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I. The right side

– Secret Headquarters -Base Possible –

She felt a sweat drop falling on her face, her hair was moving for the strong air.

- You never will destroy it, Kim Possible!... - The voice of the blue doctor said from a distance.

- Oh Drakken… you always forgot my slogan… I can do anything… - She went up to the metal wall and she gave a nimble kick to the machine in front of her. When the device almost fell decomposed, the redhead took out a small laser from one of her earrings, successfully destroying her metallic enemy. - See? Anything! - She smiled triumphantly, enjoying her victory.

- Yes, yes, you win, like always Possible, just I've a question… Was it necessary to destroy my prototype?

- Sure! it's more realistic in that way, like the good old days!

- Excellent job Kim! - Wade said and opened the metallic door of her training capsule. - And the best part is that my laser works perfectly!

- Yes Wade you're excellent! Can you add it to the kimmunicator?

- Yep! I've some classes, but maybe tonight will be ready.

- And what about my device? Was an excellent enemy, right?

- Yes Dr D, excellent training and lethal robotic creation! Now I've to go! It 's my…

- Friday date night! - Drakken and the young genius said at the same time.

- Ok, ok, see you later Possible Team! - She fired up her jet pack, heading towards her residence. She enjoyed the fresh air, the sun and the peace of the beautiful city of Sidney. - And I've got extra 5 minutes… excellent! - The young heroine landed on a small balcony and removed her helmet, arranging her long hair that rested in a ponytail. - I'm at home! - She said to her roomie.

- Hi Kim! How was the training? - The brown-haired girl asked, while she saved her work at her computer.

- Pretty cool! You know how Wade and Drakken enjoy it. - She opened the fridge looking for some water. - And how are you doing with your thesis?

- Not so bad, I've to admit. And talking about the thesis… I've got news about yours…

- Please talk to me, woman!

- Dr O'Brien called… you have to call him…

- Oh… I'm so nervous… Sienna, Said he anything else?

- Nope, just room 121 at 8 o'clock.

- 8 o'clock! It's in five minutes! The young woman almost choked on her soda.

- Oh… yes… run Kimmie! Run!- Her friend encouraged her. The heroine jumped out of the window as fast as she had arrived, lately her life was even more an endless coming and going.

– Bueno Nacho - Branch 1783 - Sydney -

- I told you Ben, you have to face your problem, with your face up, see the spider and said: Hey monster, you won't scare me anymore! Got it?

- Yes Mr Stoppable! Thank you - The little boy said while taking the chimirrito from the counter.

- No big! It's just my work! - He said proudly and smiled until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

- Hey Stoppable! - His boss talked to him. - Let me remind you… you aren't a psychologist yet… Now you are our Branch Manager, please… Don't stop our lines!

- Sorry Mr Grayson… But… another happy client to my thesis! Boo-yah! - Ron and his pet-best friend high-fived.

- Hey Ronald! What 's up? - A brunette girl appeared in front of them with a little box on her hand.

- Monique! Are you here! Finally! Is it ready? Is everything ok? Have you lost it, right? Be honest please, I can handle it.

- Stop Stoppable, please, relax… I told you, I won't ever fail you, here is the thing. - The excited girl put "the thing" in his trembling hands, while the little rodent looked at the box in amazement. - Monique, besides KP, you're the best!

- Thank you, I knew it and my tour with Brittina was ok, I mean, thanks for asking.

- Sorry… sorry… I'm so nervous about tonight… 5th anniversary, it's a big deal.

- Yes and a big feat, no one believed that you would go so far and for so long.

- And I'm the first one surprised! But… I hope that someday I will be luckier than now…

- You two will remember my words and… - The ronnicator sounded from his wrist. After the first semester of college, Ron and Kim decided that this new gadget will be vital for the both of them, with all the classes, different campuses and villains around the world, also, Ron saved money by not using a cellphone.

- Wade? What's the switch? I really love to say it! - he whispered to the girl, who just rolled her eyes at her old friend's endless antics.

- Oh don't worry, is not a villain or world trouble, I just will tell you that Kim left the building! - Wade said from his university hall.

- OMG… She is coming!

- Take it easy boy! She needs to show her thesis first, so relax, so, I'm here to help you, ok?

- You're right… c'mon Mon, time to work!

– Jungle –

From the thick oceanic jungle, a great figure walked impatiently, no animal was nearby, his mere presence scared them all away, until a device in his hand rang and the message he had been waiting so much to read, appeared on it.

"Is today" .

- Finally! - He smiled pleased, after years of planning, the day of the revenge had arrived.

– Law School - Room 534 –

- So, as I had explained to all of you, this will be my solution to solve the problems between the border areas and protect human rights. Thank you for your attention. - The now woman Possible, smiled nervously, but seconds later her audience exploded in applause.

- Excellent Miss Possible! Your thesis was perfect!

- So… that means?

- Yes, we accept it!

- Boo yah! - She jumped happily, until she remembered where she actually was. - I mean, thank you. It would be an honor to help you to implement my plan.

- Excellent Job Miss Possible… and please, give my greetings to Doctor Possible. - The woman smiled.

