Chapter 5: The Beauty Of A Beast

Lights, cameras, they were all flashing as if the paparazzi had stormed the scene. Once they settled, Chris was revealed to standing of the Dock Of Shame, with a smile worth a hundred bucks. He recapped the previous episode's events as he opened the show. "Last time on Total Drama Nostalgia, the teams went on a nostalgia quest in Grease themed challenges, with mechanical building skills, musical numbers, humiliating punishments and more. We saw Gwen and Courtney prove that nothing was gonna get in the way of their repaired friendship, or is there moreee?" He smiled. "Speaking of friendships, we saw that Duncan and Zoey drive the formerly multiplied man of Mike insane with their friendship, Scott, Lightning and Alejandro's Bromance slash alliance infiltrated by Jo, and as a result of that, and his air clogging up his head, Lightning was the big loser, got replaced by his own alliance and got the Hurl Of Shame."

Chris walked over to his row of elimination methods, "What lies in store for the players today? Who will take a humiliatingly excruciating trip home, and how can we physically and mentally punish them until then? All the answers to these questions lie here, only one, Total... Drama...Nostalgia!"

Inside the Spa Hotel, the various Heroic Tigers were enjoying their well-deserved accommodations.

Gwen and Courtney enjoyed a plate of brownies, with full delight. Gwen had even wiped a sludge of chocolate of of Courtney's lips. "Missed a spot, clumsy."

This only caused Courtney to giggle. Leshawna, who sat on a recliner chair not to far away watched them with a smile on her face. Those two are so dang adorable.

Suddenly someone spoke to Leshawna, "Why yes Leshawna, Gwen and Courtney are the most adorable examples of good people." Leshawna, being spooked, nearly fell out of her seat once Dawn's presence was revealed. The Moon Child sat in lotus position on the ground next to the recliner Leshawna was In.

"Whew, Girl it's just you, seriously Dawn, honey, you've gotta let a sister know when your here, almost gave me a heart attack, and let me guess, you've read my...aura, and determined my thoughts?"

"Yes I did, and I agree with you to the fullest my friend."

"I knew it, anyways, I've been meaning to talk to you anyways, again about that spoiled little rich witch over there." The pair's eyes fell upon Amy, who was berating two interns that were helping out with the Spa Hotel's accommodations. They would be lying to themselves if they didn't feel bad for those poor interns. "I been thinking, we need more than just us two to get rid of her, I'm going to try and convince Tyler, Owen and maybe even Cody to vote with us, she's history."

Dawn smiled, liking the sound of that idea. "Yes, Mother Earth believes in you Leshawna."

The latter smiled at Dawn, "Hey Dawn, you know your a good person, and I'm glad to call you my friend."

"Why thank you, and likewise Leshawna."

Leshawna looked away for a second to pick up a glass of OJ, when she looked back, Dawn, as usual, was no longer next to her. That girl is something else.

Owen and Tyler were having a 'bro talk' as Tyler called it, while stuffing there faces at the buffet table.

"...So, what is the big favor your doing for Noah bro?"

Owen smiled, then showed Tyler a small box containing something that he had been asked to keep safe for Noah before this season started. "After Noah and Emma got together, and the Ridonculous Race ended, they went on a trip to Paris, and Noah spent a wicked amount of cash to get her this diamond necklace with her and Noah kissing in it." Owen removed the necklace from the box to show Tyler the necklace, it was almost exactly like the one Mike gave to Zoey in the fourth season, but smaller and obviously more expensive. Tyler was impressed needles to say.

"Wow, that's awesome dude, gotta give Noah his props, extremely super hot babe he's got there, hope all's right with him."

"Yeah," Owen let out a deep breath. "My little buddy's the luckiest guy in the world, and I'm with him until the end."

Nearby, Amy watched this unfold.

Confessional (Amy): "That is so adorable," At first, she had a sincere look on her face. Then the look fell to a glare. "To bad, Owen's just another chapter in my plan to win the million."


Cody and Mike were sitting down hanging out and talking to each other. "So," Mike started. "We really need to figure out what the heck we're going to do about HER."

"I know dude, but Gwen and Zoey are at stake, and I don't want any harm to come to your girlfriend, or Gwen especially."

Mike signed in sadness, "Don't worry, we'll figure it out soon enough, until then, we have no choice but to obey her."

At the Loser Cabin, the girls of the Villainous Lions were all up on their side of the cabin doing their own things. Heather continuously filed her nails, Jo did push-ups, Zoey sat on her bed putting her shoes on, Samey applied her makeup, Emma read a book and finally, Kitty brushed her hair, taking tons of selfies in the process.

Heather broke the silence. "Ugh, how are you taking pictures of this revolting cabin?"

Kitty, albeit annoyed, turned her way and replied. "Oh this is nothing, I've been to far grosser places than this."

"You actually aren't bothered by this crappy cabin?! I don't believe it, your up to something."

Suddenly a voice butts in the conversation, "Kitten's got the right idea."

"It's Kitty, Jo." She firmly stated.

Jo ignored her. "Whatever, the point is, crying about it like a spoiled twig-built diva isn't gonna guarantee our victory, my leadership will start our winning streak over, and keep it intact this time."

Heather immediately stomped over towards Jo, "For the last time, I'm leader," She then looked towards Zoey, Samey and Emma. "And if you don't want to be a loser, you'll fall in line with me, not Jo-Nathan over here." Jo and Heather began to butt heads and argue about leadership once more, while Zoey, Samey, Emma and Kitty watched on.

"Some team," Zoey said, finally finished putting her shoes on.

"How haven't they lost their voices yet?" Samey added, in an innocent tone.

Kitty only watched, looking disappointed, "Those two are like the ugly stepsisters, so hateful and spiteful towards one another."

Emma joined her sister and her friends, finally closing her book. "I agree Kit, those two are unbelievably obnoxious and overly arrogant, could you imagine?"

Kitty had an amused look on her face, seeing the irony in her sister's statement. "I could only dream, Em." The sarcasm was immediately noticed by Zoey and Samey, who laughed while Emma merely rolled her eyes.

With the guys, it was much more organized and civil than with the girls. While Scott currently was not present in the cabin, Alejandro was the first of the guys up. "Gentlemen, I bid you all good morning."

"Sup," Duncan replied, dismissively.

"Hey, eel." Noah replied, rudely.

Alejandro and the others then heard the commotion coming from the girls side of the Loser Cabin. While they could not pinpoint exactly which of the girls were bickering, they clearly could hear the noise.

"Man, what is it with chicks? All they do is backstab each other and yell at you when they don't get their way." Duncan tried listening through the walls.

Alejandro replied, "Yes amigos, women are certainly, very odd biological creatures to say the least."

Noah added his opinion on the current conversation. "Girls just love that kind of stuff."

"Speaking of chicks..." Duncan looked at Noah, followed by Alejandro doing the same. "When'd you score the law school hottie man? I managed to catch an episode or two of that spin-off show Chris hates while I was doing time in the slammer after All-Stars, I saw you and her all gushy and whatever with each other."

"Yes," Alejandro added. "She is quite a thing of beauty, smart, young, bright future, and naturally attractive. You are quite lucky to have her Noah, my friend."

Noah angrily looked at Alejandro, "Alejandro, heed my warning now, so help me, if you try any of your charm induced tactics on Emma, so help me, nothing will stop me from hurting you, just know I'll do anything to protect her, anything."

Duncan was very much surprised.

Confessional (Duncan): "Wow, didn't know, Noah the dork had it in him." He had a smile on his face. "You've got my respect dude, well played."


