A/N: Set after the second season (I don't acknowledge the third season so in this fic let's pretend it never happened lol). Some events may reference things that happened in the third season but never the less, for the purposes of this fic, it never really happened. Greta also is pretty young in this. Canonically she's supposed to be 10 years old when Yuuri first adopts her but by the way she acts and presents herself she comes of a lot younger so for the purposes of this fic let's pretend she's still 10 and Yuuri adopted her when she was like 7 or something.

Also I tried to write from the Anime canon but I might possibly add or sprinkle in some things from the novel canon if I feel like it. Any constructive feedback and comments are deeply appreciated.

"I can't believe you, Yuuri!" Wolfram screamed as he threw another pillow at the young Maou who stood helplessly with arms crossed in front of his face in self-defense.

"Wolfram, calm down!" Yuuri replied meekly with items ranging from books, papers and quills to pillows and bed sheets strewn about at his feet. The blond Mazoku prince had been throwing things and yelling multiple insults directed at the young Maou for a while now.

"Calm down?! How do you expect me to calm down when you so brazenly flirt with other women right in front of me!" Wolfram grabbed the last pillow on their bed and threw it straight at Yuuri.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't flirting! How could I flirt with anyone when you're constantly breathing down my neck!" Yuuri exclaimed as a pillow hit him squarely in the face.

"So you admit it! You wanted to flirt with her! The way you were smiling and talking to Andrea proves it! I swear to Shinou Yuuri, I will roast you and Andrea alive" Wolfram yelled as a fireball started to take shape in his hand.

"Wolfram, please! Let's talk about this! I wasn't flirting with anyone!" Yuuri pleaded assuming a defensive stance and backing away slowly towards the door in an effort to escape the Royal Chambers before Wolfram threw his fireball.

The pair had been sequestered in the Royal Chambers for a while now. Wolfram had dragged Yuuri from the annual Shin Makoku Foundation Day Ball to their quarters after he saw the young king smile and have pleasant conversation with Lady Andrea von Gyllenhaal. Wolfram had known her since childhood due to the fact that they were both nobles but he never quite got along with her. She had always been a bit too loud for Wolfram's taste.

Lady Andrea was beautiful, not unlike any other Mazoku. She was about an inch or two shorter than Yuuri and had long straight platinum blonde hair that cascaded down freely to her waist and storm grey eyes. She wore a pastel blue gown which accentuated the cool undertones in her hair, eyes and complexion. Her looks gave off an air of icy fragility, something akin to holding a snowflake, and Wolfram quickly took note of the king's infatuation with her appearance.

"Oh please, Yuuri! You were practically drooling when you saw her!" Wolfram barked as the fireball grew larger. Wolfram would never hurt Yuuri. He would never throw the fire ball at Yuuri but it did make a great demonstration for how agitated he was.

"I wasn't drooling! And what's wrong with thinking she's pretty? Everyone here is insanely gorgeous." Yuuri took hold of the doorknob behind his back.

"STOP TALKING YUURI! You're just making it worse! I swear! The least you could do is not to so blatantly ogle other women in my presence! Do you know how humiliating it is to stand there while you openly indulge your lecherous impulses, you cheater!" Wolfram threw the fireball across the room and set an antique chair on fire.

Yuuri, not one to back down when being accused of cheating or perversion, was now angry as well. Not only was there a chair on fire in his bedroom but he also never understood the blond's accusations of infidelity towards him. He had never even kissed a girl! Besides, Wolfram had to have known this engagement was a joke by now right? They were both guys! According to his Earthly sensibilities, two guys weren't supposed to marry each other.

"Lecherous impulses?! Wolfram do you even hear yourself!? I wasn't cheating! What's wrong with complimenting a pretty girl!? I was just being nice! Besides I thought I was supposed to mingle at this ball!?" Yuuri barked back.

