"Sakura-chan, go harder," Naruto begged.

Sakura moaned, pressing her ass up against his growing erection. She really knew how to get him going. After their date at Ichiraku's, she couldn't get enough of him. She had forced them to go back to his place to have some of their usual "fun".

Naruto had shoved her against the wall as soon as they entered his apartment, bending her over and dry humping her cheeks for all that it was worth. It was one of the many features he loved about her. Sakura never complained of course. The little minx knew of his fascination with her tight, glorious ass and took every opportunity to flaunt them.

Naruto palmed her breasts. They were the perfect size to grab a handful of and squeeze for all they were worth. "Harder, Sakura-chan. I'm–I'm so close."

The intensity with which he humped her increased, and Sakura reciprocated. She grinded against him harder, moaning fervently. Naruto joined in her moans until he climaxed.

"Naruto. Oh, god," she moaned desperately.

Not wanting to be the only one who climaxed, Naruto continued embracing her from behind, not wanting to be apart from her ass, and put his hand inside her pants, penetrating her cunt with his finger. He slowly humped her while inserting another digit.

Sakura's moaning grew crazier. She hid her face on the wall, grinding against his hand. Naruto kissed her neck, enjoying the smell of the perfume she had on.

Eventually, when he added a third finger, Sakura couldn't handle any more pleasure, orgasming onto his hand. He bit her neck as he felt her pussy squirt a river.

"Oh, that was brilliant, Naruto. God, you make me crazy."

While she recovered, he pulled out his hand and licked the delicious juices covering it. She stared at him mesmerized, before grabbing his hand and putting a few of his fingers into her mouth. She deepthroated it as if it was his cock itself.

Having cleaned every inch of his hand, she gave him a sultry smirk. Groaning in pleasure, Naruto kissed her. He slid his hands underneath her thighs, carrying her towards his bed. Reaching his destination, he placed her gingerly onto it.

Disengaging from the kiss, he stared at the beauty before him. Sakura looked at him with that adorable smile of hers. Her lips were bruised, evidence of his love for her.

Straddling her thighs, he helped her remove her shirt. The only thing that blocked his sight of her glorious breasts was her bra, but those were unfastened shortly enough. Her nipples greeted him, begging to be suckled on.

Sakura cried from ecstasy when he answered their call. He bit, sucked on, and teased every bit of her teats, enjoying the reactions he received from his pink haired angel. Meanwhile, he caressed her face before inserting his thumb into her mouth. She suckled on it, her tongue brushing against the tip, spit spilling down the edge of her lips.

Ending his worship of her tits, he licked the saliva off her face, not wanting her beauty to be tarnished. He replaced his thumb for his tongue, commencing a battle for dominance. Sakura gave as good as she got, but when Naruto penetrated her pussy with his finger again, she soundly lost. Ending the kiss momentarily, she pouted. "That's–oh, god," she moaned, "–cheating, Naruto."

"You're not trying to win if you don't cheat, Sakura-chan," he murmured with a smile, resuming the kiss. He spent the next few moments just focusing on her pleasure, enjoying the reactions his ministrations of her cunt were causing.

Sakura was always adorable, but when she couldn't control himself because of him, his lust for her shined brilliantly. To have undeniable proof that he was causing her so much pleasure she couldn't control herself was so validating.

Thank god he learned some sealing jutsu that blocked off sound from leaving his apartment. His landlord would call for his eviction if they heard Sakura's loud moans of unadulterated ecstasy. When he first learned of her weakness of penetration, she attempted to restrict her cries, embarrassed. Naruto put a stop to that immediately. He loved to hear her screams.

To have her be embarrassed of them was a crime against humanity.

Naruto smirked, ceasing his ministrations. Sakura looked at him with such betrayal that he almost put his hand back, but he held off.

Kissing her bruised lips, he whispered an apology. He removed his belt, his pants and shirt following it. Wearing only boxers, Naruto grinned at the lust that could be seen in Sakura's eyes when she saw his bulge begging to be released to the world..

"My turn, Sakura," he said. Naruto took off his boxers and moved to straddle her shoulders. His cock was pointed right at her mouth. Sakura stared at it with so much mesmerization he almost blushed.

She opened her mouth to allow his entrance. Naruto caressed her face in thanks before he took the plunge. He gasped when he instantly felt her tongue glide across his length. He slowly buried himself into her, not wanting to rush. He'd reach the back of her throat, disengage, then insert himself again, all while her tongue sucked on his dick.

Naruto went faster, the face fucking commencing for real. His cock increasingly reached the back of her throat, her nose pressing up against his pubic bone every time, but the little minx loved it. She groped his ass, using the hold to urge him to go even faster.

Naruto happily obliged.

Uncaring of her safety, he went all in. He bucked his hips into her mouth with everything he had in this world. His length would leave her warmth then slam back in, harshly hitting the back of her throat. From the muffled moans he was hearing from her, she absolutely loved it.

Eventually, he reached his limit. Pressing her nose against his pubic bone, he held that position as he climaxed inside her. Stream after stream of his cum raced from his cock. When it ended, he marveled at his creation.

Sakura was trying desperately to keep all of it in her mouth, but was failing. His cum was spilling from her lips. Grabbing a towel he kept nearby on hand–he had a suspicion she would try to jump his pants tonight, so he prepared the towel in advance–he rubbed the excess semen off her face. She swallowed the remaining, taking a relieved breath.

"Did you cum, Sakura-chan?" he asked, gingerly caressing face. She nodded, still breathing carefully to recover her energy.

He smirked. "If you enjoyed that, Sakura-chan, just wait." He used the hand sign for his signature technique. A shadow clone appeared on the other side of her, stroking its length.

Sakura's eyes widened considerably.

A/N: After years of wanting to get into writing smut, but being afraid of being bad at it, I finally took the plunge and tried it out.

I'll see you guys around.