Alejandro didn't look fazed, or scared for that matter. "I'd be careful with your words my friend, and besides I would never steal another man's mamacita, that is not the code of The Burromuerto Family."

Before the unlikely trio's conversation continues, suddenly Scott, whom was missing most of the morning burst through the Loser Cabin door and slams it shut. He was completely covered in mud, dirt and a bunch of other substances that no one would willingly want to learn about.

"Uh, dude, what happened to you? And why do you smell like mud and...the other type of mud?"

With Duncan, Noah and especially Alejandro all eying Scott, he quickly blurted a response. "Oh you know, the usual, Guy stuff, was making out with one of the babes, you know."

Duncan and Alejandro weren't convinced, and Noah didn't care enough to respond to it.

Confessional (Duncan): "Not that I care, but it's so obvious Scott's lying, No way would Heather ever kiss him, I don't even think they've spoken more than like three times, Zoey's got a boyfriend, Law School's got Noah, and Jo, yikes, that only leaves cheerleader Goldilocks and Kitty, and I don't think either one of them would be willing to kiss dirt boy either."


Confessional (Scott): "Okay yeah, I was looking for that invincibility statue, but there's no benefit for me in letting them know that, especially my alliance partner Alejandro."


Confessional (Alejandro): "Lightning's sudden departure was no accident, and Scott's grotesque appearance is no coincidence either, I will get to the bottom of this."


Before the conversation could continue, Chris's voice blared through the loudspeaker. "Good morning competitors, meet me at the newly built talent show stage, and dress your best fashionistas!" The competitors did exactly as instructed and headed towards the location of Chris.

Chris and Chef were on the stage. It was exactly like the original one from seasons one and six. Chris had a very classy and well-tailored black and white suit on while Chef wore his usual getup. Soon the players arrived and sat in each of the two bleachers with their own team. "Hey guys, you ready for today's awesome challenge, Me and Chef have been looking forward to this one since the producers gave us the green light."

"Yeah we're ready alright." Said Heather, "Ready to get this over with."

"Love the enthusiasm, Heather, but save it for the challenge, now today's challenge is an exciting and fun adventure..."

Before Chris could continue, the competitors spoke in sync. "Fun to watch, not fun to partake in."

The host had a big smile. "Your all learning so fast, anyways before I get into what the challenge is gonna be, I've got an announcement, since I'm the host and can do whatever I want on the show, I've decided to bring back two classic Total Drama players for a cameo and to help out with the episode's challenge. Put your hands together, for season one veteran, our lovable lame brain Lindsay, and Revenge Of The Island alumni, formerly known as the freakishly savage DakotaZoid, It's Dakota!"

On cue, an average explosion went off with confetti and smoke poring in. Once the smoke settled, everyone saw Lindsay and Dakota standing proudly before. Although, some were more surprised than others.

"Hold on!" Jo yelled and stood up. "I thought she was a freakish mutant because of the toxic waste." All of the Revenge Of The Island players were curious as to how Dakota was no longer a mutant.

Dakota spoke up, "Well you see, Daddy was pretty ticked at Chris for turning me into a mutant creature, so he spent a ton of money on getting me the best scientists, doctors, rehabilitation coaches and anything else you can think of. Now I'm old Dakota again, blonde hair and all. Sam was pretty bummed out I'm not the DakotaZoid anymore. My reverse mutation came with Only with the exception of a few things from my mutation, I'm an inch taller than I was and I'm freakishly strong, fast and can jump super high now, so if I wanted to, I could beat Chris within an inch of his life, and there's absolutely nothing he could do about it." Chris was scared as he gulped while Dakota glared at him, The competitors were amused. "

"Hi guys." Lindsay eagerly waved at her former fellow teammates, rivals, etc. She then blew a kiss at Tyler. "Hey, Tyler."

The jock was happy to see his girlfriend. "Hey Linds."

Chris regained his composure after Dakota's indirect threat, so he quickly decided to move the show on. "Um, yes everyone, Dakota, like Zeke, is no longer feral or mutant, and we're all glad about," Chris feigned. "Anyways, on with today's challenge, some of you should be familiar with our fashion show from season four, today's challenge will be that, but with a minor twist, oh interns."

At the snap of his fingers, a large, chubby and nerdy intern with glasses wheeled in a tv monitor on the stage.

"Similar to the original challenge in Revenge Of The Island, teams'll have to capture and dress a wild animal and present them to myself, Chef and our two cameo judges, Lindsay Dakota. Here's the twist, not only will you have to capture and dress the main animal, but you'll also have to dress its baby!"

The competitors shared glances with each other. They seemed satisfied with the challenge.

"Seems easy enough." Gwen added.

Chris only chuckled. "If you would let my finish, the animals you'll be capturing are designated to your team's name and mascot. You'll be modeling and Lion, Tiger and their cubs!" As Chris stood triumphantly and high-fived Chef, everybody was now outraged. How the heck are they supposed to capture a baby Lion and Tiger, let alone their babies. The contestants were still yelling at Chris.

"Chris how dare you?!" The host stopped smiling once he saw Dawn angrily in his face. "I refuse to partake in the capturing an innocent creature and it's beautiful Cub that will one day continue the cycle of it's kind. You must answer for your crimes, I will not allow this challenge to commence..."

Chris pulled out a walkie-talkie, "We've got a situation here, you know what to do." In the middle of Dawn's ranting, two interns appeared, one holding a rope, the other holding a large burlap sack. Immediately, the sack was thrown over Dawn and sealed shut, her kicks and punches of defiance could be seen through the bag. The two interns struggled to carry her away from the scene. The Heroic Tigers watched their defiant teammate be taken away. "Now that, that's taken care of." Chris talked into his walkie-talkie. "Release...The Beasts!" Two helicopters flew overhead, with large metal boxes attached to the helicopters hooks. The competitors grew nervous as they heard the roaring of the two different big cats.

Just then, Chef had came back in his newly replaced white jeep, which had a very nice and cleaned up dumpster full of clothes attached to it.

"You guys can dress the Lions and Tigers in whatever's available inside this dumpster, all of these clothes are fitted for animals, being that the Heroes won the last challenge, to give them an extremely nice edge over the Villains, they get to use the slingshots and tranquilizer balls from season three to aid them in their dangerous quest."

Chris tossed all of the Heroic Tigers a small utility belt filled with a decent amount of tranq balls, and their slingshots, the Villainous Lions grimaced.

"What are we supposed to do?" Duncan snarled.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out, use those juvie and prison skills, Duncan."

This made the Villainous Lions even more annoyed with Chris.

"Now, get to it, challenge starts now." The two teams split into two separate sides of the dumpster to find stuff to somehow put on these man-eating animals.

"So," Chris began conversing with Chef. "How'd you pull off the vicious beats dude?"

"Me and the manager of the Muskoka Zoo go way back, military days before the show, so whenever I need a vicious MAN-EATING carnivore, I know who to call." Chef chuckled.

"Nice one dude."

"So here's the deal if I'm going to be in this alliance, I get input on who we decide to send home, got that?" While rummaging through the clothes filled dumpster, Jo was making her presence in the alliance known.

Scott shrugged, not even bothering to combat Jo's commands.


Suddenly the two heard a voice, "Ha, I knew Lightning's departure and your arrival into our alliance wasn't a strange coincidence."

The pair looked to see Alejandro. Jo didn't care about him in the slightest. "You should be glad I replaced Brightening, with me in on this, we'll for sure make it to the final three."