Before the ball, Günter, his chief adviser, had told him that tonight would be the perfect opportunity to strengthen ties with the aristocracy and garner more support for his reign. Though Yuuri's "all peace, no war" approach had gotten substantial support over the years, it was Yuuri himself that the aristocrats felt wary of. Yuuri disappeared for about six months after he had defeated the Originators and it was assumed he would never return. This created a power vacuum and a succession crisis as to who should rightfully rule. Even though this situation sorted itself out, the Ten Aristocrats, while acknowledging Yuuri as their king, understandably still felt unsure as to where their king's priorities truly lied. Yuuri still continued to visit Earth and had yet to make any indication that Shin Makoku is his permanent home. And every time Yuuri went back to Earth, many held their breath waiting for his return, or rather if he would return at all. Yuuri needed to show the aristocracy that Shin Makoku was his foremost priority through building up relations and trust between them.

"You were clearly flirting with her, you, cheating wimp! You couldn't stop talking to her! You even let her touch you so casually. She was practically throwing herself at you and you let her!" Wolfram argued, heaving in frustration, deep emerald eyes glaring in utter fury with another fireball forming in hand. "And if you actually wanted to strengthen ties with the nobles you would have been talking to her father, the actual head of the von Gyllenhaal house. Also, it's Andrea's older sister, Matilda, who will succeed her father as head of house. Talking to Andrea will gain you no political influence. She is but the third out of four children and aside from her title as 'Lady' she has no real power or influence. UGH! You're not just a cheating wimp, you're politically inept too!" Wolfram was gearing up to throw another fireball.

"Well, I'm sorry for being politically inept. I've only been at this for three years! And I'm NOT a cheater! She asked to feel the fabric of my uniform! It's not a big deal. And besides she was polite and engaging, I couldn't just leave her in the middle of a conversation to talk to someone higher ranking. That would have been rude and I didn't want to hurt her feelings!" Yuuri screamed, matching Wolfram's volume.

Wolfram's fireball disappeared as he clenched his fists to his side, eyes downcast and shoulders slightly shaking. If one were to peer into those deep lake bottom green eyes, they would not find any anger or frustration not even jealousy, only pain. It felt like an ice pick had been stabbed right through his chest and he could hardly breathe. It was the kind of pain that lingered and chipped away at your very soul leaving nothing behind but an empty husk in the process. It was the kind that began long ago, never quite disappearing, culminating in one last full frontal assault to fully break the blond Mazoku's spirit.

Wolfram wasn't sure if it was the wine, or the uncomfortably hot and stuffy ballroom, maybe it was the pitying looks from the aristocrats as he walked through the ballroom floor whispering in his wake about the Maou's accidental unwantedfiancé or perhaps it was the fact that his king had paid more attention to Lady Andrea von Gyllenhaal, a stranger to him until tonight, and showed her greater care and consideration in one night than Wolfram had been given the last six months since Yuuri's return from Earth.

Six months. Yuuri had been gone for six months and Wolfram was utterly devastated at the loss of his fiancé. Wolfram could barely eat, barely sleep, barely breathe without thinking about Yuuri. He missed the double black more than anyone could possibly know. Yuuri had been his constant companion and best friend. The dark haired Mazoku won him over with this kindness. The overabundance of kindness for everyone regardless of race or station. Yuuri was like the sun, warm and bright, lighting the darkness and Wolfram wanted to bask in that light. When Yuuri left, everything had gone dark and Wolfram felt lost but alas the blond ex-prince could not even be given the luxury of mourning the loss of his raven haired fiancé for he had just been chosen to be the 28th Maou.

Six months. Wolfram worked tirelessly for six months to stabilize the kingdom after the sudden departure of their king. He had worked hard to keep the alliances with the human territories strong and pacify the irate diplomats who knew nothing of Yuuri's true origins or the reason for his sudden disappearance. Wolfram's life had been completely turned upside down, inside out and flipped sideways but he had to be strong because he was working towards Yuuri's dream, Yuuri's dream of peace. It was something Wolfram wanted just as much as Yuuri. As a child of war, Wolfram saw the devastation war had brought to his people and wished never to return to those dark ages again. As a child of war, no one knew better than Wolfram the grief and anxiety of waiting for someone who might not come back. He learned early on that it was painful to hope and yet here he was again waiting, hoping against hope that Yuuri, his Yuuri, would come back.

