Rise of the Telumancer: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own any crossover references used throughout the story: all rights belong to their original creators. I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter.

Plot: Way of the Warrior Response: Albus left Harry to become an abused martyr who'd walk to his death…or so he thought! Someone else was there that night, who wants to make the Boy-Who-Lived the warrior he was born to be.

Challenge Information: DZ2's 'Way of the Warrior' Challenge: On the night that Dumbledore left Harry on the doorstep, a second being was there with one purpose in mind: they knew Harry would be in a war, so they took it upon themselves to give him the strength that he needed.

Rules: Grey or Dark Harry

The being that takes Harry away MUST be part of some 'warrior' race

Harry's upbringing with this race MUST be in the story

The one that takes Harry away MUST either adopt Harry or give him some sort of protection, keeping him with the warriors

Harry/female pairings ONLY

When Harry goes to Hogwarts, he uses his warrior abilities as well as his magical ones

Harry's strength and abilities unnerve, annoy and even frighten some people

At least ONE other student of Hogwarts must be from the same race

At some point in the story, Harry MUST offer training to at least ONE person

Guidelines: Harry is trained to become the new leader of the race

Reasonable Creature Races (Elves, Centaurs, Goblins etc.)

Harry's weapon can be disguised somehow

Harry has a familiar

The race gets Sirius free and cleared

Lily and/or James are actually bloodline members of the race

Lily and/or James survive that night and instead take Harry away after the attack


A prophecy speaks of the warrior wizard

Forbidden: Slash


The Dursleys raising Harry

Harry giving up his newfound abilities/powers

Weak, naive Harry

Dumbledore and/or Voldemort gaining the allegiance of Harry and his 'family'

Other than that, it's up to you…

Author's Note: So, as curious as this is going to sound, the following story is a VERY old idea that, at the time, was lost to the graveyard and became something of a dim and distant memory. But then, in exploring my forum and the ideas presented by other readers and fans, I found the urge to reignite this fire rise again, so, here we have the end result.

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Key Pairings: Harry/Susan; Sirius/Rose (OFC)

Other Pairings: To be determined

Normal Speech


'Mental Speech'


PROLOGUE: The Unseen Saviour

There was nothing about the almost-eerie, but also-cool stillness of the winter night that might have suggested that anything strange, abnormal or unusual was lurking in its midst.

As midnight struck, the calm silence of Privet Drive was suddenly disturbed for what was – although the unsuspecting Muggles who slept in the houses along the street were blissfully unaware of it – the second time that night, though the new arrival was more-careful than the previous visitors to the grim and drab, not to mention nauseatingly-repetitive – in the designs of the houses and garden – piece of Muggle suburbia.

Beneath the flickering lights of the streetlamps along the road, a dark-clad figure suddenly appeared, as though they had stepped out of the very shadows themselves, before they proceeded to move through the street, the shining glare of the lights overhead now illuminating their presence, although the figure didn't seem to notice. Neither did the light seem to faze the dark figure as, with every light that they passed beneath, the light actually seemed to pass straight through them, as though they were nothing more than ghosts in the night.

It was only when the lone shadow reached the stretch of pavement across the street from Number Four, Privet Drive that they finally stopped, their dark-clad attire and physique turned in the direction of the house.

To look at the figure, anyone that might have been awake, much less aware of the newcomer's presence, would have probably been forgiven for thinking that they were looking at an individual whom was made up of living shadows.

The stranger was dressed in black clothes that seemed to hug their lean, strong frame rather well, with the majority of their body covered by black silk and leathery, armour-like applications that seemed to keep the figure looking streamlined and one with the darkness. Over the top of the dark suit, they wore a cloak that wrapped around them like the wings of the eternal night, with a black clasp fixed at the point where the cloak fastened around the neck of the stranger. Over their head, the tall, dark stranger wore a cowl that also obscured their facial features, giving no signs of male or female identity or any signs of any possible expressions that might be showing on the face of the stranger.

As the stranger stood across the street from Number Four, Privet Drive, they let out a lone, almost-inaudible breath, which seemed to linger in the air for several long minutes, before, as though they had made a choice as to their next action, the stranger crossed the street, stepping over the low garden wall with ease as they approached the doorstep where a blanket-wrapped bundle could be seen beneath the darkness of the night.

Stopping next to the bundle, the shadowy figure sighed again, this time with a hint of annoyance, if not disbelief, before they leaned down, being as gentle as they could as they picked up the lone child that slept within the folds of the bundle.

As they did so, however, the stranger was then aware of a sudden icy chill that blew through the air behind them, causing a feeling of anticipation and alertness to pass through the stranger's body as they held the bundle closer to their body.

At the same time that the stranger moved the bundle closer, however, a calm, if not amused-sounding voice suddenly broke through the silence as a male voice addressed the figure on the doorstep.

"I thought that was you."