"Very well, but know this Jo, just because you forced your way into this partnership doesn't mean you are the leader of it, I formed this alliance, and if you do not do as I say, you'll be the one going home next, ditto for you Scott."

Scott and Jo heeded Alejandro's warning, but weren't threatened.

Confessional (Scott): "I'll let Al and Jo be all high and mighty as much as they want, but once I get my hands on that invincibility idol, it won't matter what either of them says."


Confessional (Jo): "Mental note to self, eliminate seƱor cucaracha, after his skimpy girlfriend gets canned."


Duncan had grabbed whatever clothing he thought looked decent enough to win the challenge, fashion was not his forte. When he was done, Gwen had caught his eye.

"What are you going to do?"

He saw Zoey, and she had a genuine smile. "I'm thinking of trying to talk to her, hopefully she actually acknowledges me as a person."

"Don't worry Duncan, whether happens, I'm with you until the end, just be civil with your approach." She shot her friend a thumbs up as he moved further down. He took a deep breath and finally,

"Hey Gwen."

To his surprise, she didn't coldly tell him off, she just sighed, before replying back, "Yes Duncan?"

"So, uh, Chris has really lost his mind with this challenge, right?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

Before the seemingly decent conversation could continue, a fake cough followed suit. "Um excuse me, could you please go be annoying when we're not at risk of being torn apart by an overgrown cat?"

Duncan saw Courtney, as she forced her way between where Gwen and Duncan were.

"Come on Gwen, we've got what we need, guys let's go." Soon all of the Heroic Tigers that were present were now leaving. Once they were gone, Duncan was left there, secretly saddened that another chance to get on Gwen's good side was thwarted. He'd never admit this to anyone. Zoey walked over and comforted him.

While he was not paying attention, Kitty secretly watched him, with the fullest sincerity and sympathy.

Confessional (Kitty): "I feel really bad, poor Duncan, he's trying his hardest to prove himself to people that he's a better person, and they aren't appreciating it. Something tells me I need to keep an eye on how this all plays out."


After they had garnered some clothing and left, The Heroic Tigers began their dangerous descent into the woods to look for the Tiger and it's baby. They were at a distinct number's disadvantage due to Dawn's rage, and her being taken away by the interns as result.

"What are we gonna do? You know, about Dawn." Owen started questioning. "I saw her season, she has a way with animals and freakishly mutated versions of them. I'm sure it would've been no problem for a Tiger either."

"Yeah dude, we screwed up bad." Tyler added.

Courtney suddenly spoke up. "Relax guys, we'll just have to do the challenge, with or without Dawn, she wanted to be a hero, and got, well, sacked for it, literally."

"Easy Court, I don't think we should brush over the fact that we're at a significant disadvantage," Gwen thought about their odds and the odds of the other team.

"Well true, but at least we have tranq balls, the other team not only has to hunt down the Lions, but somehow dress it and bring it back to Chris without getting eaten, I'd say their goners of you ask me."

Gwen angrily elbowed Courtney for her semi-coldness. "I thought we were working on the structure of your words, Courtney."

"What, I mean, it's true."

While Gwen and Courtney chatted about her flaw, Leshawna, remembering what she had told Dawn earlier, turned over to Tyler and whispered into his ear, "Hey Tyler, we need to talk, Sistah to athlete."

"This jock is listening."

Leshawna started, "Well, me and Dawn are teaming up to vote off someone, I don't think you'll need second guess who." The pair looked at the nearby Amy. "Yeah, anyways, two votes aren't gonna send her butt packing, so we need your help, you in?"

"This athlete is in!" Tyler high fived Leshawna in the process.

"Good, now I'll be right back, this Sistah needs an appointment with the potty." Leshawna told this to the rest of her team and walked off, but what she did not know was that Amy had heard a good amount of her dialogue to concur a plan.

Confessional (Amy): "It's cute really, Leshawna thinks she can gang up and get me eliminated, not on my watch, if it wasn't for Samey, I would've showed everyone on Pahkitew Island that I'm capable of much worse than the average blonde."


Amy saw her two alliance members and pulled them back so they were a good distance away from the rest of the team. "I need you two to do something for me."

Mike and Cody groaned out of spite. "What now?" Mike spat out.

"What more could you possibly want from us woman?" Cody added.

Amy ignored their complaining, "I need you two to distract Tyler, I don't know, talk about sports or wrestling or whatever lame crud you guys are into, I'm going to, take care of something." With that, Amy headed off in the direction that Leshawna had went in.

"Where are you going?" Amy stopped once she heard Courtney questioning her and her entire team looking at her.

"I'm going to the bathroom." She replied, faking her innocent tone. Gwen wasn't all to sure, but gave in and shrugged as did Courtney and the remainder of the team, excluding Mike and Cody. With them taken care of, she headed off in the direction of Leshawna, grinning about what she really had in mind.

Amy had discreetly trekked about the forest staying right on Leshawna's trail. Where is she? The Twin looked around for any sight of her newfound rival. That oversized behind of hers can't be THAT hard to spot. Right then and there, Amy had finally caught a glimpse of Leshawna. She grinned, in the process, also pulling out one of her tranq balls. She fired one, and then fired another.

"What the...who...," Before Leshawna could even grasp the situation, she fell to the ground, losing consciousness. Before she fully closed her eyes, she saw the brief figure of familiar foe.

Amy stood over Leshawna's unconscious body, completely proud of her work. That ought to keep her out for a while.

Confessional (Amy): "Are my actions heinous? Yeah, do I care in the slightest? Nope, with big butt out of the way, I can work my magic."


Later with the Villainous Lions, they to were trekking through the woods, looking for any sign of the Lion and it's cub. Heather and Jo, as usual were bickering.

"They say you get better with time, but like All Stars, you voted off the one person who could've ran through this stupid and overly big forest with no problem and wrestle down and a hairy cat and it's baby, Lightning!"

Jo was sick of Heather, "Here's some 'nostalgia' fun facts for you, Old Heather, like All Stars, we all voted for Lightning! And stop overhyping jock strap, he may be formidable, but no one's outwrestling a Lion! You'd be a terrible leader, and that's why everyone should accept me as team captain."

While Jo and Heather insulted each other, Duncan was busy eyeing something on the ground. Multiple animal footprints.

"What are you doing Duncan?" Zoey asked.

He didn't answer, he only continued examining the tracks. He placed his finger in one of the tracks and licked it. "Hey Tweedledumb and Tweedledingbat." Heather and Jo stopped and looked Duncan's way, "If you two are done, I know where the Lions are."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Emma started, "Let's go."

Once they had followed the trail, Duncan and his teammates had paused. They heard a loud roaring from nearby. This shook the Villainous Lions.

Noah looked nervous. "Uh, I don't want to point out the obvious, but I think that was our neighborhood carnivore."

"Papi always taught me how to hunt for breakfast," Scott added. "But she ain't say nothing about no Lions."

Heather chimed in, "So uh, who do we send in?"

"Our most expendable player." Jo eyed her teammates, then her eyes fell upon her choice. "Brainiac, you go in as bait."

Noah immediately protested against this. "Are you insane? There's no way I'm going out there as some kitty's scratching post."

"I like my boyfriend intact, thank you very much." Emma added, annoyed with Jo. "Jo, since you want to be the leader of the team, why don't you prove how tough you are."

Heather laughed, "For once I actually agree with her, go play with the cats for a while Jo, if you don't make it out, I'll personally write your obituary."

