Warning: might include: blood,suicide,bad language, alcohol

Chapter 1 the Child with the eyes

Ding dong "ok brat this is it alright" a blond women with blues eyes told a young little girl with white hair and crimson pupils & and white irises click creeeck "ummmm hello?" Neko said confused on why a women and child were at the door "hello I'm the lady from the orphanage somebody here adopted this child" the women said "oh! Right totally forgot about that" Neko replied "come in" Neko replied

The Child's design

She had long white hair that went to her knees & a small braid under the locks of hair, she had white irises & crimson pupils, she wore a Lolita dress which at the skirt had a bunch of eyes, her dress had a corset built out wards and was tied in a bow with an eye in the middle, on the left side of her head was a real dark blue bow with an eye in the middle, she had an eye earring wrap, and bell sleeves with a poof at the sleeves with flowers embroidered on the poof, and on the bell sleeves were blue & red eyes, she was wearing boots that at the front had a black eye, on her right wrist were four Eye Of Evil bracelets one was black, one was blue, one was red, and one white, the white one was a Hathphul with eyes on the bridge to the finger and on the ring was a black eye she wore black knee high socks that had one bow on the knee, she had a collar on her neck that in the middle had a bloody stained silver eye, she carried a glass eye shape rock it looked exactly like a human eyeball but glass.

Back to the story

"Come in little girl" Neko said gesturing for her to go inside so the girl did gripping onto her glass eye in her left eye "?" The young child was confused on what to do when she walked in when Neko said "sit on the couch and tell me you name!" Neko said cheerfully "Iris" the child said "so your name is Iris?" Neko asked clarifying when the little girl had nodded "ok I've got the tea!" Neko said smiling tap, tap, tap tap tap! "That's weird I don't remember having anyone else over" Neko said after hearing the knocking from behind her front door "!" Iris AKA the young little girl had gotten off the sofa and walked to the door placing her glass eye over her left eye when the sun hit the glass eye and then everyone could see through the door but the person at the door was looking at the door but did not see through 'shit' The women who came with Iris thought when she saw who was at the door

Chapter 2 The man at the door

"Don't!-" Neko tried warning Iris as the child opened the door with an irritated look in her eyes (and when I say eyes i mean eyes)(also known as her own eyes attached to her face and the glass eye in her hand) "took you long enough!" The man said angrily "shut up" Iris told the man in a more whispering voice while Neko was paper white in fear "Ms, Please take Neko upstairs" the young child said "yes Iris" the woman who came with the child said as she took Nemo's hand to go to the stairs "Long time no see" Iris said to the man when the woman and Neko went upstairs "Iris" the man scowled as if he were to die by saying the child's name as if her name to him was poison by the word as if the man was going to be killed by saying the young girl's name "Fred" the child said quietly as she signaled for him to bend down, which he did he bent down in front of her face smack! "H-hey what was that for you brat!" The man yelled at the young girl standing before him "you idiot" she said as she walked to the coffee table to drink her tea "how am I an idiot?!" The man said

Man's design

The man had large sun glass lens that were black so you couldn't see his eyes, his hair was black, and were a black outfit with a vest that had a lot of pockets for weapons he seemed he was someone's bodyguard

The women's design

She had her hair up in a high messy bun, her hair was blond, she had blue eyes, she wore glasses with black frames & were narrow but circle, she had a black skirt & a buttoned shirt, white tights, & black heels

Back to story (with the women & Neko)

"So how does Iris know that man?" Neko asked curiously "ummm he's her bodyguard" the women replied while locking the attic door "ok and what are you to her?" Neko asked "well...I'm her social worker" the women replied "and what's your name?" Neko asked "just call me " the women said "ok ..." Neko trailed off

With Iris and the man

"Leave Fred" Iris said "no" the man said

Chapter 3 The Princess, The Bodyguard, & The socials Worker

Pant pant pant "!? Brother Alex why!" A young child asked a teen "because Iris I said no" the teen replied the younger girl pouted "pwease pwease pweeease!" The little girl begged "no means no!" The teen yelled "go to your room now Iris" the teen commanded "fine!" The little girl said pouting

After the child left

"Hey who the fuck are ya!" The teen yelled at a mysterious figure "I just want your sister" the figure said "w-what?" The teen asked

The teen's design

He had short black hair & his bangs were a peachy red, his right eye was blue & and his left eye was red, his left cheek had cracks all over, he wore a black crown with a red ruby in the middle, he had ripped jeans & white shirt under a black vest, he had a red tie, he had a black watch, & black boots, hanging from is waist was a sword, on the sword's handle was a gold chain, the sheath was red & black, the sword was attached to a red with black lacing corset

Back to the story!

"If you give me your sister, Princess Iris then I'll let you live but if you don't, I'll kill you" the figure said "w-what?" The teen started to stutter

With Iris

'Hmph! Big bwother is so mean!' Iris thought *stomach growls* 'huh? Oh I guess I'm hungwy' tap tap tap creaaak "I'm not giving you my little sister!" The teen yelled as he unsheathed his sword "uh Oni-Chan?" The little girl asked quietly as she watched her big brother fight a strange man "huh?! Iris!?" The teen yelled in surprise "Oni-Chan!" Iris screamed as blood went on her face "O-oni-Chan?" Iris asked walking towards him after he collapsed on the floor "I warned him that I would kill gun if he didn't corporate" the figure said the girl finally reached her brother's still body and collapsed to her knees, dragging his head to her lap "Princess, Prince!" Guard Fred yelled after hearing the little scream for her brother "you!" The man yelled "Fwed!" Iris yelled still sobbing after witnessing her brother be killed slice! Pant pant pant "Princess Iris..." Fred trailed off "oh my" one of the maids said behind

To Be Continued