- Eh… sure… - The fact that her dad's ex-girlfriend was her teacher for years was very uncomfortable for the heroic young. Her teachers left the room and she finally breathed quietly. - 6 o'clock! Perfect! Now Ron it's free and now I can talk with him about…

- Miss Possible? Are you alone?

- Don't worry Harry, we are alone now. - She smiled at her teacher who was entering through the door of the room.

- Perfect! I don't wanna talk with Margaret for now… So? Give me the news?

- Harry… I will miss you…

- Did they expel you? But you've only had two tries, don't worry, I'll talk to that stubborn woman, as your adviser, I won't leave you with this, we'll take it to court if necessary and…

- Hey relax, I'll miss you because… I approved!

- Really? Seriously?

- Yeah Harry! I'll be an International Lawyer!

- Congratulations Kim-Law, you did it!

- And thanks to you. And a blond guy that is waiting for me….

- Huh, Stoppable? He really lives up to his name, he really stops you…

- We had talked about it, my answer still being no.

- But Kim, you're awesome, with you in my court, we will be indestructible!

- Yes, but… A life here in Sidney is not my plan… You know what it is.

- Yes but..

- KP? Are you here?

- Silence Harry! He is here. I'm here Ron! - She motioned to her boyfriend so he could see her.

- KP, finally! Are you ready for our big… ah!- He screamed very high, at the last second, he was enjoying her lover 's face, and in the next, he fell down the stairs. - Big date! - He said sorely, while Rufus came out of his pocket, shaking his head at the boy's clumsiness, and checked "the damage."

- Sweetie, are ok? - She took his hand to check his pulse.

- Yes… I'm ok… or maybe I'll need some mouth-to-mouth. - The redhead blushed a little, until her advisor clawed her throat, trying not to be the third wheel, again, and to get her attention.

- Well, I have to teach a class, and my students are usually dead after Wade, So, I'm leaving... but think about it, okay?

- See you later. - She cut the conversation before he revealed any more information to Ron, no one would ruin her plans now. - Are you sure you're okay?

- I've survived worse, last night a mutant attack, remember?

- Yes, my man is great. - Kim shook hands with the boy, who carefully got up, his hand made him feel safe, but something inside him wouldn't let him calm.

- Kim, what did Mr. Bennet mean?

- No big, you know how we were with the thesis...

- How did it go? Remember, if you failed again it doesn't matter, I have 6 attempts and...

- You will have to call me Kim Possible, heroine and international lawyer. - He smiled with false pride.

-KP! You did it! - The boy wrapped his arms around her and gave his girl a sweet kiss! - You're the best! Right Rufus?

- Yes! perfect!

- Thank you guys! But I'm not perfect… I'm just an average basic woman that…

- Save the world, every single day, defeat the villains and protect innocents with laws and, my favorite extra… is an excellent girlfriend…

- Oh Ron! Thank you!

- And… you won a surprise…

- A surprise? Is it about our dinner?

- Nope, an extra one… Wade helped me a little… take my hand, please.

- Of course Mr Stoppable… but to where?

- Oh, I have to cover your beautiful eyes, just trust me, ok?

- Ok! I'll do… - Kim closed her eyes as Rufus and Ron carefully blindfolded her. Once they finished their task Ron began to lead her up the stairs.

- You'll see, my Miss lawyer-heroine.

The road became a bit long, until after a small stumble, due to a bad execution of the guide, Kim felt a cool breeze on her skin.

- Are we on the roof?

- But who told you!

- You, right now.

- Oh... well, I would think twice...

- What? But if it is...

- Tadah! - The blond uncovered his green eyes, revealing in front of them the gym decorated for his prom, where five years ago they had accepted their feelings and started their relationship.

- But.. How is it possible?

- I told you… Wade helped me a little with the setting, it is not the real Middleton High School's gym, but is a virtual copy.

- Ron… is so sweet…

- And here… your present!

Kim looked at the little box in front of her, she opened her eyes with surprise.. maybe finally it was their big moment.

- KP, my best friend and the only one for me… a little present for you… Happy anniversary, thanks for making my life awesome each day. - The box revealed a beautiful necklace with a black golden hearth on it and small onyx pieces on the chain.

- Ron… is… beautiful… Thank you honey! You make me happy each day too!

They took each other by the waist, wrapped their arms around each other and kissed sweetly like in that dance, after saving the world, again.

- This couldn't be more perfect. - She smiled.

- In fact, it can. Go to your room, I'll see you and I'll pick you up in an hour.

- Oh Ron! - Kim kissed goodbye and quickly went downstairs, running through the campus, eager to get to her dorm, where she found her two best friends, with two big smiles that revealed that they knew what was happening.

-Monique! You came back!

- That's right friend, I had to help you!

- Help me? To what? What do you know?

- Things. - Her roomie mocked. - So let's go to work before your Romeo arrives. - The girls laughed among themselves, while they took her arm, almost by force, and dragged her to her room.

Outside the apartment, Ron was waiting for her anxiously and nervously, the hour had almost passed, and he was sighing dreamily.