Ironically, Jo growled in spite, almost as if she were an animal herself. How dare these losers mock me? "Who do you think you are? I'll show you all that I'm stronger than all of you combined."

Before Jo could do anything, "Enough! I'll go in, if that means we'll all stop arguing." All eyes fell upon Alejandro. "Duncan, Scott? Will you cover me gentlemen."

"Sure dude, I got you." Duncan replied.

Confessional (Duncan): "I don't like him at all, but I'm not gonna let him get torn apart by a Lion, even I'm not that cruel."


Scott on the other hand, wasn't as willing, "No way man, you know what they say, three's a crowd." Alejandro and Duncan looked annoyed with his cowardice, but went to go take a look anyways.

"Hey, be safe, okay?" Duncan was surprised to see Zoey concerned with his safety. What shocked him even more was the fact that she even hugged him. This girl really wants to be my friend. As Samey, Kitty and even Emma watched with concern, they failed to notice one thing.

Heather had actually had a look of worry in her face.

Confessional (Heather): "I don't care about them, I care that our team could lose Ale-, A very valuable teammate in both of them. Yeah, that's it."


Amy had returned back to her teammates after 'using the bathroom'. Some found it strange because Leshawna had left before Amy did.

Gwen spoke up to Amy, "Where's Leshawna?"

"I don't know," She obviously feigned, "But don't worry, I'm sure she'll join us soon enough."

Mike and Cody looked nervous. They had a feeling that Amy had something to do with Leshawna's extended disappearance.

Confessional (Mike): "Seriously, did Amy do something to Leshawna? Oh man, this is not right, we've got to take her down, me and Cody of course."


Suddenly Tyler and Owen came running towards the group. Owen spoke up firs, followed by Tyler.

"Guys, we found the Tigers, just up there!"

"Yeah come on dudes, let's get extreme!"

The Heroic Tigers, ironically arrived where Owen and Tyler had just come from. That's when they saw them for the first time; the Tiger and it's cub.

"Great Canadian geysers, it's huge!" Cody yelled loudly, clearly fearful for his life. "How is it so big? I've never seen one of them that humongous."

Suddenly, Chris came on the loudspeaker, laughing. "Yeah, about that, that's a fully grown gal Tiger bro, their much much larger than the dude tigers...and way more aggressive when ticked off.." Chris laughed again. "Especially when protecting their babies," The Heroic Tigers were annoyed with Chris taunting them. "Good luck guys, and try not to get eaten or ripped apart, McLean out."

Breaking the silence amongst the team, Mike spoke up. "So guys, what do we do?"

"We gotta get the baby away from its mom, then dress it," Tyler replied. "Then we somehow get the mom in some killer threads to."

"Well yeah," Owen started, "But we have to try and shoot it without getting eaten, how do we know how many shots of the tranq balls it will take to knock it out cold?"

"Can we just get this over with?" Amy added, clearly irritated. "I don't want to be at risk of being eaten here, I'm far to fabulous for that."

Meanwhile, Gwen and Courtney were concocting a plan for the team to carry out. "And that's how we'll do it, okay Courtney?"

"Right. Okay listen up people," All eyes fell upon Gwen and Courtney. "Don't worry about it, me and Gwen formed the perfect plan on how to get both tigers and win this thing all together, here's how we'll do it, take it from here Gwen."

Gwen then explained the plan. "We'll form a circular perimeter around the tigers, which then we'll all fire at both of them, after their down for the count, we'll win this thing once and for all, who's with me?"

The Heroic Tigers were satisfied with Gwen and Courtney's plan so they nodded in return. As everyone got into place, Gwen took a moment to feel proud of herself.

Confessional (Gwen): "So far, everything's been going well for our team," She formed a smile on her face, "Okay, don't tell her I said this, but part of me felt as if I were in Courtney's shoes, If she finds out I said this, she'll never let me hear the end of it."


The Heroes were in position, all surrounding the Tigers. They couldn't believe that this was actually going to work. It was now or never.

"Okay guys," Courtney said. "On! FIRE!"

The Heroic Tigers fired tranq balls at the elder and baby carnivores. The cloud of smoke from the miniature impact of the explosions were seen. Once it settled, it was revealed that the Tiger Cub was unconscious, but the adult Tiger wasn't.

The mother Tiger looked infuriated, which terrified some of the Heroes. Luckily for them, the tranquilizer balls eventually kicked in and adult animal eventually fell unconscious as well. The Heroes sighed in relief.

"Man, that was a close one."

"You said it." Courtney added, replying to Owen. "Okay, now that they're taken care of, let's hurry up and get them back to the stage and win this thing. I'll carry the cub," Courtney picked up the Tiger Cub, "And Owen and Tyler will carry the adult tiger, let's move it."

"Oh yeah! We're extreme baby!" Tyler and Owen picked up the massive carnivore with Owen carrying from the front, and Tyler carrying from the back.

Suddenly, "Yeah! You've got this Owen, your big and strong and we totally value you!"

Owen was confused at hearing Amy randomly congratulating him, but he chose not to pay much attention to it, deciding she was just congratulating a teammate at first.

Confessional (Amy): "This is why I needed Leshawna taken care of, the real fun can begin, now I can start working on Owen, which will be tough, I'll admit, but I'll eventually get through to him."


Back with The Villains, Duncan and Alejandro were still inspecting on behalf of their team. They trekked deeper towards the sounds of the roaring. The duo stopped in their tracks when they heard what was the sound of a twig snapping.

"Try not to make any sudden movements."

"You think I don't know that dude?" Duncan shot back, replying to Alejandro. Whatever made the sound soon revealed it's self. Fortunately for them, it was the Lion Cub, and it's parent didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. Duncan and Alejandro relieved themselves. "Phew, it's just the Cub, I don't know where it's mom or dad is, but I don't want to stick around and find out so let's grab this thing and-"

"Hi little one," Duncan was cut off by Alejandro sweet talking towards the cub. "You certainly will grow up to be a fierce ruler of the jungle, won't you little one." Al picked up the cub and started petting it on its stomach, much to the delight of it. "Who's a good little lion, you are, you are." The cub even laughed and giggled, which disturbed Duncan a little bit.

Confessional (Duncan): "Okay, that is weird man." Duncan shrugged. "How is he able to charm animals just like that? Guess Lions like the Latin types."


Soon Alejandro and Duncan returned to their teammates with the baby Lion in hand, some of their teammates were relieved, while others didn't care. "We've got the cub."

"Good job you guys," Zoey congratulated the pair for their efforts. "That's one down, now we just need to figure out where it's parent is."

"Who cares, we know that we're behind the other team," Jo was now in a hurry and deadset on winning. "They've already got their stupid felines, so here's the deal, Duncecan, Ale-Loser, Red, Goldilocks and Kitten will take this thing back to the stage and dress it up,"

Noah butted in, "Uh, I don't know if you comprehend what Chris said, but we need both the Cub and it's parent to present to Chris at his demented fashion show."

"That's where my brilliant plan comes into play, Nerdling, me, you, Heather, Scott and your uptight lawyer girlfriend will go hunt that stupid mangy cat and bring it back to you, if we can't manage to get that fleabag's parent, we'll at least have its dumb baby to present, now, any objections?"

Seeing the plan was the best they were getting, no one argued against Jo. Duncan, Alejandro, Zoey, Samey and Kitty took the Lion Cub and headed off back towards the staging area, and Jo, Heather, Noah, Scott and Emma trekked further into the woods to continue the hunt.

The Heroes team were hard at work since they had gotten back to the staging area. Right now, they were discussing what style they should have the Tigers wear.

