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Yata Misaki's version

Mikoto-San! He's gone dead, deceased, and HOMRA has disbanded it's been about a year, Misaki spent his birthday alone, Anna is now 12, but she's been captured by Munakata Reisi who's been eyeing her ever since he was king the young girl was finally token into his custody she is now in a cage under the scepter 4 mansion, Yata Misaki is now 20 he's been suffering from depression ever since he was in elementary school but it's been more effective ever since Mikoto had died he started harming himself just so he wouldn't kill anyone, when he was younger he had an eating disorder, he thought he got rid of it but now he's been having eating problems once again sometimes he will starve himself for 6 weeks, sometimes he'll starve himself for 1 month but one time he starved himself for 7 whole months, even though Fushimi Saruhiko was always thinner then him but now Misaki might actually be thinner, it's been a long time since he heard his friends he's even forgotten almost about every single one, his memory has started to fade away he barely can even speak his voice is sore, broken, he keeps on stuttering even when talking to him self.