tarp. And to their horror they saw all of the elimination methods that were used in the past. The Boat Of Losers was hidden in the background. The Hurl Of Shame, The newly rebuilt Flush Of Shame as well as The Cannon Of Shame were all seen.

Confessional (Courtney): "This season, mark my words, I definitely won't be flushed down that disgusting toilet again, you hear me Chris? Mark my words."


Confessional (Amy): "Seriously, I'd give all of mommy and daddy's riches to see Samey flushed down that toilet, she's going down this season! And I promise you that."


Confessional (Kitty): "Ewwwww, that is is so gross, a giant toilet? I'd rather be doused in Owen's sweat again." Kitty was clearly disgusted by Chris's elimination methods.


"I know... Shocking isn't it?" Chris began complimenting his own hosting skills. "Man I am good." He had just a two more important things to do. "But now it's time for my personal favorite part that doesn't involve tormenting you, picking the teams. I'll be putting you on teams based on your past actions." Soon Chef appeared with to circular rugs, one was a bright orange and the other being a very dark blue. Both were rolled up so no one could see what was on them. "If I call your name, stand to my we go...Gwen."

Gwen looked at Courtney with a hopeful smile as she walked over and stood to the left side of Chris.


"Yes!" The CIT high-fived her friend as she walked over to where Gwen was. They were both happy Chris put them on the same team.


"The girls are back together again, Let's go girl! Give me something!" Like she did with Courtney, Gwen high-fived her friend before giving her a hug to. So far so good. Chris called the next name.


"Oh yeah! It's like a Screaming Gophers reunion!" Once Owen reached his team, he gave a big hug to Gwen and Leshawna since they were once on the same team before.

"Ummm, Owen," Courtney awkwardly began talking to Owen. "I was a Killer Bass in Season One..." Gwen merely chuckled at her friend's comments then playfully elbowed her in the arms. "What? I'm just saying..." Owen laughed nervously. Chris called the next name of the person that would be on their team.


"YAY!" Sierra giggled frantically like a creep as she ran over to the rest of her team. Gwen and Courtney were naturally nervous about this. "OMG! This would make the perfect Team Amazon reunion pic for my blog! I'd have to crop out Owen and Leshawna. All we need is Cody and Heather!" Owen and Leshawna looked at each other a shrugged.

Heather was merely creeped out by this while Cody was praying with a last shrine of hope that he wouldn't be placed on the same team as Sierra.

"Well you're in luck Sierra because the next person is...Cody!"

"Nooooooo! Chris why?! Just why?!" As Chris enjoyed his disappointment, Cody fell to his knees heartbroken as Sierra ran over to where he was standing. She then dragged him to where the rest of the team was. She frantically began searching for her smartphone. Once she found it she immediately took a picture of an off-guard Courtney, Gwen and a disappointed Cody. "Say Amazon Reunion!"

Gwen, Courtney and Cody merely looked at each confused after the picture was taken.

Confessional (Cody): Cody let out a big sigh. The sadness was clearly heard. "I figured after World Tour ended, Sierra would respectfully accept that I'm not into her but we could at least be friends. "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything she did to help me make it as far as I did. For that I'll forever be grateful, there's no denying that, but I can't keep living like this, I just want peace!"


While Sierra forced Cody to hug her against his will, While Gwen and Courtney conversing with each other as Leshawna and Owen did the same, Chris called the name of the next person that would be joining said players.


"Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about, this is the Extreme Team!" Tyler ran over and gave Owen a high five. Gwen looked amused, while Courtney decided to steer clear of the Jock, awkwardly remembering her past actions involving him during Total Drama World Tour. While the Jock began doing some push-ups, Chris called the next person.


As Mike walked over to his new team, he turned and gave a hopeful look towards Zoey. "Really hope we're on the same team. You know what they say, third time's a charm." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Me to." She quietly laughed as she watched her boyfriend head over to his new team. Chris wasted no time in calling the next person's name.


The Larper immediately moved once his named was called. He decided to cast a 'spell' and use his 'teleportation spell'. "By the spirits of Wawanakwa and Komotay Island, i command you to grant me the powers of teleportation!"

"Just shut up and join Gwen and the others, Leonard." Chris had his hand on his face, trying to hide his irritation. He was slowly losing his patience, but he kept his temper in check. Most of the others snickered at how foolish the Larper was acting.

Leonard graciously joined his new team. "Greetings, fellow beings."

Gwen and Courtney both had perplexed looks on their faces. "Umm hi." The both of them were in sync.

"What's up baby?" Leshawna so far was the only who was kind to Leonard.

But Mike decided to be respectful also. "Hey man."

Owen remembering his odd encounter with the Larper during the Ridonculous decided not to say anything to him. After this was over, Chris announced the name of the next competitor joining them.