"I say we go for something formal and sophisticated," Courtney suggested.

"But this is Chris we're talking about, you know the dude's standards are high," Owen reminded. "We should try something that's trendy and stands out,"

"We obviously need to go for the trendiest fashion out today," Amy added, practically agreeing with Owen, "I would know because mommy is a dedicated fashionista and world renowned clothes designer," These people are the worst. "We should be following my lead."

While his team argued about what style of clothing they should put on the tigers, Mike took the chance to talk to the nearby Chris. "Hey Chris, I need to ask you something."

"Ask away dude,"

"What's to stop the adult tiger from suddenly waking up and, uh attacking everyone."

The host sighed before explaining, "Relax Mike, as much as I would love to see a ticked off mother Tiger terrorize you for catnapping her and her baby, the producers won't let me enjoy that privilege, I've got the interns with animal tranquilizers on standby should the event of the mother Tiger waking up happen, and once your team is finished dressing said animal, it'll be leashed up and walked down the walkway with its much less harmful baby."

Mike, although content with this, still had one more thing to ask. "And what if the Villainous Lions don't show up? What would that mean for the challenge."

Chris was annoyed, but acknowledged it, "If the other team fails to show up, they'll forfeit the challenge and you guys automatically win, between you and me, I was thinking about preparing an obituary." Mike was dumbfounded by Chris, "Now, if your done playing guessing games with me, I've got much more important matters to attend to, like myself."

Realizing he wasn't getting much more out of the host, Mike relented and walked away.

Meanwhile, Jo, Heather, Noah, Scott and Emma had found their large feline. A full grown male Lion, and it didn't look happy. They had guessed it was looking for it's missing cub that their other teammates had 'burrowed' earlier.

"There's old furball," Jo said. "We need a plan to bag this thing and get it back to the others."

"We need to lure it back to the camp somehow, We just need a distraction." Heather paced back and forth thinking of a plan. "I know, we get some meat from Chef's kitchen, and use that to lure it."

"But what's to stop it from ripping us apart once it gets a taste of said meat?" Noah reminded.

"This isn't some walk in the park," Emma added, "That's a fully grown male Lion, retractable claws, sharp teeth and all."

Scott was thinking of a plan, he grinned knowing full and well it was a good one to use.

Confessional (Scott): "Thanks to that stupid shark back in my first season on this show, I developed a habit of making and setting traps to capture anything I see fit, the way I see it, trapping a lion ain't no different than trapping a shark, he's just an animal, and animals need the right traps, and the right bait."


Scott ran off, leaving his group of teammates to question what he was doing. "Where do you think your going?" Jo demanded.

A few minutes later, Scott returned with a few items in hand, a rope and some chicken and other mysteriously questionably edible items from Chef's kitchen at the mess hall were most prominent. "Help me set this thing up."

Emma and Noah prepped the food in one big pile, while Heather, Jo and Scott made preparations for the snare trap Scott intended to make. Eventually they were done and the trap was set for the Lion.

"What do you know? Farm boy might actually lead us to victory," Jo was slightly impressed with Scott's plan, but not by much.

"I don't care what it does, as long as we win," Heather arrogantly added. No way was she going to admit that the plan was impressive to Scott's face.

"I don't mean to interrupt the party, but shouldn't we be hiding so this thing doesn't try and kill us?"

"Yeah, I second that," Emma replied, agreeing with her boyfriend. The Villains now have to lie in wait for the Lion to make its way towards them.

Meanwhile, back at the stage, Tyler had a killer plan on what the tigers should where. "Guys, let me rock this challenge, Lindsay's been teaching me more fashion stuff, I think I got this."

Surprisingly none of the Heroic Tigers argued against Tyler. Even Courtney. "If you think you got it, knock yourself out, Tyler."

"Go for it, Tyler." Gwen added.

Mike, Cody and Owen even gave him thumbs up, while Amy just glared and ignored everyone.

"Oh yeah! We're taking fashion to the extreme, look out runaway, Tyler's owning you."

While the eager jock worked on the two unconscious animals, Amy grinned and took the opportunity to to kick off another part of her plan. "Hey, Owen."

"Oh hi Amy, what's up?" The big guy was caught by surprise, but like the fun-loving person he was, decided to talk to the twin.

"I know a lot of people say a lot of really mean things about me, but a lot of it is not true, okay some, yes maybe, but overall I'm working hard to prove that I'm a better person." Fake tears formed within her eyes. "It sucks that I don't have many friends, even my sister, Spar-Sammy has more friends then me." Amy then formed innocent and puppy like eyes in her face. "Will you be friends with me? That would mean a lot."

Owen contemplated what to do about this. He didn't like holding grudges against anyone, even players that have wronged him in the past. Without a moment's hesitation, "Sure Amy, I'll be your friend."

"Really, thanks Owen, your the sweetest." Amy, surprisingly gave the fun-loving Owen a big hug, but what he did not know was that Amy had much bigger intentions in mind.

Confessional (Amy): She was wide eyed, she was in shock, and finally, Amy started cackling evilly, as if she were a madwoman. "Owen's, 'big heart' will be his downfall."


In the meantime, more time had passed, and half of the Villains team had arrived, specifically the group made up of Duncan, Alejandro, Zoey, Samey and Kitty, with the Lion Cub. They wasted no time in dressing up the baby. Zoey, Samey and Kitty were more eager than the guys to do this.

"Fashion isn't my forte, if it isn't punk stuff, I'm not the guy." Duncan stepped back.

The girls didn't seem to mind, more so Samey. "It's okay, my mom's a world renowned fashionista and clothes designer, so fashion is my forte." Then a look of worry followed. "I'll give it a shot, if you guys don't mind."

"Of course we don't mind, Sammy, we're your friends, and friends support each other." Kitty being her friend, and the genuinely nice person that she is was inclined to agree with her.

"Yeah, what Kit said, you'll rock this Sammy." Zoey was game as well.

Even Alejandro didn't debate against it, "I'm not one to deny a mamacita her true passion, if it helps us win the challenge, then I shall support it."

With her teammates supporting her qualified skills, Samey immediately got to work on the now sleeping Lion Cub.

Confessional (Samey): "It feels really good to be appreciated by people, without Amy on my team, things are actually looking bright for me." Samey formed a innocent smile on her face, "I might even have a chance to win this season, that is, if I can actually make it through to the merge at least."


Duncan seeing as there was no point in him being there at the moment, decided to walk away from his teammates to go do other things, alone.

That was until, "Hey, Duncan."

Hearing his name he looked to see Lindsay standing before him, with blue version of her boots, and with her usual happy demeanor. "Uh, what's up Lindsay, how's life been? And did you actually call me by my actual name?"

"Yeah silly, why wouldn't I? Anyways, my life's been superrr fine, me and Tyler are going well, I get to model a lot more."

"So what brings you back to this dump of a show?"

Lindsay laughed. "Oh, that, Chris said something about a cameo and demo appearance being in the contracts of past players, so he brought me back here to judge the one thing I love the most in the world besides Tyler, and shopping. Fashion!"

"Oh, I see, and did you ditch brown for blue?" Duncan asked, pointing out her new blue boots.

"Yeah, I just feel natural in blue, anyways, how have you been doing? I feel like I haven't spoken to you guys in like forever, and bye the way, so sorry for how you and Gwen ended things, after I got flushed down that scary toilet thingy I saw how Gwen stomped on your heart and dumped you."

