"Akamaru, I'll be right back, alright, buddy? I just need to say goodbye to the Mizukage before we head out."

Kiba produced a tick mark on his forehead when Akamaru smirked at him. "Yeah, yeah. I'm not going to deny what you're implying, but stop teasing me about it."

Kiba waved goodbye to him before he closed the door. He struggled with the decision on whether to stay or leave when he saw Akamaru's forlorn gaze directed towards him, but he committed to it. Akamaru could handle being sad for a couple hours, even if he didn't think so.

He had responsibilities now that were greater than the two of them - he was a fancy pants diplomat. As he ran through the rooftops of Kirigakure, he wondered why Naruto ever chose him for this job. As much as Kiba thought he was hot shit, he could admit better choices existed. Diplomats should be tactful, calm, and charming. Or that's how he imagined how he imagined them.

Kiba? While he did consider himself charming, he was neither calm nor tactful.

Though… with what ended up happening… maybe Shikamaru gambled on that. The true force behind the Hokage was always brilliant in his scheming. If he did predict everything that happened, Kiba would need to buy him a few drinks. He owed him the world.

Kiba landed before the entrance to the Mizukage Tower and entered. He waved at the secretary casually. After a month in Kirigakure, he no longer needed to verify who he was or if he had an appointment. The secretary just waved back at him and refocused on her paperwork.

Before he entered the office of the Mizukage, he controlled himself. While he wanted to maintain his beaming smile, he switched it for a calm facade. With a sigh, he entered.

Kiba fought the urge to smirk when he met Mei Terumi's cool gaze, determined to maintain his composure.

"Mizukage-same," he said, bowing in deference.

Mei bowed her head slightly in greeting. "Inuzuka-san. It's a pleasure to see you again. Today's your last day, is it not?" She interlaced her fingers together and set her chin on top.

The words felt forced and unnatural as he spoke, "The pleasure's all mine, I… assure you." He cringed inwardly, wishing he could be more bold and unfiltered, but the need to maintain decorum kept him in check. His mind raced with inappropriate quips and crass retorts, but he knew better than to give in to those impulses.

Not yet, at least.

"And it pains me to say, but yes. Tomorrow, Akamaru and I will be leaving for Konoha."

Mei raised an eyebrow. Straightening her posture, she let out a breath. "That's disappointing. I'd prefer such a handsome man like you to stay a while longer," she said, the slightest trace of amusement could be seen before it disappeared.

Kiba held his breath, surprised. Usually they kept this game of theirs on for longer. If she was already starting to break character…

Kiba watched as Mei stood, and walked towards him. In no time at all, she stood before him. They held each other's gaze for a second.

"You've been… such a delight, Kiba," she purred, forgoing honorifics.

Without warning, she threw her arms around him and pulled him close, smashing her lips against his. The warmth of her embrace enveloped him, and for a moment, everything else faded away. He could feel her heart beating against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her in return, holding her tight.

As they shared a passionate kiss, Kiba's hands lowered to her rear, the thing he loved most about her. When his hands melted right into it, he just about died. He pressed her tightly against him, loving the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest.

Breaking off the kiss for a moment, he stared at Mei, enjoying the lustful gaze she directed towards him. "You could barely wait. What, are you sad I'm going to leave?" he teased, caressing her ass.

"Gods, yes," Mei moaned. She rested her head against his shoulder and enjoyed his ministrations. "You don't know how much I've enjoyed this past month. All the games we played, all the times we seduced each other, and all the times we fucked." She bit his neck. "I don't want you to go - not after I finally found someone I want to be with."

Kiba couldn't help but beam. Not in a million years did he think someone like him could get someone like Mei interested in him. "I'll get–" Growing impatient, Mei interrupted him to resume their kissing. He indulged her, grabbing her thighs to lift her up. His dick was pressed up against her crotch. He carried her towards her desk. When he reached it, he set her down gently.

Kiba broke the kiss. "I'll talk to Naruto about coming–" He groaned when she attacked his neck again, interlacing her legs around his back so he couldn't escape her embrace.

Not that he would ever want to, of course.

"I'll come back. I don't want to leave you, too, Mei," Kiba moaned. Forgoing any further discussion, he grinded his dick against her crotch. His hands soon found their way to where they belonged - her breasts. He roughly fondled them, but he frowned. He usually loved how tight her clothes were, but they didn't allow him to grope her properly, and that was a travesty he couldn't allow.

While Mei nibbled on Kiba's neck, he lowered her shirt. His eyes sparkled when it was revealed she wasn't wearing a bra. "You were prepared for me, weren't you, you little fox." It wasn't even a question.

Mei replied by pressing her breasts against his chest, wordlessly hurrying him to play with them. He obliged, attacking her ample bust with his left hand, while he directed his right hand underneath her skirt, rubbing her crotch. She moaned. Having finished biting his neck, she returned to kissing him.

Kiba pinched her left nipple gently and fondled her groin at the same time. Mei moaned into his mouth, overwhelmed by the pleasure. She always was sensitive.

Bypassing her panties, Kiba thrusted into her with two of his fingers. She could no longer focus on kissing him, and instead leaned against the table, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. Now free from her embrace, he had the opportunity to truly focus on her breasts, and he took full advantage of it.

While he teased her cunt with his fingers, he took her nipple into his mouth, suckling on it.

Mei was a mess, moaning her heart out with everything she had. If her secretary came to check on her, she'd know instantly what was up. But Kiba didn't care. Honestly, he got off on the possibility. Getting caught, letting people know that he, Kiba Inzuka, was fucking a babe like Mei. Why wouldn't he want that to happen?

Focusing back on the quivering mess before him, he added a third finger. He switched from nibbling on her left teat, to her right, wanting to give equal attention to her perfect breasts.

His soft nibbling turned to gently circling her areola with his tongue, licking it slowly and deliberately. Sucking in tune with Mei's moaning, he held her lower back as she arched into him. His sucking became harder, the nipple making a low popping sound as it escaped his mouth. He leaned back in, dragging his tongue up the nipple, lapping it with growing fervor.

Mei gasped as he added a fourth finger. He was practically fucking her with his hand. She sent him a hungry look, begging him to go faster.

Kiba obliged, increasing the intensity of his thrusts. Oh, how he wanted to remove his hand and fuck her right there, but he knew she preferred foreplay over sex. Rushing it wouldn't be the best move.
Soon, Mei orgasmed, and he had to marvel at the amount. His whole hand was absolutely covered with her cum. As she focused on her breathing, he licked his hand, lapping up the juices. Slightly salty but with a hint of a rich texture.

He could get used to this.

"Gods, Kiba." She let out a low, satisfied rumble. "That was perfect."

Kiba hummed contently, smirking at her. "Thanks, I try. Now…" Taking off his belt, his pants soon following, his hungry gaze devoured her body. He stroked his dick, before he removed her panties and set them aside. "Time to really get started."


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