- This dinner will be perfect Rufus, did you see how she liked the necklace? She's so beautiful.

- Very romantic! We are the kings of romance! - His best friend agreed.

- I think it's ready. - Ron could hear how the girls, except his one, left the room and sat wearily in the living room.

- Sienna, call me crazy, but don't you think Kim is making a mistake?

- What do you mean? - The girl asked, confused.

- What does she mean? Ron asked from the outside, that feeling of missing something still building inside him.

- I don't know. - The naked mole rat said and they put more attention to the conversation inside.

- Yes, I mean, all this Ron's business and Harry's proposal.

- Harry's proposal? - Ron said angrily and continued listening to the girls.

- Yes, is a very good one Moni, but Kim thought about it for months and she is pretty sure about what she wants.

- Yes I know how determined and stubborn Kim can be about Ron, but being the leader of the international movement of protection of citizens, sounds totally like Kim. Is a big opportunity for her career. She deserves the best for her.

- And I agree with you, but maybe the best for our friend is her boyfriend, I mean, She turned down that German university for Ron and lives happily.

- What? She turned down that university… but she said that… Oh Rufus, I'm the worst.

- No! You aren't!

- Yes I'm.

- Maybe you're right this time, sidekick. - He heard a female known voice.

- Elektra… oh, ok… - His half-robotic enemy appeared in front of him, trying to attack him with her death ray.

- Here is my revenge, man! You destroyed my happiness!- She screamed.

- Oh please, was just Drakken, you can find another better man for you. Really, anyone.

Coming back to the Girls rooms, Sienna and Monique were talking until her friend appeared with her beautiful light blue dress, an exact copy from the one that she was wearing that night.

- What do you say? - She asked, totally excited.

- Oh Kim! It's like you were 16 again! Congratulations! Are you ready? Because your boyfriend is waiting for you outside.

- He's so cute! He bought the same dress and even burned it underneath, like that night.

- I don't understand, why recreate it? Couldn't you adjust it?- Sienna asked.

- It would have been nice, but it was destroyed when those aliens blew up my house.

- How to forget it! -The brunette remembered, suddenly, some battle sounds caught her attention.

- You attack her leg, Rufus! - It was heard from outside.

-Well, my anniversary wouldn't be complete without a battle, excuse me girls.

The young redhead opened the door, just to see how that robot enemy attacked her boys.

- Are you still not over Dr D? How low are your standards? - Kim mocked, after giving her a kick that knocked her to the ground. - Were you going to start the party without me, huh?

- Without you ever KP, will you allow me this fight?

- It will be a pleasure.- She faked a bow.

The couple and the strong Rufus started to combat together. For the last years, Ron was progressing a lot in his fighting abilities, and Rufus and Kim, well they always were awesome, after they saved the world, with Drakken and Shego's help, they were their news trainers, so a battle like this one was like a child's play to them.

- Have you got enough robot woman? - Kim asked mockingly.

- One day Kim Possible… I'll get my revenge!

- Sure!

- Very funny huh, Ron?

- Yes KP… at least, your dress is perfect.

- Thanks for buying it for me. Sorry about the battle and all the lost time.

- Don't worry KP-love, is "our" work, isn't it?

- Yes… "our thing". - Ron looked at the students who were cheering her proudly, and how she smiled happily. "Helping others", that had always been her thing. -Well I've to go back to my room.

- Oh? now? But I believe that…

- Yes… sorry, maybe tomorrow, I'll have my thesis presentation tomorrow.

- And why don't you come and stay a little? Can we watch a movie or something?

- Sorry KP… I've to go… See you tomorrow at lunch.

- Sure honey, see ya! - She looked at how he walked away, but not as happy as he was early. -Awesome! Thanks Elektra!

— Men's dormitory building —

Ron was walking sadly, he was feeling totally bad and guilty. He wondering, how their special day turned into a total disaster!

A few years ago, he felt inferior to Kim, like he would never be less than her shadow, but after defeating Warmonga and company, he finally felt even on a par with her, no longer in an arrogant way, but happy to be useful and competent. He thought that those feelings about harming her were behind her, but no, it stopped her again in her brilliant career...

- I can't believe the fact that she couldn't get in for me, I stopped her, I thought that... and now she's going to reject his proposal... I can't be selfish! Not with her... What can I do?

- Talk to her, yes. - The rodent said as if it were the most obvious thing.

- Not if I hindered her, Rufus. She wasn't honest with me, she didn't even tell me... what's going on?

— Kim's room —

And the future lawyer was feeling in the same way that he did. She was sitting in her bed. She felt alone, she missed him.

She looked for her photo album and opened it. She smiled when she found some photos about their golden age. He was always there for her... now, she has decided...

- I know what my decision is... I've to talk with him and...

- Are you going somewhere Possible?

- Who are you? - She turned herself in and saw an unknown couple there. - Had we met?

- Not yet darling... but now... is the beginning of a new perfect story...

The woman showed her a control remote very big and with some lights, she smiled and

she pushed a few buttons and pointed at her.

- Welcome to your new Reality, Kimmie!


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