Although her intentions were purest, Duncan cringed at being reminded of how he and Gwen ended things in All Stars, and that wasn't a pleasant memory for him. "Yeah, yeah, it sucks I guess, but you live, learn and move on."

"Speaking of which, you want my opinion? You should stop letting Gwen and Courtney cloud your mind, and focus on the game, forget about them and move on, there's sooo many pretty girls on your team, there's a cute girl on your team I can see you going out with." The blonde chuckled. "And a guy like you needs a fresh start. I gotta go now, later Duncan, it was nice talking to you again."

As Lindsay walked away, she left Duncan standing there, absolutely blown away by her last statement. When did she get so smart?

Confessional (Duncan): "Wow, Lindsay is...actually a good person to talk to, since when did she get more upstairs?"


Meanwhile, Chris stood on the stage before the two teams. "Showtime's in an hour people, chop chop, Lions, looks like your missing two different kinds of Lions, your teammates and the one that can eat you."

"I'm sure they will be here soon enough," Alejandro replied, but he was unsure of this himself.

Speaking of which, back with Jo, Heather, Scott, Noah and Emma, they were still waiting for the Lion to come towards the trap they had set. A little while ago, Chris had come on the loudspeaker to announce that there was an hour until showtime, and that meant things would have to move much faster.

"Where is stupid cat at?" Jo yelled from a nearby bush.

In response, Heather shot an insult at the impatient Jockette. "Maybe it ran away from you because of how bad your fashion is."

"Your one to talk, you wear nothing but skimpy clothing."

Confessional (Jo): "Is it wrong that part of me wishes she'd get eaten by the Lion? Man, I cannot wait until she gets eliminated."


"Dude, I seriously hope this trap of yours works, because I'd much rather not be turned into a Scholar-Kabob." Noah wasn't shy in voicing his concerns to teammate, Scott. But Scott was certain that his trap would seal the deal.

"Don't worry man, my traps are always full proof."

"If you say so."

Suddenly, "Get down, move it, it's coming." The unlikely group was alerted to Emma's presence. The Male Lion was on its way, and they needed to hurry up and get out of sight. That's exactly what they did. The beast appeared and looked more so neutral than before. Scott had an evil grin on his face. The plan was full proof, and it was going to work perfectly.

The Lion eventually saw the pile of grub Scott had left by the trap. As the Villains watched from afar, the animal sniffed out the food. It moved closer towards the food and before you knew it, it was directly in the middle of the rope trap. It was set off and the Lion was now hanging upside down.

"See, I told you all it would work." Scott says, stepping out of his hiding spot, followed by the others. Right on cue, the Lion grinned and revealed one of its retractable claws. It then easily cut the rope, freeing itself. The Lion looked irritated, and the Villains looked horrified. The king of beasts looked specifically at Scott with some evil intentions. Scott could only chuckle nervously.

Confessional (Scott): "Hehe, I guess trying to catch a Lion, isn't the same as trying to catch a shark."


"Runnn!" As Scott yelled, the Lion growled, roared and chased after the Villains team.

Meanwhile, with the Heroic Tigers, they were just about done adding the finishing touches on whatever Tyler had dressed them up in.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be a killer at the fashion show."

Tyler stood up, proud of his work, the guys gave some improving looks while Courtney and Amy looked more so unsure. Gwen just shot a thumbs up.

"It looks good man." Mike added.

"That Tiger looks awesome dude." Cody adds.

"We so got this dude." Owen adds.

Now that the Tiger and it's baby we're all dressed up, all they had to do was sit back, relax and wait for the challenge to start.

"Hey, Chris," Courtney called out, grabbing the host's attention. "We've dressed up the tiger and the cub,"

"Alright, good, just kick back until the challenge starts, the interns will leash em up so they can be walked down the runway. I wish you all the best of luck." He walked away from the Heroic Tigers.

He appeared before the current half of the Villainous Lions, "And Lions, how are you doing thus far?"

Zoey spoke up for them, "We're done, Chris, at least with the cub, we don't know where our other teammates, or the other Lion for that matter." Zoey fearfully realized, "Oh no, the others could be in danger, Chris, we've got to see if they're safe."

"Relax, Zoey, if Jo, Heather, Noah, Scott and Emma don't appear within the next twenty minutes, we'll send Chef and a search party armed with tranquilizers."

"You aren't lying, right?" Kitty says, "That's my big sister, Chris, and you aren't exactly known for telling the truth. I don't want my sister hurt, or anyone for that matter."

Chris was partially offended, "Ugh, I'm not lying, like I said, if they don't show up within the next twenty minutes or so, I'll send Chef and a tranquilizer armed search party to look for them, now give the Lion Cub to the interns and go do something until the fashion show starts." The offended host walked away.

"I'll give the baby to the intern." Samey took the Lion Cub she had worked hard to dress up. She gave it one final hopeful glance before handing it over to the intern that was on standby.

Confessional (Samey): "Okay, I'm like, really nervous about this, sure I learned something or two from mommy about fashion, but will it be enough to satisfy the judges? Or everyone in general?"


Meanwhile, while the dressing part of the challenge was mostly complete, the twenty minutes had passed and Chris was prepared to send out Chef and the interns to search for the missing competitors in case the challenge had gone wrong.

"Alright, it's been twenty minutes, Chef, it's tim-" Chris was cut off by the sounds of screaming. Before him, the other half of the Villainous Lions had appeared, and so did the Lion. Chris couldn't help but laugh and smile. "Never mind dude, they're least momentarily."

Soon Heather, Jo, Noah and Emma realized soon that the Lion wasn't even chasing them specifically anymore.

it was only after Scott, much to the amusement of Chris. "Dude, can you do something?! I don't want this thing to eat me."

In retaliation, the Male Lion roared loudly before pouncing on Scott's back. Scott's teammates as well as everyone else looked on as it readied it's claws to dig into its lunch.

Suddenly, Chris quickly ordered Chef to handle the Lion before things got TOO crazy, "Alright, that's enough fun, Chef."

In response, The cook immediately shot some tranquilizer balls at the animal. In the process, he accidentally knocked Scott unconscious with the Lion. He pried the unconscious animal off of the downed competitor.

"Alright Villains," Chris spoke up, "Since the Heroes are done with their models already, and Samey already prepped the Cub, all you have to do is dress the adult, then the interns will leash it up and then the fashion show will begin shortly after that." Chris walked off to go make preparations for the final show and left the Lions to do their last bit of the challenge.

"I'll take care of this one to guys," Samey, like before, immediately began work on the unconscious Lion.

Jo walked up to her and made a clear statement, "Hey, Goldilocks."

Samey was now nervous. She gulped.

"Try not and screw us over, I did not just get chased by this thing just to lose, so you better work your weird fashion sense or whatever. Just make sure we win, got that, Yellow Ickle?"


Confessional (Jo): "Gotta make sure the weaklings of this team are some form of useful before they get eliminated, Blondie needs to toughen up, and what better way to do that, then to get in her head?"

A few minutes later, Samey was done with the adult Lion, and the interns had taken it away to get leashed for the challenge. All the Twin could do now was hope her outfits would be impressive enough to win the fashion show. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous.

"You'll be fine, Sammy."

"Yeah, you totally got this."

The Twin saw her friends, Zoey and Kitty standing next to her, comforting her. While it made her feel better, she was still nervous. "Thanks guys, but it's not just that, Jo kinda makes me nervous, she made it seem like the fate of the entire team is in my hands right now, what if I lose here, what happens then? Will everyone hate me? Will I get voted off and humiliated? What if-"

Kitty cut her off. "What if, you take it easy, ignore Jo, and chill ax. All that matters is that you try your best and never give up."