Turning towards the new voice, the stranger released a third sigh, this time one of purebred relief, as they saw a dark-haired, grey-eyed young man standing at the gate of the garden, the eyes of the newcomer fixed on the stranger and the bundle in their arms as he smiled softly before, gesturing to the empty road and street around them, he asked, "What's with the cloak and dagger stuff? We're alone, you know? Everyone else who lives on this street is locked in the embrace of Morpheus and, before you ask, I've checked the street five times since following the Tracking Charms that I put on the bike."

A scoff escaped the figure in the hood, before the dark-haired man shook his head as he clicked his tongue before he continued, "Mind you, if I had even suspected that you'd be coming to save my pup from certain damnation, and deny me the right to give a certain someone a good, pointy-toed-booted kick in the Gobstones in the process, I might not have bothered."

As the stranger remained as silent as the grave, the grey-eyed man sighed deeply before he stepped over the low wall and, walking towards the dark stranger, he stopped just a few inches from the two others, his eyes on the bundle in the stranger's arms as he asked them, "So…just to clarify what's going on here, let me guess: Lily asked you to do this?"

Looking up at the stranger, the man smiled again as he added, "Well…talk about embarrassing. I guess we didn't keep our secret relationship as secret and in the shadows as you thought we would if the brightest witch in Gryffindor history figured us out, eh, Rose?"

This time, it was a sigh of disdain that left the stranger's lips before, handing the bundle to the other man, the stranger removed the hood from their head, lowering what looked like a mask from their face in the process; as they did so, they revealed that they were actually a young-looking woman with a head of sandy-blonde hair that seemed to have a few reddish streaks that ran along the fringe of the young female.

In a weird way, it gave her hairstyle a sort of raspberry ripple-like look, which only made her companion swoon and smile lovingly as he saw her reveal her identity to him – not that he needed to guess it was her, mind.

At the same time, a cool-looking pair of pale, greyish-coloured eyes – grey-ish, because of the fact that their colour seemed almost-heterochromic with the way it was blended with emerald-green colours, almost like the colour of the eyes belonging to the infant in the blanket-wrapped bundle she now passed to her companion – looked to the man with a hint of annoyance in her glare as she scoffed before, taking a few steps towards the man, she brushed her lips against his, earning a knowing laugh from the man before she parted from him.

"By the Shadows, Sirius, do you know how many times I've been reprimanded for having my identity revealed by an outsider, or an associate, whilst I'm supposed to be on a mission? If Ares hears about this, he'll…"

"Hey, hey," argued Sirius, cutting off the girl's tirade with a stronger, longer-lasting kiss, before he parted from the kiss as he looked down at the bundle in his arms before, returning his attention to the woman before him, he cleared his throat as he went on, "Relax; I'm not trying to do anything to jeopardise you or your mission, Rosie-Rowe: come on…I mean, why would I? I just wanted to be sure that it was you that wound up coming here for my pup, especially since we both know that James would mount my balls, and probably the rest of me next to it, on a rusty old pike if I did what I nearly did before coming here."

Despite the air of understanding she felt, the woman, Rose, still scowled before she sighed once more as she asked, "Wormtail?"

"To cut a long, emotional story short, he got away," said Sirius, the annoyance and air of wrath and self-loathing more than a little evident in his voice as he explained, "I wound up losing his trail somewhere near Cardiff before, as I went to hunt for him using some old tactics, I finally found my mind clearing long enough to remember that I had some much more important things to deal with."

"I hope you aren't just using that as an excuse, Sirius Orion Black," argued Rose, earning a firm shake of the head from Sirius.

"Obviously, I'm talking about my godson, but I'm also talking about Lexi and you too, Rosie," agreed Sirius, earning a relieved-looking smile from Rose as he went on. "At the time, I was guided by vengeance, but, look at it this way. If that was all that mattered to me, would I have activated my bike's tracking charms when I let Rubeus borrow it to come here?"

"I'd ask why you even had to do that, but seeing as how we're talking about the old buzzard's biggest yes-man, literally, I don't need to ask," said Rose, earning a slow nod from Sirius, before she added, "Personally, I can't believe that he actually had the balls to go against Lily's wish. She wouldn't entrust Harry to Petunia if the vile, anti-magical mongrel was the very last option on the face of the damn planet. For all that happened with us, even I know that. So…Wormtail?"

"I don't know," said Sirius, shrugging ruefully before he continued, "If he's even stupid enough to stick around, then my best guess is that he's changed into his Animagus form and gone to ground. Again, I would have kept on going, but, thankfully for me more than almost anyone else, I had the strength of will to remember that there was still someone who needed me here."

Looking again to the bundle, Sirius reached through the folds and gripped the tiny hand of the young infant that lay sleeping within the folds of the blanket, his cute little hand curled around a letter that was addressed to a Mrs Petunia Dursley, the sight of which made Sirius look troubled as he asked, "I know I've been out of the loop for a bit, but, just to confirm: Lily did state that Harry wasn't meant to go anywhere near this house, right?"

"That's right," said Rose, moving closer to Sirius and the child in his arms as she went on, "Failing the option of getting Frank and Allie involved and since the Ministry wouldn't count Remus as a reasonable guardian, thanks to his furry little problem, the only other options she felt she could rely on were you, me, the Brotherhood and, of course, Master Ares."