Six months. Yuuri had been back for six months. While his initial return had caused another succession crisis, it was eventually resolved with Wolfram stepping down as Maou and allowing Yuuri to continue his reign. Wolfram was delighted to have Yuuri come back. He had missed him dearly and Wolfram hoped Yuuri missed him just as much as he missed Yuuri, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder right? But that was not the case. Yuuri missed everyone the exact same. It was irritating. It was humiliating. It was infuriating. But most of all it was heartbreaking.

Was he not special? Was he not his fiancé? The same overly large heart that overflowed with love and warmth for everyone, the same heart that had won him over long ago was now also the same heart that caused him immeasurable pain. How could Yuuri love everyone the same? How was he not special enough to garner just a bit more affection from his king? Had he not proven his loyalty and love enough times already? Had he not shown him his utter devotion? How was he, the king's fiancé, possibly on the same level as the bumbling nose bleeding adviser Günter? That really ticked him off; to be lumped in the same category as everyone else including Günter. Surely he had earned a special place in the king's heart by now, even the tiniest fraction of his heart was enough. Wolfram would have been content with that.

A small space in Yuuri's heart would have been enough for as long as that space solely belonged to him. Wolfram was long past asking for Yuuri's heart to belong completely to him for he knew the king had too much love to give and that the king ultimately belonged to his people. No, all Wolfram was asking for was a piece, a tiny sliver of that overly large heart to belong to him and only him, to be devoted to him, to love him without restraint, that would have been enough for Wolfram but life was not so kind as to give him what he desired most in the world.

Perhaps seeing Yuuri look at another beautiful woman right in front of him while he was left in the background, forgotten for the umpteenth time, finally broke the proverbial straw on the camel's back. Perhaps it was the year of six months of utter misery accompanied by another six months of deprivation of the love he so craved that had done him in. Perhaps it was all the emotions that had been left to swirl, stew and fester deeper and deeper until his heart could no longer contain this toxic tonic. Wolfram wasn't quite sure what really drove him over the edge but tonight, Wolfram's restraint had finally broken, his prideful facade cracked and withered away. His carefully built walls had come tumbling down and without thought he laid all his cards on the table.

Wolfram's entire body shook, his hands tightly balled into fists at his sides. "What about my feelings, Yuuri!?" Wolfram roared. "Have you ever thought to consider just once how I would feel? How I would feel about my fiancé ogling a woman right in front of me? Do you know what the nobles say behind my back when I walk past them? Well, I'll tell you! They pity me Yuuri! They gossip about the Maou's unwanted fiancé. Apparently I am nothing but a nuisance to you , a fly you keep trying to swat away. I am nothing more than a spoiled child trying to get something that I don't deservethrough tantrums and outbursts. A lost lovesick puppy that wants something it can never have but still continues to follow, not knowing when to quit." Wolfram cast his gaze towards Yuuri, staring deeply into his jet black eyes.

"Wolf... that's...not true..." Yuuri hesitantly spoke unsure how to handle this sudden outburst of emotion. Yuuri knew what to do with an angry Wolfram. They would usually scream at each other until their lungs gave out and one would eventually concede, the one being Yuuri most days. But this Wolfram was different. The look in his deep lake bottom green eyes contained no rage or fury, only pain. It was haunting. Wolfram's perfectly pink lips poised in an elegant pout, his face with an almost unreadable expression betrayed only by his deep lake bottom green eyes that no longer sparkled with passion, his pale skin making him look almost translucent in the moonlight. Wolfram has always looked like a beautiful angel plucked directly from a renaissance painting, and tonight was no different. Tonight, Wolfram looked like an angel in agony. How Wolfram could still be so beautiful while in immeasurable pain was something Yuuri Shibuya could not comprehend. Yuuri instinctively tried to reach out for the blond Mazoku's hand but quickly retracted it. Yuuri didn't know what to do in this situation. He didn't know what he could possibly do or say to placate the blond soldier.