This announcement shocked the people who were currently on the unnamed team, especially Gwen and Leshawna. This only made made Samey nervous as she knew that there was one more slot left of this team.

The Evil Twin wasted no time in walking to her team, in the mean time, she smiled menacingly at her sister. Unlike the others, she didn't greet anyone. "Better say a prayer to yourself Samey."

Samey just gulped. She grew even more nervous when Chris was about to announce the last player for Team One. Chris looked around...He raised his finger in the air, spun it around and pointed. Chris said the name...























Confessional (Amy): She was very much annoyed at her sister's lucky break. "Ugh! Samey got lucky, I wanted to be the one to humiliate her before she gets eliminated, but oh well, I guess the losers on her team will save me the trouble."


Samey sighed in relief, she managed to dodge a bullet. Zoey on the other hand, was extremely disappointed that she wasn't gonna be on the same team as Mike. Mike in return, shared this same disappointment.

Confessional (Zoey): She had sadness all over her face. "I was really looking forward to being on the same time as Mike." She took a deep breath. "I hope this doesn't come between us and we end up as fierce rivals or anything like that." She formed a small smile. "Who am I kidding? Me and Mike love each other too much for something as silly as that."


"Greetings friends." Dawn walked over to the now completed Team One. "I do hope we find success together."

"Okay, you guys will be known as..." Chris had Chef toss the orange rug in front of Gwen and the others. It revealed to have a mighty and tough looking Tiger on it. "The Heroic Tigers!"

"Oh Yeah!" The now named Heroic Tigers cheered in Union for their new moniker.

Chef then tossed the dark blue rug in front of the remaining contestants. The rug revealed to have a Lion grinning deviously. Chris looked at them with an amused look. "Wow, this is truly interesting. Duncan, Heather, Noah, Alejandro, Lightning, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Samey, Emma and Kitty. The rest of you will known as...The Villainous Lions!"

"Wait a minute McLean," Emma had her trademark serious face. Chris tuned to look at The Law Schooler. "Why are we The Villains?"

Chris merely chuckled before explaining. "Simple really, most of you on this time has done some messed up things. Duncan! You blew up my cottage proving that your still a villain at heart." Chris nearly shed a tear remembering how Duncan destroyed his cottage during Season five. Duncan merely rolled his eyes before Chris regained his composure. "Heather is just, well Heather, Your dorky know it all boyfriend is just well, annoying." Chris chuckled while Emma and Noah merely looked annoyed. "Alejandro is known for his usual antics. "Lightning nearly ripped Cameron to pieces during season four's finale, Jo is just...well Jo," The Jockette looked proud of Chris naming her a villain for the second time. "Scott is just overall conniving...Zoey waged war with Chef after he pushed her off a Cliff."

Chris then looked at Samey. "Don't think we forgot what you did Samey, you poisoned your Twin Sister and pretended to be her to stay in the competition."

Samey immediately tried to defend herself. "That's not fair, she's been awful to me my ent.-"

"Don't care, my decision is final," Chris then turned to the Sisters. "And you Emma, you took advantage of that weak adversity kid's fear of germs to save your boyfriend's butt." Chris was amused by the shock on Emma's face. "Yeah that's right, as painful as it was for me to sit through, I saw everything on 'the show that will never be named in my presence.' And finally Kitty, you knocked that one dude off of the edge of a cliff."

Kitty immediately saw the stares from her teammates. "That was an accident! I didn't mean t.-"

"He's doing this on purpose." To everyone's surprise Duncan spoke up. "He's trying to mess with us by taunting us with moments we aren't exactly proud of ourselves for." The Ex-Con glared at Chris. "Your gonna have to try harder than that Chris."

Chris smiled. Then he merely brushed off Duncan's claims. "Anyways, now that you all now the drill and have your teams set, meet me on the Dock in exactly one hour. And bring your swimsuits, your first challenge is now being set up by the Interns, until then, do whatever you want, as long as it's legal and doesn't cost my money...McLean out." Soon Chris and Chef walked away, leaving the teams to do whatever they wanted for the next hour. "Chef, call the interns and get them to clean this mess up."

And with that, The Heroic Tigers and The Villainous Lions went about the day until it was challenge time, everyone wondered just what could Chris have in store for them...

Some point later, Chris was inside his private quarters located somewhere on the Island. He was surrounded by multiple monitors that showed footage of the entirety of Komotay Island. He had a smile as he watched everything the contestants.

"Twenty two down, none have left, who will survive what I have in store for their first challenge? Who will crumble under the pressure? Will people get hurt physically, and emotionally? All that will be answered here, on Total...Drama...Nostalgia!"


The Villainous Lions: Duncan, Heather, Noah, Alejandro, Lightning, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Samey, Emma & Kitty.

The Heroic Tigers: Gwen, Courtney, Leshawna, Owen, Sierra, Cody, Tyler, Mike, Leonard, Amy & Dawn.

Placement: N/A