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VI. The Stoppable side

Hundreds of screams, robots attacking people, bombs exploding around her... it all sounded like disaster, until a warm voice called her...

- Kim, Kim… KP wake up, please…

- Ron… are you? - She opened her eyes, without recognizing the place where they were.

- KP! You're ok! And finally are you! - Her boyfriend took her in his arms strongly, and Kim felt a little naked hand taking hers.

- I… I don't understand… What happened?

- Welcome to reality, Miss Possible. - The green alien with red cape greeted her politely.

- Are you a…

- A Lorwardian? Yes miss, let me introduce myself.

- Oh you'll! - The woman tried to get up in an attack position, but a strong dizziness returned her to the ground, into the arms of the amused blonde.

- KP, relax, Lowar, is our compadre! - The boy and his rodent made some friendly signs that the alien reciprocated, increasing the girl's skepticism towards them.

- But he's a Lowardian and… the war, Warmonga, her daughter, I.. don't understand, where we are?

- Let me talk to you, young heroine, my name's Lowar, I'm the oldest Lorwardian alive. I studied about the prophecies of my race. You and The Big blue one, were prophesied a lot of centuries ago, like the final resolution between our races, but Warmonga's clan changed the meanings of the caverns, finding more war and destruction, for their own benefits. But as I thought, you and the Big blue…

- Wait a minute… Who's The Big Blue?

- KP, is your server and sweetie. - The boy smiled victoriously, while Rufus did little jumps, as if presenting a star.

- You? Are you? But…

- Am not blue? Yes I know, except…

- Except when you use your monkey mystical powers… wow! Ron, love, you're incredible! - They shared a big hug, finally enjoying the security about being together.

- And, about your other question, where are in the Zone Zero, or called too as ZZ. It's the space between realities where we can wait until everything comes to normal.

- Yes, our new friend and fan, stopped the technology that Wartence created to create worlds.

- Oh Ron… all these things that I made… I was…

- It wasn't you honey, someone forced you to do it, but don't worry, when we'll come back to our reality, it will be like that things never had happened.

- And where's the others? You know, Shego, Drakken, Yori, Monique…

- The only one with memory was Wade, it turns out that the rocks Yori had were fake ones that Wartence had given us as a trap. So as part of the restoration process, they were brought back to reality, they won't remember anything, you were saved because I put the original ring on you before everything happened... and I kept this. - Ron bared his neck a little, showing the necklace she had received.

- My necklace!

- That's right, but don't worry, as soon as the cleaning is over, I'll give it back to you so that you can finally be together.

- Together? But the ring was Wade's, right?

- Well, actually… - The nervous man said, until a big light interrupted their talk.

- Ready.. we'll come back in seconds…

The intense glow covered them, forcing them to close their eyes...

- So... Are we back yet? - Asked the fearful young woman.

- It seems so, open your eyes. - Her boyfriend reassured her.

- It's... our campus! - She shouted happily.

- That's right, everything returned to the starting point, everything returned to normal. Thanks old friend.

- Do not worry, this was the fate of the Warmonga's Clan, with their deaths our civilizations are safe. Now I must go, but you have our loyalty and thanks.

The green old man bowed before the warrior heroes and decided to go home. The couple looked at him in the distance, as he disappeared from their eyes.

- It seems that everything is as it should be.

- Yes, that's how it seems to be Mr. Big Blue...

They watched the youths walking from one side of the campus to the other, nonchalantly, unaware that they had been about to be destroyed.

- Well, it seems that everything is where it should be and... now, we can talk about ourselves. - Kim started the conversation. - I mean, there are only a few hours left of our anniversary.

- Yes… it's time to be honest… KP… why did you lie to me?

- What are you talking about?

- You were accepted in London 5 years ago… Why did you decline them? Was because of me, right?

- Ron, how do you know?...

- Doesn't matter how, just answer me, please Kim.

- Because… we saved the world, you saved me… just like now, you always were with me, like my best friend, my partner, my love, my everything… distance complicates everything, I didn't want to take a risk…

- But Kimberly! Was your career about what we are talking! Your future… I would never have left you, no matter the distance.

- Yes I know… but…

- What about your dreams? and…

- Ron, stop! You're my biggest dream! - She screamed, calling his attention. - Ron, you're everything to me, I can study in any college but there exists just one Ron Stoppable, a guy so strong, warm, lovely, brilliant, just you… There is just one, my Ron Stoppable… If you are here, I can be happy anywhere, and I don't have any questions about that and all these fake realities confirmed it!

- To be honest with you… I couldn't imagine my life without you too…But you made a sacrifice for us in the past, so I want to help you now… please, accept your job here!

- How do you know about it?

- I've my ways. - Ron defends himself.

- Gossip… - Rufus said.

- Whatever! I'm gonna decline it too…

- But KP… your dreams…

- Oh Ronald, please! I don't need to save me for nothing. I don't want to live here in Sydney for the rest of my life.

- What are you talking about?

- If you didn't end our dinner so fast… you would have known…

- What thing?

- I… want to ask… if you… Ron… after the prom, would you like to move again to Middleton? and… I don't know… maybe we can live together… I mean… I have known you since forever and… - Ron grabbed her by the waist and carried her in his arms, almost exploding with happiness.

- Are you serious?

- Of course…

- Oh Kim… I was going to propose to you!

- What? - She opened her green eyes in a big surprise.

- Yes… Me and the guys had planned all the dinner and the ring… Wade only took care of him for me… but… when I heard about your laboral proposal, I felt that I was being so selfish and… - Kim kissed with all her force, while some tears fell from her eyes

- Ron, honey… you are anything except selfish…

- But I was a brake in your way.

- Had you paid attention to the first reality? Without you I was a very ordinary girl! I didn't nothing! You were my inspiration and…I was lucky to share my life with you… and I will be luckiest if you wanna share the rest…

- So? KP… do you want to marry me? - Ron knelt in front of his touched girlfriend, and slipped his ring onto her finger.

- Yes... if I want Ron!

They shared a warm and passionate kiss, while the moon lit them from the sky.

The little rodent was jumping for joy, finally one of his dreams had come true. Everything was happiness, until the clumsy blonde, being him, stumbled down the hill, his worried friends ran after him, trying to break his fall.




- So, this was my second big battle, helping your mom.

- Awesome! - The little girl opened her big brown eyes with surprise, the story was unbelievable for her. - Daddy… you're awesome…

- Well PK, your parents are from another world! But, do you know what's is the important thing on this?

- Always use space rocks to protect your memories?

- Not really, be brave and expect the correct thing.

- Ron, what are you doing here? I need some help with the baby!

- Hi honey! with Don, John or Ton?

- Mommy, daddy told me the story of when you defeated Wartence and saved the human race!

- Well... wait a minute... Ron! We promised that this specific story not!

- But Kim! was an extraordinary adventure!

- Yes, for you, because you weren't an evil queen.

- But you were an awesome one!

- Time to go to bed Payton, see you tomorrow my love.

- Thank you mom. But... I've one more question...

- What's is?

- If you defeated the clan of Warmonga, who was their ally? I mean, who helped them to spied on you and planned everything.

- Well daughter, that is a very good story... - Ron smiled and Rufus prepared some draws to tell it.

- But for another day, it's time to go to bed, and I really need my sidekick to help me with the triplets. Good night honey!

- Good night, heroes...

The little red-haired girl closed her eyes, prepared to enjoy another amazing dream about her parents's stories. She was lucky to be born as a Stoppable- Possible girl.


A short but cute episode to close the story... It was so funny and all a travel to write, I hope that you liked so as I do!