"Yuuri, do you love me?" Wolfram asked in a low shaky voice. Wolfram had never dared to tell Yuuri he loved him directly for fear of rejection. He showed him through the small gestures like straightening his shirt collar and giving him a swift kick in the butt when he knew Yuuri was slacking. Wolfram hoped these little things would reach the double black's heart and he would eventually reciprocate but now it seemed like his efforts were in vain. It was weak, he knew it. It was weak to fear rejection and even weaker to blatantly ask Yuuri if he loved him but he needed a definitive answer; a sure sign that told him it was time to let go.

"W-What?" Was Yuuri's eeked out a response. Yuuri blanched, all the colour draining from his face, he cast his eyes downwards and fidgeted with the hem of his jacket. Wolfram had never directly asked him this question. It was the elephant in the room that they both avoided like the plague. It was a deeply loaded and uncomfortable question that left Yuuri grasping at straws. He didn't not love Wolfram but he didn't love Wolfram either, not in that way.

Wolfram let out a sigh. He felt he already knew his answer but ventured on with his questioning just to be sure. Once again hoping against hope that perhaps he could get the response he wished for. Yuuri didn't need to love him right now, Wolfram would love Yuuri enough for the both of them, all he wanted was the possibility that maybe someday down the line this engagement would blossom into a marriage. But somewhere deep in his heart he knew that was never going to happen.

"Yuuri, were you ever going to marry me?" Wolfram's voice softened but was void of any emotion. The once proud Mazoku sounded defeated.

Yuuri hung his head and shook it, avoiding Wolfram's gaze. "I'm sorry, Wolf. I just can't marry another guy. I never meant to hurt you. You're still my best friend." He said the last phrase quietly in earnest. Yuuri felt terrible. He did not want to hurt the blond demon before him. He never meant for this, any of this to happen. He always knew this conversation was going to happen someday, he just wished he had more time; more time to prepare, to soften the blow, for Wolfram to quietly understand the circumstances of their engagement. Knots started twisting in his stomach, and he wished for something, anything to delay the inevitable.

A few painfully silent moments passed before he dared to look at the beautiful blond demon before him. Wolfram looked utterly defeated, his eyes sullen and empty, his face devoid of emotion. He looked completely broken and yet strangely still beautiful. Perhaps this is what they meant when they say death is beautiful because at that moment Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld looked like a walking corpse, an empty shell of the man he once was.

"I see. Thank you for telling me, Your Majesty. I will have the annulment papers drawn and passed by tomorrow morning. I am sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience." Wolfram bowed, a cold emotionless mask obscuring his delicate features. He walked rigidly towards the door with the impeccable posture of a soldier and yet something was off. There was no longer the pride that the blond Mazoku was known for, his gait heavy with the weight of knowing you are unwanted by the one you hold most dear.

Wolfram exited the room as Yuuri stood stock still in silence. He tried to say something, anything and he even tried to grab hold of Wolfram's hand but he was too stunned to speak. His mouth opened but no words flowed out. He extended and retracted his hand multiple times, unable to decide just what he would do or say after he got ahold of the blond. Yuuri stood meekly as he watched his friend, hurt beyond belief, walk away. He clenched his fists to his side, feeling incredibly helpless, blue light enveloping him for a split second before disappearing.

Wolfram arrived at his quarters and dragged himself to his bed. He had changed into his night clothes and plopped on his bed holding a pillow tight to his chest waiting for tears to fall but they never came. Wolfram wouldn't allow himself to cry in front of Yuuri. It was not his pride that stopped, he no longer had any to speak of. No, Wolfram refused to cry in front of Yuuri because he didn't want to hurt Yuuri any more than he already had. He knew Yuuri would feel guilty about this and he couldn't add any more to that guilt. He's already inconvenienced the Maou enough.

But Wolfram was alone now, there was nothing stopping him from allowing the tears spill forth from his eyes but his face remained dry. He was hurt beyond belief, his chest felt heavy and tight but he could not cry. He felt immense pain and numbness at the same time. Wolfram wanted to throw his boot against his window and roll around in the shattered glass, maybe then the tears would come. He wanted to feel pain so badly, he wanted to express it through tears, screaming, crying and shaking, he wanted to release all of his pent up emotions but it was as if his body shut down. In the end, Wolfram fell asleep clutching a pillow tightly against his chest waiting for the sweet moment of catharsis that never came.