Zoey elaborated furthermore, "Kitty's right, as long as you try your hardest and never give up, it doesn't matter if you win or lose."

With reassurance, Samey couldn't help but crack a smile. I really love being around Zoey and Kitty. Jasmine has to meet them ASAP.

Later that night, it was finally time for today's final challenge of the day, the fashion show. Chris, Chef, Dakota and Lindsay were all seated at a judge's table in front of the stage. The teams were lined up on two sides of the stage ready to introduce their respective models.

There was music, bright colors and lights everywhere. The competitors were almost certain Chris had spent more money on this thing than he had ever did on them in the past.

The lights panned on Chris. "Hey, my young fashionistas! Who's ready for the most epic fashion show in Total Drama history?"

Nobody gave Chris a response.

"I'll take that as a yes, before we begin, let's go over the rules one last time, you shall present the beasts and the children of them to me and my fellow judges, we shall judge them on a scale of one to ten, whichever team's models gets the highest score wins, and the losers will obviously send somebody home tonight, got that?" The competitors nodded. "Good, chop chop fashionistas, let's get to it."

Backstage, the Heroic Tigers took one last look at their tigers. The interns had them in leashes. Courtney still wasn't sure about this. "Tyler, are you sure this will work?"

"Trust me, Courtney, I got this, I learned from the best, and that's Lindsay."

Courtney sighed, "Okay, if you say so."

Suddenly Owen came before them, "Guys, we're up first, Chris just told me."

Tyler ran onto stage and in front of the judges. "For our style, we went with a killer sports theme. The attire rocks Ch-I mean, judge, and judgettes." Tyler winked at Lindsay who giggled in return.

Chris liked where this was going, "Ou, confidence, I like that, present the modeled beasts to us now!"

The lights panned on the stage and music played in the background. The rest of the Heroes team appeared on stage with the Interns walking, and struggling with the female tiger. Then the cub appeared. The tigers were dressed in two orange, white and black hockey jerseys with a matching baseball cap. To top the look all off, the back of the jerseys read 'Killer Felines'.

Chris and Chef as well as Lindsay and Dakota properly examined Tyler's work. Gulping could be heard from some of the Heroes.

"Hmm, interesting attires." Chris went on further. "The old school sports jersey, I wore em occasionally as a kid growing up as that was the style, but enough about my fabulous life, its about your models. The jersey obviously matches with the Tigers natural fur and complements their complexion well, normally not a fan of stripes...but it goes so well here...Ah what the heck? A solid Eight points by me!" Chris held a sign that read eight points. The Heroes were relieved. "Judges?"

"Well Chris, I gotta agree with you man, works well with their fur, and I wore sports jerseys back in my day, I give it an 9.5, nice work, soldier!" Chef held up a sign that said 9.5. Now the Heroes looked more joyful.

"Well I'll be honest, I am not a fan of sports at all, and only watched it occasionally with daddy on Super Bowl Sundays at his sports parties every year, but the Tigers are super cute in the jerseys, i don't know about the hats though, but overall, I gotta give it an 8." Dakota held up the sign that read eight.

Things were looking good for the Heroic Tigers.

Lindsay was the final judge to give her opinion, "Tyler, your my boyfriend, and I love you, but I'm going to give a completely honest opinion...I love it! You have been paying attention to my fashion lesso-"

Chris quickly whispered to Lindsay, "Lindsay, you've gotta keep it professionally unbiased here."

"Oh right, sorry. Anyways where was I? Oh yes, that's right, I would've ditched the hats, but overall the shirts are super cute, I give them an eight!" Lindsay held up the sign that said eight.

"Impressive work by Tyler, that scores the Heroes a total of 33.5 points, nice work you guys!"

After Chris announced that they had done well, the Heroes had high fived each other. The guys had especially been more excited about it.

Meanwhile, backstage, the Villains were watching and well aware that the Heroes had done well, now it was their time to shine.

"It's your time to shine Goldilocks." Jo directed at Samey, "Try not to screw this up. If we lose, you'll go home, understand?"

Samey just gulped in response.

"Good, now go out there and impress Chris, his psycho sidekick and those fellow blonde bimbos of yours." Jo shoved Samey on stage and the Twin stood there before Chris and the other judges.

"Uh, hi everybody."

Chris and Chef just stared at her like she was wasting time, fortunately, Dakota and Lindsay were far more polite than the host and co-host.

"Hey!" Dakota replied.

"Hi, your really pretty."

Samey smiled, as it was rare she got complimented by people. "Thank you, and you are to."

"Just get on with it, Samey, I've got an appointment with my air conditioned trailer." Chris suddenly said.

"Oh, right, sorry, me and the Villains went with a simple, but effective father and son approach, an aspiring son that wants to be like his dad."

Chris and the judges were intrigued, "Interesting, I want to see how that works, present the models to me at once."

like before with the Heroes, lights panned on the stage and music played in the background. The Villains appeared beforehand with the Interns struggling to walk the leashed up male Lion. The Male Lion shot a look at Scott and showed two of his claws at Scott as if it were saying 'I'm watching you'. The farm boy gulped out of fear.

The Lion and its Cub outfits were revealed. The adult male was wearing a flashy yellow-gold suit that complimented its fur. The judges were interested nonetheless. And the Lion's cub had four blue mittens on each paw and leg. It also had a blue mitten to top it all off.

Chris like before went first in his critique, "Okay, for starters, love the suit, it's flashy, and like yours truly, it's pure gold, but besides that, it fits the Lion's physique perfectly and really gives off the impression that it's the king of beasts. As for the cub, love the light blue mittens and ribbon, gives off the impression of shining youth if you ask me, ten points." Chris held up the sign the said ten points. "Chef?"

"It's alright, but too flashy if you ask me, I don't really do overly bright colors, I'll give it a nine." Chef held up the sign that read 9 points.

Dakota shared next, "The daddy Lion obviously has class, and whoever dressed him and the baby up has taste almost comparable to my stylist, the yellow-gold really works for the father, and the light blue really fits the Cub, I gotta give it a 10." Dakota held up the ten sign.

Finally, Lindsay critiqued it next, "Okay, the baby Lion is soooo cute in those mittens, and ribbon, it nearly matches my blue boots." The Lion Cub roared innocently. "It's dad looks super handsome in that suit, I give it a ten." Lindsay held up a sign that read 10.

Chris spoke up. "With a score of Heroes 33.5 to Villains 39, Lions win!" The Villains cheered on in excitement while the Heroes groaned in disappointment. "Heroes, I'll see your sorry butts at the elimination ceremony tonight, Villains, go celebrate your victory, Chef, go help the interns with the Lions and Tigers."

Later that night, at the Elimination Ceremony, the Heroic Tigers were gathered around the campfire. Chris had the plate of marshmallows and the eight by ten photo of the person going home. Lindsay and Dakota were also there, waiting to go home as well.

"Man, it must suck to be back here multiple times, glad I don't compete on the show. But I'll admit, you guys did really well in today's challenge if that means anything."

"We didn't win," Courtney begrudgingly replied.

"Anyways, the following Heroes are safe. Gwen and Courtney."

Chris tossed the two girls their marshmallows, they hugged each other, being glad they were safe for another day.

"Leshaw-Hold up, where the heck is Leshawna?" Chris waited for an explanation, but none of the Heroes had one for him. Secretly, Amy had a smile on her face. Chris was annoyed. "Ugh, all I ask of you guys besides torturing you in challenges is to be on time, is that enough to ask for? Anyways, Owen and Cody, you dudes are safe another day as well."