Sirius managed a thin smile before he asked, "So…what? You tracked him all the way here from Godric's Hollow?"

"Of course I did," replied Rose, her eyes on the infant in the blankets as she added, "My mission was to report on the fallout of the attack, but since this is a by-product of the assault and since he's family, I couldn't let Lily's memory be tarnished by having her last wishes ignored."

Here, she looked up before she added with a saddened look, "For Merlin's sake, Sirius: she's…I mean, she was my baby sister!"

"Hey, you don't have to convince me of any of that," argued Sirius defiantly, returning the infant to Rose's arms before he wrapped his arms around her, which also sandwiched the orphaned baby between them as he went on, "I'm just as miffed as you are that my pup's even here, Rosie. I mean, me personally, if it was a choice between letting you take him to Ares, or keeping him in this loveless excuse for a home or even letting him get shipped off to a bloody orphanage, then you have to know that I'd choose you and yours in a heartbeat."

Rose smiled before she looked up into Sirius' eyes as she asked, "What about you?"

"I made James a promise that I would love, cherish and raise Harry as my own," said Sirius, his eyes filled with loss as well as determination as he told her, "I won't break that promise just because you're here now in your Sunday best; besides, look at it this way. What with me honouring my duty, we won't have to hide anymore, right? I know that Lexi has missed having me around and, at last, we can be a family and make my enrolment into the Brotherhood official too."

Rose smiled in agreement before she looked back to the child in her arms, her eyes filled with the same level of sadness as Sirius as she leaned down and kissed Harry's forehead before, returning her attention to Sirius, she asked, "I guess I don't need to ask this, but I will anyway: are you sure about this, Sirius? You know what you're going to have to commit to, and I'm not just talking about you and me. If Lily did know the truth, then she wouldn't have said anything if she didn't trust you."

"I know," agreed Sirius, brushing a hand through the small mop of black hair that sat on top of Harry's brow as he told Rose, "I love him as my own, Rosie, which is ironic under the circumstances, but it doesn't make it any less true. Not to mention the fact that I do have one of my own that's had to miss seeing and knowing me because of the war. I refuse to let that be my excuse any longer."

Here, he looked into Rose's oddly-coloured eyes as he told her, "I love you…both of you, more than I've ever loved anyone. You gave me support when my bitch of a psycho-Mother cast me out, although from what I hear, I'm still eligible to be the new Lord Black when Dad's gone, which won't be much longer because his illness has grown stronger."

Rose's eyes softened in their glare as she whispered, "Sirius…I'm…I'm sorry; I didn't know."

"No-one does," argued Sirius, his voice edged by a hint of pain and restraint as he told her, "I didn't want to add to Lily or James' worries, so I kept it to myself: anyway, my point is that I've never stopped being thankful and caring towards you, be it as a member of this club of yours or otherwise."

Here, he placed a gentle hand on Rose's cheek before he looked down at the child in her arms as he added, "And thanks to you giving me the one thing I've always dreamed of, I know that it's finally time for me to be…ha, Sirius about this moment I call life!"

"You had to say it, didn't you?" asked Rose, earning a cheeky smile from Sirius.

"The point is," continued the Black Lord, resting his forehead against Rose's before he whispered, "I finally have the chance to make good on that care, as well as honouring the memory and love of those we've both lost because of what's happened."

Here, Rose laughed before she asked, "Sirius, you sound like you're asking me to marry you."

Returning her smile, Sirius looked up before he asked, "Why? You saying that you'd be interested, Rosie?"

Rose's eyes widened before Sirius went on, "I wanted to ask you before this whole thing began, but I never got the chance: and then everything happened with Lily, James and Albus and, well, I guess I just lost track of time, so…"

"Oh, just shut up and kiss me, you big idiot," laughed Rose, placing a warm kiss against Sirius' lips before she looked down at the infant in Sirius' arms as she added, "Now let's get this little guy home and then we can celebrate this ourselves."

"I love the sound of that plan, Rosie," sniggered Sirius, taking Rose's hand before the two of them vanished together with their quarry.

Leaving the inhabitants of Privet Drive none-the-wiser as to what had just transpired, let alone what had happened in a world very different from their own.

Nope, to them, it was just a nice, normal day; thank you very much…

So, the adventure begins and it looks like Harry's been saved from a fate worse than death, but what is this Brotherhood and how might being raised by Sirius, Rose and others change our young hero?

Also, curious…who is Lexi and what might have happened between Lily and Rose to make the latter so uneasy about taking Harry?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: Some years later, Harry experiences a day that will change everything for him and those like him; also, we meet some interesting characters, as well as a couple of nice surprises that will only make things more interesting, for one and all…

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AN: Portrayal

Rose: Scarlett Johannsson

AN2: Rose's Attire

The attire that Rose – and yes, before anyone asks, the rest of the Brotherhood too – wears is based on the Nightingale Armour from Skyrim: it seemed to be the best choice for the sort of thing that would be comfortable, be it in the world of the mundane or the magical;