Chris gave the two guys their marshmallows.

"Mike, you're safe as well." Chris tossed the treat to Mike, who looked saddened by something. "Dawn, you're sa-now where the heck is Dawn?!"

"Um, your interns tied her up in a sack." Gwen rudely reminded.

"And was a factor in us losing the challenge." Courtney added.

"You guys are such babies, anyways, Amy and Tyler, I only have one Marshmallow left on my plate, for old times sake, one of you is taking the Boat Of Losers tonight, one of you is never coming back on this show and earning a penny from this show ever again, the final marshmallow of the night goes to..."

















































"'re safe. Sorry Tyler, as much as I liked your outfits in today's challenge, the jury has spoken bro."

Tyler, surprisingly wasn't heartbroken, saddened maybe, but not heartbroken. "It's okay dudes, I wanted to prove that I'm extreme in other areas besides sports and being a klutz."

"And because I'm nice and not as inhumanly as some people think, you can ride home with Lindsay." Chris revealed.

"YAY!" Lindsay ran up to her boyfriend and kissed him repeatedly on his face.

Confessional (Amy): "Another one down, just a few more to go, it was easy for Mike and Cody to vote with me. Owen took a little more effort, but since me and him are now "Friend." Amy held up air quotes. "He eventually came around. This game is mines, and nobody can touch me."


Lindsay and Tyler were now on the Boat Of Losers. Before they officially went home, Tyler said goodbye to his friends. "Later dudes. Make sure you guys take this season to the extreme, me and Linds will be cheering you all on back home."

"We'll miss you man." Owen fist-bumped Tyler, and even hugged Lindsay for old times sake.

"Later dude." Cody high fives Tyler.

"See you later man," Mike fist bumped Tyler.

"Goodbye, Tyler." Gwen, although not exactly friend-ish with Tyler still had the respect to bid him farewell. Courtney on the other hand said nothing and respectfully remained silent. Gwen had to glare at her in order for her to say goodbye.

"Oh, my bad," Courtney awkwardly said. "You did...okay today Tyler, and if it means anything, I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you in the form of..." Courtney was slightly embarrassed. "Flirting with you and...throwing you off the plane."

Gwen over exaggerated a fake cough. "And what else, Courtney?"

"Oh, and Lindsay...I'm so sorry for everything I did to you during Total Drama Action."

Surprisingly the couple had no grudges against Courtney. "It's cool, Courtney, and I understood why you did it, you were hurt then."

Lindsay then replied, "Awww, it's okay Courtney, don't worry about it, if anything, you helped me, I wanted a challenge to prove to everybody that I'm more than a blonde bimbo, so thanks for that."

And with the goodbyes being said, the Heroic Tigers walked away from the dock and towards the Loser Cabin, while Lindsay and Tyler waved at them.

Before Chef could drive off the Boat Of Losers, one final voice was heard, "Wait, Lindsay." The Blonde turned to see Duncan facing her, "You know...ever since I blew up Chris's cottage, it's been really crappy for me with prison and all, and you were one of the few people that doesn't hate me, so I just wanted to say...thanks I guess."

Lindsay just smiled, "Your welcome, Duncan, I'll be watching the show, remember what I said to you earlier, okay?" Duncan merely nodded. "Alright Chef, we're ready to go." And with everyone saying what needed to said to the ex-contestants. the Boat Of Losers took Tyler and his lovable girlfriend away from Komotay Island.

"Well that's a wrap on things on things here, tune into the nex-"

"Wait what about me? How am I supposed to get home, Chris?" The host saw an annoyed Dakota standing in front of him. He had forgotten about her, but soon a smile formed on his face.

"Aw come on! Not again!" Dakota defiantly yelled as she was in the Hurl Of Shame.

"Hey, you needed a ride home, right?"

"Well, yeah, but this isn't what I had in...minddddd!" Chris pulled the lever and hurled Dakota away from the Island.

"Don't worry!" He yelled, "We'll send your bags back home. Tell Sam I said hi." After he laughed, Chris then began closing off the show, "Wow, what an emotional roller coaster this episode was, lions, tigers, fashion shows, pain, manipulation, sorrow and all! Want more of that? You'll have to tune into the next episode of-WHAT THE?!"

Suddenly a figure jumped in front of Chris.




It was Dawn, and she looked irate. Her sweater was went and slightly torn. "You must answer for your crimes against nature, Chris."

Chris was now scared for his wellbeing. "You'll have to tune into the next episode of TOTALDRAMANOSTALGIA! Help!" Dawn began giving chase to the host. It was going to be a long night for Chris, that's for sure.

The Heroic Tigers had arrived at the Loser Cabin. The guys entered their side of the Cabin, as did the girls. Amy was about to enter the cabin, when...

"There you are, you little treacherous rich spoilt brat!"

Amy was petrified when she saw Leshawna, who was covered in mud and dirt, glaring daggers at her. Her glare was enough to slice a volcano in half. "Oh, hey...Leshawna." Amy laughed nervously.

"Don't hey me girl, your dead once I get my hands on you! Get over here you treacherous little bit-" Leshawna was cut off by the blood curdling screaming from Amy as she ran off. Without a moment of weakness, Leshawna immediately gave chase to her arch rival. Like Chris, this was going to be a long night for Amy as well.


Tyler: Amy, Mike, Cody, Courtney & Owen = 5 Votes

Amy: Gwen, Tyler = 2 Votes (Leshawna and Dawn couldn't vote due to unfair circumstances)


The Villainous Lions: Duncan, Heather, Noah, Alejandro, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Samey, Emma & Kitty.

The Heroic Tigers: Gwen, Courtney, Leshawna, Owen, Cody, Mike, Amy & Dawn.


22nd: Leonard

21st: Sierra

20th: Lightning

19th: Tyler

A/N: Hiya guys, it's GoatedReads again here, and we're now five whole chapters into the rewriting of Total Drama Nostalgia, and can I just say I'm really enjoying writing this series thus far. All your positive feedback really puts a smile on my face and brightens up my day. Yep, Tyler's gone and I brought back Lindsay and Dakota, originally I wasn't going to do these, but yeah, SOME CHAPTERS may have a cameo appearance from past contestants. I decided to bring Lindsay back for three reasons, the first being that since it's a fashion themed contest, why not bring back our lovable blonde, and also I did not like how All Stars mistreated her character. The second being that she could tie into some of characters I have competing this season as evidenced by her making amends with Courtney, and her giving Duncan some advice. The third being that Tyler deserved a happy ending after yet another unfair elimination at the hands of Amy.

As for Dakota, it's similar to Lindsay being brought back, but for a few extra reasons, the challenge revolving around fashion, number two being because I didn't want to leave Dakota with her bittersweet ending from Revenge Of The Island and because I wanted to have a brief comedic moment between her and Chris.

My favorite bits of writing this chapter were easily these few moments, Alejandro charming the Lion Cub, Leshawna hunting down Amy in revenge for shooting her with a tranquilizer ball and Dawn chasing after Chris in the end. Overall, I'm really satisfied with how this chapter turned out and I hope you guys were to. With that all being said, here's some fun little questions for you all:

1: Who do you think is better? TLC, or Destiny's Child? (I'm Team TLC all the way, Haha!)

2: Who's your favorite character in Total Drama Nostalgia thus far, whether it's a Protagonist, Antagonist or Deuteragonist.

Now, let's get to answering the reviews from the last chapter:

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